tagErotic CouplingsElise - Slutty Intern Ch. 02

Elise - Slutty Intern Ch. 02


***This chapter, being chapter two, is obviously a continuation of the first chapter. You'll want to read it first to get to know the characters and setting. If you have feedback, feel free to share it. Send me a message or write a comment. I hope everyone understands this is fiction. If you're anonymous and complain something is offensive or unsexy, I honestly couldn't care less. This chapter has somethings not working out for our narrator, that doesn't make anyone a monster.


After the grueling week of work that culminated in me fucking Elise, I thought I was going to have the whole weekend to hang out with her, but, alas, Elise had apparently planned to travel to a friend's birthday party that weekend. I didn't find out until I texted her the next day to meet up. She replied that she was already three states away. I guess that's why she kicked me out? To get some sleep...she had to wake up early and get a car and a flight out?

My weekend passed, and the work week restarted with Elise back in the office fresh faced first thing Monday morning. The agriculture products plant where we were assigned had repaired the intake loading dock after the accident, and our work reverted back to its former monotony. I made a few attempts to have some private moments with Elise, but it just didn't work out. It's not like she was ignoring me, being mean, or utterly brushing me off...she was nice and professional and friendly, but it was just that she was a master at making herself unavailable. After work she would either have video chats with friends, a girly show to catch up on, or god-knows-what else that made sense that I couldn't participate in.

That situation kept up for the next week. We were coming up on two weeks from the night we hooked up, and I had kind of given up hope that we would recreate the magic. Oh well, that's what she said she'd do. She was clear from the outset. That didn't mean that I liked the situation.


The workweek monotony was broken that Wednesday morning when Elise and I got an e-mail from Mr. Sumrall.

* * *

To: Miller, Elise; Banks, Kevin

From: Sumrall, Vincent

Date: June 25

Re: Urgent Appt: 6/27 Meeting

Please set aside time for a status meeting with me Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. EST. With a regulatory audit looming for Pinewood plant, all reporting and status checks must be brought current. Potential need to handle large overflow work in the coming days.


* * *

Hmm, ominous. Regulatory audit, large overflow work? It seemed pretty serious.

Elise and I discussed our work and second guessed ourselves all morning. We stressed whether we had completed all the necessary counts, checks, forms, and reports. There was certainly a division of our tasks, so the firm would know if one of us had skipped something or was slacking, but we figured that if we were both buttoned up it would look better for both of us. To our knowledge we were fine on our end. I mean, we were just interns.

But the fear was still there. As we moved through the plant doing our checks that day, we tried to figure out if there was anything we had let slip. We couldn't think of anything, but, just in case, we agreed that we would meet at Mickey's after work on Thursday to double check the system to make sure we had submitted everything. It would be our first meal outside a work lunch, so I hoped it might have the added bonus of allowing an intimacy to resume between us.

As we split up to move to different areas to do our assigned checks, I saw that some plant guys approached Elise. I couldn't hear what they were saying from a distance, but it was very clear that they knew Elise and she knew them. Damn, she was getting to know the client employees more than I was. Should I be trying to develop more professional relationships or keep a distance? I filed the question away for Mr. Sumrall to get a clear answer.


Come Thursday night, Elise and I met at 7:00 for dinner to go over everything. She was waiting for me when I got there. The WiFi from our apartments just made it to Mickey's, so we could do some work there. I probably couldn't stream Netflix, but it was enough to send and receive e-mails.

As the business dinner went along, we quickly slipped into casual conversation. It was nice to get back to that comfort level. There was no "we're coworkers who fucked" awkwardness. We joked, laughed, and poked fun at each other in our pre-hookup tone. We told funny stories of things we saw in the plant, and complained about the smell.

One item did occur to me about thirty minutes into the dinner. Elise had had three drinks. When had she started? I suppose it helped that the granny-waitress was nowhere to be seen. The bartender who had served us Long Islands at the bar a few weeks ago was our waiter. I asked, and without any hesitation she said she'd started by ordering a vodka soda, and the barman apparently didn't hesitate to serve it. He also didn't hesitate to come back with refills without having to be asked. I ordered lemonade.


