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Electric Justice


All Characters are to be viewed as over the age of eighteen.

Copyright 2005 by madengineer3, All rights are reserved! This story is not to be copied or circulated except by madengineer3 or by means of the Literotica website, and under Literotica's rules. I greatly appreciate the help I received from bdsmBill as he edited this work.

WARNING! Do not attempt to build the electrical circuit described in this story. The device could be lethal under many circumstances. This is not a joke, do not play with the high voltage section of a photographic strobe!!!!!! Neither Literotica nor the author are liable for death or damages due to anyone trying any modifications or experiments that are similar to what is described. This is a work of FICTION and is not to be turned into reality.

This story is purely fiction and should not be taken as a reflection on the good public servants found in most locales. The police do the best they can under very dangerous and difficult situations. Do not generalize the police and judges in this story to be indicative of the really good public servants that we enjoy in our country.

* * *

Ginny was in her senior year as an engineering student at the City University. The full scholarship to the university was absolutely necessary for her to complete her schooling, since she was an orphan who had come up through the foster care system. She was twenty one years old, was under 5' 2", and quite pretty. Tonight was another rough night for her. It was mid-evening and she had been using the library to get information for a term paper. She knew that meant she would have to walk, alone, back to her apartment. Her apartment was in a run-down industrial/residential section of the city. The apartment, due to street changes made by the city in years past, was at the end of a cul-de-sac. There was only one way to enter or leave her apartment building unless you wanted to climb over rubble or walk down the edge of the river that ran through the city.

She hoped that this time she would be lucky and get there unmolested. The problem was that the only apartments that she could afford were in a bad section of town. In this section, the city didn't bother to keep the streetlights working. The police had all but abandoned the area to the drug dealers (who outnumbered the cops at any given time). The city's mass transit system didn't travel into this part of town. Its nearest approach was five blocks away.

She may have hoped for safety. She desperately wanted to avoid Dave. But, safety was not what she received. Tonight he had raped her, again.

* * *

Ginny finally got back to her apartment, sobbing, bruised, and bleeding. Dave had ambushed her again. She had thought of calling the police many times when this had happened, but knew that it would do no good. After all, Dave was white, and the son of the chief judge in the city. Dave also had a brother who was the officer in charge of the police vice squad. Ginny had already been warned that if she complained she would be arrested for being a prostitute, which she wasn't, and that she would have a very rough time of it once inside the city lockup. Since she was an African-American she had no doubt about the lack of justice in this corrupt city. Dave had made sure that the entire neighborhood knew he was untouchable.

Ginny ran a tub of hot water and, after removing her clothes, she climbed into the tub to try to regain her composure and ease her bruised body. As she lay there she went through her options again. She didn't have many. Legally, she had no way to overcome the "old boy network" of the city's corrupt, mostly white, legal system. She didn't have money enough to take a cab wherever she went. No other students, that she knew, lived in this God forsaken area of the city. She didn't have anything to do with the local gangs. They were mostly ignorant drug users and losers. What could she do?

Ginny's first thoughts were to get a stun gun or a can of mace, but the state that she lived in had all but outlawed any means of self defense other than physically fighting off the other person. Effectively, the crooks could be armed, but the honest citizens couldn't. Although pistol permits could technically be obtained, they cost money. Beside that, in this city unless you had political pull, or lots of money, you couldn't get a permit. Physically, Ginny was no match for the over-six-foot Dave. The other problem with this approach was that if she hurt Dave, he would press charges and ruin her life. How could he be taught a lesson without her being caught? How????

She was almost asleep in the tub due to the warm, soothing water when the idea flicked through her mind. Why couldn't she use what she knew best to teach Dave a lesson? But, how would she do that? She decided to mull this problem over as if it were an engineering problem. The problem had its interesting features. How was she to subdue this thug? How was she to get him to where she could teach him a lesson? How could she prevent him from knowing who she was? These were detail problems and would have to wait until she had gotten some sleep. She needed a clear head to think about the solutions that would be needed.

