tagRomanceElectives Ch. 05

Electives Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Meeting Henrietta and the trip home

The next day was Thursday. Brian took us for a tour of the property next door. He first took us to the antique shop that also served as the office. "This room and the smaller bedroom were once filled with teddy bears," he said, as we stood in what had been the living room of the small house.

"We lived here when I was three years old," Amanda said.

"Did I live here?" Phillip asked.

"We brought you home to this house when you were born, but it wasn't long before we moved next door."

Brian quoted the dates when the barn was replaced; the buildings that housed the business were built, and when he and Peggy took over Mr. Bennett's business interests.

"I'm going to take Randy for a ride around the town," he said, locking the door to the small house. The kids wanted to go along, but Brian reminded them that he had taken them to the café the day before.

He drove by the apartment building first, saying that the structure needed constant attention, inside and out. "I've been trying to get Lois to find older tenants who are widowed. They tend to stay longer than young married couples," Brian said. I remembered Lois Banks and her husband stopping by the house on Christmas day.

People on the street waved to Brian, and he waved back. He rolled down the window to hear one of them asked if he was back for good. He answered that he would be back soon.

Next, we drove by the two older homes that were part of the Bennett deal. "The librarian and her mate live in that one," he said, pointing to one of the small houses. "Max Leach and his wife live in the other one. I understand you know him."

I realized that Ginny must have told him about my relationship to the Leach brothers. "He's my step-brother," I admitted, and the subject was dropped until he was introducing me to Henrietta.

There were very few people in the café. Brian directed me to a booth in the back. He sat on one side and I sat on the other. We ordered coffee. Brian asked the waitress if Henry was there, and it was only seconds later when a tall, black woman took a seat next to Brian. She kissed him on the cheek, laid her head on his shoulder, and asked, "When are you coming back to me, Lover?"

Brian didn't bat an eye. "This is Randy. He's my sister's boyfriend. Randy, this lady is the love of my life."

Henrietta actually blushed as she extended her hand. Like the rest of her body, the hand was long, and you could see the bones protruding below the skin.

"Randy is a used car salesman. He's also acquainted with the Leach brothers," Brian said as our coffee arrived. The waitress caught Henrietta off guard by asking if she wanted coffee.

"Ah, no," Henrietta said, staring bug-eyed at me. She closed her mouth, and said, "That's a double whammy."

I laughed. "My mom married their father. That was long before I became a used car salesman."

Brian got right to the point. "Henry thinks Mark is screwing my former girlfriend."

This was not news to me. I couldn't act surprised. "Are you sure it's just Mark?"

Brian and Henrietta looked at each other. "Wouldn't that be a kick in the ass?" Henrietta exclaimed. What makes you say that, Randy?"

"I often heard them scheming when I was ten."

"You were only ten? Boys that age don't know about such things as screwing your brother's girlfriend," Henrietta said, with skepticism.

"They made sure I understood what they were talking about. They even dared me to tell my mother what they were doing. I know I was only ten because that was the year Max graduated from college. He moved out, but that didn't stop them, though. They bragged about screwing each other's girl fiends until I left when I was twelve."

"That's sick," Henrietta said, feigning shock.

This was my chance to get even with the Leach brothers. They'd made my life miserable when we were living under the same roof.

"I've heard that Max's wife is a knock-out. I wonder if she knows about Max's and Mark's games."

"I wonder if she's an unsuspecting victim of the ruse." Henrietta mused.

Brian looked at her. She smiled, almost knowing what he was planning to say. "You wouldn't tell her that she may be taken advantage of, would you?"

Henrietta became indignant. "Not me, she may like the variety."

Brian frowned. "We have no proof that they're still actively involved in their immature game. I can't imagine Max letting his brother fuck his wife."

"You don't know the Leach brothers very well. I've heard them talk about being involved in some lewd shit," I said, not wanting to close the discussion of what my step-brothers were capable of doing.

Henrietta was quick to jump in. "I might warn Marian. I'd like to see her catch them in the act, but I doubt if that's possible. I think they make a game of passing for one another. Do you know of any difference between them that Marian could look for, Randy?"

