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Elicitation of his Intimate Seed Ch. 06


Hello everyone.

First off I would like to apologies for this chapter to the story being late. I suffered a sprained elbow in late June and had to rest it for a couple of weeks. Then, my spell of bad luck continued when I contracted a virus that's been making the rounds here in the UK.

I did get people's messages and feedback and I'm sorry for not replying. Now that I have finished this chapter this leaves me with a good news and bad news situation.

The good news is after taking into account people's feedback on this story, I rewrote some of this chapter, not only correcting mistakes, but also allowing me to extend the story to an additional chapter. Yes, this won't be the final chapter yet.

The bad news is I'm going to take the rest of August off for the summer holiday to recharge my batteries, and I won't be starting the true final chapter until mid September. However, this will give me the chance to do some needed research to make the final chapter as best as I can make it.

Thanks again everyone, sorry for the delay again, and without further a due, here is the next chapter of Elicitation of his intimate seed.


This story is based on the Batman and Superman animated series universes. This is a fun little fan fiction that is not to be taken seriously. Hope you all enjoy it.


On one of the many smaller roads coming out of Gotham City many miles away, stood a common, cheap motel. The structure has seen better days. The walls were damp in places, drained of it once bright orange colours. The odd mouse and cockroach could be spotted scuttling from place to place. Some of the lights in the building did not work, or some that did flickered. And hidden in the back of the room where the motel's reception was located laid the sleazy, fat, middle aged owner. His stubble face was blue, eyes lifeless, laying dead on the floor.

Down the corridor, in one of the rooms at the end of it, you could hear the sound of a woman crying her eyes out in despair.

Inside the room, sat at the end of the bed was Poison Ivy. Sobbing with her head in her hands as her closest friend, Harley Quinn tried to comfort her.

"Gee, come on red. There was nothing ya coulda done for them."

It did little to comfort Ivy, as she continued crying.

"Listen red, you can get over this. We'll find another way to take out the bat." Harley continued.

Ivy's tearful crying halted. Her head slowly raised from her hands as her sadness turned into a fiery rage.

"Get over it? Get over it?! I'm sick and tired of man destroying everything I hold dear to me and expected to get over it!" Screamed Ivy furiously.

"Red please, calm down for a minute!" Advised Harley.

"Let me remind you Harl that you are also responsible for the fire with that stupid grenade. What were you thinking?!" Ivy responded.

"That ain't my fault red! You gotta believe me! It was all bat brains fault. I woulda got'em if he hadn't knocked it out of my hand. He was gunna get ya, I had to do something!" Defended Harley.

"As usual you didn't think before you act. Now everything I worked so hard on has gone up in flames!" Ivy scolded.

Harley sheepishly replied, "Look red, you're a smart gal, I'm sure you can easily grow another giant mommy plant to make more."

Ivy growled, "No! It's not that simple! It took me years to make a plant creature like that. I've used special chemical that can no longer be obtained to create a plant that can be inseminated by human sperm. Now both of them have been destroyed!"

Squirming from Ivy's verbal assault, Harley pauses. "Wadda ya mean both of them?!" She asked.

Ivy explained. "I managed to create two of them from my experiment. Once Gotham was mine I would have grown the other and pumped Batman dry of his seed for an even bigger, stronger army. But it doesn't matter anymore."

"Tell me red." Harley enquired. "What did it look like?"

"Like a very small version of the first one. About the size of a chit zu. Why are you asking me this?" Ivy replied.

A light bulb went off in Harley's head. From the side of their motel bed, Harley pulled up a large metal case. A biohazard symbol was displayed on both sides. Opening the container, she pulled out a large glass container, to which stored a heart shaped plant creature submerged in a transparent liquid.

The creature was dormant like Ivy's plant children. A circular mouth in the centre displayed a set of sharp pointy teeth, four small tentacles protruded from its body, covered in red warts.

Gasping, Ivy's eyes widened as her sadness turned into disbelieve. She looked closer at it to confirm it was indeed the other one she created.

"But, how? I thought you emptied everything from the car like I asked you to? You told me you did!" Puzzled Ivy.

"Well red, I unload most of the stuff while you were out bagging bird boy. But, I grew really hungry. So I forgot to unload the other metal case like you asked and went out for a takeaway." I had to drive to the other side of town to find that Chinese restaurant I really like. I sorry for lying red, please..."

Before Harley could finish her speech, an extremely relieved Ivy hugged her tightly.

