Eleni's Tale


Chapter 1: Eleni's Dilemma

Eleni Christopher flipped from her stomach to her back, the rolled over again before returning to her back, all in the span of twenty or thirty seconds, attempting to get comfortable on the thick blanket on the floor of her best friend's room. Jessica had been sleeping soundly in her bed for nearly an hour, she thought, as she glanced at the bright green numbers of the clock and watched them change from 12:30 to 12:31. Eleni sat up, having slowly come to the realization that her sleeping problems may not have been caused by the uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, but by her daunting horniness. She hadn't had sex in five months, as she broke up with her boyfriend in late April and hadn't dated since. He had been the only boy that had even fucked her, but she survived the long summer by masturbating frequently, taking the silver vibrator from her older sister's drawer and using it, sometimes, two or three times each night. Since she lost her virginity the year before, at age 17, Eleni had thrived on sex. Now 18, nearly 19, and developing an incredible body, she was horny, restless and desperate for something in her pussy. And she needed it NOW!

She dropped her hand to the inside of her thighs and cupped it around her pussy. She looked up at Jessica, sound asleep, who suddenly shifted on her bed. Eleni and Jessica had spoken very little about sex, a topic that seemed to scare Jessica. Jessica was still a virgin and, according to her, did not masturbate. Eleni, earlier that year, had tried to change this by seducing Jessica in the middle of the night, but she recoiled and Jessica was forced to masturbate alone, an act she was about to duplicate. She, however, knew she couldn't finger herself on Jessica's floor for fear of what her best friend would say if she awoke. She decided against doing it in the bathroom as well, because if Jessica or her father woke up and saw the light on for a long period of time, they might fear she was sick and come in. No, Eleni needed to find another room in the house: one that was farther away from her sleeping friend and her father.

Eleni stood and walked toward the bedroom door, using the light streaming in through the cracked door to guide her way. Suddenly she paused and turned her head to look in Jessica's full-length mirror. She stared at her own body. Since she turned 16, Eleni's body had been developing rather quickly. Just a skinny, short girl a year ago, she had blossomed into a gorgeous young woman with curves that most girls would kill for. Her tits were a stunning size 34C, and looked remarkable on her small frame; she was only five-foot-two and found herself wearing heels often to add a few inches.

Tonight though, she wasn't wearing heels. In fact, she wasn't wearing much at all -- just black lace panties and a tight pink t-shirt that only covered the top half of her ass. "Quite a nice ass, if I do say so," Eleni thought as she pulled her shirt up and rubbed it through her thin panties. Now, even hornier, she could see her tiny nipples poking through the fabric of her t-shirt. She dropped her shirt and began to rub her tits through it for a moment before continuing toward the door, confident that she looked even better than she did that morning -- perfect tits, a perfect ass, and a baby face complemented by two shoulder-length blonde pigtails on either side.

It wasn't until Eleni had tiptoed several feet down the hallway that she noticed exactly where the light was coming from. Its source was the lamp in Jessica's father's room. Jessica's father, Chris Harper, was till wide awake and, Eleni could tell by the faint sounds coming from the room, typing at a furious pace. The young girl froze, standing in her slutty little night clothes in the hallway, just feet outside of Mr. Harper's room. Did he hear her? Should she turn and go back -- finger her tight little pussy in Jessica's room? Or should she continue past and make her way downstairs. Her mouth fell open as she debated and her breathing quickened. Eventually the ache emanating from her pussy convinced her that she needed to find someplace in the house to hide and play with herself for however long it took to calm her sex-starved body. She walked closer to the stairs, taking three more steps, past Mr. Harper's room, until she came to the top step. She gasped slightly when, upon placing her foot on the next step, it let out a horribly loud "creak" that obviously frightened Mr. Harper in the next room.

"Who's that?" Mr. Harper yelled, standing quickly from his chair and rushing into the hallway. Frozen, she saw his eyes focus on her.

"Oh," he sighed. "Just you, Eleni. Why are you up?"

She stared back at him as he stood on the step above her in a pair of tight blue jeans and a grey t-shirt and looked her over. Eleni thought quickly.

"I need a drink."

