tagBDSMEleanor's Descent Ch. 04

Eleanor's Descent Ch. 04


Next morning the flat was a hive of activity, as the three girls rushed around getting ready for work. Every time one of them came close to me, she would blush slightly and mumble a quick thank you. George mean while had grabbed his proper clothes and left hastily.

I walked into Eleanor's room just as she was putting on her bra, walked up to her and said "I must be going now babes, are you ok to get to work, or do you need a lift?"

"It's ok, Emma goes right by the shop and she will drop me! Besides I get my car back today" she responded. "Will I see you tonight?" she added.

"Sorry, I am on an all night site tonight! Don't get another night off till Saturday!" I replied.

"May be, we could do something special then!" she said with a gleam in her eye. "You Know, something really special outside, if you follow my drift!" she added.

"I will work something out, you kinky bitch!" I chided as I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Although the week dragged, I had an idea forming in my mind. By Friday morning, all the basics were in place. A quick phone call to Eleanor would settle the few remaining details. "Eleanor, This is Ray! Saturday night will it be just you and me or will the others be joining us?" I asked.

"Apparently George will be out of town, Emma has had a bust up with her bloke, so it will be the three girls and you!" she replied.

"That's not what I asked! Our outing, will it be just you and me or what?" I repeated.

"that's up to our Master!" she giggled. "Just let me hear his Master's Voice, Tell me one way or the other?" she ventured.

"HMV says we could have more fun as a group" I retaliated. This was one of those weird moments when you know you have said the wrong thing.

"HMV" she repeated "Oh yes, from now on you will always be HMV!" she continued. So my nick name stuck.

"See you tomorrow night!" I ended the conversation.

Saturday night at 6.30 pm, I arrived at their flat, carrying a large bottle of wine. I rang the door bell and waited, it seemed ages before anyone answered the door and then it was Emma wrapped in a bath towel.

"OH hi, Ray or should that be HMV?" she said

"I take it Eleanor has told you her new nick name for me then" I smiled.

"OH yes and very apt if I may say so!" she replied. I squeezed past her as she closed the door. In the living room sat Teresa, wearing a low cut full length dress, watching something on the TV.

"Evening!" I offered.

She rose walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips before saying "Evening, HMV!" this was going to be a long night if they keep up this constant reference to my nick name I thought.

"Master will do, when actually in my presence" I chided. "Where is Eleanor?" I asked.

"In her bedroom, I think!" she replied.

I walked into Eleanor's bedroom, just as she was bending over looking in a bottom drawer. Whack! I slapped her arse, she jumped.

"What was that for?" she enquired.

"For telling those two my nick name!" I replied. "I thought we were going out?" I added.

"We are, aren't we, only later?" she replied.

"you know your going to have to pay for telling them my nick name with out my consent?" I warned her.

"OH dear, what will I have to do?" she quizzed.

"I know you three keep a spare front door key across the road at the off licence! So I think a suitable punishment would be to fetch that key!" I offered.

"Oh that's easy!" she stated.

"Just one minute, You will have to fetch that key stark bullock naked!" I finished.

She suddenly looked worried and blushed. "you can't be serious! Old Fred the owner knows me!" she said.

"Oh I am deadly serious, or alternatively you can be spanked, every twenty minutes until I leave to go home!" I offered. "hard spanks and six at a time!" I informed her.

"what would I tell him?" she asked.

"you locked yourself out and need the key to get back in!" I replied.

"No, No, about being naked?" she enquired.

"That's up to you!" I informed her.

"Oh very well, I suppose I have no real choice!" she finished and began to remove the rest of her clothes. Just then Emma appeared at the bedroom door.

"I was just wondering if HMV would like a coffee?" she said. Eleanor cringed,

"Have I said something wrong and are we still going out as a group later?" Emma asked.

"yes we are going out together, later only Eleanor has a little job to do, right now!" I responded.

