tagRomanceElizabeth 06: The Honeymoon

Elizabeth 06: The Honeymoon


"I now pronounce you husband and wife."

At the minister's announcement, the entire garden had erupted in cheers as Elizabeth and Jonathan shared their first kiss as a married couple. It was a long kiss, of course, but I am quite certain no one was surprised. Not Irene, the maid of honour, who stood clutching my hand discreetly by my side (I bore no bitterness at her title; Elizabeth had known her rather longer than she had known me, after all); not Maggie or Eunice or Lindy or the numerous other friends from the baths who were sprinkled throughout the crowd with their dates on their arms, amusing me greatly with the realization that it was the first time I had seen many of them fully clothed; not Elizabeth's sister Mandy, who stood on my other side smiling through her jealousy at her younger sister; not my aunt and uncle, who seemed more concerned with the guests' fondness for their estate than with anything else; not their three children, the only children present, an exception to the rule at Elizabeth's insistence (Alexandria, the eldest, had even been granted a weekend's leave from school for the joyous occasion); and certainly not Jonathan's parents, who had grown to know Elizabeth quite well. As for Elizabeth's parents, I had never met them before their arrival quite late the night before; but the looks on both their faces made it clear they would have expected nothing less of their proud, liberated daughter.

I had joined in the joyful applause as I surveyed the scene, awash in bright frocks and brighter smiles from nearly everyone we knew and many I did not. The early afternoon sun cast the perfect beam on the freshly cool spring day that we would all remember so well for years to come. A year before, that very garden had been the scene of a great heartbreak for me; now it was once again a beloved sanctuary of golden memories as I joined in the celebration of two of my dearest friends and the beginning of their life together.

Moments later, in the relative calm and cool of Uncle and Aunt's stairwell, my heart was as full as it had ever been in that crazy, wonderful year. It was equal parts full of tender affection for Elizabeth and Jonathan, and of a rather baser emotion for what awaited me at the top of the stairs. 'What awaited me' was, in fairness, actually two steps behind me on the stairs, and I was clutching his hand in mine. "You are quite certain we can get away with this, aren't you, Agnes?" he asked me.

"Who is to stop us? We're two adults, aren't we?"

"What I mean is, won't we be missed at the reception?"

Having reached the landing, I pulled James up and threw my arms around him. "Not if we are quick," I reassured him. I squeezed him tightly, and was rewarded with the sense of his growing erection against my belly.

"Good heavens, Agnes, when you suggested we nip upstairs like this, I was certain you were putting me on!" he said, returning my tight embrace. "To what do I owe this honour, anyway?"

I reached down brazenly and rubbed his hardness through his pants, knowing our wing of the mansion would be deserted for some time yet, and was rewarded with an adorably tentative stroke of his gentle hands on my breasts. "It is all really very simple, James," I confessed. "It's been a year now that I've been on my own! It was in that very garden down there that Edward broke my heart, and where I've now had the joy of seeing Elizabeth and Jonathan joined together for life, and all the wonderful displays of love and affection have got me in quite the mood for a bit of fun of my own! What better way to mark my recovery from the loss of Edward in the very place where it occurred?" On that note, I slipped my arms around him again while continuing to welcome his caresses. "And all the men in their best suits, you the most adorable of all...how could I resist?

"Well, this is a surprise!" James allowed. "Particularly after some of the rumours we hear in the men's baths about you and Irene." James was a friend of Jonathan's from the men's baths, and a law clerk with whom I had worked on occasion. When I had rather brazenly asked him to be my escort to Elizabeth's wedding some weeks before, I had hoped the date might end with us in bed. But why, I mused now, must we wait for the end?

"The rumours are true," I confessed, feeling a jolt in my insides as I realized the word was out, though Irene and I had both suspected as much. "But we do like men as well, and for the most part I prefer them!" I drew back and took both his hands in mine. "Now, if you prefer not to do it, James, I do understand, but -"

"Do I look as though I prefer not to?!" he demanded with a grin.

"Neither look nor feel," I conceded. My own nipples were hard as diamonds from his touch, and I longed for him to resume it.

"I only hope I can measure up to what Irene does for you," he said as I set off down the hall, guiding him to my bedroom.

"There are things you have to offer that she does not," I pointed out. And at that moment I could scarcely bear the wait to feel one of those things inside me.

