tagBDSMElise Never Does Until Now

Elise Never Does Until Now


Elise had the misfortune of being a "good girl" all her life. She was the one who easily did very well in school, attended church regularly, respected her parents and community, and was in many ways all-around decent, not ever a source of embarrassment. Her parents always proudly countered other parents' complaints of their children's problems with, "Oh, Elise never does that."

Whether the others were cheating, taking drugs, staying out late, being rude, or worse, she began to hear a condemnation in the innocent praise of, "Elise never does anything bad". To her, that statement didn't accent the good stuff that she had done but instead focused her mind on all that she hadn't done, made her wonder why others did those things, and she didn't.

It began to haunt her. Elise decided that she needed to dirty her image, so she attended the "wrong" kinds of parties, learned to "swear like a sailor," and skipped church when she could. Still, even after all that and months of living with her now-ex-boyfriend while she attended college, some who even knew the fact of their co-habitation still thought she was a virgin. She wasn't, but her reputation in many circles was that strong, her lifestyle that tame. She had no intention of outwardly appearing extremely bad, but she needed to know the deeper "bad girl" side to take the edge off her doe-like naiveté. Moreover, she felt she was really missing out on something.

This ache worsened every Christmas because of a song that played frequently in the season, "Feliz Navidad." She knew that it simply meant "Merry Christmas" in Spanish, but in her mind it often sounded like an endless taunting of "Elise never does, Elise never does ..." Each year she tried to ignore this silly association, but it increasingly reminded her of a big emptiness within her. She wasn't sure exactly what to do, but in December, after one too many renditions of "that song" at the office, mall, and everywhere, she finally realized it was time to take action.

In an online personals web site she skipped past the "nice guys" section and ventured into territory she had barely even heard about, BDSM. Several men she contacted there turned out to be absolute creeps, but eventually one intrigued her, gave her a new pleasure at the idea of being naughty and of diving into the deep end with him. He said his name was Jake, but she strongly suspected that wasn't his real name. After a short time, they agreed that she would visit his house, or at least one he said was his. Not knowing important information generally annoyed her, but Elise inexplicably felt okay about this situation. "Well, here goes," she thought.

At nine o'clock sharp, she stood at the front door of a fairly new and well-tended house in suburbia. Just as instructed, she looked under the doormat and retrieved a plain envelope addressed in typed letters "For Elise." The note inside told her to ring the bell, count slowly to ten, walk in, shut the door, then turn around instantly and look through the peephole to where she was now standing and then wait for more instructions. Odd, to say the least, but it seemed innocent enough to her. New worlds mean new things, so she soon entered the house.

What surprised her was that all the lights were off and it was totally dark. In fact, the only light came from the porch light through the peephole, and her curiosity more than Jake's note led her to look through it, wondering if there was in fact some marvel to be seen. Almost immediately though, a masculine voice, betraying a slight accent she couldn't identify, asked simply, "Elise, do you trust me?"

For a second or two her mind cried out silently, "Hell no, you idiot! I don't know a damn thing about you; it's dark in here, and I'm scared for my life and safety! What I'm doing here I'll never know. I should run now and never look back. For a smart woman I'm being incredibly stupid, and yet you ask if I trust you when I haven't even seen you or even the house? I'll probably be dead by morning, that's how much I trust you!"

However, something inside her had recognized in his voice a reassurance, a conviction that she would find what she had looked for all these years. Their written communications had been respectful, asking about preferences and experiences, getting to know each other. His voice sounded like what she hoped it would. Later she decided it must have been because of the tone of his voice that she said aloud and almost meant, "Yes, Jake, I do trust you."

"This evening will be easy for you then, Elise, easy and very enjoyable because all you need to do is what I tell you, to trust what I do and not fight it. Will you do that?"

After she somewhat hesitantly agreed, he continued.

"I'm so happy to hear you say that. From now on, however, when you answer me, say Yes, Sir or No, Sir. Will you do that?"

She paused, beginning to get an idea of what would follow, knowing this was her last chance to avoid the total submission she dreaded and desired. Resolutely, she replied, "Yes, Sir."

