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Disclaimer: This is an erotic story. You must be 18 years or older to read this story, be able to read erotica in your community and not be offended by the contents of it. If you are not at least 18, live in an overly repressed community, or are easily offended, move on. This is not for you.

This story is fiction and as such is protected under the first amendment. The people referred to in this story do not behave this way in real life, this is a fantasy and any resemblance to real people or situations is merely a coincidence. Any copyrighted names, works, etc. remain property of their respective owner(s).

This story may not be redistributed. Unfortunately it seems some people like to submit stories to other sites, but without proper attribution. This has happened only once to me that I know of, but once was enough. Of course typing the words may not be redistributed isn't going to stop anyone who would do something like that in the first place, but there's really nothing more I can do to prevent that.

Programming note: There is some dialog in this story in Czech, and most of it is not translated in the body of the story though I do provide translations in the afterword. I did it this way intentionally, so that the reader can remain in the dark about what is being said just like Eliza is most of the time. Should they wish to. I don't want to mislead anybody though, I don't speak a word of Czech. Okay, that's not true anymore. Thanks to this story I have now learned the Czech word for penis. But everything else is translated, poorly I suspect, by online sources. More on this in the afterword if you are interested.

Also you will notice that I sometimes have Eliza's friend Tereza start a sentence by saying Mmm. This is not a moan or any type of sound of pleasure unless it is specifically stated that it is. Instead I use this as the sound that many non-native speakers of English make as they translate what they want to say into English.

Pronunciation note: In the story Tereza calls Eliza by the name Eliška, I won't go into why that is here, but if you want to know how to pronounce it the way Eliza would hear it the š sound in Czech is pronounced like the shou in should. My understanding is that Eliška would then sound like Elishka, with a hard k. Again, I don't speak Czech, so I could be way off on this.

Feedback: The feedback to my last 2 stories has been, shall we say light. In fact I've had almost as much feedback for a Harry Potter story I wrote 2 years ago as I have for the stories I've posted in the last 2 months. I suppose that could be because the stars are not as popular as they once were. Maybe an Eliza Dushku story will fare better.

You can contact me via the CONTACT tab on my profile. Thank you.

And now the story -

* * * * * * * * *

When Eliza Dushku's agent suggested that it might be a good time for her to consider taking a vacation he was surprised at the complete lack of enthusiasm he got in response. Whenever the pretty brunette had taken some time off before, whether it was her idea or, as was more often the case, his, she was always excited by the prospect. Not this time though. This time she seemed... downright reluctant. He found the reaction quite strange actually.

Of course if he had known the reason why Eliza was hesitant he wouldn't have found it so odd after all, but the young actress was a big believer in keeping her private life separate from her professional one and this included holding things back from her agent. Given some of the stuff Eliza was fond of doing in private this was probably a prudent choice on her part. Unfortunately, this keenness for privacy meant that she hadn't told him that she and her latest boy-toy had broken up just a few weeks earlier, leaving him to find out the same way he discovered any of her prior relationships had ended, or began for that matter, by reading the gossip sites on the Internet. So while she normally would have leapt at the chance to go somewhere warm and sandy to sit on the beach reading something trashy while sipping from a drink with the requisite little umbrella in it, she preferred to do this while accompanied by a young and studly, not flying solo. If for no other reason than she could spend just so much of her time reading and sipping, and then when she was finished doing that it was nice to have someone there so she could do something else that was entertaining and relaxing. Acrobatic as well when it was done right. Take that away and going to the beach was just, well, going to the beach. And that she could do without leaving California.

Obviously that wasn't the only choice she had for a vacation, but Eliza wasn't really into sightseeing all that much, so the thought of going to, say, the Grand Canyon, or to London or Rome didn't hold all that much appeal for her. Besides which, she'd been to London and Rome for movie premieres and she hadn't been all that impressed by either place. There again the experience was improved by having someone to do when the movie was over and the after-party had ended and the clubs were closed.

