Elizabeth and Jason


She stood. "Give me the key to your apartment, Jason. I don't want you to have a place where you can eat this awful food."

He took his key ring out of his pocket and quickly removed his apartment key. He held it in his outstretched palm. She took it. "What are those other keys?"

"These two are for the school...this one is for my desk and this one is for the Faculty Lounge. This is my mail box key." He reached in his pocket and took out another key. "This is my car key."

"Give me your mailbox key. I'll get your mail for you, I don't want you coming back here next week." He handed her the key. "You keep the rest of the keys." He put them back into his pocket. "Are you ready to leave now?"

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth."

He took his suitcase, briefcase, and clothes to the hall. He opened the door and held it for her. She walked into the hallway and he followed her. He waited while she locked the door. He put his suitcase down and held the front door of the building for her. He put it down again by his car and held the car door for her. She was thinking that maybe she could get used to this. She was still trying to imagine Eric doing anything like this. He put his cases in the trunk, hung his clothes in the back, and got into his car.

As he started the car, she spoke. "We need to stop at the grocery. There's one about two miles past my apartment." She gave him the directions.

She spoke again as he turned onto the street. "When did you last have an orgasm, Jason?"

He was surprised at her question...then he answered. "It was Wednesday night, Miss Elizabeth."

"So you didn't have one last night. Why not?"

"I didn't think you wanted me to, Miss Elizabeth. I would never do it unless you gave me permission."

"Really...how interesting. What time Wednesday did you have it?"

"I guess around 10:30...I try to be asleep by eleven."

"That's two and a half days...I have noticed that your erection seems to be much stronger today than last night."

"It is much stronger, Miss Elizabeth, I think that's caused by being with you."

She smiled, "What's the longest you've gone without an orgasm?"

"When I was with Miss Kimberly. That was five days."

"I thought you were just with her for one weekend."

"I was...but she wanted to meet me first, she called me on Tuesday and asked me to meet her for coffee on Wednesday. She gave me the address of a coffee shop and told me to meet her at six...and not to have any more orgasms until then.

"And you didn't?"

"No, Miss Elizabeth, I obeyed her, it's my dream to be controlled by a woman. But when she told me to leave at five on Sunday, I went right home and had one. I did it as soon as I got there. Then I ate something and had another one before I went to bed."

"Do you remember Kim saying that men have too many orgasms?"

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth."

"She also told me that she's had Gregory for a month...and that he's only had three orgasms in that time."

He was just turning into the parking lot when she said that. He looked over at her quickly and then he looked to the front again. "Really?"

"That's what she told me."

He pulled into a parking space. "That's a long time between orgasms."

"Yes, it is....let's go inside."

He turned off the engine, got out of the car and hurried to her side. He opened the door and she got out. She was thinking about what would have happened if she had told Eric that she didn't want him to have an orgasm. Maybe Kim did have the right idea.

Inside the grocery, he pushed the cart, she pointed out the items she wanted, and he put them in the cart. She selected fruits and vegetables, high fiber, no-sugar cereal, oatmeal, low-fat bread, tuna, fresh fish, chicken breasts, skim milk, orange juice, and eggs. He put each item she wanted in the cart but she could tell that he didn't seem to be particularly happy about her choices. And she noticed him looking longingly at some of the same foods he had just thrown away, but he didn't say anything. He put all of the items on the conveyer belt at the checkout stand. When the cashier had totaled the purchase, she took out her credit card.

"I'd be happy to buy the groceries." She looked over at him...he had his checkbook in his hand.

"Why don't we split it, Jason? I'll pay by credit card and you can give me a check for half of it."

He smiled. "I'd be happy to do that."

He took all of the groceries and loaded them in the trunk while she waited in the car. She was thinking how great it was to have someone do all the chores. He unloaded the groceries and his cases at her apartment. He made three trips while she relaxed. As soon as he had everything inside, he undressed and put the groceries away. He knelt beside her.

"Come with me to the bathroom."

In the bathroom, she told him to step on the scale. She looked at the dial "245...I don't know if the difference is in my scale or if you've lost a pound, but 245 will be your base weight." She went back to the living room and he followed. She took a small notebook from a desk drawer and wrote the date and his weight in it. "We'll weigh you every Saturday from now on, Jason."

