tagInterracial LoveElizabeth Finally Blacked Ch. 02

Elizabeth Finally Blacked Ch. 02


I awoke with a heavy headache, eyes stinging and stomach in churn. I drank too much scotch last night, that was for certain. Worse, I had forgotten to mitigate the impending damage with any water. I also pumped out several orgasms, which had drained me of my testosterone. My physical ailments paled in comparison to what my real strife was, however. The memory of last night flooded back with unforgiving potency.

I glanced to my left, apparently Elizabeth had already awoken and left the room. The sound of the television slowly broke through the haze of my hangover, and I eventually realized she was downstairs. My wife had cuckolded me last night. The memory of it made me dizzy and flush with aroused confusion. Years of an unscratched itch had led to an explosion of interracial, extramarital lust. I was admittedly a willing participant in her dalliance. I don't know why, really. I suppose over our years together a lingering perversion had arisen in my mind as well. Deep down I knew she wanted to bed a well hung black man. Her years away at college had allowed her a window seat into that kind of sex. Her roommate at the time had craved it, cuckolding her own boyfriend regularly.

I began to slowly reach out for the cellphone on my nightstand. I swallowed nervously as I opened the text from Elizabeth, that fateful text. The video was still there, brief in duration but eternal in its consequence. His cock was massive, truly. I had seen the sort on occasion in porn, but to think this kind of hung cock would one day fuck my wife. It was incomprehensible, yet it was now my reality. I watched as Elizabeth's beautifully large tits bounced sexily as she took him. Her harrowing moans sent chills down my spine all over again. The video ended. I took a deep breath, noticing to my returning shame that my dick was as hard as a rock. Somehow, I pressed play again.

After watching it two more times I looked up to see her standing there, half in the doorway. She looked radiant, to be honest, beautiful in her bathrobe and without make-up on. She was smiling in greeting, having caught me viewing her video.

"Do you like that movie?" she asked, voice sweet - tinged with embarrassment. "We should probably delete it." She quickly added.

I fumbled with the phone in my own embarrassment, finally tossing it to the side. "Good morning." I managed.

We were silent for a moment, but she spoke. "I love you Steve." she continued to stand there, observing me. I sensed some hesitation on her part, she was clearly unsure as to how I was feeling about last night.

"I love you too." I replied, smiling. "Come here." I patted the bedside, masking my physical pain and my mental anguish.

She walked over to me slowly, tits bouncing beneath the silk of her robe. God she was gorgeous. She eventually sat down next to me on the bed, blushing deeply as she spoke.

The gravity of the situation seemed to hit her all at once. "I can't believe I did it." She covered her face with her hands, her voice somewhat emotional.

"We did it." I corrected her, gently removing those hands from her face and then holding them. "I encouraged you." I paused, thinking on my next words. "Look, Lizzy. It was super fucking hot." I shook my head, unable to believe it actually happened.

I continued, "I know you've been fantasizing about that for while." I paused. "I think I've kind of fantasized about it too."

"Really?" She replied, sheepishly.

"Look, I know I'm not the biggest guy in the worl-"

She cut me off. "Steve, I love your dick, and I love having sex with you, and most importantly I love you! Don't you dar-"

"C'mon babe. I know you love me, but that's not what this is about. I see the kind of porn you like. I saw you in that insanely hot video you texted to me." I said, pointing back to my phone. "I'm not naive."

She blushed deeper, admitting, "I... had fun."

The next questions were harder to ask, but they aroused me all the same.

"Did..." I sighed, pausing and shaking my head. It was an insane question to ask but I did nonetheless. "Did, he cum in you?" I took a deep breath, continuing. "How many times did you...?"

She pulled away, covering her face with her hands again, seemingly mortified.

"Stop Liz, it's done - you fucked him. Tell me the details."

She fought to find the words, but eventually regained her composure. "It was so dumb not to use condoms." She muttered under her breath, seemingly aghast with herself. "It all happened so fast."

I began breathing heavily at her retelling, I was impossibly aroused - but equally horrified. At that instant I was immensely thankful Lizzy had never lapsed on her birth control.

She continued, "But... No. He didn't cum in me."

I sighed in relief, stupidly, as if that was the dividing line in this equation. "Where did he cum?" I asked, desperate to know. This perversion was getting a hold of me faster than I'd have liked to admit. I wasn't sure why Elizabeth fucking this well hung NFL player had aroused me to such an extent, but it was intoxicating in its eroticism.


I leaned in and kissed her passionately, mashing my tongue into her mouth with little tact. Moments later I came to my senses, pulling back. "Tell me." I pleaded.