"There's one," I said, watching Henrietta to make sure I had her attention. "Mark was always bragging about having a bigger cock than Max. That seemed to concern them when they were making plans to try to deceive their prey."

"That's it, I remember Mark saying he has a bigger cock," Henrietta said. "How much bigger is it?"

"Don't ask me. I was only ten at the time."

Brian and Henrietta laughed, and that ended the discussion of my step-brothers taking advantage of unsuspecting females. Brian said he wanted to go home and spend the rest of the day with his children.

We got up early to see him off. I would have liked to leave that day, too, but Ginny said she needed to make sure that Amanda and Phillip were going to be okay.

Mary sent us off the next morning with a full thermos, sandwiches and fruit. It was with heavy hearts that we set out, vowing to return often.

We didn't talk for the first fifty miles, reliving our memories of the last few days. Ginny was wearing a heavy coat, open in front to show the sweater I'd given her. She turned to face me.

"Thank you taking me to spend the holiday with my brother's family."

"I had a good time," I said.

"The sex was good, wasn't it?" she asked, blushing.

"I said I had a good time, didn't I?" I asked, and watched the shade of her blush become deeper.

"About that..."

"The sex?"

"Don't take this the wrong way, Randy. I enjoyed it, really I did."

"Do I smell a 'but' coming?"

"I'd like for you to give Millie's book back, and that we forget about most of those positions."

Ginny had a 'there, I said it,' expression on her face.

"You want us to forget about most of the positions. Does that mean there were some that you liked?"

"If you must know, I like the one where we sat face to face with you inside me, and we moved gently. It was easier for me to maintain my 'mind over matter,' composure."

"You showed exceptional self-restraint."

She grinned. "Believe me, it wasn't easy. I'm looking forward to tomorrow night when I can be as loud as I want in my own room."

"I'm surprised that you're going to revert to screaming. I thought I had you trained," I teased her.

"Humph," she said, indicating that the talk of sex was over...for now.

"What did Brian talk about when he took you for a tour of his town?" I asked.

Her look was smug. "I think you know. He wanted to know about you."

"And you just happened to tell him about my connection to the Leach brothers?"

"I didn't mean to, it just came out," she said, apologetically.

"It's okay. It may have turned out to my advantage."

"Brian began by telling me how sorry he was to hear about Danny's death. They'd never met, you know. Then he asked if we were serious. I explained how we met, and how I began having feelings for you before I'd fulfilled my commitment to honor Danny for a year. I told him about our studying together, and how we'd had a good time at the circus. I even admitted that I kissed you the night I took you home. Remember that?"

I nodded, indicating that I remembered her kiss.

"He asked if I thought we would have a future together," she said, staring out the window.

Ginny wouldn't look at me. "What did you tell him?"

She turned her head my way, and nodded. "I said I hoped we will, but that we haven't talked about the future."

"Would you like to talk about the future?"

"Only when you're ready to talk."

I looked at the road ahead. She was twenty-four; I was twenty, and it would be a year and a half before I would graduate. What was I going to do after graduation? I hadn't given it much thought.

"Ginny, I love you and want to share the future with you. Is that enough for now?"

She nodded. "I owe you an explanation. Brian was critical of me for not knowing what was in store for me. I felt compelled to tell him about your background, how your father was killed when you were only four years old, how your mother remarried, and how you were mistreated by your step-brothers. I hope you don't mind my telling him so much."

"Actually, it worked out for the best. He took me to the café. Did you meet Henrietta?"

"No, we didn't stop at the café. I wish we had."

"Henrietta is a tall, black woman with more personality in her little finger than I've seen in most people. When she sat down next to Brian I saw sparks fly, like they were about to ignite at any second. It was impossible for me to judge her age. I've never felt more comfortable with a woman that I'd just met."

"What did you talk about?"

"Brian introduced me as a used car salesman. He didn't mention that I'm also a college student. Henrietta's interest piqued when she learned about my connection to the Leach brothers. This gave me the opportunity to tell them about how Max and Mark used to boast about screwing each other's girlfriends. We talked about the possibility that it's still happening."

"You talked about those things with a woman you'd just met?"

"She's very easy to get to know. Like I said, I've never known anyone that I felt as comfortable with from the moment I met them, especially not a female."