Mr. Harper smiled and obligingly led the 16-year-old beauty down the stairs, telling her to walk ahead as he followed her into the kitchen. On the way, he stopped to flip a dim lamp on in the living room, bathing the room in an orange glow. As Eleni walked toward the refrigerator, she could feel two eyes burning into her behind and was confident that Mr. Harper could not draw his eyes away from the bottoms of the tight, pale ass cheeks poking out from beneath her panties. After serving her a glass of milk, the man invited her to sit on the couch and relax before returning to bed. She could have sworn that Mr. Harper was staring at her tits, not her eyes when he volunteered to sit with her until she was ready to return to bed.

Eleni gave a playful smile as she sat on the couch, legs crossed, just inches away from Mr. Harper. Their proximity began to create wicked ideas in her mind. Hornier than ever and even more desperate to fill her tight pussy, she allowed her eyes to drift to the growing bulge in the 42-year-old's jeans. She smiled again.

"I know he'd fuck me," she thought. "He's been staring at me for years. In my bikinis. In my mini skirts. In my school uniform. And now in my panties as I sit on the couch." Eleni's legs spread involuntarily as she imagined his cock. Her goal immediately shifted. As a girl who loved loud, rough sex infinitely more than gentle sex, she knew that her best friend's father would provide a significantly better evening than her own fingers. She would allow him to use her in any way he wanted, so long as he fucked her hard, and made her cum. She thought of her hourglass silhouette she had just seen as a reflection in Jessica's mirror and wondered how any man could deny himself the pleasure of fucking such a body.

The young blonde caught herself debating if she really wanted to go through with the plan she had devised. Sure, she desperately needed a hard fuck, but should she go about getting herself a cock by seducing the father of her best friend? Eleni looked over at the man once again. He was definitely good looking, and he had a stare that made her feel like a complete slut as he gazed at her growing tits, nipples easily visible through the think pink fabric of her t-shirt. His hand had moved to his crotch involuntarily as he began to fumble with the growing cock beneath his jeans.

She decided. She would make Mr. Harper fuck her. She would become his little whore. Had Eleni known the way Mr. Harper had always wanted to treat a young slut like her, she would have instantly changed her mind.

Uncrossing and re-crossing her legs once again, she did it more slowly this time, making sure that Mr. Harper got a lengthy view of her sexy lace panties. They were boy-cut and black, but somewhat see through and short enough to allow the bottom of her tight, round ass to peek through the bottom. She slid a hand up under her t-shirt and touched her left thigh. After getting no reaction from Mr. Harper, save for a huge tent in his pants, she decided that a sex-craving slut like her should be more forward with her proposition.

Leaning forward, she whispered, "Let me suck your cock, Mr. Harper. Please?"

The man inched backwards, not turned off by her comment, only somewhat shocked. He said, "My God. What, Eleni?" But, by that time the pigtailed blonde had already unzippered his jeans and wrapped her hand around his thick cock through his boxers.

He let out of soft moan and mouthed, "Oh no, we can't," but by that time, the young slut had already pulled his cock out of his boxers and was stroking it quite forcefully. When she finally wrapped her lips around it, he had uttered his last protest.

Chapter 2: Eleni's Seduction

Eleni Christopher had had very little practice sucking cock, but that didn't stop her from diving headfirst onto Mr. Harper's dick and forcing it deeper and deeper in her throat. She could feel the blood rushing to his already large dick, making it grow even longer and thicker in her mouth. Her hands running up and down the flat, 44-year-old stomach that belonged to her best friend's father, the horny little slut licked the head of his cock as she bobbed her head up and down. Her pigtails hung down in her face, brushing against the sexy, older man's jeans. He began to moan more and more often, his head tilting backwards as he resigned himself to enjoy a fantastic blowjob from the 18-year old sucking on his cock.

Eleni stopped sucking long enough to remove Mr. Harper's jeans and boxers and position herself on her knees in front of him, the position she knew a true whore would present herself in, and Eleni -- more and more as she jammed Mr. Harper's huge cock in her mouth -- wanted desperately to be his whore tonight. She felt her tight pussy begin to get wetter as it begged her to spit his cock out and let him insert the eight-inch monster into her.

Finally beginning to ignore the aching, she realized that Mr. Harper had leaned forward and begun to caress her ass, pulling at her lacey black panties as he squeezed. The attention made Eleni's sucking become even more frenzied as she forced the man's cock down her throat so far that she began to gag. She pulled her head off and smiled as a strand of sticky saliva dripped from her chin onto the top of her tight pink t-shirt. It was then that Mr. Harper spoke for the first time in several minutes.