With all the lovely commotion down in the garden, my quiet, staid bedroom felt too subdued by half as I ushered James inside. The thought had crossed my mind of adding to our adventure by taking him somewhere we shouldn't be - perhaps the wine cellar - but with a long afternoon yet ahead in my royal blue bridesmaid's dress, getting it soiled with dust would hardly do. Opening the window offered the occasional sound from the garden and the tiniest bit of risk that we would be heard outside. That only intensified the joyfully sinful tickle I was feeling under my skirt as I turned to see James gazing at me across the bed.

I opened my arms, and he seemed to float into them rather than walking. "I must say this is a most agreeable surprise," he said between kisses as I unbuttoned his pants and he resumed his welcome stroking of my breasts. "I have never had the initiative taken with me quite so boldly. Or ever for that matter. It is wonderful, Agnes, but it is not what I'd have expected of you."

"I am not the blushing flower I was when I arrived here," I admitted. "Would you expect anything less of a dear friend of Elizabeth's? She has taught me a great deal, you know." I thought of adding what Jonathan had taught me as well, but some of our secrets did stay within our circle of friends!

"I certainly might hope she has," James agreed. An uncomfortable thought occurred to me, but James addressed it immediately. "Oh, I have never been with Elizabeth," he reassured me. "I have only heard stories in the baths, from men who have."

"My word, I do hope they don't discuss that when Jonathan is around!" I exclaimed, pushing his pants down over his hips; I took his lovely hard cock in both hands and began stroking it gently with my thumbs. Only the third penis I had ever seen, it was a glory to touch and grasp in my hands; and I savoured the moment of blissful intimacy.

"They don't; there is some decorum there, just as I am sure there is in the ladies' baths." He now had my nipples wonderfully stiff and prominent again through the cloth, and I could hardly wait to get my dress off. "Speaking of which, no one needs to know of this tryst, Agnes."

"I won't tell if you won't tell," I agreed. "Not by name, at least." On that note, I squeezed him hard in my right hand, eliciting a wonderful gasp and finally inspiring him to reach downwards.

"Very good then, I shall tell the boys nobody has such a wonderfully firm grip!" he whispered with a laugh as I finally felt the telltale draft of him lifting up my skirt. He was in for a big surprise as I stepped back and let him pull it up past my waist, and a delighted grin marked the moment he discovered that surprise. I laughed in pleasant embarrassment as he looked back up into my eyes and added, "And that nobody doesn't wear underclothes?!"

"Only today," I reassured him as I held up my arms to let him slip the dress off. I was, of course, wearing a brassiere; that James left untouched as he stroked my bare bush with one hand and slipped the other around my back. "Well, yesterday and today. It's a tradition of Elizabeth's that I have taken up as well." On the final four words, my voice fluctuated with a wonderful loss of control as James rubbed my vulva delightfully.

"A tradition of not wearing underpants," James said, struggling not to laugh.

"Only once a month," I reassured him, "On the day our monthly friend has taken her leave. That was yesterday for me - with only hours to spare before Elizabeth's bachelorette party at the baths, no less; I was deathly afraid I would have to miss it. The close call was worth a second day to celebrate, I think!"

"Lovely idea," James purred as I squirmed with joy at his touch. "A reward for weathering the monthly storm."

"My thoughts exactly," I said, "Or rather, Elizabeth's. I got the idea from her, as I said."

I felt no embarrassment or shame in referring to my period so very frankly, for I had made up my mind by then that any man who recoiled in disgust to that natural fact of life was not worth my time or affection. James was the first man I had so entrusted, and he did not let me down. Without another word, he continued to stroke me into a lather while I rubbed his hardness merrily. Soon I felt the carpet fall away as he swept me gently onto my bed, still clad in my brassiere, and slipped one finger inside me.

My hand fell away from him at last as I gave in to an utter loss of control due to his strokes. I clutched at the blankets beneath me as I squirmed at the intensity, at the same time not wanting at all to be free of it, thrusting my hips upward that he might reach farther still, but he didn't. The sweet frustration only whetted my appetite further, and I longed for more than just his finger. That, my friend, was something Irene could never give me! But James did not give it to me either, not until my first orgasm washed over me. Of course it was not long in doing so, and James lay placidly by my side, enjoying the show and stroking my clitoris gently with his thumb as I caught my breath in the afterglow.