"You silly idiot, I don't know if I should kill you, or kiss you!" Thrilled Ivy.

"Is that a trick question?" Replied a confused Harley.

"Nether mind, now I have my baby, all hope is not lost to complete my plan!" Ivy continued joyfully.

Pulling out a road map, Ivy found their current location before explaining, "If we follow this road Harl, it will take us to the main highway, and directly to our next destination."

Harley looked at the map. "That route would take us to Metropolis. Why are we heading there red?" She questioned.

"Isn't it obvious? We're going after something bigger, tougher, and with enough power to make me queen of this planet." Ivy replied.

"You don't mean!?..." asked Harley anxiously.

"Indeed." Confirmed Ivy. "I'm tired with playing with boys, this time; I'm going after a real man!" Finishing with a villainous smile.

Meanwhile, back at Gotham City. The home of Billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne stood as always on the outskirts of the city. For those that are unaware, the extravagant manor also holds a big secret. Deep below its foundations, a natural series of caves went down into a large, dim opening underground. Around this area housed many high tech gadgets, large ornaments decorated across the room, each one a memory of a victory. Costumes, both new and old were preserved in glass cabinets.

And newest of all, a bed was set up. Around it was various medical equipment, a heart monitor, oxygen tanks, drip bags, and in the centre of all this was the comatose body of Robin. Oxygen feed to him through a mask, fluids entered his body through a cannula. His heart monitor beeped regularly, showing a weak but ongoing heartbeat.

Nearby was the bat computer, to which a make shift lab was set up next to it. The purple lipstick of Poison Ivy was opened, and a small section was carefully cut off for analysis.

Using an enhanced microscope, the dark knight examined a sample of the lethal lipstick.

"Just as I thought, modified Aconite." Mumbled Batman to himself.

His butler, Alfred pennyworth brought in some coffee and snacks on a serving tray for both Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon, who sat at Dick Grayson's side.

"How did you find us that quickly?" Barbara asked Batman. "When Robin didn't return, Alfred sent me a long distance distress call to my utility belt. Once the team subdued Sinestro, the guardians of the Green Lantern Corp teleported me to the watch tower. From there I teleported straight to the bat cave. That was when Alfred told me you went off to find Dick. It didn't take me long to work out where Ivy would be hiding, as the only non secured botanical garden was the abandoned one outside the city."

As Batman explained his story, Alfred poured Barbara a hot cup of coffee, and also served her a freshly baked scone.

"Thanks Alfred." Said Barbara.

"No trouble my dear, anything from Master Dick?" Alfred replied.

"Still the same unfortunately." Barbara answered. "I could only imagine the barbaric things those witches had put Dick through."

"Indeed Miss Gordon, at least Master Bruce put two of Miss Ivy's associates behind bars. I'm sure he will track them down and apprehend them before any more damage can be done." Assured Alfred.

It did little to comfort Barbara as she sighed, "Right now Alfred, all I care about is Dick being alright again."

Nodding, Alfred quietly walked towards Batman before serving him some coffee and scones.

"Tell me Master Bruce; is there any hope for our young flying Grayson?" Enquired Alfred.

"I've just finished analysing what poison Robin has been effected with. It's an altered version of a plant called Aconite, one of the most poisonous plants in Europe." Batman explained.

"Wolfsbane sir? Oh good lord!" aghast Alfred.

Batman continued, "I've put the results of my analysis through the bat computer, it should synthesize an antidote that I need to be injected into his blood stream. I just hope we're not too late."

"So do I sir." Alfred sighed.

"In the mean time." Said Batman. "I'm off to find Jim Gordon, see if his team have found any leads to where Harley and Ivy could have gone."

"I'm coming too!" Barbara announced.

"No!" Answered Batman. "You've been through enough. Besides, I need you at Dick's side." With that he strolled towards the Batmobile, entered the vehicle, and set off through one of the cave's multiple exits.

Both Alfred and Barbara watch the batmobile speed off. Feeling a bit frustrated, but compliant, she returned to Dick's side.

Within that minute, the bat computer signalled that it has finished synthesizing Robin's Antidote. Alfred approached the computer and took the chemical vile from a small compartment.

"This must be it." Commented Alfred. He got a syringe and drew out the antidote into it before injecting it into the tube that feed Dick his fluids.

"Do you think it will work Alfred?" Asked Barbara anxiously.