She picked up the phone and called Kim.

"We're back, now...is this a good time?"

"Gregory will be right there."

She hung the phone up. "Gregory is bringing me something. Would you like to wait in my bedroom?"

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth...but I will stay here if that is what you want. I will always do what you want."

"I think I'd like you to go to my bedroom."

He stood and left the room. A few minutes later, she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and Gregory came in with the package.

"Miss Kimberly said that I was to help you set this up, if you'd like that, Miss Elizabeth."

"Thank you, Gregory, but we can do it...it was very kind of you to get it for me."

"It was my pleasure, Miss Elizabeth. The instructions are inside the box."

She looked at the receipt taped to the box and asked him to wait a moment. She went to her desk and wrote a check to Kim. "Would you give this to Kimberly, Gregory?"

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth, of course."

She walked him to the door. At the door, she said, "I'd like to ask you something else, Gregory, do you mind?"

"No, Miss Elizabeth, of course not."

"Were you comfortable with Jason being there last night and this morning?"

He looked down for a moment, then he looked her in the eye. "I would really have preferred that he not be there, Miss Elizabeth. But it wasn't a big deal. Mistress Kimberly knows that I'm not bi-sexual and she had told me that she had no intention of involving me with another man, even though some women like to do that, so I wasn't worried. I knew that Mistress was just looking out for your best interest. I understood what was going on, it wasn't a problem, really it wasn't." He paused, "We really do have that understanding that she told you about."

He left and she went to her bedroom. Jason was on his knees near her bed. She went to the bed and sat.

"I didn't think you were comfortable on my couch last night...so I made another arrangement that I think will be better."

"I don't understand Miss Elizabeth."

"Come in the living room with me." She stood and he followed her. She showed him the box with the air mattress. "I hope you'll like this better than the couch, Jason. Why don't you set it up?"

He opened the box and looked at the instructions. Then he took it out of the box and hooked the pump up to it. It inflated quickly. "Thank you, Miss Elizabeth."

She knew he wasn't entirely happy. She guessed that he wanted to sleep in her bed. But she wasn't planning on that so soon...if ever.

"Are you hungry, Jason?"

"I'm starved, Miss Elizabeth."

"I'm hungry, too. Come with me to the kitchen and we'll prepare dinner."

He followed her into the kitchen. She showed him how the filter on the faucet worked and told him he should use it for all drinking water. "As a matter of fact, have a glass of water now. You won't be drinking all those soft drinks any more so you'll need to drink a lot of water."

He poured a glass of water and drank it quickly. She took out the chicken breasts and seasoned them. She washed the vegetables and prepared the salad. Then she put the chicken in the oven and told him to set the table. He put one place setting down and came back. "Is there a bowl you want me to use, Miss Elizabeth?"

She looked in the cabinet, found one, and handed it to him. When everything was ready, he carried the food to the table and helped her with her chair. He placed a napkin in her lap and knelt beside her chair. He looked so hungry, he'd probably still be hungry if he ate everything on the table.

"Hold your bowl for me, Jason."

He did and she put some of everything in it. "You may eat now...you don't have to wait for me. He started eating as soon as she said that. She watched him for a few seconds. "Jason." He stopped eating and looked at her.

"Eat slowly, Jason."

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth, I'm sorry." He looked miserable again. She just couldn't get over how she could tell exactly how he felt just by looking at his face. She began to eat while she watched him. Even though he ate a bit slower, he was through before she had eaten a quarter of hers. He looked up at her while she finished.

"Did you like that, Jason?"

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth...it was very good."

"But it wasn't as much as you're used to, was it?"

"No, Miss Elizabeth. May I have some more, please?"

"No, that's it for tonight. We're going to be quite serious about your diet."

He looked crushed. "Yes, Miss Elizabeth."

He watched her as she ate. As she started to cut the last piece of chicken on her plate, she could see him looking at it. She cut it in half and held one piece to his lips. He took it immediately and began to chew it. He was smiling again.

"Thank you, Miss Elizabeth."

"That's quite all right, Jason." She smiled, too.

As she started to stand, he rushed to her side and helped with the chair. "I'll be in the living room, Jason...clear the table and join me."