"Strip," he commanded as he grabbed his cock and began to stroke, kicking his jeans and boxers to the side of the room. "Slowly. Make it good."

Eleni grinned at him, hoping to show him with her naughty smile that she thoroughly enjoyed being bossed around and would enjoy it even more if he was physically dominating as well. She began to sway her hips slightly as she raised her hands to the back of her head, pulling on her pigtails gently from her scalp to their ends at her shoulders. With her hands raised, her t-shirt raised as well to completely display her lacey, black panties, panties that were just slightly see through. Mr. Harper must have enjoyed the sight of these because he began to stroke his cock more-and-more furiously as she displayed them. Eleni slowly inched closer to the man on the couch, continuing to sway slowly and sensually. She drew up in front of Mr. Harper and spread her legs so that they straddled his. Leaning forward, she dropped her hands to the bottom sides of her t-shirt and pulled it slowly over her head. As she removed it completely, Mr. Harper's eyes focused intently on her breasts, a generous 34C and wonderfully large in proportion to her tight, young body. She leaned further, pressing her tits together and displaying a spectacular deep cleft between them.

Mr. Harper may have been excited by her perfect cleavage, or may have been excited by her hard, pink nipples, but Eleni knew that what she was about to show him may make him cum immediately all over his hands. She became upset. That was her cum and she didn't want Mr. Harper to be drained before she got his rock hard cock inside of her. To remedy this, she leaned over and grabbed his left hand from the sofa and his right hand for his dick and lowered them to his side. "No more stroking," she said. "That cock's for me. That's my cum!"

She playfully smacked his cock before returning to her dancing, only a pair of tiny black panties to remove before she was totally ready to give herself to him, totally ready to be used. Eleni decided to showcase her tight little ass as she stripped the last piece of clothing off, so she turned away from Mr. Harper and bent at the waist, legs together as her ass pointed at his face. She was shocked as he forcefully grabbed her perfect little ass, squeezing it hard in his hand before smacking the other cheek and demanding, "Take those off girl. I want to see your pussy!"

Eleni was so ecstatic that she nearly jumped out of her panties. Instead, she took a second to regain her composure before quickly dropping her panties on the floor next to the sofa and backing up closer to Mr. Harper. He pulled her down to his lap, allowing her ass and tight, wet pussy to press against his legs. His hard cock, now even bigger than she had seen it before she turned, was rubbing her thigh. She giggled innocently and turned her face towards his, quickly pressing her lips against his, then widening them and forcing her tongue into his mouth. He responded with his own tongue, which wrapped sensually around Eleni's. The young whore and her older lover stayed in this position for several minutes, each tasting the other and preparing themselves for what was to happen next. The fucking of a lifetime, Eleni hoped. As they sloppily kissed, Mr. Harper allowed her hands to explore the young girl's body, rubbing each of here big tits and pinching her nipples before running his right hand down her stomach to her bare pussy.

Eleni's pussy was perfect and she knew it. Very tight -- her old boyfriend's cock was quite a squeeze and his was no where near the size of the one she had just continued stroking now -- and shaved completely bare. She was wet already from the excitement of sucking her friend's father's dick and got even more so as he rubbed it. In a heartbeat, Mr. Harper began pushing fingers into her pussy, and she let out increasingly large moans as each finger penetrated her. One. Two. He smiled as he pushed a third finger in. Eleni let her head fall back as she moaned with delight; Mr. Harper pumped his fingers in-and-out, faster and faster as she squirmed on his lap. His left hand left her breasts -- not before giving her nipples one last painful pinch -- and placed it on her upper back. He leaned her forward slightly, and then placed the hand on the crack of her ass, his left middle finger at the rim of her asshole. She looked at him and mouthed silently, "My ass?" as he smiled and plunged the finger in.

Eleni had never been fucked in her ass before, a fact that was obvious with one feel of her extremely tight asshole. Her boyfriend had asked once, and she declined afraid that it would hurt too much. They broke up soon after that. She had fingered her ass gently before while masturbating, but would only put the tip of her finger in. Today, though, she would certainly not stop Mr. Harper from putting anything in her ass. She was his slut and, she had already decided, he could do whatever he wanted. A quick look at the size of his cock frightened her; she knew it would be painful.

The fingers on both of his hands penetrated deeper into her, three in her pussy and one in her ass. She closed her eyes as Mr. Harper began to suck on her hard nipples. As she stroked his cock with her right hand, he quickened the pace at which he was finger-fucking her, making the young slut moan even more. She gasped as his finger disappeared completely into her ass.

