tagExhibitionist & VoyeurElevator Sex at the Casino

Elevator Sex at the Casino


It's been a long day at the casino. We have had our fill of gambling and we are heading up to our room to crash. We are feeling a bit gitty. The slots were good to us and we both are money ahead. I don't know about you but I am looking forward to getting to our room, taking a nice long shower (together of course) and then going to bed. We've been flirting with each other all day and I am horny. I've had fun "touching" you and making quiet sexual innuendos—just to see you get going and charged up for tonight. I do believe on a couple occasions I saw that luscious bulge of yours grow in your pants. I am looking forward to getting in that king size bed and having my way with you.

You push the "up" button on the elevator. I am happy that one of the elevators on the "river" side of the hotel arrives first. The elevator is glass and I am looking forward to the view of Detroit across the river at night. I push "19" and then stand looking out at the view. The elevator starts to ascend. After we pass floor 14 we hear a clunk, there is a jolt and the elevator stops. We both stand frozen for a few seconds and then we start to laugh. We have had a few too many Strawberry Daiquiris and I am afraid we are a bit drunk. So naturally we find being stuck in an elevator extremely funny. I decide to push the "help" button. The little sign says that when the red light begins to flash that help is on the way. The light flashes—we wait.

After what seems like forever we hear a voice through the intercom. It's maintenance. They ask us if we are ok and tell us they are working on the problem and it may take a while. They assure us that we are perfectly safe and tell us to just sit tight and they will get if fixed as fast as they can. We both sit down on the floor. I lay my head on your shoulder and place my hand on your thigh. You moan and tell me you hope it doesn't take long because you are really horny and want to take me right now. I moan in accent. Then you whisper in my ear "I can think of something we can do right now to pass the time."

You take ahold of me and lay me across your lap. You begin to kiss me. I close my eyes and succumb to your touch. We make out...tenderly at first and then become more and more passionate. You take a break from kissing me long enough to tell me to take off my bra. You notice my eyes sparkle with expectation as I happily comply. We start to make out once again. Your hand moves up under my shirt and your begin rubbing my tits—gentle at first...but you know I like your hands to work my tits hard. You lift my shirt and begin to suck and kiss my sensitive breasts and nipples. It feels wonderful and I am moaning softly. Your hand moves down to my crotch and you begin to rub my now wet pussy through my jeans. I can't stand it. I am gyrating my hips with each stroke of your hand on my pussy. My moaning is becoming louder. I ask you if you think that anyone can see in the elevator way up here...it is glass after all. You tell me at this point you really don't care. I am horny and drunk so my response is "fuck it!"

I raise myself up and straddle you...dry humping you as I rub your chest and kiss you passionately. My hands move up to the back of your head and I grab your hair and pull you into me. I am very turned on and at the point of "no return." I get off your lap and unfasten your pants. I ask a simple question with lust in my eyes.... "Hand job or blow job?" You chuckle at my candor and tell me you want a little bit of both but you plan on cumming in my pussy right here in the glass elevator. Your cock is so hard. You are stroking yourself as I suck the head of your tasty precum soaked cock. I can't stand it and my hand moves down to my aching pussy. I want you right here right now!! You tell me to lower my pants and get on my hands and knees. I can't believe we are about to do this. The elevator could start up at any time. If that happens I know we will have to move fast. You lower your pants and enter me from behind. You fuck me hard and fast. We know we have to be quick. I am trying my hardest to be as quiet as possible but I do let out a few moans of pleasure and a couple "fuck me...fuck me hard"s. I cum pretty quick as do you.

At this point we are both breathing pretty hard and sweat covers our faces. We get dressed and sit back on the floor assuming our original position with me laying my head on your shoulder and my hand on your thigh. Almost immediately the elevator begins to move. The doors open at our floor. Standing to greet us are 4 maintenance workers with great big smiles on their faces. As we walk out of the elevator they each shake your hand and gave nods of approval. I hear one of the men say softly to you... "We were finished about 30 minutes ago but we thought we would let you finish before we started up the elevator again." I looked up in horror. He smiled at me and added "two way intercoms."

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by Anonymous05/09/18

exposed breasts

Las Vegas 5 years ago my wife and I were staying at Golden Nugget . It was late or should I say Early in the morning hours when we headed back to our room . She had drank several Jack & Cokes and was feelingmore...

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