tagBDSMEleanor's Descent Ch. 03

Eleanor's Descent Ch. 03


Emma returned from the bedroom, red faced but breathing hard. "George has made a real mess up the front of his uniform!" she said. "Eleanor and Teresa are still trembling, what have you done to them?" she added.

"I have shown, Teresa that she is not top bitch around here and in order for that lesson to stick, she has to be left as she is till morning!" I stated. I took her arm and led her back to the living room. "You obviously must be Submissive yourself, or at least an exhibitionist, the way you brought our coffees in the other day" I ventured.

"Yes well what of it?" she responded.

"Oh Nothing!" I replied. Leading her over to the sofa, I sat her down and hit play on the video. Her attention was immediately drawn to the action on screen, just in time to see the two black men pull out of the white woman's arse and cunt and send a torrent of white sticky cum over her face and hair.

I noticed at this, Emma licking her lips and an mmh escaped her lips.

"Like the taste of cum, do we?" I asked.

She never even turned her head as she nodded, obviously to engrossed in the scenes before her. I reached over and placed my hand just above her knee. Just a small amount of pressure was needed to have her open her legs. I climbed down on to my knees and crawled between her legs. I began kissing lightly her thighs and started traveling those kisses towards her panty covered cunt.

She opened her legs even wider; her breathing became laboured as my butterfly light kisses covered the expanse of her thigh, almost reached her panty line I stopped. I heard from somewhere above my head the sigh and suddenly felt a hand trying to coax my head back into contact with her thigh. I resisted, backed away slightly before beginning again on her other thigh just above her knee. She visibly relaxed upon my resumption; already I could see the growing dark patch at the entrance to her cunt as her juices soaked into her white cotton panties.

Higher and higher I gently kissed, until my nose made contact with the wet patch in her knickers. She gave an involuntary shudder causing my nose to rub against her cunt. I heard "Oh, yes Ray, take me to heaven" This time I deliberately press my nose to her sweet smelling Cunt, for me there is no finer smell than a freshly aroused pussy, except made be a freshly fucked one.

Rhythmically slowly nodding my head had my nose brushing against her pussy lips and clit. I noted her breathing becoming short rasping breaths. Suddenly I pulled away and sat on my heels. Her eyes flew open and she looked longingly at me. "You want me to continue, slut" I asked. She simply nodded. "What do I get in return, bitch" I added.

"Whatever you command of me, master is yours, no reservations or restrictions!" she replied.

"Prove your obedience to me, my cum slut" I demanded.

"How master?" she sighed. Go into Eleanor's room and find her Strap on Cock, remove all your clothes and put on the rubber dick, then return!" I said. She immediately got up and slowly removed her clothes, before going out of the living room. About 5 minutes later she returned with the black strap on cock fastened around her waist.

"You want me to fuck you, Master" she asked.

"Not me, slut, But George!" I pointed out.

Her face went white as she said "But Teresa would kill me!"

I replied "No she won't because she will be eager to lick this rubber cock clean afterwards, trust me" I then stood up and taking Emma's hand walked her into Teresa's Room. Teresa and Eleanor were still rocking against each other as yet another climax neared.

"Master, please may we stop now, our cunts are sore and we could not manage another cum tonight" Teresa pleaded.

"That depends!" I responded.

"On what?" Teresa replied.

"On you, Teresa, you see Emma here has this big black rubber strap on dick, I want her to fuck George's arse with it?" I responded.

"Ok, Master, George will let her or face my wrath!" Teresa answered.

"Not so fast!" I chided.

"You must then clean this rubber cock with your mouth, when she has finished" I informed her.

Teresa looked at me and shook her head, "No, no, never" she insisted.

"Fair enough!" I responded.

"Then let's see what you say in an hour's time after I increase the speed of these three vibrators" I warned.

I immediately set about turning up the speed of the vibrators, when I heard "You stupid bitch. Let her fuck him and if need be we would both lick it clean. My cunt can not take much more of this buzzing from the inside of my arse" Eleanor rasped.

"Oh no, Eleanor, Teresa must clean the cock herself!" I offered.

"I have other plans for you, look at George he desperately wants his arse fucked and by the look of the amount of cum on the front of his uniform, he will need you to lick his cock clean!" I stated. "Well what is it to be, Teresa, do you still say no!" I asked.

Between the grunts of her next orgasm she wilted and said "Yes, ok Yes, whatever you want me to do Master I will do, just give our cunts a rest, pleeeeeaaasssse" she slurred the last word as yet another violent orgasm gripped her.

"I am not sure you mean it!" I chided.

"I do master, please my body, mind and soul are yours to command" she begged.

"Very well. But you had better not go back on this! Or your arse will be marked for life" I warned. I turned the vibrators off, walked around behind George and said "Well you won't be needing this for now!" as I removed the butt plug.

Emma came beside me and smiled, "My boyfriend often wanted me to slide a finger into his arse, when he was fucking me, I always thought it gross." She said. "But looking at George's open anal ring, waiting for this rubber cock, I think I have learned a lesson now, I should never jump to conclusions with out trying something" she added.

She then eased the black cock into George's arse.

Teresa said "Go fuck him hard girl" as Emma began her thrusts. I was not long before George was begging for harder and harder thrust.

He suddenly announced "OH my God, I am Cumming again! That's the fifth time I have come tonight!"

Emma continued to fuck George for a little while longer, before pulling out and sticking the black rubber cock in Teresa's face. Teresa did not hesitate, but began licking the cock clean. I undid George's handcuffs and led him round to Eleanor's side. She twisted her head and began sucking up the white sticky goo that surrounds his prick.

I smiled at Emma and Said "See just one big happy fucking family" I then released Teresa and Eleanor, allowed George to remove his soiled French maid's uniform and announced "Time for bed said ZEBBERDEE!"

(For those not aware Zebbedee is a fictional character from a 70's TV show in England called 'THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT' which always finished when he said Time for bed)

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