* * *

Upon waking the next morning, she continued to mull over the problem. It was then that a new idea entered her mind.

After her classes the following day, Ginny went back to the library. She had almost as strong an interest in biology as she had in electronics, but electronics had won out. Now, she was actively going to look at one of the dark areas of overlap between biology and electricity. She started with medical books that discussed electrical shock. From there, she moved to history books that discussed torture as used by the Nazis and Communist Secret Police. Some of these articles almost made her sick to read, but she needed the information.

Ginny was spending a lot of extra time in the electronics lab. Her work made the time move by more quickly. She talked the lab instructor into letting her browse through the miscellaneous old broken equipment for some useless piece of junk that she could take apart for parts. After all, her budget seldom included enough money to go buy new parts. After an hour's searching she found just what she was looking for, a broken, manual, photographic strobe (or, as some people called it, a camera flash gun). She took the strobe to a bench and powered it up on a bench power supply. It didn't take long to verify that the supply still produced several hundred volts. The Xenon flash tube was broken, but the dc/dc power supply was working just fine. She talked the instructor out of the old flash unit, a normally open push button switch, and ten feet of 28 gauge telephone wire. Although she felt guilty about it, she also quietly took about forty feet of 10 gauge iron wire that had been sitting around for the last fifty years or so. She knew that she had never seen this wire used. It had dust and surface rust which she would clean off once she got it home. Ginny cut the 28 gauge telephone wire into two five foot pieces, and soldered the wires to the flash unit. One foot from the flash unit she cut the wire and installed the push button switch. On the free ends of each of the 28 gauge wires she stripped off about ten inches of insulation. Ginny put these treasures in a bag and took them to her apartment. On the way home she purchased a set of new batteries to go into the photo flash unit.

It was now that Ginny had to do her most dangerous work. She knew that Dave had always attacked her on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. All of the attacks had been between nine and ten in the evening, and all of them had been on her street. There were some old, run down, abandoned buildings and crack houses located a block down from her apartment. She now needed to set up surveillance to find out when Dave actually arrived in the area. To do this, she put on her oldest, grubbiest clothes and mimicked the walk of the local crack heads. She had picked an abandoned building that had a second floor window which had a commanding view of the street. She carried a kitchen carving knife as defense, a candy bar, and a soda bottle of water and worked her way to her perch inside a second floor window so that she was there by eight each Tuesday and Thursday evening. She was careful to stay far enough back in the room so that even a careful observer would not be able to see her. Dave showed up on her second night of surveillance. He arrived, by taxi, at about ten to nine. He had the cab stop in front of an old dilapidated building. He waited for the cab to leave, looked carefully up and down the gloomy street, and then went into the building by simply stepping through a broken front window. This building was the building that he had used when he beat or raped her.

She saw no activity until one of the local crack addicted prostitutes walked by. The hooker probably didn't even hear him coming when he grabbed her from behind. Dave knocked her to the ground, slapped a piece of duct tape across her mouth, and dragged her into the same building he had used when he had attacked Ginny. In about fifteen minutes the girl, half staggered and half ran out onto the street trying to put her clothes back on while sobbing hysterically. Even from her location Ginny could see that the hooker's face was bleeding. Moments later Dave could be seen walking away, talking on a cell phone. Less than ten minutes later a cab pulled up to the corner of the street away from where the attack had occurred. Dave got into the cab and left, feeling the pleasure of exerting his will on anyone he chose to dominate.

Ginny would have liked to intervene, but knew that she didn't dare. Over the next five weeks she observed four more attacks. She now had Dave's routine pretty well figured out. Dave was a creature of habit. He always used the same building as his "home base."

One Monday evening Ginny went to Dave's lookout house to see what was there. Downstairs she found a bag with a roll of duct tape. Upstairs there were some old beer bottles, cigarette butts, used condoms, and an old metal bed spring (the type with no cloth covering).