"I do hope so my dear. I'm afraid we must endure the hard part, and wait." He replied.

Near the heart of Metropolis stood one of the many tall buildings that decorated the city. It's company logo in full display on the roof, across a statue of a globe. It read 'The Daily Planet'.

As the elevator let out a ding to signal its arrival, the doors parted open for newspaper reporter, Clark Kent to exit. Walking casually, he greeted his fellow colleges as he entered the office area. As he walked in, he notice a crowd of employees gathered in Perry White's office.

Clark noticed as he entered the office, everyone had gathered around Perry's computer. "Is there a problem?" Asked Clark curiously.

"I'm afraid it's Lois Lane." Perry replied, before turning the monitor around to see the video e-mail he received.

The video showed a dimly lit room, to which a figure appeared from the shadows. The red and black jester attire revealed it to be Harley Quinn.

"Goooooood morning Metropolis!" She cried out. "It is I, the brilliant and talented Harley Quinn. And I'm here to introduce to you all to the queen of green, Gotham's deadliest gal, and my best friend, Poisooooooon Ivy!"

Strolling decorously into shot, Ivy greeted her audience. "Hello Metropolis, but more specifically, the daily planet. I'm afraid one of your staff won't be coming into work today." She explained as Harley wheeled into view Lois lane, tied and gagged onto an office chair.

Clark was taken back from what he saw as Ivy continued. "Here's the thing, unlike that murderous bat freak in Gotham, there is no Superman signal in Metropolis to call him out."

"And since this broad and the S man are so close, we figured we use her as bait!" Butted in Harley.

"To make sure no cops are involved, we made sure you cannot trace where this e-mail was sent." Ivy continued. "We're only after the man of steel."

With that, Harley came back into view, holding a very small scalpel. She handed it over to her friend.

The vixen of vines slowly strolled elegantly around Lois with menacing intentions. Leaning down to her head, Ivy pulled back Lois' hair that covered her head.

"Its very simple people, show this video to Superman, only he can figure out our location." Explained Ivy, as her tone grew more sinister. "If we don't see him writhing twelve hours... we'll simply set miss Lane here free... piece, by piece!" Ivy then sliced a small segment of hair from Lois' head.

"See ya later alligator!" Finished Harley as the video finished running.

Unbeknown to everyone in the office, the alter ego of Superman, Clark Kent enhanced his vision as he studied the video. As he looked at the surgical scalpel in Ivy's hand he could see the logo for Star Labs. The logo was too small for the normal, human eyes to ever see.

"So they're at Star Labs." Clark muttered to himself, withdrawing from the group without anyone noticing.

"Right people!" Blasted Perry. "Olsen, call the cops, I want this video traced! Somebody check Lois' computer for any suspicious messages. And Clark, I was you to..."

Looking up, Perry saw that Clark had disappeared. Instead, Clark had reached the back stairs of the building, running up them effortlessly. He took of his glasses, and then parted his white shirt. Pulling it opened revealed a big red and yellow S symbol. A symbol that stood for hope. A symbol that represents Justice. And a symbol of strength for anyone who hasn't got the strength to defend themselves. This is Superman.

When he reached the top of the stairs, he pushed the roof door opened, leaped into the air, and soared gracefully and swiftly like an eagle, into the direction of Star Labs.

Landing at one of the bay loading doors, Superman used his x-ray vision to scan for Lois and her captors. Unfortunately he could only find Harley Quinn, who was waiting to ambush him behind some wooden creates in a back storage room.

Lifting up the bay door like it was a sheet of cardboard, Superman made his way cautiously towards Harley.

Entering the storage room, he called out, "Harley, I know you're there. I do have x-ray vision you know."

"Hey! If you're gunna cheat at hide and seek S man, then we can play tag instead!" Cried back Harley.

With that she stepped out of her hiding place and charged at the man of steel. Using her gymnastic skills, Harley performed a cart wheel into a back flip before launching herself in the air, delivering a flying kick to her target. As you can imagine, it had no physical effect. Harley bounced off him and fell to the floor.

"Really?" Superman responded.

Gulping, Harley sputtered, "uh oh!"

"No more games Harley, where's Lois?" Asked Superman sternly.

After a few moments, Harley roes to her feet then finally conceded. "Bah, fine! You win I guess." She grumbled. "I'll take ya to ya girlfriend boy scout."

As Harley tried to walk away, Superman grabbed her shoulder and questioned her more. "Hold up Harley, where is your friend Ivy?"

