tagLesbian SexElectrified Heaven

Electrified Heaven


For Annie - thank you for being there and helping me smile through the pain.


Bella had been drinking, perhaps too much; no matter how much she dug someone she had shared bits and pieces of herself with, it was always hard for her to overcome the shyness when she met him or her in person. Luckily, so long as one isn't overly rowdy, Amtrak employees didn't seem to care if you emerged from the restroom with your travel mug reeking of booze.

As the train barrelled on through the flat darkness of Nebraska night, Bella leaned her cheek against the cool window. Her face was flushed, both from whiskey and excitement. She glanced down at the laptop sitting open across her thighs, too distracted to finish the story she'd been working on. It would have to wait for another day.

Bella was surprised to wake with a start, nearly sending her laptop flying. She must have dozed off; they were now stopped in Omaha and it was time to deboard the train. She turned the computer off, stuffed it into her backpack and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She stood to join the line of bleary-eyed passengers eager to get on with their journeys.

When she reached the platform, Bella looked around and didn't see Annie. So she lit a cigarette and sat on a bench, bag slung over her shoulder. Then she heard the rumble of a motor and just knew it was her lady. She headed off to follow the sound. There, around the corner, sat Annie on her bike. A grin lit up Annie's face as their eyes met; Bella could feel the electricity spark between them. She put out her cigarette and nearly ran into Annie's embrace; the familiar scent of leather was both comforting and exhilarating.

"So, darlin'," Annie drawled. "Here we are."

"Just us and your bike." Bella eyed them both, licking her lips.

"Well, hop on, honey." Annie grinned and patted the seat behind her.

"Yes, ma'am!"

Bella shrugged her pack up over her shoulders and tightened the straps. One leg up and over, and she was straddling the bike. Its motor idled, making their thighs vibrate. Bella hadn't been on a motorcycle in years and had almost forgotten how thrilling it could be, how freeing. It all came back to her in the space of a second. The best was yet to come.

Settling into the seat and finding her center of balance, Bella snaked her arms around Annie's middle. For just a moment, she rested her chin on Annie's shoulder. The scents of new leather and clean sweat filled her nostrils. Life was good and it could only get better.

"Ready?" Annie punctuated her query by revving the engine.

"Mmmmhmm," Bella sighed, wrapping herself around the other woman.

Off they went. The wind tossed them gently side to side; Annie kept the bike under control. Bella hung on, pressing herself into Annie. When they stopped at a train crossing, Bella ran her hands down the front of Annie's leather jacket, on down into her lap. She caressed the other woman's thighs, tracing the ridge where leather chaps met denim. Annie intermingled her fingers with Bella's and lifted the girl's hand to kiss it. A happy shiver ran through Bella; just as she was about to continue her explorations, the last train car whisked past and the crossarms began their ascent. She tightened her grip, hands locked onto Annie's thighs.

The bike lurched a bit when they got moving; Bella's heart jumped with it. The tracks, of course, were bumpy. Bella had already been worked up, but going over the train tracks only enhanced her excitement. She wiggled against Annie's back, pressing herself into the other woman.

"Are you in a big rush to get back to the house?" Annie yelled back over her shoulder.

"Up to you. I'm just along for the ride," Bella shouted forward over the roar of the engine, grinning.

Annie threw a glance over her shoulder, then accelerated. Bella closed her eyes and luxuriated in the feeling of the wind's fingers tousling her hair. Pondering what her companion had in mind, her thoughts wandered from the heavens to the gutter and back again.

They continued riding in silence for a while, save the motor's loud purr. Annie steered the bike while Bella held her tight, sometimes resting her chin on the other woman's shoulder.

Bella had been lulled to a state somewhere between awake and dreaming; the swaying of the stalks in the cornfields was hypnotic. She daydreamed of running through the rows, playing hide and seek or some variation of spin the bottle. It seemed like the sort of place high school kids would go to party in an attempt to hide from their parents and the law. Her reveries were cut short when Annie pulled off the road.

Annie glanced back at Bella, walking her bike through the rows of corn.

"You awake back there, darlin'?"

"Yeah, sorry. I guess I zoned out. What a fabulous feeling, almost like we were riding on the wind itself..." She flushed crimson, sobered enough by the cool wind that she was shy once more.