* * *

The next day, Ginny dropped in to talk to a professor Murphy. Mr. Murphy's field was biology, and his specialty was predators, more specifically coyotes. He actively marked them to allow him to trace their life in the wild. To do this, he used a special air rifle that shot a sort of hypodermic needle that knocked the animal out with a sedative. With the animal knocked out he could safely go in and place a miniature transponder on the animal so that the animal could be tracked within an area of a mile or so. Ginny and the professor were very good friends. She had helped him with some of his electronics problems. Since the coyote study was sort of a personal interest that was not well funded, and electronics were expensive, Ginny had worked as a volunteer to design and build the transponders that went on the animals, as well as the search gear. The frequencies involved were in the several hundred megahertz range, so that the antenna could be very small.

Ginny told Mr. Murphy that a friend of hers knew of a farmer who lived upstate and had a small bear that kept visiting his back yard. The friend had noticed that there was a broken off arrow shaft sticking out of the bear's shoulder, and wanted to remove it and give the bear an antibiotic. The local vet was uninterested unless there was a lot of money involved, and the game warden wasn't interested in doing anything except shooting the bear, so the farmer had indicated his desire to do something to help the bear himself. Ginny wanted to know several things. How much penicillin per pound of bear was needed? The friend had estimated the bear's weight at about two hundred pounds. Also, what sedative should be used and how much per pound would be appropriate to guarantee that the bear would be fully knocked out, but not harmed? She also wanted to know how long it would take for the sedative to fully work its way out of the bear's system. After all, it would not be good to have the bear groggy when it had to wander around the woods where there might be hunters, or other wild animals, looking for it.

A long discussion then ensued. At the end of the discussion Ginny asked the big question. Could her friend get her one hypo of sedative and another of penicillin? The professor was reluctant, but he had known Ginny for over three years and recognized her as an honest, hard working, student who was a good person. They both attended the same church, and both enjoyed singing in the choir. He decided that he would give her the materials that she needed, but wanted to make sure that she knew that he could get in trouble if word of this leaked out. Ginny assured him that no word of this would ever leak out.

Ginny thanked the professor and went to the mechanical engineering lab. A friend of hers was in the mechanical engineering department and had helped her with some simple projects in the past. Her request this time was for a 10" length of 1/8" stainless steel rod with one end polished into a perfectly smooth, round end, like half a ball bearing. On the other end she wanted a 1/2" right angle bend, something like a tall capital letter "L".

Ginny's last stop was to the audio electronics lab where speech analysis was done. Ginny had a friend show her how to set up the parameters on the SIGNAL PROCESSING engine that could change voice inflection, and pitch. After her friend was gone, Ginny worked for several hours on the machine until she had a cassette tape that met her demanding requirements.

* * *

Ginny then made a phone call to Brad. While in high school, her friend, Brad, was on the football team. Brad and she had dated steadily during high school, and when they could get together since. They had a very close relationship. Brad happened to be white. This didn't cause problems with Brad's parents, and it was obviously not a problem to Ginny. Brad was attending a prestigious university in another city, as a physical education major. He was no longer into football. He had discovered he loved track and field events as well as the martial arts.

"Hello, Brad?"

"Hi, Ginny. What leads you to call? It's got to be important, or you wouldn't have spent the money for a long distance call."

"You're right, but I can't directly discuss this on the phone. Could you come to the city sometime soon so we could talk about a serious problem that I'm faced with?"

"You bet hun! If you need help badly, I'll even cut some classes to get there sooner."

"That's sweet, but I think mid-winter break will work out fine. It's less than two weeks away now. I have an unusual request Brad. See if you can borrow an old, beat up looking car for the trip and bring your hunting bow and a couple of good arrows."

"Why do you want ......"

"I'll explain later, just trust me on this one. It would be best of the plates were smeared with mud by the time you get to my place in early evening. Please don't tell anyone you are coming down here. It would be best if you could make it clear that you were going to visit a friend over in Vermont."

"O.k., I don't understand, but I trust you. I'll do what you say. I'll arrive at your place at about eight next Monday night."