"So, if we totally screwed up, I can't find where we did it," I admitted after about forty-five minutes of doc review.

"Same here, everything's in order. We're probably overthinking this meeting, but I'm glad I have an intern partner that doesn't drop the ball," she said, smiling. It felt like a beam of sunlight. Her smile, framed by her face and gorgeous golden hair could have that effect.

"HEY!! Well look who it is!" boomed a voice behind our booth.

I turned and saw that massive guy from the plant, the one picked up those fifty pound bags like they were nothing...what was his name.?. Cody or something.

After confirming it was that guy, I turned my focus back to our table. I saw that Elise had a devilish grin.

"Hey Cody, good to see you with a shirt on," she said.

"Ah chickenshit, you loved the gun show," Cody shot back. Oh please.

"Don't be too sure of yourself."

The banter between the two continued for a little bit more, but Cody went with two of his buddies to a booth nearby. They ordered drinks and Elise and I went back to our chat. After the interruption of our conversation, though, we didn't slip right back into our easy flow. We resorted to perfunctory questions of how we were and what we might do with the rest of the summer. It got a little stale. All the while Elise kept glancing over to Cody's table. I tried to limit it, but I looked over there from time to time too. It looked like they were really getting after it; the bartender brought several rounds of drinks - and they weren't beers either. They looked like stout liquor drinks, and I know I saw at least three rounds of shots of some clear liquid served.

"Excuse me, I've got to visit the ladies..." Elise said as she stood up and walked to the back hallway where the restrooms were.

For the first time tonight, I was able to see her outfit. She was waiting for me when I walked in, so I hadn't seen it before now. As she sauntered to the bathroom, her hips swayed from side-to-side with a little more swagger than normal, and the skirt that she was wearing certainly accented her supple ass. It was a seersucker skirt and it only came a few inches down her thighs. Her tanned legs looked great, and I wasn't the only person looking.

Without any fanfare, I saw Cody get up and go to the back hallway as well. With the amount of alcohol being served at their table, it wasn't a surprise that he had to start emptying a leg as well.

A few minutes went by, and I saw Elise emerge from the back hallway. She was backing out and was talking to someone behind her, who, I saw a few seconds later, was Cody. They were laughing and sharing some funny story, because they laughed together at some mutual joke. Rather than return directly to our tables, I saw them head to the bar. The bartender was right there to take their order and quickly served them up two shots a piece.

They both downed whatever was in the glasses and shared another laugh. At that, the two returned, Cody to his table and Elise to ours.

"Shit, don't ever lose a bet to Cody!" Elise said.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Oh, when we were both in the hallway headed to the bathroom he bet me he could bullseye a dart with two tries."

"People actually use that dart board? I've seen it but always wondered why it was back there."

"I asked the same thing. Cody said it was so random people wouldn't get stabbed, which was apparently a problem when the game was out here."

"Did he hit the bullseye?" I asked.

"First time, nailed it."

"So you lost the bet and took a shot, why did he do one?"

"He said he wanted to do it with me."

"What would have happened if you'd won?"

"He would have chugged six beers at the bar with no shirt on," she said laughing.

We were interrupted again by a shout from Cody's table.

"Elise, you said you could hold your own at anything...I bet you three shots of Patron that I could beat you in darts left handed."

No hesitation from Elise, "You're on."

They went back up to the bar. Each got a big liquor-drink and walked back around the hallway. I saw Cody take her arm as they made the turn, and they looked to be cozying up as they disappeared around the way. I let it go, and looked back to my screen. I only had a few more spreadsheets to check before I could tell Mr. Sumrall with confidence that I had triple-checked every report and that everything was good to go.

In the intervening ten minutes, there would be occasional 'woops' and the cheers from around the corner. It sounded like the darts game was getting heated, and maybe even a close one.

After a few more minutes, I saw Elise come back around by herself and go straight to the bar. She leaned over the bar and ordered something. As she propped up on her tip toes, her skirt hiked up a good bit and came awful close to showing off her ass - it was that short. Damn, this girl was a firecracker.

And by her bar order, it looked like she might be a firecracker that was about to go off. Rather than hand her two liquor-drinks or a shot of something, the bartender prepared a tray of shots for her. It looked like six shots of Patron.