Annie chuckled at the girl and brought the bike to a stop; satisfied that the dirt there was packed hard enough, she lowered the kickstand and gingerly let the weight fall on it. The bike didn't threaten to fall over, so Annie glanced back over her shoulder at Bella.

"Ladies first."

"Lady, my ass," Bella giggled. She grabbed hold of Annie's shoulders and slipped off the bike, finding her legs again. She felt bowlegged after having the motorcycle seat between her thighs for so long.

Annie swung her leg up and over the bike and hopped off, joining Bella.

A mighty gust of wind ran through the rows of corn, and then whispered by Bella's denim-clad legs. The cool air brought her attention to the damp spot there; she blushed deeper than before, shivering and pressing her thighs together.

"So this is a cornfield, huh?" Bella smiled coyly, trying to will the color from her cheeks.

"Yep. C'mon, sweetheart." Annie's voice was barely above a whisper. She squeezed the girl's hand and gently tugged.

They walked past several rows of tall cornstalks, sharing a comfortable silence.

"How's this?" Annie quirked an eyebrow at Bella, indicating a furrow between two rows. It seemed as though it had been recently inhabited; the ground there lacked the big dirt clods and random refuse that were so abundant everywhere else.

"Lovely," Bella replied, grinning. "Just lovely." She loosened the straps of her pack and let it fall down into her waiting hands. Squatting, she rested her bag on the ground and untied the canvas loops that held her sleeping bag in place.

Bella shook the sleeping bag out flat on the ground, then knelt in the middle of it to unzip its edges. She scooted back and flipped it open, then laid back on it.

"Oh wow, look at the stars. I don't think I've ever seen them so clearly." Bella's voice dripped with delight.

"Aren't they beautiful?" Annie smiled at the girl, settling down next to her on the sleeping bag.

"And the moon looks so big and bright out here..."

"See? Being out of the city has its advantages." Annie laughed.

"Mmmhmm, it sure does. They don't have cornfields in the city, for one. Or this lovely biker dyke who's laying and stargazing with me."

Suddenly, Bella felt invincible. Her shyness drifted up and away toward the heavens, leaving behind a sultry woman who felt the strong pull of lust under a full moon. She scooted closer and laid her head on Annie's shoulder. Annie wrapped her arm around the girl and gave her a squeeze.

"Do you know any of the stars?" Bella asked, snuggling close.

"Well, ya know, there's the li'l dipper." Annie pointed at a cluster of bright lights overhead. "And that's about the extent of my knowledge."

"Ooh, neat! Is that Venus?" Bella pointed at a bright spot close to the fat moon.

"I think so..."

Bella would never know what Annie had intended to say next, as her words were cut off by the girl's mouth covering her own. Bella's shy nature flitted back as she softly kissed Annie. Her stomach felt as though it were filled with slam-dancing fireflies.

"Just like electrified heaven," Bella thought as Annie rolled the girl onto her back and returned the kiss, running her tongue over Bella's.

Bella shivered, bristling with the intoxicating energy of the moon's beams. Annie pulled back a bit and looked down at her companion.

"Are you cold, honey?"

"No, I'm fabulous," Bella purred. "Kiss me again?" A slow grin spread across her face as she looked up, clearly anticipating what would come next.

Annie's reply was to lean in and swirl her tongue around Bella's earlobe. The girl sighed happily, followed by a hiss of air as Annie bit down on the flesh there. Bella could feel her damp spot growing.

"Yesss... oh, yes," Bella whispered, letting go the last of her inhibitions. She felt too damn good to let her hang-ups ruin the moment, and Annie knew it.

"Like that?" Annie chuckled, her tongue tracing a path down Bella's neck before plunging into the girl's cleavage.

The mixed sensations of liquid heat followed by cooling breeze gave Bella goosebumps. She arched her back, giggling as she inadvertently pushed her breasts into Annie's face.

"Woah, girl," Annie rasped, gently pushing Bella back. "Can you lie still?"

"Do I have to?" Bella whined playfully.

"I suppose not, but it'll be fun to watch you trying not to squirm." Annie's eyes gleamed mischievously.

"Yes, ma'am." Bella took a deep breath and released it, settling into the sleeping bag beneath her.

"Do you need help, honey?"

