tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEliza Dushku Caught On Video Ch. 07

Eliza Dushku Caught On Video Ch. 07


The flight was nice; we were like little kids laughing and giggling and the closer we got to our destination the more excited we got especially Eliza.

We bounced down on the runway as opposed to landing, everybody on the plane gasped while Eliza and I with the help of several glasses of wine just smiled. As we walked toward the main concourse Eliza grabbed my hand and squeezed it saying,

"I'm really glad we're together, I can't wait to meet all your friends."

"So am I but remember what I said if you want to spend some time alone with your friend I understand, OK?"

"You're the best, but don't worry about it lets just have fun," she said kissing me on the cheek.

When we hit the baggage area I saw a tall slim blonde with huge tits in a baby blue sundress looking around, Guess who?

When Eliza saw her they both screamed like teenagers and ran to each other. Eliza led Kirsten over by the hand and introduced us; she was even more beautiful in person than on the big screen.

"Hi Cynde, it's nice to meet you."

"Likewise Kirsten, I've heard a lot about you over the last few days," and before I could get another word out she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a vicious hug followed by a light peck on the lips.

"Give me your luggage tags and tickets and call me Kirsty, only my mom calls me Kirsten."

Kirsten handed our tags to a porter along with a $50 told him where she was parked and led us by the hands to her Hummer. As we walked I noticed her middle finger was stroking Eliza's palm and I started to feel funny about it until she started doing it to me to. In the elevator Eliza grabbed my hand then kissed Kirsten and wrapped her arms around both of us hugged us fiercely. When we got to her truck I jumped in the back and said,

"Thanks for picking us up, this flight always kicks my ass."

Kirsten laughed and said,

"Is she a lightweight or can she party?"

Eliza reached back and touched my lips and I sucked a finger into my mouth while Kirsten watched and smiled.

"K girl she made me come like 8 fucking times the other night...do yourself a favor and kiss those perfect lips!"

Kirsten leaned back between the seats and as our lips touched her eyes closed and when our tongues met she let out a soft moan . When she broke our kiss I saw Eliza had her hand between Kirsten's legs,

"Damn girl don't you ever wear underwear," Eliza laughed.

Kirsten gave her a hard look then said,

"You didn't even notice did you?"

Eliza looked confused then Kirsten took her hand and put it back between her legs and rubbed it up and down a few times.

A smile broke out on Eliza's face,

"Oh my god you shaved," she exclaimed as she continued rubbing Kirsten's pussy.

"I wanted to surprise you and I used what you told me." I was smiling just watching the two of them when Kirsten turned to me,

"Doesn't her pussy feel like velvet?"

I nodded yes and said, "It feels nice but it tastes better than it feels."

"Cyn I know you guys are together but don't be mad if you catch me with my face or my fingers in her pussy because you know the E-girl makes you feel things nobody else can."

Eliza laughed,

"Kirsty its cool, Cyndie and I talked about it, she wants to watch us."

Kirsten laughed again,

"Fuck that I want those sweet lips wrapped around my clit if that's all right with you Miss Eliza."

Eliza smiled as I gently pulled Kirsten to me and kissed her. As our tongues met my hand found her left breast and squeezed it ever so gently making her moan softly.

When I broke the kiss I whispered in her ear,

"I think you're hot and I'd love to wrap my lips around your clit."

Kirsten was breathing heavy and beginning to sweat as a knock on the window startled all us, the porter with the luggage motioned to the back and Kirsten popped the rear door. As we pulled onto the NJ Turnpike Kirsten said,

"I figured we'd go to my house and clean up then whatever you guy's want to do is fine with me."

"My aunt owns a pub in Brick I thought we could go there for dinner and surprise her, I didn't tell anybody I was coming home."

Kirsten smiled,

"That sounds great."

The next thing I knew Kirsten was shaking my shoulder,

"Hey Cyn we're here."

When I opened my eyes I was looking at this huge beach house complete with a brick wall and big Iron Gate,

"This is beautiful," I said looking around.

Kirsten flashed me a smile and said,

"I grew up not too far from here and my mom always loved this house.

I told mom if I ever made it big I was gonna buy her this house, not bad for a kid from Pt Pleasant huh!"

Eliza grabbed her bags and headed into the house without a word; Kirsten looked at me and asked,

"What happened with her and Michael, when I saw them last year they were talking about getting married?"

"It's not my place to say but I will tell you it was bad...Give her time she'll tell you herself."

Kirsten had a worried look on her face but I fixed that,

"Look, let's just make sure she has a good time, ok?"