She took the tray, sent a wink my way, and rounded the corner back around the hallway.

"Hell yea girl!" I heard Cody yell pretty loudly, even from afar. "Let's do it. Tiebreaker!"

So they must have each traded a game, hence the need for an array of shots.?. For the next few minutes, there weren't any cheers or noises from the hallway. The game must have gotten intense to force the two to concentrate on their throws.

By that point, I had been drinking lemonade for over an hour and I needed to use the facilities. So I got up and headed toward the hallway.

"Hey friend, there's only two players at darts at a time," I heard from one of the rednecks who was sitting at Cody's table.

"I'm not playing, just headed to the restroom." I said.

When I rounded the corner I was a little surprised to see that no one was there. It was empty. I saw a tray of empty shot glasses. But no Elise. No Cody. I went to the restroom, maybe expecting Cody to be in there on a restroom break, but he wasn't. I left the restroom, looked around, and that's when I saw it. There was a thong hanging from a dart that was stuck firm in the bullseye. A white, lacy thong. It had to be Elise's. Jesus Chris. Had she stripped in the bar? Where did they go?

I didn't want to be too fucking nosy, but I wanted to be sure Elise was okay. She had drunk a lot in a very short amount of time. I went to the end of the hallway and peaked around a corner to a secluded and dark portion of the hall. Cody and Elise were making out furiously. His hands were reaching around, grabbing her ass under her skirt. She obviously didn't have underwear on, so god knows what else he was able to get a hold of.

She must have felt my presence, because she quickly broke the kiss and looked my way.

"Coming to rescue me?" she asked.

"Just making sure you're alright."

"More than alright. I'll be out in a bit." She took a step back, so it wasn't as if she dove right back into his arms... but she also wasn't leaving in a huff as if she had been caught doing something she knew she shouldn't be doing.

I turned and returned to the table, and Elise was only thirty seconds behind me. Good. That meant things hadn't escalated even further.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snoop," I said.

"Just playing knight in shining armor?" she asked playfully.

"No, I just noticed that you had quite a bit to drink...then I spotted your panties mounted on the wall and I got a little worried."

"Oh shit, you saw those?"

"It was pretty hard to miss. What made you do it?"

"I lost a bet, obviously. He beat me in the first darts game, then I won. So we both did shots. As a tie breaker, the first to make a bullseye had to mount their underwear on the board. I lost."

"So if Cody lost he'd have taken everything off near everything to mount his boxers or something up there?"

"He wasn't going to lose," she in a coy, seductive way. "He hit the bullseye the first throw, and I'm always good on my word."

"And then it became necessary to make out?"

"Someone jealous?"

"Well, yea. I suppose. But I know it's none of my business."

"I appreciate you looking out for me, but I'm a big girl. Sorry if it was awkward for you. Are we about done? I think I'm ready to head out."

"Yea, I've checked all my reports, and I know I'm good to go."

So we paid our check, and I headed out the door. Elise said she had to run to the restroom real fast and would be behind me. The fact that our apartment was across the street and she didn't use that was a little weird, but I let it go. Her bathroom preferences were her business.

Final Prep for the Meeting

About fifteen minutes later I was sitting on my couch just starting up a movie. I had resigned myself to another night alone...with a goddess just across the wall in the adjoining apartment.

[Incoming Text] 9:17 p.m.

<<< Elise: Hey! Can you make sure I'm up in the morning and that we head over to work together? >>>

<<< Kevin: Sure! No worries. Sleep well >>>

<<< Elise: No matter what. Promise? >>>

Hmm, that was weird. She had never been late and never relied on me for something like that in the past. But, ok.

<<< Kevin: Promise. >>>

<<< Elise: ( : - P) >>>

Then I went back to my movie and zoned out. I planned to get to bed at about 10:30. That was in about...an hour.


Thirty minutes later, I heard a kick and Elise's front door slam. The walls in our duplex were paper thin, and we could normally hear each other come and go. But she wasn't normally so forceful.

About ten minutes passed, so I chalked it up to her having a lot to drink and simply closing the door a little more forcefully than normal.