"That's up to you, sweetness," Bella purred back. "I trust you." Fuck, she loved a woman who would take charge and coax out her submissive side.

"Well, in that case..." Annie reached into her leather, pulling something metal from an inner pocket.

She dangled the handcuffs in front of Bella.

"Are you sure?"

"Mmmhmm." Bella lifted herself slightly and nodded, her crimson pigtails bouncing.

"Roll over," Annie said, "hands above your head."

"Yes ma'am," Bella whispered again, flipping herself over. She flushed red from her cheeks on down to the cleavage that peeked from her hoodie.

Bella stretched her arms out in front of her, ass lifted in the air. Annie slid up behind her and reached over the girl's head.

Snick! Cold steel closed around Bella's right wrist.

Snick! And the left. The girl whimpered happily.

"Remember all those times I promised to make your ass match those pigtails? The blush in your cheeks?"

"Goddess, yes," Bella breathed. "Please..."

"Raise your ass for me, honey."

Bella did as she was told. She was rewarded; Annie's hand slid from her bottom, over her crotch. Bella sucked air through her teeth when fingers paused over her moist entrance. Annie pressed the palm of her hand into the girl's heat. Coarse denim nudged her clit; Bella couldn't remember ever having been so turned on.

Annie's hand meandered down, settling on her girl's belt buckle. Quick fingers opened the clasp and unbuttoned Bella's jeans. She shivered as the zipper was lowered and cool air rushed in to greet her most sensitive bits.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think you liked that." Bella could hear the huge fucking grin in Annie's voice.

Crash! Annie's hand touched down on Bella's cheek. Then the other. And again, and again. Bella lost track as the swats came raining down and her ass grew warm despite the chill in the night air.

"Mmmmm... Yes!"

"You nice and warmed up, little girl?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Good." Annie reached down between the girl's thighs and dipped two fingers into her warmth.

"Oh, god!" Bella pushed up on Annie's fingers, aching to be filled.

"Remember, baby, be still." Annie withdrew from Bella's pussy and swatted her on the ass.

"Oh god... I'm sorry." Bella settled back down, tried to behave herself.

"That's a good girl." Annie's fingers moved within her once more, and it took every ounce of Bella's strength not to match her thrusts.

Annie massaged Bella's g-spot, driving her to the brink of orgasm before leaving her to teeter on its edge.

"Oh! Please!" Bella begged, wiggling her ass.

"Shhh... You'll get there."

Annie slid out of Bella's depths and gave her another slap on the ass.

"Roll over."

And she did. Bella flattened herself to the sleeping bag and flipped over, her arms outstretched above her head. She looked at Annie, questioning, still trusting. Watching for a lead to follow.

Bella's jeans were still around her ankles. Tenderly, Annie slipped them down past one boot and then the other. She set them aside and stood to shuck her own pants. Once she was free of them, she knelt down next to Bella. She unzipped the girl's hoodie and pushed up her tank top to expose the skin there. Bella's tummy was immediately sprinkled with goosebumps.

Annie slithered out of her shirt and tossed it into the ever-growing pile of clothing before stretching herself out over Bella.

"Put your arms around my neck."

"Mmmhmmm." And she obeyed.

The smell of earth mingled with sweat and musk filled Bella's head; she purred as Annie's skin warmed hers.

Annie wrapped her hands around Bella's shoulders from beneath; Bella opened herself, curling her legs around Annie's center. And they moved as one, the slam-dancing lightning bugs filling them both.

They rocked together; Bella picked up Annie's rhythm and smiled up at her.

"Kiss me?"

"Of course, honey."

They fucked as though the very earth was moving with them, sharing trickles of sweat despite the weather. Their tongues danced, too, harder and rougher. Annie bit down on Bella's tongue and the girl moaned.

"Oh! Please. Can I come?" She whimpered frantically into Annie's mouth.

"Go on, sweetheart. Nothing's holding you back."

Her scream was operatic. She kept right on moving with Annie; when the waves of orgasm finally washed over Annie, Bella went tumbling off of that cliff again.

"Oh, wow." Bella's eyes were glazed over.

"Yeah," Annie whispered, out of breath.

"Hold me?"

Annie wrapped herself around Bella and pulled the sleeping bag up over them both.

Bella looked up toward the stars and noticed that the fireflies had made it out of her belly; they lit up the night all around them.


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