"Perfectly beautiful," he said, gazing down at my triangle. His shirt and tie remained untouched, which made his nakedness down below stand out all the more in my esteem.

"Are you only going to look?" I asked.

"Hardly," but he said it to my pussy rather than my face. At last he looked me in the eye. "I'm sorry, Agnes, it is only that you and Elizabeth have such a reputation for your beautiful bushes, it is such a pleasure to see yours in person."

"Elizabeth and I?!" I propped myself up on my elbows to get a closer look, expecting to see a sign that he'd been joking. Clearly, though, he wasn't.

"'The hairy ones are the horny ones,' everyone knows that about you both," he said. "And now I see it's true, thank heavens! Forgive me if I just wanted to admire your lady-garden a bit before we went any further." With that he set about running his fingers gently through my triangle, and soon I was too lost in pleasure to object.

So rumour had it that I was as hairy as Elizabeth! Any of the many women who had seen us together in the baths knew that was absolute nonsense. I supposed I ought to tell James the truth...but my resolve was no match for his masterful strokes on my belly and vulva. As I dissolved into a one-woman chorus of joyful grunts and moans, I had just enough presence of mind to reassure myself that, now that Elizabeth was married, there was no chance of James ever discovering her bush was twice the size of mine. Knowing he believed otherwise, I was able to imagine myself in Elizabeth's beautiful body as he made his way into my own beautiful body and drove me to two more orgasms.

It took scarcely twenty minutes in all for James to put my past to bed metaphorically - and me literally - but that was time enough for Irene to take notice of my absence as the guests moved indoors for the reception. She spotted us immediately as we stepped into the dining room, and I have little doubt she spotted the flush of forbidden joy I was still feeling. Busy with her maid of honour duties, she greeted us with a diplomatically subtle smile as she welcomed the guests in from the garden.

When a lull in the new arrivals allowed us a proper moment together, Irene joined me in the corner by the window that I had found for myself to admire Elizabeth and Jonathan as they received the guests' congratulations. "So beautiful, aren't they?" she murmured in lieu of a greeting, sniffing back tears and clutching my hand affectionately.

"Indeed," I agreed, and I turned and embraced her, relieved to be able to do so openly now that I knew our secret was out. For the time being that was all we were, in any case, as Irene had lately been enjoying luncheon with Stephen from the tailor's shop where she was among the few female clients. I had invited James in anticipating Stephen's presence with Irene at the wedding, only to have Irene fail to invite him or any other man. That had led to some very uncomfortable exchanges on the night I had divulged to her and Elizabeth that James would be my date for the wedding, of course; but we had mended our fences and today the only tears were tears of joy.

Mandy, who had no acquaintances outside her family at the party, appeared out of the crowd with a glass of champagne in her hand. "Heavens, I do hope Jonathan is prepared for what awaits him in his wedding bed," she said, looking askance at her sister.

"Oh, he is," Irene said, smiling through the outrage I knew she was feeling on behalf of our best friend, as I was feeling it too. We had both seen this coming all too clearly the night before at the baths.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Mandy replied. "Unless Elizabeth got sensible with a razor this morning. I was rather hoping she would at least ask my advice on the matter, as I know men, and -"

"You know men, but you don't know Jonathan!" I hissed at her under my breath, not wanting the general public to hear. There were, after all, many people present who did not know Elizabeth so intimately as Irene and I did. Even in our liberated times, some topics were still inappropriate for a wedding in the garden; and the way Elizabeth let her own secret garden grow wild was one of them!

"You also don't know Elizabeth very well if you ever imagined she would...do as you suggested just now, Mandy," Irene reproached her.

"I am her sister, aren't I?" Mandy insisted. "Her elder sister! I have known her all her life!"

"Then you had no business being surprised at what you saw at the baths last night, or thinking of it as a problem," I said with some finality, as James was standing by the drink table, holding out a glass of champagne for me. I slipped my hand out of Irene's and she let go of it without complaint. "Now then, Mandy, if you cannot be happy for your sister, perhaps you should go join my aunt and uncle in mourning. I think they are going to miss having her in the house, though I'd never have guessed it about Aunt before now."

