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Elizabeth and Jason


Friday, Mid-April

Elizabeth came home after a long, long Friday at the office. She dropped her purse and her briefcase on the floor as she came into her apartment. She sat at the kitchen table and put her head in her hands. She was depressed, she was lonely, she was frustrated, and she was angry. Her boyfriend of seven months had dumped her at lunch...on the phone. Maybe she'd become a hermit. There were female hermits, weren't there?

The phone rang. It was Kimberly, her neighbor and co-worker. She and Kimberly had worked at the same law firm for almost a year, but Kimberly had been there a year longer. When Elizabeth moved to Centerville to take the job, Kimberly had suggested that Liz move into her building and it had worked out well for both of them.

"Are you okay, Liz, you seemed to be upset this afternoon, is something wrong?"

"Hi, Kim, no, I'm okay...at least I think I am."

She told Kimberly about Eric and they talked about it for ten minutes. Then Kimberly invited Liz to come to her apartment...said she had something to show her.

"Okay, Kim, I'll be there in about fifteen minutes."

She changed her clothes, brushed her hair, and tried to fix her face. Then she said the hell with it and went to Kim's apartment.

Kimberly opened the door. "Come in, Liz, let's talk."

They sat on the couch and talked for about ten more minutes.

"You really are depressed, aren't you?"

Liz tried to laugh, "I'll get over it, it's not like I've never been dumped before. What did you want to show me?"

Kim smiled, then she turned toward the bedroom.

"Come here, Gregory."

Liz turned just as Gregory came into the room. Her mouth dropped open. Gregory was naked...with a full erection! She watched him as he approached Kim, dropped to his knees and elbows, and kissed her right foot and then her left foot.

Kim turned toward Liz.

"This is Gregory, what do you think of him?"

Liz was too stunned to respond.

Kim laughed, "I've realized that Gregory is what I've always needed, Liz...he belongs to me. This is Miss Elizabeth, Gregory."

Gregory spoke without looking up. "Good evening, Miss Elizabeth."

Elizabeth responded automatically. "Good evening, Gregory."

Liz was looking down at Gregory. He was still kneeling at Kim's feet, his face just above her shoes.

She turned back toward Kim. "What do you mean he belongs to you?"

"He does whatever I want him to do...don't you, Gregory?"

Gregory responded, again without looking up. "Yes, Mistress Kimberly."

Kim laughed again, "See, I told you."

"I've never heard of anything like that. How can that be?"

"I found him online. He offered to give himself to me and I took him up on it."

"How long has this been going on?"

"I've had him for a little over a month now. It's been quite wonderful."

Liz looked at Gregory again, then she looked back at Kim.

When Liz didn't speak, Kim said, "This is what you need, Liz. You're too fantastic to put up with crap from men. You don't give me any crap, do you, Gregory?"

"No, Mistress."

Kim was smiling. "See what I mean, Liz. You really should try this."

"What do you mean, he does what you want him to do?"

"That's exactly what I mean. He waits on me hand and foot, he sees to my every need and comfort, he gives wonderful massages. He sucks my toes when I want him to." She smiled. "And he is very conscientious when it comes to my sexual satisfaction."

"What does Gregory get out of this?"

Kim looked down at him. "Tell Miss Elizabeth what you get out of this, Gregory."

"I get the pleasure of making Mistress Kimberly happy, Miss Elizabeth. I get the satisfaction of knowing that I've pleased her."

Liz sat back and looked at the two of them.

"You look like you don't believe this, Liz."

"I'm not sure that I do. And I'm sure I don't understand it. Is this a joke, Kim? And why is he naked?"

"There's really nothing to understand, Liz, and it's not a joke. This is the way it is. He's naked because I require it. It's his constant reminder of his submissive status. Gregory has given himself to me, for my needs and my pleasure."

She spoke to Gregory while she was still looking at Liz. "Gregory, wine and cheese."

He stood quickly and walked to the kitchen. Liz watched him as he left the room.

"He has precum, Kim."

"Men get that way when they haven't had an orgasm for a while. As I said, I've had Gregory a little over a month and he's had three orgasms in that time. It's been almost a week since his last one." Kim smiled. "We often talk about his orgasms, but he doesn't get them unless I want him to."

"You mean you keep him from having orgasms?"

"He's much more attentive to my needs when he hasn't had an orgasm for a while. And, believe it or not, it keeps him docile."