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth." He started clearing the table as she left the room.

She sat on the couch, picked up the remote and clicked on the TV. She watched for a while, not really paying much attention. Then she decided to see what was taking him so long. She clicked off the TV, went to the kitchen, and looked in. The dishwasher was running and he was on his knees cleaning the oven.

"Jason, what are you doing?"

He looked up and smiled weakly. "I was just cleaning the oven, Miss Elizabeth. I'm almost finished."

"You can do that another time...I want you with me now."

He stood quickly. "Yes, Miss Elizabeth, is it okay if I wipe the table first?"

"No, come in here now."

He followed her to the couch and knelt in front of her. He looked up at her, the apprehension visible in his eyes.

"There'll be other times for you to clean. I want to talk with you now."

He was smiling broadly now. "Yes, Miss Elizabeth, I'd love that."

She took a deep breath. "I want to know more about you, Jason...especially what you think about when...when you masturbate. Tell me about that, please."

He paused for a moment but he didn't look down. "I always fantasize about pleasing a pretty woman, Miss Elizabeth."

"Be specific."

He thought for a moment. "I don't know how specific I can be. My fantasies aren't always the same and they're more thoughts than images. They move quickly from one scene to another. If there was an actual video of my fantasies, I can't imagine that it would be something someone could watch. Anyway, I often imagine that she's told me that I need to satisfy her with my tongue and I do it. Sometimes I think about it taking her a long time to have an orgasm, sometimes she has it quickly, and then she wants another one. Sometimes I imagine that she tells me to give her a massage or that I'm just sitting at her feet while she reads or watches TV."

"What did you think about last night when you didn't masturbate?"

"I had the same type of fantasy. When I'm alone it's the only thing I can think about."

"Have we been doing anything from your fantasy today?"

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth."

"Have you enjoyed it?"

"Oh, yes, very much so."

She was silent, thinking. He looked at her as she stared off into space.

"Miss Elizabeth?"

She snapped out of her trance. "Yes, Jason?"

"Ms Elizabeth, I think I understand how you must feel...this being so new to you. But if you will let me belong to you, I'll do anything you want. I'll serve and please you, I really will."

"I am struggling with all of this." She paused again. "I keep telling myself that I like it." She paused again. "Maybe I just need some more time to adjust."

"I understand, Miss Elizabeth. I just wanted you to know that I want to belong to you."

She looked away again. He knew she needed more time. He decided not to say anything until she did. Finally, she spoke, "I'm going to take a shower, Jason. You may finish in the kitchen."

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth."

He went to the kitchen and she sat for another moment, still amazed at the day's events. Then she went to her bedroom, got her robe, and went to the bathroom. She just kept thinking about everything that had happened as the hot water beat down on her. She just wanted to get some sleep and not have to think about it anymore today. But she couldn't stop thinking about Jason being there, so willing to do anything that she could possibly want him to do. She got out of the shower, dried herself, and put on her robe. She wrapped a towel around her hair and left the bathroom. She found him in the kitchen, he was cleaning the microwave now.


He turned. "Yes, Miss Elizabeth?"

"I'm out of the bathroom. You can take a shower now."

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth. May I please finish the microwave? It'll just be another five minutes. I really shouldn't leave it like this."

She smiled. "Of course. I'll be in my bedroom. Come in when you're finished."

He looked so happy again. She went to her bedroom. She dried and brushed her hair. Then, she relaxed on her bed, picking up a magazine to read. He came in about ten minutes later.

"I'm finished in the kitchen, Miss Elizabeth."

"You'll find towels in the linen closet. If you need anything else, let me know."

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth."

She continued to read while he showered. He came back in about 15 minutes. She saw that he was still quite hard. She stood and went to the living room. He followed. "I'm ready for bed now, Jason. You can set up your bed for the night." He quickly spread the sheet over the mattress and placed his pillow on it. "Lie down." He did as she said and pulled the other sheet over himself. She liked that his erection poked the sheet upward.

She smiled. "Good night, Jason."

He smiled, too. "Good night, Miss Elizabeth."