Mandy gave me a look that could have withered a row of corn; but she said nothing further for the moment, and she and Irene both imagined some excuse to take their leave. I was relieved at that, but also rather surprised. Irene and I had both feared that inviting Mandy to the baths the night before had been a mistake, and regrettably we had been right. I had even suggested to Elizabeth that her sister might not be quite comfortable in such an intimate setting with us; but as usual, Elizabeth had been thoroughly unsympathetic to anyone - perhaps especially anyone who had known her as an angst-ridden youngster - who might have a problem with her body. "It is entirely possible that you are right, Agnes," she had told me, "But if Mandy has a problem with my appearance, then that is just what it is: her problem. Not ours!"

"I take it you were not close as girls," I had replied with a knowing grin, bursting with pride in my dear friend as always.

"And you are correct in that assumption," Elizabeth had said. "She was a typical haughty, bossy nag and she undoubtedly still thinks of me as the little brat I might once have been. It is just as well that she sees just how much of an adult woman I am now, I think!"

And she had indeed seen that! At the baths, Elizabeth had been her usual, joyfully uninhibited self, and the baths had as usual been a wonderful setting for the unique intimacy they offered. Little wonder, I mused now, that I had discovered my own fondness for other women since becoming a frequent visitor to the baths, although ultimately I still preferred men. In any event, a fine time indeed had been had by all of us the night before. All of us, that is, save Mandy, who was alone in being unfamiliar with the sight of her sister's large, thick ladygarden. Like many who were unaccustomed to the sight, or to Elizabeth's shameless acceptance of her unique body, she had not taken kindly to it. I had seen that from the shocked look on her face when Elizabeth slipped her panties off in the locker room, and from the further bewilderment she had expressed upon the realization that Elizabeth was actually celebrated in our circle for her huge bush. Mandy's irritation at it all was, perhaps, exacerbated by the numerous surprised glances she had had to endure at her own dainty little bush when she arrived in the bath chamber. "Why, she could cover that tuft with a few postage stamps, couldn't she?" Lindy had whispered to me. "However did Elizabeth come into her riches?"

"Genetics are a funny thing," I had replied, as quietly as I could. Mandy was stylishly attractive in a way her sister was not; but she would never stand out at the baths!

Mandy had suffered in silence at the baths, but she had opened up to me later in the evening at the pub. "I remember all too well how Elizabeth went through a phase of hating her body when we were very young women," she had said. "Now I understand why. But why doesn't the silly dear do anything about it now that she's all grown up?! On the eve of her wedding, no less? What will Jonathan think tomorrow night?"

"The same thing he has thought the last hundred times or more that they have made love, I suppose," I had replied. "How extraordinarily lucky he is to be loved by someone so beautiful and so confident in that beauty."

"What?! You mean my sister has..." And the poor thing had stomped off to the bar in disgust, to watch from a safe distance as Elizabeth humoured her numerous mourning admirers with one last dance. I had commiserated with them in silence, my one regret of the moment being that - even as I had enjoyed numerous rolls in the arms of her dearest friend and one with her fiancé - I had never had the chance to make love with Elizabeth. Perhaps just as well, I convinced myself, that I hadn't tasted such sweet fruit if I should never get another bite at it again.

That regret was, perhaps, what inspired my most deliciously unladylike behaviour at the reception! But in that moment of wistful gazing at Elizabeth and Jonathan, I was ever so glad to have moved on with my life.

James, utterly discreet as to where we had been minutes before, was beaming as he handed me my drink. "Shall we pay our respects to the lucky couple?" he asked as we clinked glasses.

"We shall have our chance soon enough," I said, content to share a moment with him in the relative safety of my corner of the room. "You know, I might even be able to get you a dance with the bride," I teased.

"Lovely, but I must beg a dance with you first," James said.

"Good answer!" And we toasted again.

The planners had taken great pains to decorate the great hall most ornately for the ceremony itself in the event of rain (which had come perilously close to passing), and it looked more beautiful than I could ever recall seeing it. James and I finished our champagne just in time to see Irene take the centre of the floor and clink her glass to quiet the crowd. After everyone was appropriately hushed, she said, "Please join me in welcoming Elizabeth and Jonathan to the floor for their first dance." After leading a round of applause, Irene stepped off to the side as the band began their first song.

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