"I didn't think men could do that, I thought they had to have orgasms every day."

Gregory had come back while Kimberly was talking. He was carrying a cheese platter, which he placed on the table in front of them.

Kim laughed, "That's what they want us to believe, Liz...but it's not true. They can go a long time between orgasms."

Gregory went back to the kitchen.

"This is all very hard to believe."

Gregory returned with two glasses of wine, placing a glass in front of each of them. He dropped back to his knees at Kim's feet. Liz watched with amazement.

"He has a great need to be please me. He's very careful not to disappoint me. Am I right, Gregory?"

"Yes, Mistress Kimberly."

"Tell Miss Elizabeth some more about our relationship, Gregory."

"I've never been happier than I am now, Miss Elizabeth. All I think about is pleasing Mistress Kimberly."

"Even if she tells you that you can't have an orgasm?"

"What's best for Mistress Kimberly is what's best for me, Miss Elizabeth."

Kim leaned back and sighed. "A submissive man is really a joy, Liz."

"How long is this going to last?"

Kim looked down at Gregory. "I'm planning on it being long term." She touched Gregory's thigh with the tip of her shoe. He didn't move. "I can't force him to stay with me, he can change his mind at any time, but he doesn't seem inclined to do that. His lease is up in two months...he's agreed to move into my apartment then. He's here all the time, anyway."

"What type of work does he do?"


"I work for the state, Miss Elizabeth. I'm an engineer."

Kim picked up a piece of cheese and ate it. "Help yourself, Liz...Gregory does all my shopping. He's very good at it."

Liz took a piece of cheese while Kim picked up her glass of wine. Liz took her glass also.

"Here, Gregory."

Kim held a piece of cheese to his lips. He ate it from her fingers. She took a bite from another piece and fed him the remainder. By the time the platter was empty, he had eaten more than the two of them together. She gave him her glass of wine, which he finished.

Liz moved her eyes from Kim to Gregory and back again. She didn't speak.

"You're staying for dinner, I hope. Dinner, Gregory."

He stood quickly and went to the kitchen.

"He's not much for cooking, but he is good at presentation and serving. I'm hopeful that he'll be able to learn how to do some cooking."

"I think I'm in shock, Kim. He really obeys you?"

She smiled, "Of course. He's submissive."

"I didn't know any man would be like that."

"Well, Eric is certainly not submissive...that's why you're better off without him. You need a submissive man, Liz. You would really enjoy him."

Gregory came back to the living room. He stood beside Kim and told her that dinner was ready. She stood and took Liz's arm, pulling her gently to her feet.

"Come along, Gregory."

He followed them to the dining room. Two places were set. He helped Liz with her chair and placed a napkin in her lap. Then he came around to Kim's chair and helped her with her chair and napkin. He went to the kitchen. Kim winked at Liz. He came back with the food platters and put them on the table. He put food on Liz's plate and then on Kim's plate. He went back to the kitchen and returned with two more glasses of wine.

"Would you like anything else, Mistress Kimberly?"

"Anything else you would like, Liz?"

Liz was staring again. She looked down at her plate. "No, I think this is plenty. It looks very good."

"I had to cook it. Maybe at a future dinner, Gregory will be able to do everything. You may get your bowl, Gregory."

"Yes, Mistress...thank you, Mistress."

He went to the kitchen and came back with a bowl. Liz could see that it was empty. He knelt near Kim, holding the bowl in both hands.

"He has nothing to eat, Kim."

"He'll eat what we eat...but not just yet."

Liz began to eat her salad and then her fish and carrots but she could barely take her eyes from Gregory. Could there really be men who would do this for a woman? She knew she had never known a man like this.

"Your bowl, Gregory."

He raised his bowl toward Kim and she put a piece of fish in it. He started to eat it while Kim sipped her wine.

"Water, Gregory."

He put his bowl down and quickly went to the kitchen, returning with two glasses of water. Kim took a sip from her glass.

He picked up his bowl and resumed eating again. Kim leaned over and put some carrots in his bowl.

"So, Liz, what do you think now?"

Liz realized that she'd stopped eating. She'd been too busy watching them. She started to eat again while she pondered Kim's question.

"I have to admit I'm intrigued."

"I was hoping you'd say that. I have a suggestion for you. Jason."

"Who's Jason?"

"I had Jason for a weekend shortly before I found Gregory. His attitude is excellent, it's just as good as Gregory's, but there was no chemistry, no physical attraction. But, with the right mistress, he'd be very good."