"She's guarding miss Lane." Answered Harley. "She's been waiting for your arrival."

"What does she want from me?" Superman pressed.

Harley replied, "I ain't gotta clue, do I look like the brains of this outfit?! Ivy has some sort of plan but I ain't sure what it is?"

"Alright, lead the way. But I'm warning you, no tricks!" Lectured Superman

"Ok! Ok! Don't get your cape in a twist will ya!" Moaned Harley.

She led the man of steel to a cargo elevator, to which they took down to a deep underground laboratory. Walking straight ahead around twenty yards lead them to an entrance to one of the offices.

"She's in there Boy Scout." Frowned Harley.

Not taking any chances, Superman once again used his x-ray vision to look ahead through the door. He saw Lois Lane, strapped to a metal chair with her head drooped down. Possibly unconscious. Also the femme fatale, Poison Ivy sitting on a nearby office chair, was waiting for the man of steel.

"If you don't trust me I can go in first and tell Ivy you're here?" Offered Harley.

Sensing a trap, Superman declined her offer. "You stay right here missy. Don't make any moves." Superman warned.

Punching the thick, steel door down, Superman stepped into the room. "It's over Ivy! I'm here for Miss Lane!" He announced.

"Superman!" Ivy gasped in shock.

"There's no point red, he got me. We might as well give up." Harley shouted.

"Don't make a move!" Ordered Superman as he moved closer to Lois. Ripping the straps of Lois like they were strips of tracing paper, the man of steel consoled his friend. "Lois, are you alright?"

Crying faintly, she responded, "you saved me, my darling!" Her voice turning malevolent. Without warning, she put her open hands together and blew a green mist from them.

Hacking and coughing, Superman staggered back a couple of step as his lungs filled with the mystery green substance which burned with every breath he took. His body weakened, causing him to collapse onto one knee.

Standing up, the woman removed her black wig to reveal it was the real Poison Ivy. The other was a convincing looking plant decoy.

"Oh Harley, we caught ourselves a big one!" charmed Ivy in a taunting manner.

Entering the room, Harley cried, "hey S man, I betcha this will work this time!" Harley once again performed a cart wheel into a back flip before launching herself in the air, delivering a flying kick to her weakened opponent. This time, the kick sent Superman across the room.

As the man of steel struggle to regain his composure, Harley followed up her assault by pushing a heavy, steel, flight case into him, further hurting and stunning him.

Unable to recover from her unceasing assault, Superman tried desperately to pick himself up, before noticing both of Harley's feet standing in front of him.

"Stop!" Cried Harley. As Superman looked up he saw Harley with a heavy mallet raised above her head. "Hammer time!" Harley followed before smashing her mallet over the head and face of the man of steel. Knocking him unconscious while also breaking the mallet.

Shocked and angry, Harley shouted, "hey! That was my favourite hammer! You owe me a new one mister!'

Ivy got a bit agitated. "A bit excessive Harl done you think?"

"Nah red, big blue boy scout here can take it." Harley assured, kicking the unconscious Superman.

"I just hope you haven't damaged the goods young lady." Scolded Ivy. "Now help me get him up before he wakes up."

GCPD cars were around the motel that Harley and Ivy stayed at. Forensics were examining the murder scene as Harvey Bullock looked on, stuffing his face with some iced ring donuts.

Officer Rene Montoya approached Jim Gordon, who was inspecting the dimly lit room the two villainesses stayed in. "I've checked the register sir; no one else was staying here last night." She confirmed.

"I didn't think there would be any other guests." Responded Gordon. "Check on the forensic team please Montoya."

"Yes sir." Montoya replied.

When she left, Gordon looked over to his left. "You can come out now." He said.

Out of the shadows strolled the caped crusader, Batman. "Your team told me I'd find you here. What happened Jim?" He enquired.

"One motel owner dead, we believe it to be poison. The maid discovered the body first thing this morning when she came in to work. So far my team are examining him and the rooms for any evidence." Gordon explained.

Pulling out a torch, Batman began to meticulously search the room. A faint aroma of exotic wild flowers in the air indicated to him this was definitely the room the two villainesses stayed in.

Examining the room, Batman carefully scanned the wardrobe, bed side table, and the bathroom. It wasn't until he looked under the bed he saw what looked to be a scrunched up piece of paper. Retrieving it to examine however showed it was a discarded road map.

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