tagLesbian SexThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 27

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 27


The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 27

Elena's Tales -- Part 2

The hot shower was exactly what Elena needed to relax. It had been a long week at work, and she'd ended up spending entirely too many evening hours at the Municipal Library, taking care of several issues that had built up over the last month. Earlier that Friday afternoon, she'd made up her mind to take the evening for herself.

Stepping out of her bathroom and into her bedroom through the adjoining door, Elena walked across the deep carpeting barefooted, rubbing her freshly trimmed and re-touched raven-dyed hair with a towel. She was naked, and her pendulous breasts swung as her large frame moved. Her wide hips and powerful thighs rolled as she approached the queen-sized bed that dominated the third-floor bedroom of her condo. Propped up in the pile of pillows at the head of the bed, Kristina Cooper admired her with bright blue eyes and a youthful grin. The younger woman's short caramel-brown hair was tossed haphazardly on her head. She was equally naked, though covered up to her breasts by a red and blue plaid patterned sheet.

"I like watching you walk," Kristina admitted in her high-pitched voice. "Especially when you're naked, and damp," she added with a grin. Elena walked up to the 18-year-old teenager and leaned down to give her a kiss, full on the mouth. Kristina responded not only with her mouth, but with a pair of hands to Elena's heavy breasts. She held their weight as Elena's tongue pushed into her mouth once again.

"Uuumm, I love that," Elena told her young lover. She took Kristina's hands in hers, pulling them from her breasts as she took a seat on the edge of the bed. She looked into the girl's eyes and saw admiration, passion, and a sparkle of love. Unfortunately, Elena didn't feel everything Kristina felt. "It's time for you to get home, young lady," she said. "It's after nine o'clock, and you know as well as I do that the library closed at eight. Your mother will be wondering where the hell you are."

"I'll just tell her I was out on a date," Kristina replied. "That's what this is, right? A date?"

Elena grinned and stroked the girl's hands. "It's something of a date, I guess. Maybe not the kind your mother would approve of."

"She doesn't mind if I date," Kristina said. "She just doesn't know I like girls way more than guys."

"I don't think she'd really mind that so much as you're dating a woman almost ten years older than she is."

"You're not ten years older than my mom," Kristina insisted. "You're only seven years older."

Elena laughed. "Okay, but it remains that you should be dating girls your own age, if that is what you want young lady." She stroked Kristina's tussled hair back, looking into her blue eyes as she did.

Kristina looked down at their hands and said, "It's just so hard finding out if a girl I like would like me, you know, in this way." She then looked up at Elena and added, "I just wish your daughter was more my age."

"I'd like that, also. But Janice has her own ideas, and right now she's concentrating on her work and degree, and she's not really interested in a relationship of any kind." Elena stroked Kristina's hair from her face, and then lightly caressed the girl's face. "I'd like to have you as a daughter-in-law." Elena then leaned forward and again kissed Kristina deeply.

Elena felt the girl melting once again, and fought to pull her mouth away. "Really! You'd better get going!" she insisted. She stood and pulled Kristina's naked form from the bed by the hand. "Get dressed and get home, before I change my mind, young lady!"

"I want you to change your mind!" Kristina giggled and pulled herself tight to Elena. Kristina was a small girl, nearly a full foot shorter than Elena. Her small, firm breasts were capped with puffy nipples that were nearly half the size of her entire breast, and pressed into Elena's abdomen. Kristina's head pressed into the valley between her large breasts and Elena could feel her young lover's breathe on her flesh once again. Her nipples began to tingle and she knew that she could easily lift this pixie of a girl right back into her bed and ravage her, as she'd done just minutes after the two of them had arrived from the Municipal Library. That had been nearly two hours before. Instead, Elena again fought off the sexual urge and pushed Kristina away.

"Get dressed and go home. It's not like this will be the last time we do this." Elena gently guided her teen lover towards the bathroom. "Now go in there; put on your clothes, and brush your hair, you sexy young thing!" she said. Elena picked up the girl's pile of discarded clothing from the floor and handed it to Kristina before playfully shoving her in the direction of the bathroom.