The same held true for just about any other typical vacation destination and plan also. They were all made better by having someone with her to fuck. It didn't have to be a guy of course. Eliza would have been more than happy to share a hotel room bed with some bisexual cutie, but the suddenness of the offer would make it impossible for any of her usual friends and female lovers to go with her and hooking up with someone new in the limited time she would have before leaving would be a challenge. Eliza was good, but she didn't know if she was that good. Hey baby, what's your name? Want to go to Cancun with me for a week? And forget about trying to hook up with a new guy in that time. She was single, not crazy. She could take the holiday and try to find someone there to have some horizontal fun with she supposed, but unless she chose to go to a singles spot the odds of finding someone else who was both alone and hot were not high. And Eliza was not about to go spend two weeks at some meat market. Even if it was by the beach.

This left her... where exactly did that leave her?

Sadly, pretty much where she had started. Sitting on an opportunity to get away for a while to recharge the batteries before starting what was sure to be a pretty grueling work schedule and completely ambivalent about the prospect.

Except now she was also horny. All that thinking about how much she liked having a fuck buddy along when she travelled had gotten her engine revving a bit. Shit! Undecided and horny. Two things Eliza did not like being, particularly the latter if there was nothing she could do about it except go home and give her toys a workout. Dildos and vibrators were okay in a pinch, but she'd been relying on them a little too much in recent weeks and it was starting to reach the point where they weren't getting the job done. At least not the way Eliza wanted it done. For that she really needed a guy. Or a girl. Cock, real or plastic, or tongue and fingers, Eliza wasn't picky. It was all a matter of having someone else be the one getting her off. That made all the difference in the world to the brown-eyed sexpot. But, as fate would have it, in addition to being without a guy in her life, all of her usual female playmates had been busy working the last few weeks, leaving her sans cock or tongue. Of course if she had a guy or a girl at hand then she wouldn't be having such a difficult time deciding what to do, now would she? Fuck! She left her agent's office rather abruptly without giving him an answer, telling the puzzled man that she'd think about the vacation and get back to him shortly.

And that's where she left things for the next week. She wanted to take the time off, before she started filming her new role and the opportunity passed her by, but she really, really didn't want to go sit on a beach by herself. Unfortunately, it was starting to look like those were the only two options open to her. Stay in L.A. until filming began, or take a trip alone. No third alternative appeared likely to reveal itself in the few days she had left to make her decision. Until a chance comment to her grandmother about her dilemma prompted the elderly woman to make her own recommendation.

"Why don't you go to Albania if you're looking for somewhere to go? Meet your relatives. Show them that the Dushkus in America have not forgotten where they came from."

"Grams that's..." a really good idea actually. Albania. Somehow the thought of going to the country where her great-grandparents had been born was very appealing to the young actress. It wasn't her first choice, and she would still have to travel there and back alone, but she was pretty sure that her family would pack her schedule with so many things to do and people to meet that she wouldn't have that much time to worry about the fact that she was going stag. And now that she thought about it, being single for the duration might not be such a bad thing. Albania was not home and her relatives might not be that thrilled if she showed up with boyfriend in hand. She didn't think that they were so provincial that they thought all unmarried women should be virgins, but she had learned that for some people what was acceptable for someone else's daughter was not necessarily acceptable for your own. Showing up unaccompanied would neatly sidestep the whole issue. Or so she hoped. But if the chance did present itself for Eliza to do the horizontal mambo with some Albanian charmer... the wavy-haired girl felt a big grin settle on her face.

The decision made, Eliza informed her agent the next day that she'd be taking him up on his offer to take some time off so that she could go visit her relatives. Her choice of destinations surprised him a bit, there weren't that many white sand beaches in Albania that he was aware of, but he was less concerned about where Eliza was going and more relieved by the fact that she really was going. Everyone needed a break now and then and his workaholic client was certainly no exception. Eliza had seemed a little on edge for a few weeks now, the time away would be good for her. Help her to relax. And he even had a solution to the whole travelling alone problem as well. He would arrange for someone to act as Eliza's combination tour guide slash personal assistant while she was in Europe. Someone who could handle all the little details that would crop up and keep the actress company the entire time she was there. All he had to do now was to make the preparations.

