tagMatureElectrician Plays Hard to Get

Electrician Plays Hard to Get


I'm sitting here in my weekly contractor coordination meeting. As usual I am the only woman in the room. I have a number of men I come in contact with on a daily basis and yet I find myself fixated on just one particular prick.

While sitting in my meeting I somehow find myself fantasizing about climbing into his lap, imagining the satisfaction of feeling his growing thick erection pushed up against me. I would love to grind myself into his cock. I begin to imagine him desiring me and fantasizing about his hands tightly grabbing me by my hips and pulling me toward him. God, what I would give to fuck this guy just once.

He's always been a real jerk off and for whatever reason I constantly find myself figuring out ways to have to deal with him. What's his problem anyway? Probably hasn't been fucked properly in years. He has 14 years on me in age and he's married. I happen to be married as well, in my early 30s, blonde petite and size D titts. Every time I have the pleasure of coming in contact with this guy, it's instant wet panties and throbbing clit. I start thinking to myself, "Fuck this guy. He's so high and mighty. I'm sure he wouldn't be such a tough guy if I straddled his lap, took off my top and forced my hand down his pants."

These daily run-ins have sparked my newly found nightly masturbation habit. It seems as if nothing makes me cum harder than imagining the weight of his body between my legs and having him blow his load inside of me. I've pleasured myself to the thought of playing his personal little whore too many times to count; in my fantasies I'm always begging him to fuck me.

His name is James; he is one hell of an electrician which I think is why he gets away with his constant bad attitude. He is continually talking down to me, showcasing his know how, taking any chance he can get to parade his "It's my world; you're all just trying to live in it" attitude. I find myself constantly attempting to beat him at his own game while simultaneously imagining beating him off. I am completely turned on by both the challenge of outsmarting him as well as the challenge of trying to turn him on. I know he is thinking the same thing although he's far more conservative about it than I am. We have exchanged some off kilter humor and I've made a few risqué comments along the way. Although he doesn't seem to move toward my advances, he is never walking away from them either. Such a tease and it's driving me completely crazy.

Imagine my delight as I am asked to hand deliver some documents to his office by a co-worker. Screw this guy already. He needs to be put in his place. Naturally I had to select the sexiest bra and matching panty combo that I own, black and very lacey. Also a rather easily accessible tight dress. I'm almost positive he's a boob guy. I've caught him enjoying an eyeful of me a couple of times. Ugh I'd love to feel his hands on my breasts, squeezing and groping. Super high heels are a must.

As I pull up to his office I'm already soaking wet and completely turned on. If I can't make this happen, I'm positive I'm going to jump out of my skin. I have had enough of him thinking he can win at everything and be in charge of calling the shots. As I walk in, he is sitting at his desk working on I'm sure whatever will be the next big thing. We exchange some pleasantries and I make myself at home sitting on the edge of his desk. I'm usually dressed down for construction so it was a bit pleasurable to hear him comment on my attire acknowledging the fact that my appearance on this occasion is much more pleasing to the eye.

A compliment from James? Perhaps hell has frozen over. I playfully say to him that I had to dress up for the visit to see him. I can tell he really wants to believe that but shrugs it off as if I'm joking.

I say to him even more forwardly "C'mon, James, for a guy like you I'd do almost anything to get your attention."

James now is almost coming to life as I can see just a smidge of playfulness in his eyes as he comments back, "Honey, I'm old. What would you want with a guy like me?"

I respond back, "Well, I just happen to be into crabby old dudes who think they know it all."

I can tell he's almost nervous, a bit surprised at my continued forward response. He looks at me and as nonchalantly as his first comment says, "Yay, I bet".

So I decide to get off the very far edge of his desk, walk over and sit nearly in front of him on the edge of his desk. I reply, "You don't believe me, huh."

I uncross my legs and rather matter-of-factly grab his hand and begin to bring it toward my knee closest to him. I am just hoping he doesn't pull his hand back and to my complete shock he doesn't seem to be. I press his hand onto the inside of my knee and slowly bring his hand up the inside of my thigh higher and higher up just to my panty line. With his own finger I push my panties aside and press his fingers against my clit and begin rubbing myself with his hand, saying to him, "Can you feel how wet that is?"

His fingers feel amazing. He remarks back, "And you're saying that is all because of me?"

With lustful eyes I respond, "Yes, you have no idea."

I then open my legs wider and after a few seconds firmly push his 2 fingers downward and insert them inside myself and begin completely pleasuring myself with his hand. I let out just a soft short moan and let him know how good this feels. After about a minute into this I start to feel him taking over this manipulation. I no longer have to guide him as he is now completely finger fucking the shit out of me. I lean back just a little bit in an attempt to enjoy this moment.

He then begins with his other hand to pull down the top of my dress down past my shoulders so that I am sitting there in my bra from the waist up. He's becoming a little more aggressive and presses himself against me, pulling the front of my bra cups down and revealing the majority of my tits and providing access to my very hard nipples.

As he places his mouth on me and begins to suck on my nipples I'm completely beyond myself and put my arms around him gripping his back very tightly. He moves upward aggressively kissing my neck which he would have never known is one of my complete weaknesses, causing me to tighten my knees squeezing his body between my legs. All the while he is still putting me through the ceiling with his hand alone.

I then begin to undo his belt as he is forcefully kissing me and I suddenly find myself climaxing from his deep hand penetration. I can tell he is very satisfied with his efforts, almost as if to say, "Is this what you're looking for, honey?"

I pull out his stiff cock and begin to stroke it. I am now completely cumming and begging James to fuck me. Moments later he is ripping my panties down, tossing them aside and putting his dick inside of me. I am now firmly positioned on his desk as he begins to completely rail the shit out of me pushing himself deeply inside of me. Oh god, I can hardly contain myself as I realize all of my fantasizing about him between my legs and how much more fucking hot this is than I could ever have imagined. He is again sucking on my tits and kissing my neck while pumping harder and harder. Every time I feel his face on my body I nearly begin to quiver, especially kissing my neck. I exclaim in the moment, "Oh James, you feel so good inside of me."

As if saying it out loud is enough to send me over the edge I find myself climaxing just once more with my tits bouncing in rhythm with every thrust. Then almost as if on cue James himself is finally beginning to reach his breaking point, squeezing me tightly with short breaths whispers in my ear, "Your pussy feels so good," and then with his face against my neck he blows his load inside of me.

I have never in my life had such mind blowing sex and in that very moment I quickly realize that I am going to have to have James again, whether he likes it or not. I also realize in that same moment James can tell what I'm thinking and he plans to make me work for it every time.

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