"Yes, Ma'am," Kristina sighed, resigned to the fact that her evening fun was indeed over.

Elena sat on her bed and pulled on fresh panties before dropping an over-sized pink t-shirt over her head. She massaged her breasts as she went to the window and looked down into the cul-de-sac. It was dark, though the street lights lit up Kristina's little blue Toyota Yaris parked behind her own blue Camry. She glanced to the left and saw Indigo Gibbs' gold Camry parked in her own short driveway, and not for the first time Elena wondered if that make of car was the new favorite of the lesbian community. She recalled that Professor Ayamo Yamada also drove a Camry, and wondered if the middle-aged and widowed Tokyo-born professor had any lesbian inclinations. She was a very beautiful woman, after all.

It was the start of the Memorial Day weekend and her son and his new wife were due in the morning. Jason and Amber had married earlier in the spring, with the ceremony taking place in Amber's hometown of Rapid City, South Dakota. Amber's mother, Joyce Nichols, was mayor of the city, and put on a lavish wedding and reception. Elena had of course been in attendance and enjoyed spending the short weekend with her son and new in-laws.

Jason had graduated from Iowa State University a year earlier, and Amber would graduate that spring, being a year behind her son. Although Jason had been on a hockey scholarship and had played all fours years on the university's team, Jason had failed to get much attention from scouts. He had been given a few try-outs with minor league teams, but had ended up taking a position with the university as a graduate assist with the team while taking post-graduate courses. He had a degree in business administration and Elena hoped that he could find a good paying job.

Amber, on the other hand, was working towards a career in broadcast journalism, and already had a position offered to her from one of the local television news affiliates in Des Moines, Iowa. Elena liked Amber very much, but she was concerned that her career would over-shadow Jason's own success and happiness. Jason was more enamored with his new bride than mapping his own career path, and that concerned Elena. During their stay, which was planned to be a bit longer than a week, Elena would take the opportunity to talk with Jason about a possible job that she knew was coming open at the Resort. It would be a start.

As Elena stood at the window lost in thought, Kristina emerged from the bathroom. Now dressed as many of her fellow teens in Regal Bay did, in a deep purple hoody emblazoned with the high school mascot pulled over a t-shirt, both large enough to hide the fact that she was a girl thanks in no small part to her small breasts. Kristina wore hip-hugger jeans that fit rather loose on her tiny frame, and topped off her look with fashionable ankle boots that were in style that spring. The teen had brushed her hair back into place with her long bangs pulled to the side covering her left eye. Elena again thought that the younger generation had a strange idea of what was stylish.

"Can we get together again this weekend?" Kristina asked as she pulled herself up and reached to drape her slim arms across Elena's shoulders. Her face was pure innocence and Elena felt her desires for the young woman again growing between her thighs. Had they only been seeing each other a little more than two weeks, she wondered?

"We can't. I told you. My son and his wife are coming into town. They'll be staying here," she explained. "They're staying with me through the first of the month."

"But I need you, Elena!" Kristina begged. "The things you've shown me. The things we do together. I want to keep doing them."

"We will, Kristina. We will, but not here." Elena tilted her face upward with her fingers. "I want you just as badly, young lady, but we'll have to meet somewhere else. I'll find us a place, and then let you know. How's that?"

"We could meet in your office," Kristina suggested. "Like I saw you with Barbara last month."

Elena smiled, remembering that afternoon, when Kristina discovered her with her intern's pussy all over her face. That had been an interesting afternoon. It had also been the start of Kristina's education. Since that discovery, Elena had met with her young student lover on several occasions. This had not been their first evening together in Elena's home. Nor would it be the last.

"Remember, you promised to do something special with me, on my birthday," Kristina reminded her. "I turn nineteen in three weeks."

"I remember, and I've got something very special planned for you, my little pixie!" She all but lifted the girl and kissed her, before letting go of her. "Now get home, young lady!" she laughed.

Elena walked Kristina down the two flights of stairs to the main living room and on to the front door of her condominium. The two lovers again kissed before Elena opened the door, letting Kristina out into the cool night. The breeze rolled down the valley and tingled Elena's nipples through the thin t-shirt she wore. She watched the little teen jog lightly across the lawn to her car, parked at the curb. She allowed a slight wave in response to Kristina's own, and then stepped back inside.