She was surprised by my aggression, smiling at me with wide eyes. She continued, slowly "He came on my tummy, he came on my tits." She paused, "He came everywhere." She smiled wickedly, glancing down at my small tent beneath the bed sheets.

She continued, less concerned by her words and more emboldened by my arousal. "Honestly Steve, I lost count of how many times I came. I was naked in his bed for hours, it was non-stop." She began playing with my dick over the tenting bed sheets.

"Jesus." I managed, breathlessly. My arousal had reached a fever pitch. I leaned in and ripped her robe open, causing her large tits to spill out. My mind reeled as the imagery of another mans seed splattered all over them. I kissed her deeply on the lips, pulling her on top of me.

She immediately realized what my intentions were. "Oh. I see what you want." She bit her lip as she mounted me, peeling back her robe as she did.

"Be gentle baby, my pussy is really sore." She leaned in and kissed me on my neck, burying her face into my shoulder, grinding back and forth on my crotch. My dick was now nestled between the cheeks of her ass.

She turned her face towards mine and the warmth of her breath began tickling my cheeks, she whispered, "I really am sore Steve. He stretched me out with his big cock."

I suddenly convulsed, as cum shot out of my dick and across her rump. I clutched into her waist as my orgasm coursed through me. I couldn't believe her words alone had garnered this reaction from me.

"Oh my." My wife turned, looking back at her splattered ass. "This really turns you on, doesn't it? You've never done that before." She smiled lovingly at me, and kissed me deep. "Does this mean you want me to see him again?"

Two weeks later, she did.

Elizabeth and I had incredible sex leading up to their next encounter. Her escapade at his house, my cuckolding - was an intoxicating spark to our sex life. She would tease me about his size, his stamina, but always in a way that enhanced arousal - not in a way that humiliated.

When the night of their next date finally arrived, I couldn't keep my hands off her. This was especially true when she revealed that she was going bra-less yet again and wearing the set of lace panties that I loved. It was a complete mind melter to see her wearing them for another man.

As she kissed me goodbye she grabbed my crotch and said, "Behave yourself. We are coming back here tonight." My eyes darted open, but before I had a chance to reply she kissed again, deeply. "I love you. I'll be back soon."

I stood there, dumbfounded, watching as the door closed behind her. I felt a panic at the thought of them returning to the house, but that feeling soon gave way to excitement. What the fuck was wrong with me? Muscle memory allowed me to compose a scotch, and I soon found myself back in the chair, sipping on my drink and watching a game on the television. My wife was out on another date with her bull, and it was insane to think about.

It was only a couple hours that had passed before the lock to the door turned. My first instinct was to stand but I decided to stay seated, clutching my third glass of scotch. My wife was the first through the door, looking gorgeous in her black dress, her bra-less tits were bouncing sexily as she smiled at me. Her hair appeared damp and disheveled, her skin glowing from activity. Behind her was Freddy. Needless to say it was a shock to see him again, especially after what had occurred, especially knowing what was going to occur. He looked even larger than I recalled at the party last month. He was wearing slacks and a snugly fitted dress shirt, accenting an admittedly muscular torso.

"Hey babe." Elizabeth spoke excitedly, putting her purse down on the kitchen counter and moving towards me. I could tell she was masking some embarrassment, some trepidation. Freddy was following immediately behind her - but his expression was more stoic. She leaned in and kissed me deeply, her face was flush and her breath hot. "Hey. Have a good time?" I offered, trying my best to maintain a composed tone of voice.

"Yep." She smiled wickedly, eyes wild with arousal. She stood for a moment. I noticed that her nipples were jutting outwards from her dress, clearly excited. "You remember Freddy." She offered, introducing him to me for the first time. It was the most bizarre exchange of my life. Talking to this man who had fucked my wife. He extended his large hand in for a shake, which I met and reciprocated. "How could I forget." I replied, somehow jokingly. He chuckled, but I could sense that he was feeling some awkwardness as well.

He spoke, voice deeper than I imagined, "Nice to meet you Steve." He glanced up at the TV, noticing the final minutes of the game. "Oh damn. Tennessee actually pulled it off." In that brief moment I absurdly wondered what college he had attended, prior to joining the NFL.

I nodded, finding some common ground with the man. "Yeah, didn't look like they had a chance up until the fourth."

"Damn, impressive."

I nodded again, this time in agreement.