Mr. Harper looked shocked. He quickly removed his hand from Eleni's ass and covered her mouth. She could smell her ass on his finger. It smelled alluring, sexy; she wanted to lick it.

"Shut the fuck up," he ordered. "If you wake up my fucking daughter..."

His sentence trailed off. Eleni looked in his face. He was serious. He was angry. He was certainly getting into his role as her master for the evening. And she loved it. Eleni smiled and nodded innocently, then removed his hand from her mouth and began to lick the taste of her ass off of his middle finger, all while squirming as his hand pumped faster and harder into her tight pussy.

Chapter 3: Eleni's Predicament

The tiny blonde continued to wiggle on the lap of the older man who was pumping three fingers in-and-out of her dripping cunt. She continued to suck the taste of her ass off of his finger, closing her eyes and savoring it as she ran her tongue up-and-down his finger, just as she had ran it up and down his rock hard cock just minutes earlier. Mr. Harper seemed to enjoy making Eleni moan, as he fingered her pussy faster every time she made even the slightest noise, which obviously made her groan even more. His thumb rubbed at her clit as she slowly pushed his finger back out of her mouth and licked the side of his face.

It was time. Eleni wanted to be used. She wanted to be used hard. And she wanted to be used now.

Her mouth crept to his ear where she whispered, "Fuck me like a slut, Mr. Harper." The older man smiled and decided to oblige, his huge cock aching to fill each one of her holes.

"Stand," he directed her, and as she did so, he forced her to the side of the couch, her bare ass facing away from the arm, her bare pussy pressed against the side. Forcefully, he pushed against her, his cock rubbing the small of her back. He grabbed Eleni's left pigtail and pulled it down towards the couch, bending the high-school-aged whore at a 90-degree angle. She gasped.

"This is going to hurt, slut. Don't you fucking scream."

She felt his cock immediately push into the wetness of her tight pussy. As his right hand directed it inside of her, his left hand rested firmly on her back, making sure she did not decide to move from the position she was in, a position that allowed him full access to both of her tiny holes. "Spread, you fucking whore," he commanded as he struggled to force his massive cock into her. The little blonde did exactly as she was told, leaning even farther and spreading her legs nearly a yard apart. As she spread, her hands ran up her stomach to her growing, 34C tits as she began to pinch her nipples.

Mr. Harper, his cock held tight in his right hand, pressed the tip just two inches into Eleni's cunt. Listening to the little girl moan and watching her rub her big breasts, he decided to fulfill her wishes and turn her into his slut immediately. Putting both hands on her tiny waist, he thrusted his hard cock completely into her pussy in one forceful burst. Listening to her scream made his cock even harder as he pulled it completely out, glanced at it covered in the juices from her wet pussy, and shoved it in even harder, filling her completely once again.

Eleni grabbed her tits -- hard -- but the pain she felt was nothing compared to the pain being inflicted on her by the monstrous cock that repeatedly pounded her cunt. She screamed, louder and longer with each thrust, her piercing screams seeming only to make Mr. Harper fuck her harder and harder. Her eyes closed as a tear ran down her cheek. Mr. Harper pounded her again.

If Eleni could see the man's face from her ass-up position over the side of the couch, she would have noticed that he seemed to grow angrier each time she screamed. Extremely worried that his daughter would wake and descend the stairs to find her father with his cock buried in the tight, wet pussy of her best friend, he quickly decided on a perfect method to keep her quiet -- a method that was especially perfect for a dirty slut like Eleni.

Pulling his cock from her cunt, Mr. Harper reached down and spun the little blonde over. Placing a hand on either side of her chest, he picked Eleni up and held her in front of him, her feet dangling 8 inches off the floor, unable to pull away from him. He brought his face closer to hers, gathered a wad of saliva in his mouth, then spit forcefully in her face. The spit hit her just above her left eye, then ran down past it and along the side of her nose. Her face, which only minutes ago was filled with the excitement she felt at the thought of being used as Mr. Harper's whore, now showed a significant amount of worry as the man became more violent with her. He threw her powerfully on the couch and instructed her to stay still, referring to her as both a "little bitch" and "stupid cum dump" in the process. His eyes turned to the ground and he spotted Eleni's panties beside the couch. He picked them up, rolled them into a ball, and immediately stuffed them into her mouth as far as he could.

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