Emma looked at Eleanor and said "What ever is the matter, you look almost white?"

"Tell her Eleanor!" I ordered.

"Master, here has punished me for telling you his nickname, I either agree to be spanked every twenty minutes throughout the evening or carry out a challenge" she said.

"Oh I would take the challenge!" Emma replied.

"NO, The challenge is to fetch the spare key stark naked!" Eleanor repeated.

Emma's eyed widen and she said "What are you going to do?"

"Do the challenge!" Eleanor replied.

Emma turned and disappeared into the living room obviously to tell Teresa the news.

"well let's get this over with!" Eleanor said. Calmly she walked out of her bedroom, down the hall and out the front door. Emma, Teresa and I crowded to the front room window as saw Eleanor race across the road and into the off licence. She was in there a good 15 minutes, before coming back out into the street, this time with a raincoat covering her body. She raced across the road and back into the flat. Bursting into the front room she thrust out her hand and displayed the set of keys.

"Did I tell you, you could cover up coming back?" I chided.

"You did not tell me I couldn't!" she replied.

"Besides when I told him I was locked out in this state he offered me this coat, it was only natural to take it or raise his suspicions even more!" she explained.

"open your coat and spread your legs!" I demanded. Eleanor opened her coat, opened her legs. "Teresa and Emma, check out how wet her cunt is!" I instructed. "using your tongues" I added. So Teresa first, knelt between Eleanor's legs and stuck out her tongue just barely touching Eleanor's cunt, before Emma replaced her. Both agreed that her cunt was a wash with juices, I already knew she was high aroused because of her breathing and the delightful pink blush across her chest just above her breast, whose nipples were rock hard.

"Ok, my little slut, I will allow your change of rules on this occasion!" I stated.

"You may now dress in the clothes I told you too!" I concluded.

I turned to Emma, grabbed the towel she was wearing and pulled it free from her body. Her nipples too were standing proud, and the tell tale sign of arousement were clearly showing on her upper thigh.

"Go put on a short skirt, blouse and nothing else, whore" I informed her. As she left, I turned to Teresa. "I can see you have no bra on, by the state of your nipples, but are you wearing knickers?" I demanded

"No master!" she replied. "prove it raise your dress and bend over that armchair back!" I said pointing to the chair. She raised her dress exposing her arse and meekly trotted over to the arm chair where she promptly leaned over the back, as she did so she had to open her legs to balance herself. I walked up behind her and slid my hands onto the inside of her thighs. I probed her wet cunt with my index finger making sure my thumb rubbed her anal ring. In Seconds I had Teresa moaning and on the verge of cumming, I instantly stopped and told her to stand and replace her clothing. Her face was flushed and her breathing quick as she did as she was told.

When all three girls were ready, I opened by bag and removed three dog collars in blue, green and red. I looked at the tags hanging from each in turn before giving the red one to Emma to put around Eleanor's neck. She read the tag which said 'SLUT' and then fastened it around Eleanor's neck. I then gave Eleanor the blue collar, whose tag read 'BITCH' and told her this was for Teresa. Finally the green Collar, which read 'WHORE' was given to Teresa to put round Emma's neck. With that I made them sit, not in a chair mind, but as a dog would sit.

"I am going to be taking my three bitch dogs for a walk very soon" I explained. "however there are some rules, you must abide by! Rule one, you shall obey all my commands first time of telling, I expect my bitches to behave!" I continued.

"Rule two, Once we reach the park and are safely with in it, you shall remove all your clothes and adopt the four legged stance all bitches use" I stressed.

"Rule three, you will be walked on leads, for however long I decide, so no pulling or trying to scamper off!" I quipped.

"Rule four, if you need to go to the toilet, you may squat like the bitches you are. On no account should you stand upright until told to do so. In short you are to behave exactly as dogs would behave" I stressed.

They looked at each other, but none of them objected. So we prepared for our little walkies.

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