"Good, but please park your car on the James Street and walk through the rubble filled lot next to my apartment. And, Brad, please try not to be seen!"

* * *

The few days seemed to be months long. Brad finally got into town, and per instructions, parked over a block and then walked to Ginny's house. When he arrived there he found Ginny, in a loose fitting blouse and form fitting slacks, greeting him with a very warm hug and kiss. He also found a fresh pot of coffee and homemade coffee cake waiting for him. Ginny sat down and asked him to not interrupt while she filled him in on the details of what had been going on. As she talked Brad's knuckles were turning white from the rage that was building up in him. His face showed his intense anger. Ginny then gave him a general outline of what she wanted to do. Brad was shocked! But at the same time he could see the logic of what she had in mind.

"I wish there was another way of solving this. But I can't think of one, off hand."

"I know Brad, I don't like the idea either, but when the authorities are so corrupt that they are part of the problem and won't do their job, what can you do?"

Brad thought it over for a few minutes while Ginny was heating the coffee cake. When she came back he said: "O.K. what do you need me to do? Ginny thanked him and then filled him in on the exact details of what she needed.

"What I need you to do is carry him upstairs and position him on the bed spring for me. Physically it is obvious that I couldn't do that. Then, when he wakes up I want you to rough him up a bit, making sure you don't say anything. That way he knows that a big man was doing the work. For example you might lift the head of the bed spring off the floor a couple of feet and drop it a few times. I don't want you to get in trouble, but I need your help. Can you help me?"

"Yes, but are you sure you want to do it this way?"

"I really don't want to do this, but I can't see any way around it."

"O.K., I'm in."

"Thanks Brad!"

The coffee and coffee cake were consumed and the talk turned to more immediate matters.

"Ginny, I haven't worked out where to stay tonight. I guess I should sleep in the car."

"I wouldn't think of having you sleep in that cold, uncomfortable car. I expected you to stay here tonight where it is warm and comfortable."

"Are you sure? After all, the two of us being together all night under one roof..."

"Brad, unlike when we were dating before, I'm no longer a virgin. Remember he has raped me a three times now. I don't want to fear sex, so I was hoping that we could share the same bed and perhaps enjoy each other's bodies a bit tonight. Of course if I'm being pushy and you aren't interested..."

"Are you sure Ginny? Talk about interested, I have dreamed about spending a night, or many nights with you for years. You would be fulfilling one of my fantasies."

"Well then, how about some nice clean fun, I have a good tub and plenty of hot water in the other room. Shall we conserve some water and enjoy a bath?"

To say that Brad was interested would be an understatement. They both entered the bathroom and closed the door.

"How shall we do this?"

"Well, Brad, I was thinking that we each ought to take turns removing one piece of the other's clothes -- sort of a mutual strip tease. What do you think?"

"I'm in. Since you are in bare feet, let me get rid of my shoes and socks first so that it is more even." After removing them, Brad said, "Ladies first!"

Ginny reached over unbuckled his outer pants and had him step out of them.

He reached over and gently removed her blouse. "Wow I like the view! Your cleavage has always driven me up the wall, and I'd say it is more spectacular now than I have ever seen it before!"

Ginny Smiled and removed Brads shirt. He wasn't wearing an undershirt.

Brad then removed her outer pants, leaving her in a bra and thong underpants. Brad looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head. "Woooof, girl you have a gorgeous body!"

"Thanks for the complement, you're not bad yourself. You look like you could have modeled for some of those old Greek statues. You have become one wonderful looking man!"

Brad, with shaking hands, then removed her bra. He looked like he was drunk. "May I touch them?"

"Of course."

Brad gently cupped a breast in each hand and then bent forward and kissed each of her breasts repeatedly. All that could be heard was his moaning in pleasure and the pleasurable moans from Ginny. After several minutes Ginny reached over and gently took off Brad's undershorts, which by now showed a rather large bulge with the end of his penis peaking out over the top elastic band of the shorts.

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