Elizabeth interjected, "Oh no. No sports tonight." She paused, smiling at both of us. "Nothing kills the mood faster than sports." She leaned into Freddy, resting her hand on his stomach and looking up at him. "Do you want to see the upstairs?"

Time stood still as soon as she asked it. I felt a cold chill run down my spine, she really was wasting no time. Freddy smiled and moved one of his large hands towards her ass, sensually rubbing it. "Sounds good to me." He looked at me, "That alright with you, Steve?"

Elizabeth was also looking towards me for approval. My mind reeled. I felt a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach. I found my voice, "Yeah, definitely." I replied - somehow confident.

Elizabeth leaned down and kissed me with wild passion, she seemed to kiss me for an eternity until her body suddenly jostled forward, a slap echoing through the room. Freddy had planted one on her ass. I felt an incredible sense of eroticism. "I'll be right back baby." Elizabeth spoke sultrily as she stood, brushing her hair behind her ears. She grabbed his hand and slowly led him out of the room. I looked on in aroused horror as Freddy once again placed a hand on her ass. They both began to ascend the stairs, and I knew exactly where they were headed.

I couldn't help but wonder what an onlooker might have thought of me in this moment. How could I let him take my wife upstairs, in my own home? What kind of man does that make me? What would my friends or my colleagues think of me? I was a power player in my industry and extremely confident in my day to day life. Yet there was something inherently submissive about my compliance in this act - that was undeniable. But who was the weaker man, one who's controlling and jealous, or one who takes pleasure in seeing his wife break free of social norms, and become less inhibited? Surely any husband with an average penis and an understanding of sexual realities would admit that their wives, deep down, would love to try something larger. There was something supremely erotic about coming to terms with that. Encouraging that exploration was the ultimate display of trust.


The first moan caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand at attention. It echo'ed down the stairs and hit me square in my chest. My stomach turned and my dick strained to the extreme.


Her second moan caused the world to stop spinning. I muted the television instinctively, clutching into my chair - listening with perverted intent.

"Ohhh god!" My mouth became dry and I entered a delirious and heightened state of arousal. Moments later I heard the unmistakable sounds of bodies slapping together in lust. I couldn't believe my ears. I stood up, unsure of how to react. Seconds felt like years, I stood frozen - just listening. It was actually happening right upstairs. My wife was getting fucked.

"Oh my god!" Another groan from Elizabeth "Fuck meee!" She began to squeal as Freddy fucked her. I couldn't believe it. It felt as if the entire house might set fire, the air was so filled with electricity. I began to walk towards the stairway, quietly.

The sounds were intoxicating, her squealing, their naked bodies slapping together, the bed slamming into the wall. My wife was lost to her passion, moaning for his pleasure, "Don't stop! Don't stop! Oh my god! Freddyyy!"

The next sounds that echoed through the house were even more harrowing. My wife began to cum. It had taken less than a minute, which I could not fathom based on my experiences with her. Elizabeth's moans sounded deep and raw. I had never heard her grunt like that, never heard her scream in such pure satisfaction. "I'm c-c-umminggg...! I'm cumming on that big cockkk...!"

My mind was melting, my cock ready to explode without a physical touch. I began to climb the stairs in a trance, the taboo sounds of my wife's infidelity was leading me like a sirens song to the site of my cuckolding. That was when I heard him for the first time, muffled and raw. "Fuck yeah girl. Give me that pussy."

"Ohhh Freddy...! Fuck me baby!" My ears had to have been lying to me, my wife was never this sort of vocal - never this depraved. It was near impossible to process.

When I finally crested at the top of the stairs, I was looking right into my bedroom. What I saw will be burned into my mind for the rest of my life. It was, unequivocally, the sexiest sight I had ever seen. To see your wife, the woman you love, the person you are most intimate with. To see her, completely naked, writhing underneath a man with a massive cock. It's like a sexual atomic bomb that detonates within the deepest recesses of your mind. Her gorgeous legs were flailing in the air as he pounded her pussy. Her large ass mushed into our sheets, his huge balls flopping against her cheeks as his cock plowed in and out of her most intimate place. I couldn't believe my eyes. His thick black shaft was coated in her cream, I had to look twice, three times, unable to process how her labia was clinging to his substantial girth. Her toes were curled, one leg now wrapped around his lower back, the other quivering as she was bombarded with another brewing orgasm.

He enticed her to completion. "I'm gonna make that married pussy cum again girl. I can feel it. Cum on this bull cock."

Her delicate hands clawed into his large back as she did. Releasing in orgasm. She screamed in pleasure.