Elena sat up reading well into the night, with the university radio station KRBR-FM dialed up. Until midnight, they played a sort of techno-dance style of music, and at just the right volume it provided a nice background for her reading. She finished the novel and set it aside just after midnight, and retired to her bed. Exhaustion overwhelmed her even as the recent memories of her young lover flowed through her mind. She was asleep quickly.

By the time Elena awoke, the morning was half gone. It was almost ten before she was dressed and ready for the day. With the guest bedroom on the second floor already made up for her son and daughter-in-law, and little else to do, Elena wanted to visit the grocery as well as the liquor store. Her wine rack was nearly empty and she wanted a few fresh choices for the weekend. She also needed to stock up on Jason's favored Steelhead Stout, a West-coast regional beer he couldn't get going to school in the mid-west.

Jason and Amber called to inform her that they had made it into town, about the time Elena had just started her shopping. Although they would be going out to dinner that Saturday night, Elena had hoped to make a home-cooked meal on Sunday. She bought steaks, potatoes, assorted fresh vegetables, as well as her usual assortment of fruits, yogurts, and snack foods. A couple of cases of sodas (though she couldn't remember what Amber liked) were added, along with two six-packs of beer for her son. She'd stop to get her wine on the way home, at a good liquor store, rather than pick from the grocer's limited selection.

Arriving back home, Elena was greeted by her son and daughter-in-law, waiting on the front porch. Their rental car was parked in front. Strangely enough, Jason had rented a Toyota Camry, only in white. Elena had to wonder if it was the stars aligning as she slipped out of her own car.

"So good to see you, Mom!" Jason said as he hugged her tight. Jason was a big man, bigger than his father had been, and stood a good two inches taller than her, and she was an inch over six feet tall. Conversely, Amber was a small girl, barely coming to her son's shoulder. When she hugged her daughter-in-law, Elena realized that Amber's head fit well between her matronly breasts. In that moment, a sinful idea began to take shape within her head.

"It's nice to see you both," Elena told them. "I'm so happy you decided to fly out for the week."

"It really nice out here," Amber admitted. Although she had been in Regal Bay over the winter holidays, they had spent much of their visit in the condo. With spring in full bloom, a summer just around the corner, the entire area looked completely different. Although there were a wide variety of wintergreens and evergreens across the valley, which contributed their dark green colors all year round, now all of the other varieties were adding their say. Along with hundreds of flower gardens, flowering trees, the flags and banners of all sorts adding the rainbow of colors to the neighborhood, the entire image of Regal Bay was different to young Amber's eyes.

"We'll have to go for a drive later," Jason said. "You've got to see the ocean. We'll walk the beach and boardwalk and watch the sun drop into the Pacific. It's such an awesome sight."

"And tonight there are several activities scheduled," Elena added. "You'll be amazed at how this town enjoys celebrating every Memorial Day Weekend."

"Regal Bay was founded on Memorial Day," Jason incorrectly stated as they began to remove the groceries from the trunk of his mother's car.

"That's not quite right, Jason," Elena pointed out. "Regal Bay as a sea-side village had been around for a long time. When it was incorporated by the Van Winkle brothers back in '65, the ceremony took place on Memorial Day, which back in '65 fell on May 31st. Officially, Regal Bay became a city on June 1st of 1965, but we like to celebrate it over the holiday weekend."

"That's my mother," Jason replied. "Always the librarian. Always correcting facts. It can get to be a pain in the ass if you let it," Jason added, pointing this last statement to Amber as they went inside.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the house or back yard. Drinks were consumed, stories told and histories caught up. For dinner, Elena took them to Theros, the Greek restaurant that fronted the boardwalk, Elena had arranged for them to dine at one of the several tables on the outside patio that provided a beautiful view of the bay and the Pacific beyond. As they ate, they watched sail boats gliding across the bay as well as a few fishing trawlers return from their voyages. The original backbone of Regal Bay's economy was still very active and very much an important part of the town.