"What makes you think there are sparks between Henrietta and my brother?"

"It was the way she leaned in to him, and teased him. He tried to pretend that it didn't affect him, but there were definitely sparks flying."

"What did you mean by the possibility that it may still be happening?"

"We agreed that we'd love to expose them, but Brian cautioned that we had no proof and Henrietta said that it would be impossible to prove because the Leach brothers are identical in every way. I told her that Mark always bragged that his cock was bigger, and she remembered him saying that very thing."

"Randy, I know you would like to get back at your step-brothers, but I don't like where this is headed."

"I don't know that either one of them is going to act on this minor difference between the brothers. Henrietta said she would like to find a way to alert Max's wife, and Brian..."

"Max's wife? Don't tell me you suspect he's sharing his wife with Mark."

"Anything's possible."

"I hope Brian doesn't make an issue of this with Marian. He should just drop her."

I nodded my agreement, but I secretly hoped that Brian would put a bug in Marian's ear. Anyway, I wanted to change the subject.

"What did Amanda want to tell you after she got off the phone with your mom?"

"She was so excited that I don't think she realized it was my mom that she had been speaking to. She kept referring to her as 'Phillip's grandmother' and 'Dad's mother.' She kept saying, 'she wanted to talk to me, not just Phillip.'

"I guess my parents have ignored Amanda all these years because they were disappointed that Brian would father a child with a woman that refused to marry him.

"But now that they've come to depend on him to send them my Dad's share of Aunt Elsie's estate, they've come to realize that he's made a life for himself that includes Amanda and their grandson.

"I've been doing my part to change their thinking about Brian. In all these years, he's never let them know how successful he's become. I believe he became disillusioned when they wouldn't accept Peggy and her daughter.

"I tried to tell him how sorry I am when we had our drive around his town, but I couldn't make the words come out properly. Perhaps I'll try to put it in writing. You'll help me, won't you?"

Her expectant look ripped at my gut. Didn't she know that she didn't need to ask?

"Of course I'll help."

"Amanda repeated everything that my mom said. I didn't hear an apology for what has happened in the past, but the future sounded very optimistic. Amanda took it to mean that my parents will pay Brian and his family a visit. I hope that little girl is not disappointed."

"You'd been crying when you came downstairs."

"I was so happy for her that I couldn't help it. We cried, and held each other. I told her that she's the best niece a woman like me could want. She said that I'm the best aunt a girl could want. And then, can you guess what she said?"

"No, what?"

"She said, 'I'm adopted, you know?'"

"I have a sister a few months older than Amanda. I get an occasional picture, but I haven't seen her since she was two. I wonder if Cassie is as mature as Amanda."

"Would you like to visit her?"

"I don't know."

"I'll go with you."

I smiled at her, and she seemed to know that I appreciated her offer. "I'm glad we had this time to talk," I said.

"There's one more thing I want to discuss."

"We've got another hour before we get home."

"It's Clifford. I can't stand him."

She never complained about him before. "I share your sentiments."

She leaned back in her seat and spoke frankly. "He's crude. He walks around the house in his underwear. He thinks it's funny when he belches and farts. I don't know how Barbara puts up with him."

"I understand he has a big cock."

"That wouldn't...you don't think that Barbara...no," Ginny said, blushing.

"Do you want me to talk to him?"

She shook her head. "Can you guess what I wish?"

"You want me to shoot him?"

"No, Silly, I wish we had our own place, where we could do as we like."

This was sudden. Was she serious? "Does that mean that you would move in with me?"

She was keeping her eyes fixed on mine as she nodded. "I love you, Randy. I want us to be together."

"I don't make very much, and I have school expenses."

"Hush, I know that. I have some money from Danny's insurance."

I was too stunned to speak, but I knew I couldn't accept money that she'd come by as a result of her husband's death. Also, there was the matter of my grandparents. Would they approve? And, how would her parents feel about their daughter shacking up with someone four years her junior?

"Give me a day or two to think about it?"

"You do that, Randy, but I'm going to find a way to move out of that house. If you don't want to live with me full time, we can leave things the way they are. I'll accept only two nights a week if that's what you want."