"What's wrong with him?"

"Well...nothing's wrong with him but he is a bit overweight. Actually, he's fat. But you could just use him for the practice."

"That wouldn't be fair to him."

"Oh, Liz, this isn't about fairness to men. And, who knows, you might like him and keep him. You just never know. Think of it as a blind date."


"Oh, there's something else you need to know. Gregory and Jason are a lot alike, they just want to serve and please, which is what I want. But not all submissive men are the same. Some like to be tied up, some like to be spanked, some like to be abused, some like to be humiliated...and some like to feel real pain, some of them want extreme pain. So, if you'd prefer one of those types, I can help you find him."

Liz thought for a moment, then she shook her head. "I had no idea, honestly I didn't."

"I was pretty sure you didn't. But it is a wonderful thing, don't you think?"

"I don't know, I guess so." She glanced at Gregory for a moment. "But what would happen if you wanted to abuse or beat Gregory?"

Kim laughed, "Gregory and I have an understanding concerning what's appropriate in our relationship. And we're both comfortable with it. If I wanted to beat a man, I would have found a different one." She paused for a moment, still looking at Liz. "So, if you think our arrangement is good, Jason might turn out to be just right for you."

Liz leaned back, looking at Gregory again.

Kim leaned over and emptied her plate into Gregory's bowl.

"Are you finished, Liz?"

"Yes...it was very good, but Gregory gave me so much, I just can't eat any more."

Kim laughed. "He does that so he'll have more to eat. I'm sure you noticed that he ate most of the cheese."

She took Liz's plate and emptied it into his bowl. They both watched him as he ate.

"He does have a good appetite...but he works out and he doesn't gain weight, so I usually let him eat as much as he wants. He is a good-looking man, don't you think?"

"Yes, he certainly is.

When he finished eating, Kim spoke to him.

"We're finished, Gregory."

Gregory stood and took their napkins. As he was clearing the table, Kim spoke to him again. "Have you made coffee, Gregory?"

"Yes, Mistress Kimberly."

"Bring us coffee, then clean the kitchen. You may finish my wine and Miss Elizabeth's wine, afterwards."

"Thank you, Mistress." He finished clearing the table, taking the dishes and silverware to the kitchen. He returned with the coffee a moment later. He poured a cup for each of them and offered cream and sugar. Then he went back to the kitchen.

"He'll be in the kitchen for a while. He has to wash and dry the dishes and then put everything away."

"Is your dishwasher broken?"

Liz smiled. "No, not at all. I just think he should have real chores to do. And sometimes I like to watch him while he does them. He also washes my underwear by hand. So, Liz...should I call Jason? He lives about ten minutes away. I could have him here in fifteen minutes."

"You've already told him about me?"

"Oh no, I wouldn't do that. But I'm pretty sure he's home alone. And if I tell him to come here, he'll come immediately. He is a true submissive, Liz.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"What do you have to lose? If you don't like him, just send him away. Believe me, if you send him away, he won't bother you again. Gregory, come here."

He came immediately from the kitchen and stood by her chair.

"Bring me my phone and my address book."

He went to the living room and came back with both items. He held them out to her, in his open hands, and she took them from him. "Gregory, I'm going to call another submissive man I know. I want Miss Elizabeth to meet him. You may finish in the kitchen, then wait there until I call you."

"Yes, Mistress."

He returned to the kitchen, disappointed that Elizabeth was not going to stay the evening with his mistress. He had hoped that he would be required to please both of them.

She looked up Jason's number as Gregory left, and dialed it.

When Jason's phone rang, he was lying on the couch watching a drama show on TV. It was one of his favorite shows because one of the lead characters was a strong, confident, no-nonsense woman. He always fantasized about serving her, sometimes the character, and sometimes the actress, herself. He had his fly open and he was touching himself. He had been too tired the previous night but he knew he'd masturbate tonight. He was going to tease himself as long as he could, the way he thought the actress might do it. There was a similar show on after this one and he was going to tease himself through both of them. The actress was sitting on a chair, her legs crossed, talking to another character. He was fantasizing about kneeling in front of her when the phone rang.

He looked over at it, wondering who would be calling him tonight. He reached for the phone.


"Hello, Jason, this is Miss Kimberly."

He pulled himself to a sitting position. "Hello, Miss Kimberly, how are you?

"I'd like you to come here tonight...now."