"Don't move."

Elise felt a man's arms reach around her head and secure a blindfold. Next fur-lined cuffs were attached to each wrist then pulled behind her back and clicked together. She heard a different click, felt a slightest warming, and knew a light was on, so only she was still in the dark – in more ways than one. Still recovering from this new awareness, a collar clasped around her neck and something clicked to it. It couldn't be what she thought it was, or could it? The answer came when she was pulled by the leash and stumbled forward through what seemed to be a hallway and into a large room.

"Stand here against the wall with your back to it."

When she did, the leash was hooked onto something far above her head, then tightened to remove all slack, enabling her only to stand straight.

"You are now my pet, my plaything. I won't harm you, but I will certainly use you in whatever ways I want. You are not to speak or move unless I direct you to do so. Do you understand, my pet?"

In a meek voice that seemed to come from a new part of her, very far away, she softly replied, "Yes, Sir."

He was directly in front of her, his musky scent more enticing to her with her sight gone. His right-hand fingers slid under the collar of her blouse, lifting it slightly from her neck. Into that space between cloth and flesh he blew softly, seeing her shiver as her skin awakened to his presence.

"Right now I own you, completely, and you know this, which is why your body will respond to me more than anyone."

Both of Jake's hands played with the top of her blouse, tracing between the collar and the top button. With two fingers of one hand he effortlessly unbuttoned the blouse down to just above her navel, then he allowed his fingertips to explore her cleavage, tickling it, scratching it, making her nearly purr with delight.

Almost violently, his hands grabbed the opening of her blouse and he lifted her off the ground. He held her so her face was closer to level with his, requiring her to stand on her tiptoes for balance. A new sound in his voice, one of authority not to be refused, proclaimed, "Never forget that you belong to me right now, that I control you."

Before she could reply he slammed his body against her, lifting her further off the floor, crushing her hands and arms against the wall, and he forced his tongue into her mouth. Her resistance was a fight for air, but he consumed her mouth more, pressed harder despite her whimpers of pain. He reached behind her to grab her ass cheeks and pull her body closer to his, giving her a brief introduction to the erection swelling under his pants while he rough-handled his possession.

He pulled away, allowing her to slump down, but the leash kept her still standing tall. She panted for air and out of surprise, surprised mostly because she was ironically not scared but also incredibly excited. She knew she wanted Jake, needed to please him so he'd claim her again. Something in her rejoiced at having found what she had sought for so long.

He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it from her pants with infinite care and tenderness. She was stunned, then, to hear large scissors slicing through the sleeves, causing the fabric to fall at her feet, exposing her naked breasts. The cold metal of the scissor handles caressed her stomach and sides; then the flat part of the blades slid over her breasts as if a lover's fingers or tongue. Soon the scissor tips lightly scratched patterns around her breasts, across her nipples, the blades separating at times to double the touch. Elise couldn't help but be scared of him hurting her, yet while filled with fear she was utterly confident in her safety. How could these opposing thoughts reside within her? No clue, she concluded, but for now she no longer cared to understand.

Jake removed her sandals, unzipped her pants, then quickly pulled them off her with her panties. She was naked, on display, tied to a wall with her hands imprisoned behind her. And yet, she felt free for the first time. Elise unconsciously wriggled around, her legs trying to rub against each other to give attention to her moistening pussy.

His now very stern voice barked, "I said, do not move unless I tell you." With one hand he spun her around and pushed her face against the wall, and with the other he held the blades of the scissors and swatted her ass with the handles, leaving several dark pink ovals all over her ass cheeks. She whimpered and cried with the pain, but otherwise tried not to make a sound or to move. When he stopped, she continued to cry, more for displeasing him than the pain, bad enough as that was, and for the simple shock of all that was happening.

With unexpected compassion he turned her around again and brought her tissues, dried her eyes and helped her blow her nose, then kissed her in the sweetest way she had ever known. "I don't like to punish you but I will. Try harder to obey."

Feeling a deep love from somewhere, she nearly cooed, "Yes, Sir, I will."