It took less time than Eliza thought it would to get everything set up, including finding a suitable assistant to shepherd her around. Luckily for her they found someone who knew a whole lot more about the geography of eastern Europe than her agent did, such as where the best beaches in Albania were. Of course it cost quite a bit more than it would have if she'd had the time to plan the trip in advance, but Eliza's career was actually going well for a change. Compensation from the Fates perhaps for the relatively rough shape her love life was currently in. At any rate she could easily afford the extra cost so she didn't really mind having to pay more. Besides, there wasn't enough time to bitch about it, she was flying out of Los Angeles for Tirana, Albania via New York and Rome a mere four days later.

Those four days passed in a flash, and before she knew it Eliza was at the airport getting ready to board her plane. Fifteen grueling hours later she landed in Rome. There she met Brigitta, the young German woman who was going to be her constant companion for the next three weeks. She was a pretty thing, standing just an inch or so shorter than her charge's 5'5", with brown eyes and wavy hair not unlike Eliza's own, with the exception that it was dyed red. And she was the same age as Eliza, so in spite of the fact that one of them was a well-known actress and the other wasn't they had a fair amount in common. They hit it off instantly and before the connecting flight for Tirana even took off they were giggling like schoolgirls, chatting about Hollywood and Eliza's experiences on different movie sets or the latest trends in fashion. And boys. There was a lot of chatting about boys. From time to time Eliza caught herself giving her new friend sidelong glances when she thought the other girl wasn't looking. It was more than just the casual resemblance they bore to each other that caused the fleeting looks, it was the very real fact that Brigitta was a hottie.

Now now Duckshoot, control yourself. You don't even know if she swings that way. Not to mention that hitting on the person who was going to be guiding you around for the next few weeks probably wasn't a good idea. If it turned out that the young girl was up for a bit of Sapphic fun it could get messy when it came time for Eliza to leave, and if she wasn't open to the idea, well, then it could get messy right away. Neither option sounded very appealing to Eliza. She wrestled her libido back under control and listened to Brigitta spell out the plans she had made for their trip.

Plans that ended up being a complete success. Between the arrangements made by her family back in the States and her temporary assistant, Eliza was treated to the best vacation she'd ever had. She met so many relatives she didn't even know she had she'd lost count after the first week. And the people, even those few that seemingly weren't related to her, were so warm and so friendly that Eliza was having some trouble believing that they all knew she was American. In fact, the only complaint that Eliza could even wrangle up was that she had been so busy she hadn't had any opportunity to try to hook up with any of the guys she'd been introduced to. And there had been many. Some of them seriously hot. And some of them weren't even cousins! Or so Eliza thought. To be honest she couldn't really remember, she had met an awful lot of relatives. But, since hooking up was not something that had been high on Eliza's agenda, she really couldn't complain about the lack of opportunity. Not seriously anyway. So when she brought the subject up with Brigitta a few nights before she was scheduled to return to the U.S. it was mostly just as a joke. However, the young German girl had a suggestion for solving that problem as well.

"Don't go home. Come with me to Prague instead."

"Why are you going to Prague?"

"Because I live there."

"But I thought you lived in Germany?"

"Not any more. I moved to Prague 3 years ago. It's the most beautiful city in Europe. And very cosmopolitan. You must let me show it to you! Please say yes!"