"Ohhh m-my g-...!" It was primal, as if her entire body was suffering from lock jaw as she came. Freddy held her, his cock still buried deep inside of her. I could see more of her essence cascade out of her pussy, smearing down his dark shaft.

It was more than I could stand, I pulled out my dick, afraid to touch it for fear of my own orgasm.

After the waves of pleasure subsided, she re-opened her eyes in satisfied delight. Freddy spoke, "Do you want to ride me baby?" He leaned down and suckled at one of her gorgeous tits. She shuddered, shaking her head. "I can't move. Please just keep fucking me. Please. I love the way you fuck me."

Her words were beyond comprehension, intoxicating, scathing, and true.

Freddy smiled, and this time kissed her on the mouth. The site of that, perhaps even beyond the sex, drove me wild. He slowly began to stuff her again, pumping in and out. I still couldn't reconcile his size, his stroke would come eight inches out, and his thick black shaft would still be inside of her. It was like a live action porn movie, and my wife was the star.

He continued to pump, once again picking up speed. He clutched at her tits, squeezing them, even slapping at them playfully. Elizabeth moaned loudly.

She looked down at their adjoined sexes, biting her lip. She was admiring how large he was, how he filled her up in such incredible fashion. Her eyes were glazed, consumed by lust. She spoke in inflamed tones, "God... I love how that looks. Ohhh...! Fuck me with that manly cock Freddy! Cuckold my husband with that manly fucking cock!"

"Oh fuck." Freddy grit his teeth, and locked in on his stroke, clutching her hips. "That's it girl. You're gonna get it."

"Oh my god, do it! Do it!" Elizabeth moaned, clawing into his arms as he took her. I looked down at their mating sexes, his huge balls flopping powerfully against her plump ass. Her legs began to splay yet again. She gave herself to him, letting control of her body and focusing only on the pleasure emanating from her womanhood.

She looked up at him, a devilish look now present in her eyes. She spoke with a sultry confidence. "Cum in me."

I nearly fell to my knees.

"Give me that bull cum Freddy."

She said it again, with more force. "Cum in me Freddy! Shoot that bull cum into my married pussyyy!"

"Oh damn! Oh fuck!" Freddy complied willingly. I watched in horror as his massive balls ascended to the underside of his shaft. His pouch tightened against his cock which too was engorging as it delivered a payload of seed deep inside of my wife.

"Yesss! O-Ohh god I can feel it-t! Oh g-god! Cum in meee!!" Elizabeth screamed as she received it, exploding in orgasm. She grunted in deep moans as her womb was coated in the seed of another man. She clawed into him, legs wrapping around his back, fingers and nails digging deep into his skin. "Yes... yes... yes! Cum in me... Yes... yes!"

The intense mating session in front of me finally came to a close. Freddy rested atop her for a moment, regaining his composure, breathing heavily. I stood there, still on the stairs, mind melted, my own cum in a pool on the carpet below me. As he finally moved to demount her I decided it best to return to my seat. But the last image before I turned to descend was that of his behemoth organ. It slid sloppily out of her pussy. A mess of their conjoined fluid bursting out of her hole and sliding perversely down the crack of her ass. I shuddered at the rawness of it all.

Downstairs I sat in silence for a moment, on my chair. I took another swig of scotch, now mostly water thanks to the melted ice. In a funk I reached for the television remote, deliriously turning the volume back up. Sports caster voices began to fill the void in the room.

After maybe five minutes, I saw Freddy at the bottom of the stairs. He was heading towards the door when he stopped to look at me.

"Nice meeting you Steve, and thanks again. You got yourself a wild woman up there." He smiled, and walked towards the door - closing it behind him.

I nodded in agreement, to no one in particular.

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by Anonymous08/09/18

A I said in CH. 01 I don't care what colour cock she used cuckolding me would lead to divorce papers being served, if a baby appeared I mos probably wouldn't be paying child support. A DNA test would settlemore...

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by Anonymous07/17/18

Too bad they always leave out the ending, . . .

of the marriage. And no, Freddy won't be paying any child support. When she finally comes up preggers there will just be too many men who might be the father. Interestingly, there will be an unknownmore...

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by TheStork05/04/18

Hot story!

Terrific story. I love how she and the husband both get more and more into her relationship with Freddy as it gets more intense. I love that she was so into fucking that she'd risk pregnancy, and I lovemore...

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by Anonymous04/27/18

Would love for Chp 3

Chapter 3 would be awesome.....with more submission by hubby and wife.

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by Anonymous04/19/18


I agree, a confession and a confidence with her friend would be a nice touch.

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