His fingers began to explore her body, examining every part with scientific immodesty, poking, pinching, caressing, rubbing. He turned her in whatever direction he wanted, and spread her legs as far as the leash allowed her while standing. His attentions aroused her passions in ways he clearly understood, and he delighted in flicking her clit, teasing around her pussy lips, ass, and everywhere. Her biggest challenge was not to move in her growing excitement, but somehow she managed.

Contented, Jake stood and embraced her completely, letting her sag into him, rubbing herself briefly against him with his permission. When he kissed her he told her how beautiful she was, how wonderfully responsive, and that he was so very pleased she was here. His hands unclasped her cuffs behind her back, and he allowed her a few moments to move her arms around. She was about to embrace him back when he very firmly grabbed one of her wrists, pressed it against the wall, and clicked it in place to a hook in the wall. He did this to her other wrist, leaving her standing like a crucifix, naked, immobile, sightless, and yet beginning to drip from excitement.

Elise thought she had figured out a bit of this BDSM thing, but when he stood back quietly for a few moments she was confused, wondered why he did nothing. He turned on the stereo, much too loud for her preference, but otherwise still he did nothing. She heard only the music for a couple minutes, the longest minutes she could remember in her life. When he turned down the music for it to be subtly in the background, she could now hear several people talking chitchat in the room. They must have been in the house this whole time, she deduced. Had they been in another room, or had they been watching her since she arrived? It had never occurred to her that she and Jake might not be alone. Annoyingly, they ignored her as they casually fixed themselves cocktails. She truly felt like what she was: just a decoration on the wall. Soon their conversation turned to dominance, bondage, and submission, and although most of the time she had not one clue what they meant, she at least was able to determine by the voices that there were four men and three women; but, she contemplated, there could be more if some simply weren't talking.

The conversation topic began to focus more on her, and Jake talked about his prize, described her like a trophy won. His thrill was that he had at his disposal a very submissive, bright, pretty woman who had never been in a BDSM experience before, in any way, that she was in this sense a virgin. Several of his guests didn't believe it, that he had her against the wall like that on her first time, but his words and her expressions convinced them. "It's true. I am her first owner, and tonight I'll even share her with you. Help yourself to the appetizer."

At once, many pairs of hands were upon her, everywhere and constantly moving. They reached behind her, squeezed her and petted her, grabbed her roughly and caressed her sensuously. Were those lips and tongues on her, too? Elise already had a hard time determining what was happening with all this sensation, but then she felt her legs lifted at each side, spread widely apart into nearly full splits far off the floor, her body weight supported by the men. The women continued to press against her, fondling her breasts, taking tiny bites on and around her nipples, and stroking her ass. As one or more would near her pussy she began instinctively to squirm from sexual ache, but she realized this in time and controlled her reactions. She knew she was dripping onto the floor, and when the others discovered this they laughed, tormented her more intensely and, with the barest of touches that inflamed her, the women licked her juices from her. She didn't sense Jake among those touching her, so she reasoned he must have been watching this show clearly staged for his pleasure.

The men who held her legs did so at their crotch height, so her calves and thighs felt several hard cocks rub themselves against her with increasing passion as they saw and smelled her growing lust. The women threw off their tops so their naked breasts massaged her body, and when they pressed against her, at times nearly as hard as Jake had done, she felt for the first time a woman's naked tits on hers, aroused feminine nipples electrically making contact with hers. The feeling blew her mind, and she longed to touch them, suck on them; she at last knew what a tease that could be to men. One woman wedged behind her to caress and lick her ass and legs, while another leaned against her, thrilling her tits as never before, kissing her face, and occasionally leaving teeth marks on her neck. The bites, Elise realized, were when a third woman, sitting between the one at Elise's ass and the one standing, would take time off from licking her pussy to lick the standing woman's.

The men and women were evidently thrilled by driving Elise to erotic heights she could never have imagined, forcing her into intense pleasure. She tried so hard to make no significant sound, to remain still, but in the midst of her subdued whimpers and panting, while being licked simultaneously on her nipples, pussy and ass, she called out just audibly enough, "oh god, fuck me please!"

