Electric Eyes



As soon as he enters a room he's noticed. He walks by you, looking you over. Your eyes meet and you're immediately drawn into him. There's just something about him that you can't pull away from. But then he looks at you again. This time more intensely and you immediately know what drew you in- it was his electric eyes. His eyes drew you in like moths to a flame. They're so full of mystery and chance. Do you dare to try to solve the mystery or do you just turn and walk away?

This is how you always wished that your first club encounter would be. You'd walk in, hang out, and then you'd see him. You'd act shy at first, maybe even play hard to get. But then he'd come back and try to win your heart again. Perhaps he'd even ask you if he could buy you a drink. You would come just with the initial intent of making a new friend but then you decide to let things happen, as they will.

As he walks up to you, you notice an air of mystery around him. You don't know what the mystery is but you intend on finding out. When you first look into his eyes you notice darkness, darkness like you've never seen before. The darkness draws you in like moths to a flame. This isn't a darkness of evil you see, but a darkness purely of mystery.

He looks at you and asks, "Do you dare to solve the mystery? Do you dare to delve into my world of mystery and chance? Do you dare to dance the final dance with me? Do you dare to dance the dance of mystery and discover what's hidden deep inside my mind?"

You're taken off guard by his question and are unsure how to respond so he asks you again. "Would you like to dance the final dance of mystery with me and discover what secrets I have hidden?" Seeing that you're not going to answer right away he leaves to get a drink. His question once again throws you; after all you were just thinking you would gain a new friend. You never dreamed you'd possibly gain something more. But after you were asked this strange question you can't help but wonder if you might gain more than a friend before the end of the evening.

You never knew there was a dance of mystery at a club. What was it? Was it a dance with a mystery partner? Well if that was the case anyone could be your partner. You didn't know anything about these people. Was it possibly a dance where each partner would reveal some deep dark secret to the other person? If that was the case you're a little uncertain if you want to take part, after all you came here alone. You don't know anyone, and no one knows you.

The stranger walks up to you again and asks you if you would like a drink. You're a little reluctant at first because you're still strangers. But he is kind of cute though so you decide to accept his offer. "Sure I'll take a drink." You tell him to get whatever he thinks you would like. What you don't realize is that he's been watching you all night and he knows exactly what you like.

Walking up to the bar he asks the bartender for a margarita and a rum and Coke. You're absolutely floored. As he approaches you can't help but be a little fearful to take a drink. After all you don't know who this person is. "What the hell am I doing? I barely know this man and here I am letting him buy me a drink. For all I know he could be getting ready to drug me." As the thought runs through your mind you find yourself becoming fearful all over again.

Then the stranger takes your hand and looks into your eyes. That's all it took. The look in his eyes is one of compassion. The type of look that makes you want to melt. You don't understand it. Why are you so cautious with other men but as soon as you saw this stranger and he walked up to you you'd give him your heart if he asked? There was just something different about him. It was something deeper than just looks alone. You're unsure of what it is exactly but you intend on figuring it out. Why do you feel so connected to someone you just met? What is it about him that makes you want to melt?

Then you see him walking towards you returning from the bar with your drinks. "If you don't want to take this I completely understand. I didn't introduce myself before I went to get you a drink. My name is Nicholas. Pardon me for being so straightforward asking to buy you a drink before introducing myself. I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable and maybe even a little nervous." The stranger watched you as you shot him a worried look as you took the first sip of your drink.

"Here let me get you another. I can tell you're a little nervous about this one as you have a right to be. After all you just met me. Would you like for me to get you another drink?" he asks. A smile slowly spreads across your face as you tell him that you'd like to have another. As he's walking away you can't help but look at him. He reminds you of someone you've seen before but you're not quite sure who it is or where you've seen the person. But then you remember when he turns to walk towards you. He reminds you of someone you've watched on television before. Could it be?

"Can I ask you something?" you ask

"Sure anything." Nicholas replied.

You both take a seat at a table and you decide to ask him if he's the person you've thought he was. "I can't help but think I've seen you somewhere before. Have you ever been on TV?" You can't help but be a little nervous when you ask him. Just the thoughts of sitting at a table with someone as good looking as Nicholas makes you want to melt.

"Yes I have been on television before. Perhaps you've watched my show." Nicholas was uncertain as to if he wanted to reveal to Leann whom he really was. After all he had come here to escape the fame of whom he was. Don't get me wrong he liked being who he was but what he liked even more was when he had the chance to "become someone else" to escape the fame that seemed to be consuming him. When he wanted to do that he would assume the name "Nicholas" and go with it.

Later on that evening...

Leather-bound and helpless you're lying on the floor. You can't remember how you got here. You only know what happened the afternoon before. The rest of the day and night is blurry and you're not sure what happened. How did you end up here in this log cabin?

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