Kirsten nodded,

"Cyn, I can tell she's crazy about you so I'll behave myself."

"Look it's only been a few days, so I have no illusions about anything, she's on the rebound so I'm just going to take it day by day...She was so happy when you called."

Kirsten smiled finally as we entered the house but got serious as she began to speak,

"Look Cyndie I'm seriously hot for her but I don't want to cause a problem for you guys, ok."

I grabbed Kirsten's hand and kissed her,

"Thanks, but she wants you bad and I want to watch, that's if you don't mind having an audience," I said with a smile.

Kirsten got that sad face again and said,

"You're not going to join in?"

"Do me a favor, help me get her good and drunk tonight and when we get back here I'm going to PASS OUT on the couch and when I do."

Kirsten flashed me a wicked smile knowing where I was going,

"You're sure your ok with us getting it on?"

"DUH, it's my idea."

"But what about you," she asked as her hand reached under my skirt and found my drenched pussy.

"I'll join in after you after you two have had some private time."

Kirsten stepped closer put her arms around me and we kissed and she started to shiver.

"You OK," I asked.

Before she could answer Eliza startled us both,

"Doesn't she make you heart race when she kisses you?"

Eliza was wearing nothing but her sandals and a smile and was carrying a towel.

I looked at her and licked my lips,

"And just where do you think your going un-dressed like that?"

"The pool," she announced; "so both of you strip and join me, NOW!"

Kirsten and I smiled, stripped and followed her out the door. I looked a Kirsten but before I could say anything she said,

"Its ok Cyn, my house is the highest one around and I've got a 6 foot privacy fence around the pool deck, I lay out naked all the time and I've never had any problems."

I laughed and they both asked me what was so funny.

"I'm not worried about myself but pic's of you two naked would bring a nice buck on the internet."

Kirsten smiled walked over to Eliza's chair threw her leg over Eliza's head lowered her pussy onto her face and said,

"Go get your camera, but remember we split the cash three ways."

Kirsten and I were laughing as Eliza's hands gently squeezed the slim blonde's tight ass while her tongue savagely attacked her clit, turning her giggles into a deep sigh's that slowly built into a constant low moan.

I sat back stroking my own pussy as I watched Eliza bring Kirsten to a shuddering climax in less than a minute. As Kirsten began to come back to earth she knelt down kissed Eliza deeply and said,

"I've missed you so much; I'd almost forgotten what a real orgasm felt like." She kissed Eliza again and as she moved between her legs Eliza said,

"Not now K-girl I'm really beat we've been up since 1 o'clock, I need a nap."

Kirsten smiled winked at me and said,

"E why don't you go in the house and lay down we'll wake you up in a few hours?"

Eliza shaking her head no said,

"No way, where's the sunscreen I need some color and I don't want my tits to get burned like the last time I laid out naked."

Kirsten walked over to the pool house and returned with a beach bag then proceeded to give Eliza the sexiest coating of sunscreen I'd ever seen. As Kirsten lingered over her pussy Eliza began to moan and rolled over and Kirsten gently slid a finger into her ass while she whispered something in her ear. Eliza Kissed her friend gently put her head back down and Kirsten quickly finished her back.

"NEXT." Kirsten said turning to me and she proceeded to give me the same treatment and as she did Eliza. Kirsten's sunscreen application got me so horny I was shaking when she finished.

"My turn," Kirsten giggled as she stroked her pussy. I coated Kirsten as she had me taking extra time on her tits and ass, then when I got near her pussy she began to moan.

"Kiss me," Kirsten said and when I did she took my hand and placed it on her pussy so I immediately tried to slip a finger in but she was so tight I was afraid to force it.

Kirsten sighed,

"Sorry Cyn, just use some baby oil it's in the bag." She looked embarrassed so I tried to make her feel better and said,

"The guys must love that tight pussy huh."

She quietly said,

"Every time a guy tries to fuck me it hurt's like hell, I guess that's why I like women so much."

"Maybe you need the right guy to loosen it up for you," I said as I dipped my head and licked her from asshole to clit.

Kirsten lifted my head and said,

"Lay down I want you."

I was a little nervous but Eliza was already in a deep sleep so I laid down put on my shades and spread my legs wide and invited K girl in.

What began with gentle licks and kisses ended up a wild 30-minute pussy grinding tongue sucking fuck session. Kirsten and I came within seconds of each other and as I held her pussy tightly against mine I kissed her and she came again screaming,

"Don't stop Cyn, please don't stop I'm still cummmming, oh fuck that feels good, fuck me baby oh god fuck me pleeeeease!"

