Nature had not been kind to Ellie. She was short, not in a cute way, but in a dwarfish way. She was not good looking. At the age of 21, she was still a virgin, unable to attract even ugly boys.

Every night she prayed, "Dear Lord, take me now. I am of no use to you or to me. Please take me to heaven in my sleep."

Ellie was a religious girl. She went to church every Sunday, rain or shine. She never did anything sinful or improper. She did her best to suppress her angry feelings toward the world.

Christmas was coming soon and she would once again trudge through the snow caroling with other church goers. She expected no Christmas presents. She had never received a present. However, she had full faith that one of these Christmases; Santa would visit her and give her a gift.

As usual, she spent the evening caroling with her fellow Christians. Trudging home alone in the snow and the dark, she had an epiphany. Maybe she could trap Santa before he discovered it was her house and make him give her a gift. She ran through the snow the rest of the way home.

Once inside, she fashioned a plug the size of her fireplace and secreted it close to the opening. She set out a bait of milk and cookies and waited in the dark. Three hours later she heard the prancing and pawing of reindeer hooves on her roof. There was a whooshing sound and Santa popped out of the fireplace. He headed directly to the milk and cookies.

Ellie slipped from her hiding place while Santa was busily snacking and slammed the plug across the opening.

"Gotcha!" she cried triumphantly.

"Ellie, what are you doing?" the shocked Santa asked.

"I have been waiting for a gift from you for twenty one years and tonight I plan to have it!"

"But, but, Ellie I have millions of children to visit and only a short time to do it."

"I don't care about them. They get all kinds of gifts all the time. You'll stay until you cough something up."

Santa took a list from the top of his bag. "You're not on my list. I can't even tell if you've been naughty or nice."

"I'll tell you I've been nice. That is all changing tonight. I plan on being really, really naughty. I'm sure you have something you can give me." She pulled a pistol from a hiding spot above the fireplace and pointed it at Santa. "Get out of that red suit. I'm gonna find out what I've been missing."

"I'm married, Ellie. I can't do it."

"Do it or die! I'll bump you off and take all the toys!"

Santa sadly took off his coat and shirt. He kicked off his boots. He dropped his pants and looked at Ellie.

"All of it, jolly old elf!"

Santa dropped his boxers and Ellie found out what the North Pole really was. His cock was huge with a big red knob on top. Ellie quickly shed her clothes. "Bring that over here."

Santa walked over to her, his cock swinging from side to side. As he examined her, he knew why she was in such desperate straights. "All right, Ellie, let's make this a night to remember."

He dropped to his knees and kissed her pussy. She held onto his snow white hair as his beard tickled her snatch and brushed her legs. She grabbed his giant cock and started jacking it. Santa groaned. He found her clit and sucked gently on it.

"Take me to the sofa," Ellie ordered.

He scooped her up and laid her on the cushions, then resumed eating her snatch. He drove his tongue into her moistening hole and found her cherry. She was writhing wildly. Nothing had ever been in her before. She had always been taught that self arousal was a sin.

"I want to taste your cock."

He scooted around and placed his cock at her lips never letting go of her cunt. She licked the red head and sucked on it. The longer she sucked, the more she wanted. She tried taking him all in but it just was not possible.

"I want to fuck you. I want your cherry," he declared as he crawled in between her thighs.

"Please Santa, do it now," she begged.

He placed his pole at her entrance and shoved gently. He could feel the resistance of her innocence as he pushed against it. She grasped his nuts and pulled him through her barrier. He felt her twitch as his big old dick slid into her extremely tight pussy. A tear slid down her cheek as the pain of initiation subsided. His cock was throbbing within her. She felt wonderful, full, and happy for the first time in memory. He started his love motion. She thrust against him and threw her hips from side to side.

Santa had had lots of pussy on his yearly journeys but never one as good as this. He bellowed his lust as he drove more and more rapidly into her. She was screaming out her ecstasy as she felt his giant dick plundering her newly penetrated center. A strange feeling was welling up inside her. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. Her pussy muscles were flexing around Santa's cock involuntarily.

Frightened, she screamed, "What's happening to me?"

"Let it happen, Ellie. You are going to cum and I'm going to take you there."

Ellie relaxed and let the orgasm wash over her. Her head was flopping around and her body was thrashing on the cushions. She blacked out momentarily. Santa was still fucking her when she came to. He had driven his massive rod all the way into her and was bottoming out. The entrance to her cervix was massaging the end of his cock. It was more than he could stand. With a mighty roar, he squirted his seed deep within her. She continued to thrust onto his cock. It kept him hard.

She loved the feeling of cumming. She wanted it again and again. Since his cock was still hard and still in her, she saw no reason to quit and neither did he. Of the thousands of women he had fucked around the world, this was the best pussy he had ever had. She was cumming again. He came with her this time and shot another full load of cum into her hungry twat. At last, his prick started to deflate. Finally it fell out.

He sat beside her on the sofa and kissed her deeply. "Would you like to come with me?" he asked.

She didn't even think for a second. "Yes."

"I'll have Mrs. Clause fix you up a bit and you can live with the other elves and I.

"When do we leave?"

"Put your clothes on. We're leaving now."

She slipped into her clothes and stood beside him at the fireplace. She grabbed his cock through the Santa suit. He held her pussy as they rose up the chimney. They got into the sleigh and he cracked his whip.

"Ho, ho, ho! I got some pussy; it's a hell of a night!"

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