After drinks, they made their way to the beach. Elena introduced Amber to several of her friends that were enjoying the evening on the beach as well. Jason ran into many of his old friends, a couple who were back in town for the holiday weekend. And like Jason, a few had married since the last time he had talked with them. Introductions were made, as were plans to get together later on, for old time's sake as it were.

The sun set into the ocean, delighting Amber along with several hundred other new-comers along the beach. Afterward, Elena excused herself, leaving her son and daughter-in-law to enjoy the rest of the night together alone. She had given Jason the keys to her car, which they had come into town in, and told them that she would walk home. It was nice and warm, and only a little more than a mile up the beach.

Elena enjoyed her walk, and turned up the path leading to the Majestic View Condominiums after little more than an hour after leaving Jason and Amber. Back inside, she poured herself a glass of wine before heading up to her room.

She slept alone that night, though the idea of her young daughter-in-law lying there with her kept coming back to her. Even when she heard them return and retire to Jason's old bedroom, Elena imagined Amber coming to her. Instead, the muffled sounds of her guests making love, just below her, echoed in her mind as she fell asleep.

Sunday was a quiet day, and Jason and Amber spent it to themselves. They enjoyed the beach and went sight-seeing. Meanwhile, Elena remained at home, wondering if she should give one of her young lovers a call. She couldn't understand why she was so damned horny, but she was. She needed to enjoy another woman, but with the holiday weekend rolling on, there really wasn't too many who would be free to spend an hour or two with her. Instead, she thought about her young daughter-in-law in several sinful scenarios as she relaxed on the back porch, a glass of wine in hand, enjoying the sun's warmth.

That evening, Jason grilled the steaks while Amber helped her in the kitchen. The meal was wonderful and their conversation rolled along through nearly every topic, from politics to movies, from sports to their up-coming honeymoon vacation in Hawaii. Again, they watched the sunset from the beach, this time on Resort Beach, a short walk from the condo. With the sun down, they retired to the condo, and then to their rooms as the midnight hour chimed on the wall clock. Again Elena suffered in her bed, listening to her son make love to his young wife, while she had to work herself over with the vibrator she kept in her bedside nightstand.

In her mind, Elena could see Amber. Her daughter-in-law was quite different physically from Elena. At just 22 years of age, Amber was very petite, almost under-developed physically. Her breasts were barely more than small halved-apple mounds, though her perky nipples poked through most anything she wore. Her blonde hair was kept short and her brown eyes were warm and thoughtful. Elena knew that Amber had run track and field for the first couple years of college, but had given it up to concentrate on her degree work. The way she walked verified this fact.

The Monday holiday was spent attending the anniversary festivities on the boardwalk, as well as a trip up to Majestic Mall where the carnival had been set up. Back at the condo by five that evening, Jason barbecued chicken breasts for their dinner. After, he took Amber out to a movie. Elena met with Joan Kuykendall and Carrie Baker for drinks at the Casino. Home by ten, Elena retired soon after. Again, she masturbated, her mind filled with images of the things she'd like to do to her young daughter-in-law. She had asked Joan over drinks about how she might best approach her young daughter-in-law, to see if she might in fact be interested. Joan did have a couple of ideas for her, though she had insisted they came with a personal price. Elena agreed to her friend's offer. After-all, it had been a while since she'd joined Joan for lunch, and some lesbian fun and games.

Tuesday morning had Elena up by seven to head into work at the high school. It was the start of a short week, and the last week before summer break started the following Wednesday. The day went by quickly, and due to the up-coming end to the school year, there were no more check-outs of books or equipment from the library. Elena was able to pass most of her workload onto her senior library assistants and by two she was already headed for home.

That Tuesday, after a late breakfast, Jason had left Amber to go golfing with some old friends. Amber was sitting on the back porch reading a Nora Roberts romance novel when Elena found her. Before joining her, Elena poured herself a glass of California Chardonnay. As an after-thought she poured a second glass for Amber.

"Are you having a nice afternoon?" Elena asked as she joined her daughter-in-law on the porch's white wicker bench. She handed the younger woman the glass of wine.

"Thank you," she replied, accepting the glass. "I wasn't sure if I should, pour myself a glass that is." She sipped, and then took a deeper drink.

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