We both got a start when Eliza said,

"That was fucking hot, your both so beautiful."

I was embarrassed and felt bad While Kirsten stumbled over to Eliza and said,

"She's incredible my whole body's fucking shaking," then she fell on top of Eliza kissing her sloppily.

Eliza knew I was feeling weird,

"Baby its ok, Kiki's my friend and I wanted her to feel what I feel when you make love to me."

"I just didn't want you to think...but Kirsten's so beautiful and I..."

Eliza and Kirsten smiled and Eliza said,

"Its OK stop worrying about it, now let's take a dip and sleep till its time to leave."

We all jumped in the pool rinsed off, dried each other and headed into Kirsten's bedroom,

"What time are we going out tonight," she said standing next to her stereo.

"Let's leave at 7:30 that way Bobby and aunt Cally will both be in by the time we get there."

Kirsten set the alarm on her stereo for 6:30 and put in a Nickleback CD saying,

I love these guys, they rock." Kirsten then pushed a button on the intercom and her housekeeper appeared instantly,

"Alina, please put my friends things away in the guest suite and layout their casual attire, jeans will be fine for tonight...my red sweater."

"In your closet miss," she replied with a smile.

Alina was I thought maybe in her late thirties well over six feet with piercing blue eyes long straight blonde hair and a perfect body from what I could tell.

Eliza appeared from the bathroom,

"Hi Alina, how are you," she said giving her a big hug.

"Nice to see you again Miss Eliza," she said holding Eliza's hands and looking her naked body over from head to toe then hugging her again.

Alina turned to me and said,

"And who might this pretty young lady be?"

Eliza did the introduction,

"Alina this is my friend Cyndie," she said taking my hand.

"Nice to meet you miss Cyndie."

"Nice to meet you Alina and its Cyndie or Cyn you can drop the Miss part."

Alina smiled at me then kissed me on the cheek,

"Would anyone like anything," she said still holding my hand.

Kirsten looked at us then told Alina we were fine but asked her to be sure we were up by 6:30.

Alina smiled nodded and left.

"Where's she from," I asked.

Kirsten said,

"Sweden, she's been with us for 13 years, she's great."

"She's beautiful, how old is she," I asked.

"56," Kirsten said.

I was shocked,

"No way, 56 she looks like maybe 38-39."

Kirsten just shook her head.

Eliza nudging Kirsten,

"Cyn she's a masseuse, ask her for a massage tomorrow I guarantee you'll love it," Eliza said with an evil smile.

"What's up," I said to them both.

"Nothing, E-girl's just being silly," Kirsten said taking my hand and leading me into bed, Kirsten put me between herself and Eliza. As I lay down with Kirsten in front and Eliza behind both pressed their bodies against mine, Kirsten turned to kiss my lips while Eliza was kissing my neck I said,

"I wonder how much your average American male would pay to be in the center of this sandwich."

Without missing a beat Kirsten said,

"Just remember we split the cash three ways," I laughed and turned to Eliza but she was already asleep.

A few minutes had passed when Kirsten turned to me,

"I'm really glad you guys are here, I get so lonely sometimes."

I put my arms around her and kissed my way up her neck then bit her ear lobe.

Kirsten turned and begged me to kiss her, and as I did I roughly squeezed her nipples. Kirsten's body shuddered and she broke the kiss abruptly,

"Cyn, please stop you're killing me, you almost make me come when you kiss me."

I smiled and licked her neck,

"Let's go to sleep, we can finish this tonight," I said as I squeezed her nipples again.

Thinking Eliza was asleep she surprised us when she said,

"Hey Special K stop trying to fuck my girlfriend, you little slut."

Kirsten giggled and said,

"Sorry E but she makes me feel so fucking good I can't help myself."

Eliza slid her hand down between my legs and started gently rubbing my clit and said,

"Ok Kirsty girl you can borrow her but remember she belongs to me and you have to give her back."

"That sounds fair, but I'm not gonna give her right back."

I jumped in at this point,

"Hey don't I get a say in who's going to be fucking me?"

I laughed hysterically when they both said,

"NO" loudly in unison.

As we laughed the door opened and Alina stuck her head in smiled and said,

"I thought you three were tired...now go to sleep," and closed the door.

Eliza said,

"Really ladies if we're going out tonight I need at least an hour, OK!"

We agreed and Eliza continued,

"Now go to sleep both of you."

Eliza was still working my clit when I turned and said,

"It would be a lot easier to go to sleep if you'd stop rubbing my clit."