She sounded desperate. "I didn't realize you felt so strongly about this. How come you haven't said anything before?"

"I kept thinking that Barbara would tire of him, but it isn't happening."

"I hear you. We'll do something to change things," I said.

We smiled at each other. Our trip would be over in a half hour. This was my last chance to ask something that had been on my mind for some time.

"That Sunday night," I began, and watched Ginny draw her body into a ball, like she knew what was coming next. Her actions increased my curiosity, and I continued.

"It was six days before your twenty-fourth birthday. We fell asleep in your bed. I woke up to find my pants missing and my shorts around..."

"Okay, okay, I was horny. You had your arm around me, and I felt your cock poking around. You were hard in the middle of the night, Randy."

I laughed. "Why haven't you said anything? Didn't you know I would wake up?"

"I felt your cock, and all I could think about was that I wanted it inside me. I got your pants off without you waking up, but when I pulled your shorts down, you said something, incoherent. I waited, and when I didn't hear you say more, I guided your cock into me. I know it was inconsiderate of me to take advantage of you that way, but I couldn't help it."

She was still rolled up in a ball, looking small, like she was trying to become invisible.

"Hey, you can take advantage of me any time the mood strikes you." Ginny looked my way, grinned shyly, and then her face took on a glum expression. "I might have trouble getting the condom on you."

"That's another thing that I'm curious about. You knew I wasn't wearing a condom that night, but ever since then you've made sure that we used one."

"I told you; I was so horny that I didn't care what happened."

"Thanks for being candid with me."

We were pulling in front of her house. I helped her with her luggage, and made it to work on time to relieve Millie. We brought each other up to date regarding the holiday and she left, saying the lot had been quiet so far.

Sunday night was my regular night with Ginny. We went to her room and she made all the noise she wanted. Since I didn't have to work the next day, I stayed all night. It must have been two AM when Clifford and Barbara came in. I was pissed at being awakened, but more so because of Clifford's presence. It was not his night to be there.

We endured another hour of hearing insults being exchanged between the lovebirds before they tired and went to sleep.

Ginny suggested that we go out for breakfast. I knew she wanted to prevent a scene between Clifford and me. I also knew that something had to be done about Clifford. He was too big for me to take on, and he was too stupid to listen to reason. After breakfast, we drove around for an hour, unable to come up with a solution to the problem.

Ginny looked shocked when I stopped at my grandparents' house. It took me ten minutes to convince her to come inside.

I'm not sure what I was trying to achieve. It began as a plea for their permission to let me move in with Ginny. But in order to present my case, it became necessary for me to describe the living conditions in the house that Ginny shared with her sister-in-law.

I didn't have to go into detail about Clifford thinking it was funny to fart and belch. My grandfather said that he had heard stories about Clifford.

I was appealing to my grandparents to say it was okay for us to search for a suitable apartment, when I saw my grandmother motion for my grandfather to join her in the next room.

Ginny held my hand, nervously wondering what my grandparents were discussing. I tried to ease her fears, telling her that there was nothing to worry about. They were reasonable people, weren't they?

My grandmother did the talking: "Randy will be twenty-one next October. Until then, we would prefer that he remain under our roof. But once he reaches the age of majority, he'll receive an insurance settlement from his father's estate, and he'll be free to do as he pleases.

"In the meantime, we have a spare room, and we'd like to offer it to you, Ginny. The room is next door to Randy's room, and we only have two rules for guests in our home. First, you'll need to respect Randy's study schedule. Second, you'll have to keep down the noise. Randy needs his rest."

Ginny's eyes were dilated when she looked my way. She bit her lip, wrung her fingers, and gulped large amounts of air in an effort to remain calm.

"Mrs. Jansen, I'll be happy to pay rent. I'll help you in the kitchen, and I'll keep the upstairs bathroom spotless. I promise not to disturb Randy while he's studying, but..."

Ginny looked my way, and silently begged me to jump in. I couldn't help but laugh. .

"Grandma, I've got a noisy one," I said, waiting for her to catch on. She didn't. I looked at my grandfather. He took my grandmother into the next room, and when they came back, my grandmother was ready to talk.

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