Eliza was intrigued. The thought of not returning home just then was a very attractive one. It might have taken some convincing to get her to agree to the vacation, but now that she was on it she was in no hurry to see it end. And some time in Prague sounded like it would be fun. The right kind of fun too. So just like that, and before she could change her mind, Eliza agreed. She would accompany her new friend to the Czech Republic. Brigitta was delighted, and after a few squeals of excitement she whipped out her cell phone and started to make the necessary changes and arrangements in their travel plans. Meanwhile, Eliza had a couple of calls to make of her own, starting with her agent. Luckily the time difference meant he wasn't in the office when she called so she left a voice mail informing him of her decision. Not that Eliza thought it would be an issue with him, she wasn't scheduled to start work right away upon her return, but this way there could be no argument. If he did have a problem with her revised plans by the time he caught up with her she'd already be in Prague. Nothing to be done about it then. Besides, any meetings she might miss as a result could always be rescheduled. Eliza smiled as she closed her phone and turned her thoughts to her newly extended vacation.

After a lengthy goodbye to her European family, complete with healthy doses of tears and laughter mixed closely together, Eliza and Brigitta boarded another plane for the short hop north to Prague. Arriving in her adopted home the Teutonic redhead immediately slipped into the role of tour guide and started to usher her companion all around the city. If meeting and flirting with the single men of Prague had been the primary reason for Eliza going there you certainly wouldn't have known it from watching the pair. The days were filled with sightseeing and the nights were spent with a group of Brigitta's friends going out to dinner or hanging out at someone's apartment. And while this did provide an excellent opportunity for Eliza to really relax and get some much needed rest, it did nothing to fill one of her baser needs, which was, after all, the main reason she'd agreed to go there in the first place. By this point in time it had been so long since Eliza had gotten laid that she was in serious danger of violating one of the bedposts. And making plans for the other three.

Still, Eliza had no real complaints once again. Prague was every bit as beautiful as Brigitta said it was, and her friends were every bit as nice as she was. Even if they didn't recognize Eliza from TV or the movies.

So on that Friday night, when Brigitta told her that they would be going someplace special with just a small group of friends, Eliza did not have any major expectations, and she planned to dress much the same way she had every other night that week, casual but sexy. Until, that is, she saw her companion's choice of outfits.

"Whoa! Who let the hottie out?"

The redhead was standing in front of a full length mirror wearing a backless sequined top and one of the shortest skirts Eliza had ever seen.

"You like it? We want to..." she started to turn to face her friend, "Oh Eliza! No, no. This will not do!"

The "This" Brigitta was referring to were the jeans and blouse Eliza had chosen for the evening.

"Why? Where are we going?"

"Tonight, my beautiful friend, we are going to party. Hard."

Finally. Now this was more like it.

And so it was that a little more than an hour later Eliza was standing in front of the same mirror wearing an outfit quite similar to Brigitta's. Except that where Brigitta's was backless, Eliza's had a deeply scooped neck that went down the front all the way to her navel, and where the German girl's skirt was so short it could easily have been mistaken for a belt, her American friend's skirt was a touch, but not much, more demure. Another difference, but one which Eliza would not find out for a few more minutes, was that the Hollywood starlet was wearing a thong. Daring under the circumstances, but not nearly so daring as Brigitta, who had opted to go commando. A fact she kept hidden from her friend until they were heading out the door and she flipped up the back of her skirt to flash her naked butt.



Arriving at their destination Eliza joined Brigitta and her friends on the line of people waiting outside the club. It seemed unusual to the brunette that there were no guys on line but she chalked it up to one of the many cultural differences and let it pass without comment. As they moved toward the entrance Eliza noticed a sign by the door that had the name of the club on it and something else, something the young actress did not understand even though this time the words were in English.

"Hey Brigitta, What do they mean? 'Prague's biggest CFNM party', what's CFNM mean?"

"Clothed Female, Nude Male."

"Oh." Pause. "Wait a minute! This is a strip club?!?"

"Yes. And tonight it is for women only."

"You brought me to a strip club!?!"

By this time Brigitta had paid the man at the door and she put her arm through Eliza's and started to pull the brown-eyed girl into the club, "Relax. It will be fun. You will see."

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