Kirsten laughed like hell until Eliza stuck the fingers she'd been rubbing me with into her friends mouth.

"She tastes sweet doesn't she?" Kirsten didn't answer she just closed her eyes and sucked Eliza's fingers.

"Now let me sleep and I'll let you borrow her later, OK?" begged Eliza.

I was laughing and said,

"I feel like a new bike everybody wants to try out."

Kirsten reached behind and took my hand and said,

"Honey your no bike you're a fucking Bentley," then she pulled my arm around her and snuggled into me and sighed.

Eliza kissed my neck and said,

"Love you baby."

I just purred and Kirsten said,

"I'm so jealous of you two," then she asked me if I had a twin sister she could meet.

"Was that EAT or MEET," I asked.

"SHUT UP," Eliza groaned.

"Cyn, you tired," Kirsten asked.

"Not really, why," I asked.


"Let's go," I said the both of us kissed Eliza and ran out of the room.

Eliza yelled at us as we left,

"Kirsty, don't wear her out or I'll kick that cute little ass of yours."

Kirsten smiled and said,

"I won't I promise, now go to sleep."

I went back kissed Eliza and said,

"Close your eyes and I promise I'll behave, Love you."

Kirsten was waiting and took my hand and we talked as we walked

"Hot tub only I swear," she said.

"Kirsten it's ok really," I wanted her; her pussy really did taste like honey just like Eliza said.

"No Cyn, I'd feel a lot better if the three of us made love together, does that sound weird," Kirsten asked.

"No it doesn't, you really care about her don't you."

Kirsten got a serious look on her face,

"She's my best friend but I really am jealous of you two...Promise me you'll be good to her, she's special."

"Look this is all new to me, I mean I've been with a few girls but I never had a girlfriend if you know what I mean?"

Kirsten smiled,

"E-girl always knows how to make you feel special and I'm not talking about sex, she's as beautiful inside as she is on the outside, ya know."

Eliza had a great friend in Kirsten and I guess now she had two,

"Can I kiss you?"

"Cyn I'll do anything you want but if you said all you'd do is kiss me that would be enough.

I asked her why because I really didn't understand.

"Cyn when you kiss me...I can't explain it...its kind of like when you masturbate, you can keep yourself on the edge until your ready then you have one of those mind blowing orgasms."

I smiled at her and said,

"Eliza makes me feel that way every time she touches me."

Kirsten smiled and said,

"I know."

We sat in the tub just holding hands and lost track of time until Alina's voice aroused us,

"6:30 ladies, time to get ready," she said as she stood holding two white fluffy bathrobes. Alina put her hand out to me and helped me into a robe and said,

"You and Miss Eliza are in the room next to Miss Kirsten's and I've laid out your things for the evening as well as setting up your bathroom and dressing table."

"Thank you, that's very kind of you," I said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

She smiled and said,

"Now run along Miss Eliza's looking for you."

As I walked into the house I stopped to watch Kirsten get out of the Hot tub, she was so beautiful.

She stood like a statue her legs slightly apart while Alina took a large towel and dried every part of her body; what she did next caught me by surprise.

Alina folded the towel laid it on the deck in front of Kirsten kneeled down and buried her face in that sweet pussy. Kirsten leaned back against the railing spread her legs wide and began gently rubbing her nipples. Alina was obviously quite gifted in the use of her tongue because it only took about 2 minutes for her to make Kirsten come.

When Kirsten came it was a thing of beauty, her face glowed and her body shook as she held Alina's head where she wanted it. As Kirsten came down Alina dipped a small cloth into the hot tub and wiped Kirsten's pussy and thighs then gently patted them dry and wrapped her in a robe kissing her neck as she tied it around her.

Eliza startled me,

"She's beautiful isn't she?"

I spun around and there stood Eliza fully dressed and smiling,

"Sorry if I scared you baby, you and Kirsty get it on?"

"I wanted to but she wouldn't."

Eliza looked puzzled and said,

"Why not, I know she likes you."

"She said she wouldn't feel comfortable unless it was the three of us together, she says you're her best friend and it wouldn't be right."

"She really said that," I nodded to Eliza, "I love that girl."

I kissed Eliza and said,

"I love YOU; now let me get dressed so we can get out of here."

Eliza yanked my robe off and smacked me on the ass as I ran to our room with her close behind.

When I reached our room I was shocked to find Alina had laid out exactly what I was planning on wearing, as I was staring at the clothes laid out on the bed Eliza said,

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