She went to her bedroom. She had decided that Jason was safe and that she didn't need to bundle up or put a chair in front of the door. She undressed, got under the covers, and turned off the light. But she didn't sleep. She couldn't stop thinking. And she was feeling that urge deep within herself. She hadn't had an orgasm since last weekend when she was with Eric. She hadn't seen him during the week but that was usually the case...he lived over fifteen miles from her and they both worked a lot of hours. She had been content knowing that she would see him this weekend. But given what had happened since yesterday, her libido was now working overtime. She tossed and turned for almost an hour.

Then she got out of bed and opened a dresser drawer. She hunted around until she found her vibrator. She hadn't used it since she'd met Eric. She really didn't like using it...it was a poor second to the real thing. She really needed the warm touch of a man. She held it in her hand for a moment thinking about Jason's fantasy...especially that one word that he had used...tongue. The word was reverberating in her brain. Tongue. She couldn't get it out of her mind. Some of her boyfriends had wanted to do that but it had never been as satisfying as she had thought it should be. And, they always insisted that she reciprocate. She thought she had been better at it than any of her boyfriends. Especially Eric. That hadn't seemed right to her.

She put the vibrator back in the drawer. She got her robe from the closet, slipped it on, and opened her bedroom door. She walked toward the living room, being very quiet. She waited until her eyes adjusted to the dim light. She could see Jason lying on his back, his erection still pushing upward into the sheet. His eyes seemed to be closed. She moved closer, until she was only about a foot away. She spoke softly, almost a whisper. "Jason."

His eyes popped open. When he saw her, he sat up. "Miss Elizabeth...is something wrong?"

"No, Jason...nothing is wrong. Come with me." Jason scrambled off the mattress and followed her to her bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and he knelt in front of her, looking up at her.

"I've been thinking about your fantasies, Jason. I want to know more about them." She took a deep breath. "Would any of them ever begin from this position?"

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth."


"I would kiss one knee, then the other knee. Then I would kiss the inside of one knee, then the inside of the other knee."

"Show me."

She could see the uncertainty in his eyes. "Show me, Jason. Show me now."

"Yes, Miss Elizabeth."

He leaned forward and kissed her right knee. He moved to her left knee and kissed it. His kisses were soft and gentle. He looked up at her to see if he should continue. She held her breath and nodded. He pushed his head between her knees just far enough to kiss the inside of her right knee. He turned his head and kissed the inside of her left knee. He turned back to her right knee and began to kiss up her inner thigh. She felt the softness of his lips as he moved up her leg...as he kissed, licked, and nibbled the inside of her thigh. She lay back, her eyes closed, her hands flat against the bed, her robe falling open. He kissed her softly...and slowly. Always moving up. He didn't seem to be in any hurry. She let him push her legs open. She started to moan softly as he reached the top of her inner thigh. He paused, kissing her there again and again. She held her breath again, wondering what he would do next.

He moved to the top of the inside of her left leg. She gasped as his lips brushed across her pubic hair. He kissed the inside of her upper thigh. As he started to kiss down her left leg, she moaned loudly. He had been so close to her...right where she wanted him, right where she needed him...and now he was moving away. He kissed the inside of her left leg as slowly and as thoroughly as he had kissed her right one. When he reached the inside of her left knee, he kissed it again and again, licking it, as well. She was moaning softly, her eyes still closed. Then he started up, kissing, licking, nibbling. Her moans were low and soft. When he reached the uppermost part of her left leg, she sucked in her breath and held it.

He slipped his arms under her legs and put his hands on her hips, holding her in place. Her legs were now resting on his back. Then he kissed her outer lips...again and again...softly, tenderly, his lips lingering before he moved away and then moved back to kiss her again. She moaned, breathing faster. She wanted to reach down and pull him to her, but she resisted that impulse. He was now licking along her outer lips, slowly and gently. She thought she was about to lose her mind. Her hands went into fists as she grabbed onto the sheet. He pushed the tip of his tongue between her inner lips and flicked it rapidly. She was moaning much louder now. He kissed her outer lips again...tenderly. She was alternating between holding her breath and breathing rapidly. She wondered how much more she could take. He began to slide his tongue over her inner lips, making tiny circles, just using the tip of his tongue, around and around, so slowly that she wanted to scream. She was gasping steadily now. Then he touched her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, just barely touched it. He flicked it slowly, then rapidly, then slowly again.

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