At that statement everything stopped. She wanted to cry as the men released her, the women backed away. Jake quietly explained to them that her error was simply from a total lack of obedience training, yet still he had to admit that she behaved well. He unclasped her wrists from the wall and turned her around so her back was to him. He quietly asked, "Do you know what is going to happen and why?"

Trembling all over, she said "Yes, Sir. I spoke when I wasn't allowed to do so, and now you will punish me for it."

Smack went his hand on her ass. Hardly before he had raised it came a different hand, and another, till all present had spanked her at least once – never hard, but every bit of her ass and thighs was aflame from the combined efforts.

She was turned around again, her wrists clasped to the wall while silent tears still streamed down her face unheeded. The now naked men lifted her legs again, often holding her with only one hand while they rubbed themselves with the other, and after a couple minutes of licking Elise, the women stood to the side and caressed themselves. She ached to be good, did all she could not to wiggle and twist to get any touch to her burning pussy, her hard nipples, her anywhere.

She sensed Jake standing in front of her. The others paused, and he huskily asserted, "My pet, my slave virgin, I am going to stake my claim in you now. No matter what you experience for the rest of your life, you will remember this moment when your first master owned you and fucked you. Do you want me to own you this way, pet?"

Without hesitation she called out, "Yes, Sir; oh yes, dear god, please Sir!!"

She wondered if she had done something wrong for he didn't seem to move, nothing moved. Then she heard slurping sounds that indicated the women were taking turns sucking him, fondling him and each other, receiving his caresses and praise in return. Clearly all were attending to him at once and she was filled with jealousy, a sense of undeserving of the privilege, and she vowed she would earn the right to also be on her knees for him, to please him even if in readiness for another's satisfaction. For the moment, she forgot that she was to be the target of his lust; she only wanted to please him and felt helpless to do so.

One at a time the women then pressed against her, kissed her, talked soothingly to her, sucked her breasts, and dropped down to lick her entire pussy and ass. When she was nearly mad with need for release, Jake stood directly in front of her while one woman slid a condom on him, sucking him for a few moments after. He leaned against Elise, kissed her passionately with an authority the others lacked, then slowly dropped to his knees as he leisurely scrolled his tongue down her body till his lips rested just above her pussy. She started to press against his mouth, her body screaming for him, but with all her strength she fought the urge to move, to even whimper. This was her big test, she realized, all of that foreplay lead-up to see if she could control her needs, even in times of highest passion, for no other reason but to satisfy his wants. He lazily drew circles with his tongue broadly around her pussy, then down around her cunt, and around her ass. From there he licked in smaller circles, a bit faster, but still avoiding the bull's-eye of each target area.

Elise felt she would go crazy from not moving, not helping him to please her. Whenever she twitched too much he stopped, yet when she stayed still, albeit trembling from nearly uncontrollable lust, he resumed with greater zeal. Finally, he sucked in her clit and licked it in a way that made her lose control, and a deep moan escaped her while her hips began to convulse in climax. He continued with greater efforts on her clit while he began to finger her, sliding first his thumb, which he soon removed, then two fingers at once easily into her silky wet cunt. When his thumb invaded her ass, all fingers began slowly pulsing inside her while he licked and sucked her clit. She exploded in orgasms that forced the men holding her legs to squeeze them tightly with both hands just to keep her in place.

Jake took her over the edge for ages before he stood and let one of the women guide his superbly hard cock to Elise's flooding pussy. His fingers had gently, timidly explored her, but his cock shot directly inside her all the way to possess her as he began immediately to pound her against the wall. The men struggled to hold her, especially since their cocks were becoming excruciatingly hard and throbbing from insufficient touch but an over-abundance of sexy sights and scents. Elise's orgasms were inseparable and escalating. The entire world for her existed in that part of the wall and her body against his, so forcefully and skillfully taking her while giving her extreme bliss. His body grew hot and he pushed in her deeper, with all his might, causing her to wonder if the wall could hold up to this. As he neared orgasm he reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks, parting them further, then shoved his finger far inside her ass. That took them both to climax as he rubbed himself through her. Sweat poured from him while he slammed in her; she could barely breathe, hardly remain sentient.

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