I smiled as I walked with you, hand in hand. I felt so happy that I was with you once again, going about the various errands that we needed to run. It was a particularly hectic day, so many places and things to do now that I lived with you in Brooklyn. Forms, papers, tax information, and new toys for Mal Mi to buy from the naughty shop, like the one that was now in the bag at my side.

You turned and looked at me with your beautiful smile.

"Hi," was all you said, as you gripped my hand more tightly.

We walked up to the bank of elevators and pushed the up button. I turned to face you and looked at you. You had your hair done up in a pony tail, held back by your purple scrunchie. You were wearing a tight fighting top, made of a soft cotton material. It was purest white and hugged your slim form enticingly. QQ pressed out in two firm impressions. It was tucked neatly into a new, black skirt that seemed to be painted onto your legs. It molded to your waist, hips and thighs so well, stopping a few inches above your knee. Of course, you wore no stockings and your feet were tucked into your very comfortable black platforms.

"Hmmmm, cute toes" I say softly.

You look down and wiggle your toes as best you can. Looking up into my eyes, you flash me a smile that warms me from head to toe. I bend forward and give you a quick kiss, just as the elevator door opened. A woman appeared from behind the door and she quickly hid a smile at seeing us. Chuckling, we entered the elevator.

"Which floor?" you ask.

"Sixty nine" I reply with a growing grin on my face.

"hmmmmm, good floor" you reply.

You press the button, the door closes and we feel our stomachs being pressed down as we are lifted high.

I turn to you and drop the back, pressing you into the side of the elevator. I cover your mouth with my own and kiss you deeply, passionately; having wanted to ever since we left the house that morning.

My right hand moves up and cups your left breast and massages it. I hear you gasp and moan at my touch. I decide to be a little naughty.

Pulling you away from the wall, I press you against the buttons, making sure the STOP button is hit. The elevator lurches to a halt.

"Oooooooh," you say "you ARE being naughty"

"Time for a Big O" I whisper.

You look at me, shocked as a drop to my knees in front of you. I pull your skirt up, exposing more of your thighs to me. Grasping your butt in my hands, I begin to squeeze and massage your firm buttocks and kiss the front of your thighs. Gently, I kiss and suck the skin on the front and inside, near your knees, never moving up too far. Left, then right, then back to the left leg, I kiss, caress, suck and lick you.

I move my head down and under your skirt. Moving my mouth up your legs, I kiss and lick you as you spread your legs wide. I begin to smell your familiar scent. Still caressing your bum, I begin to kiss your inner thighs near your pussy.

I kiss you as I feel you slide slightly down the wall, opening your legs so that I can caress more of your thigh. I gently suck and caress the delicate flesh on the inside of your thigh. My nose passes close to your treasure, but does not touch. I can feel the heat coming off of you and intensifying as I continue to caress and kiss you with my mouth and hands.

I inhale deeply as I pass my face over your treasure, taking your musky scent in deeply, savoring it.

I remove my hands from your buttocks and slide them up, under your skirt. You spread your legs further and my mouth presses against your pussy firmly. I can feel the fabric of your panties, soaked with your juices. I kiss and suck, tasting you within the fabric.

You gasp as I press my mouth against you. My mouth covers the top of your treasure, pressing your flesh against your clit. As I kiss and suck, I gently caress your little nub. As I continue, you feel your clit grow more sensitive as it expands, responding to the touches and sensation of my mouth and fabric against you.

My hands move up and grasp the bands of your thong. Gently, I pull it down, and off as you close your legs to allow me to do so. You move to open them again when I stop you.

"Turn around and press against the wall. I want you to push your bum out at me."

You look at me wondering what I am doing. You are curious and wondering what I am up to as you hear me rustling in the bag. A moment later, you know as you feel the vibrator we purchased for you press against the opening of your vagina.

I press firmly, already have coated the vibrator in a lubricant. I watch as you press back against my hand and the vibrator, taking it into you. You stop and gasp as the little finger that poked out from the side of the rubber penis pressed against your clit, as it was meant to you. You pull forward and press back. I help in the motion, pulling and pressing in rythym with you.

You feel the toy inside you. It is filling you, but it not as large as I am. You jump and an entirely new world of pleasure floods through you as I turn on the vibrator, causing it to shiver within you. The sensation is heavenly. In and out I pull it, back and forward you press. You draw closer, closer, closer to a climax, feeling the sensation moving down your belly. You are pressed against the hard metal of the elevator, I with my hand pressing the toy into and out of you, against your clit.

You feel the building up of pleasure and pull forward, further than normal and grab the toy, pulling it free from you.

"Enter me" you gasp.

You are surprised as I quickly stand and insert Little Anthony with little effort. I was so turned on and playing with him as I played with you, ready to enter you at a moments word.

You feel me fill you even more. I lean forward against you. My right hand moves around and down, rubbing your clit as I begin to move in and out of you. My left hand reaches for yours as our fingers interlock.

I begin to pump and you press against me and pull away, drawing my penis into and out of you. I massage your clit, giving you the sensations you desire. You are filled.

The sensation fills you again, not having subsided much as I move within you. You feel my breath deepen and quicken.

You tense as my rhythm increases. The sensation moves down your tummy quickly. You feel my fill you, pressing against your cervix, you feel my finger massaging your clit.

You turn your head and my mouth covers yours once again.

Our breathing grows frantic, deep and in sync as we breathe through one another.

I feel you begin to shiver and shudder, clenching around Little Anthony and your sharp intake of breathe.

I begin to spasm and shoot within you. Stream after stream fills you and you feel it entering you, filling the space within you as the waves of the orgasm sweep over you. Over and over you feel me throb within you, leaving my seed within you. Over and over I feel you clench as the orgasm takes you.

Over and over we breathe as one.

Over and over until, at last, we are finished and pull apart.

You smile at me as you pull your thong back up and I place the dildo back into the bag. You press the button and our elevator continues up.

We clasp hands and smile as the elevator door opens and we step onto the 69th floor, with little beads of perspiration running down our faces,. Smiling and giving each other a knowing glance, we enter the door of our destination, to face our next meeting.

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