"Yes, Miss Kimberly, would thirty minutes be okay?"

"No, that's too long. Be here in fifteen minutes."

"Yes, Miss Kimberly."

"Goodbye, Jason."

She had hung up before he could say goodbye. He sat for a few seconds. He was surprised that she had called him. The few days he had spent with her were disappointing and discouraging, but they were still exciting. He hadn't expected to hear from her again. He had thought about searching for a real woman again but he just couldn't get started. Maybe she had changed her mind. He went to the bedroom and changed clothes quickly. He assumed that she would want him to take his clothes off but he thought he should be better dressed when he got there. He was glad he hadn't had an orgasm, he knew she would expect him to be fully erect at all times. He was excited now. He was glad he hadn't thought about searching for another mistress. He was in his car in less than five minutes and he drove to her apartment, quickly, but carefully.

After she hung up the phone, Kim turned to Liz.

"He's on his way."

Liz took a deep breath. "I wonder if this is a good idea."

Kim smiled. "Just relax, Liz, I think you're beginning to like the idea."

They sipped their coffee and talked for the next fifteen minutes while Gregory continued to work in the kitchen. Kim gave Liz some tips about what she should and shouldn't do with Jason. Liz asked some questions which Kim answered. Then, they heard a soft knock on the door.

"Liz, why don't you go to the living room while I let Jason in?"

Kimberly went to the door and opened it.

"Come in, Jason. You can leave your clothes here and join me in the living room."

She locked the door and walked from the hallway to the living room, leaving Jason there. Kimberly and Elizabeth sat on the couch, waiting. In less than a minute, Jason came into the living room. He looked surprised to see someone else and he looked embarrassed at being naked in front of someone he didn't know. He had felt the same way the first time Miss Kimberly had seen him naked, but he had adjusted. He felt his erection soften. He looked down at the floor.

"Jason, this is Miss Elizabeth. I've told her about you and she wanted to meet you. She's in need of a submissive male."

Jason breathed a little faster. Obviously, Miss Kimberly had not changed her mind.

"Say hello to Miss Elizabeth, Jason. And do it properly."

He immediately dropped to his hands and knees and crawled over to her. He kissed her right shoe and then her left one.

"I'm happy to meet you, Miss Elizabeth."

Liz was once again stunned. Jason was nice-looking, but he was indeed fat. She thought he probably met the definition of obese. And she wasn't sure he had an erection...certainly not like Gregory had, anyway. She managed a reply.

"Hello, Jason."

Kim spoke again. "I think you may have gained some weight since we last saw each other. Is that right, Jason?"

"I think so, Miss Kimberly."

"And you're not very hard. When was your last orgasm?"

"Wednesday night, Miss Kimberly."

"Well, I guess I can understand that." She turned toward Liz. "I didn't allow Jason to have an orgasm during our weekend. He was considerably harder when the weekend was over. Gregory's the same way, men have too many orgasms when they're not being supervised."

Kim stood. "We're going to weigh you, Jason...let's go to the bathroom."

She started walking and Jason stood and walked behind her. Liz followed.

"Get on the scale, Jason."

He stepped on the scale as Kim watched it.

"246. How tall are you, Jason?"

"I'm 5, 10, Miss Kimberly."

Kim turned to Liz. "He has gained some weight. But anyway, it might be good if you at least keep him for the weekend. How about it?"

Liz was thinking that she wished she had stayed in her own apartment. But at this point, she felt trapped. She didn't see a graceful way out.

"Okay, Kim, I'll try your suggestion."

"I'm glad, Liz. Take him now, and you're both invited back here for breakfast tomorrow morning. Okay? Get dressed, Jason."

Jason went to his clothes and started dressing. Kimberly and Elizabeth followed and watched while he dressed. All Elizabeth could think about was how big he was. How could she do this? She started to feel hatred toward Eric. "All right, Kim...I'll call you in the morning."

The two women hugged and Elizabeth and Jason left together. She walked to the elevator and Jason followed two steps behind her. She pushed the button for her floor and they rode in silence. She left the elevator at her floor and Jason again followed her. In her apartment, she locked the door behind her and turned toward Jason. He had already begun to get undressed. She wanted to stop him but he was undressed before she could manage to say anything. He knelt quickly.

Jason was already entranced with Elizabeth. He had been thinking as they walked to her apartment and had concluded that she might want him to belong to her. Besides, it was obvious that Kimberly didn't want him.

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