Then I heard it.


"AHHHhhh!!" The cry rippled through the wall and right into my apartment.




"FUCK YES!!" I head Elise cry.

The loud, rhythmic thudding from the wall picked up speed, as did Elise's moans. It was now very clear what was happening.

"Take it, Slut!" I head a male voice growl. Obviously Cody. The force and aggression of his voice gave me pause, because it made me worried something untoward was going on. Did I need to call the police?

"Yes, Fuck me!" Elise wailed. That answered that.

And even though I knew this was consensual, this was terrible. I was sitting on my couch, and the events next door sounded as if it was happening right next to me. In this shitty duplex, the builder, if he could call himself that, hadn't given two shits for sound protection. That meant that wherever I was: the main room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom...I heard them.

"Yes!" THUMP. "Yes!" THUMP. "Yes!" THUMP.

"You like it, bitch?"

"God Yes! Give it to Me!"




"HARDER!!" Elise demanded. And the barrage on my wall only got louder and more frenzied. They were clearly in her bed, and I was honestly worried her headboard was going to crash through the wall. It was hitting the wall that hard.

"Ah!! I love your huge cock!"


"Mash my tits!"

"More!" she screamed.

Elise's moans were now melting into one another, so that it was one long howl of pleasure. And it went on and on. They had been at it...what...twenty-five minutes now?

"Ready for it?" Cody snarled.

"YES! I'm almost there. Don't...Stop...Fucking...Me...!"

"Here it comes, slut, where do you want it?"

"AS" "DEEP" "AS" "IT" "GOES!!" There were forceful slams to the wall between all her words. It was a sexual metronome marking their high tempo fuck.

"OK, Take it bitch!"

"hhhAAAAAAAHHHHHHHggghhhhhhhh!!" Her cry of ecstasy was deep and guttural.

The pounding stopped briefly...then three violent, thrusts hit the walls. Cody was cumming.

"OOhhhh yesssss..." Elise exhaled, trailing off in blissful satisfaction.

The thumping subsided and the walls stopped shaking.


Well, that happened. I had just heard the girl of my dreams, and recently the girl who had taken my virginity, get wholly and entirely fucked by some huge guy. There was no comparing what happened between then and us. Their fuck session was so much more aggressive. And her reactions were so much more visceral.

I wasn't embarrassed, but I was upset. And I told myself to not be upset, because Elise had always made it clear that we weren't an item. But still. It was still a chickenshit move of her to bring that guy back and subject me to that auditory assault. They could have at least gone to his place.

It was about 10:00 now, and I heard them laughing and talking through the wall. I heard them clink glasses. Jesus, were they still drinking?

~ ~ ~

"YES, Fuck Me!" Elise yelled.


"Right there!'

Bleary-eyed, I looked at the red numeral alarm clock on my bedside table.

[1:17 a.m.]

"God fucking damn it," I thought.

I lay awake for the next thirty minutes listening to the assholes next door go at it again. Jesus, it may have even been louder than Round 1. Elise's bed continually crashed against the wall, and all I could think of was how her tits must be heaving to and fro from the thrusts some redneck asshole was giving to her.

Didn't she know that we had a meeting first thing in the morning? It was one thing for her to fuck up her internship, it was another to fuck up mine.

After a lengthy Round 2 for the two lovebirds, I was able to go back to sleep.

~ ~ ~




"You're a God!" Elise moaned.

I woke up, yet again. This time, maybe, I was even more unsure if it was a dream or reality. I looked over.

[3:42 a.m.]

"Holy Shit, YES! Don't hold back!" Elise begged.

The screaming and pounding on the walls went on for several minutes before abruptly stopping.

"You want it?" Cody demanded.

"YES! YES! Push through!" Elise commanded.

"Through what?"


"UUUuuuhhhhh...rrRRAAAHHHhhhhh!!" Cody roared. And on that, the pounding subsided. There was an anxious stillness across the walls of the duplex. Good lord.

This dynamic really changed Elise in my mind. With me, she had been an aggressive, but tender, lover. She had made the experience perfect for me. When she needed to take control she did, but she also yielded when she saw that I was trying to exert some influence. It made our sex magical.

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