tagNonConsent/ReluctanceElizabeth's Second Day

Elizabeth's Second Day


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Elizabeth was enjoying her sleep when her mother burst in the door.

"Go away, I'm tired, I'm not going today" grumbled Elizabeth from under her duvet.

"Come on honey its time for church" replied her mother cheerily from the door.

"No, I'm tired, leave me alone" replied Elizabeth still tucked cozily under her covers. She tried to get back to sleep but she heard her mother coming towards her.

She locked her feet into the duvet keeping it planted on the bed. She knew her mother would try to take the covers off her. It wouldn't be the first time, especially on a Sunday morning.

She felt a weak tug at first and when her mother figured out what Elizabeth was doing, she tugged the blanket harder. Elizabeth knew her mother wouldn't give up and she wouldn't be able to get back to sleep anyway.

She still put up some resistance not wanting to surrender the warmth any sooner than she had to. Eventually she gave up and let her mother tug the blanket off her. She flopped back onto the bed again.

Elizabeth opened her brown eyes to see her mother standing directly above her. "That's right sleepy head its time to get up. Just because you were out last night with the preacher's son doesn't mean that you don't have to see the reverend today."

Elizabeth finally dragged herself out of bed, her belly just pressing slightly over her pajama bottoms. She knew that she should work on that but she had no reason to hurry. Her mother left and Elizabeth went to have a shower.

She cleaned herself as thoroughly as possible, wanting to cleanse herself after last night adventures. She wanted to look good for church and spend a few minutes searching through her wardrobe.

While searching she spotted the dress she wore last night. She had worked so hard for it, but she had done so much in it, that she wasn't sure when she would be able to wear it again...if ever. Eventually she managed to find a light yellow dress and tried it on. It still fit and she wanted to feel as pure as possible today. She took it off again to look for underwear. She found a yellow bra with thin straps. It would at least blend in if the straps didn't fit under the dress straps.

Next, she needed to find a pair of panties. Ideally she was looking for either a yellow pair or a white pair. She rummaged through her panty drawer, but all she found were thongs.

"Honey we're leaving now whether you're ready or not."

Elizabeth started, realizing how long she had wasted looking for the dress. She grabbed the first pair of panties that she could reach and pulled them on. She didn't even look to see what color they were. They were comfortable enough so she left them on and headed downstairs.

The whole family rushed to the car and headed for the church. Elizabeth was a bit apprehensive as she knew her boyfriend would be there-- if he was still her boyfriend after last night.

The service was all about moral values and the need to repent. Elizabeth kept trying to catch her boyfriend's eye but he kept glancing away as soon as he saw her looking.

When the boring service finally ended, everyone lined up to shake hands with the preacher. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, it was finally her family's turn. Elizabeth shook the middle-aged man's hand and tried to get away as fast as possible. She cringed as a hand rested on her shoulder and she hesitantly turned to see who it belonged to.

"Sorry if I startled you dear, I just wanted to talk to you about summer camp," said the preacher. "Go on ahead to my office and I'll catch up in a few minutes."

"Alright," replied Elizabeth. She went to tell her parents about the meeting and they agreed that it was a good idea.

"Sam can collect you when you're finished" her mother said and was gone before Elizabeth could say anything back.

She headed to the office and sat on the couch. The office was tastefully decorated and the couch was comfortable. She sat back and relaxed. She must have drifted off because the next thing she knew the reverend was shaking her awake. Her legs were up on the couch and her feet were apart. She realized that her panties would have been visible but it didn't bother her. After all, she was in church. Right?

"So Elizabeth, what have you planned for the campers this year? You've always been such a good girl in the past."

"I, I...I'm sorry what did you say reverend?"

"I told you before, please call me David. Now honey what's wrong?"

Elizabeth started crying and tried to explain.

"Everything will be alright. This is a safe environment. You can tell me anything."

Between sobs she finally managed to get the whole story out. The preacher listened intently. "Please forgive me. I'm still a virgin and everything."

"It is not for me to forgive you dear, but we can pray and seek forgiveness." He knelt on the ground and told Elizabeth to kneel as well.

Elizabeth knelt for a few minutes praying that she would be forgiven and that today would be a better day.

When she opened her eyes at last she saw something that she never expected. David, the reverend, was standing in front of her with his cock swaying freely mere inches from her face. It was a decent size and she couldn't help comparing his to Sam's. David's cock was slightly thicker, but she didn't know if this was because of his portly build or not.

"I must know exactly what happened and how you felt so that I can help you best," explained the reverend. "You will have to do everything you did yesterday and I shall be the vessel for the demonstration"

"Will that wash me of my sins" asked Elizabeth drying her eyes with the back of her hand.

"When the demonstration is complete I shall wash you in the baptismal pool and your absolution shall be complete," he paused, smiling before continuing. "But first the demonstration and remember leave nothing out."

"But wont that be the same as what they did?" she asked

"What do you think?" he asked her back.

She had to think it through for a minute. What happened yesterday was against her will and this would be consensual right? She wasn't sure if his dick was as big as the ones she had seen yesterday as it was still soft. He was a man of god though and he would know what was right and wrong. Perhaps he needed her to show him what had happened so that he would know exactly what to forgive her for.

She voiced this last thought aloud, pleased with herself for figuring it out.

"That is part of the reason, indeed," he replied. "I will know the sins that were committed and will be able to ask for god's forgiveness on those specifically."

"I suppose. He's a busy man and if I just prayed for forgiveness myself, he might not hear it and forgive me" said Elizabeth nodding her head slightly in congratulations to herself.

"But that's not all" replied David.

Elizabeth stopped, wondering what else there could be. She thought back over the last few minutes and at last something came to her. He said that he would be the vessel right, so that must mean that if she pleased him, she would please God and she would be forgiven sooner.

He actually clapped when she said this to him and she saw that his dick had started to harden.

She started by taking off her dress lifting it up slowly to reveal her panties and bra. "They were stroking their dicks at this point," she told David.

She took off her bra and panties, letting the preacher stare for a minute. Her pussy was a bit hairy and she had meant to shave it clean that morning. She had meant to shave it that morning, but it was too late now. His dick looked a lot nicer now that it was hard thought Elizabeth.

"The unveiling of one's flesh is like a temptation from the devil" explained the reverend. "No man can resist the allures of a woman's unclothed body."

"David," said Elizabeth in a meek voice. "I did a lot yesterday and I'm not sure where I should start."

"Well you are already undressed before me. What indecent parts of your body did you use to commit your sins?"

"My hand," Elizabeth managed to utter. "My mouth....and my breasts."

"I'll start with your breasts since they are closest to your heart and in need of the most purifying."

Elizabeth responded immediately wishing to be purified as soon as possible and to please both the preacher and god. She got down on her knees and placed his dick between her tits. She squeezed them against it and told him he had to move himself up and down.

"Breasts are an important part of the body. They provide nourishment for our children and allow a woman to find a suitable husband to bring them into this world."

He stood there with his hands at his sides. Elizabeth took his hands in hers and moved them onto her tits saying "Press them together like this."

"Like this?" pushing her tits hard against his cock. The preacher's cock was lost in the flesh of her breasts. It would poke out of her cleavage on every upward thrust, occasionally smacking her in the chin. Elizabeth didn't seem to mind. The sensation was different from what it had been the day before; this time if felt more pleasurable and she was starting to feel guilty about it feeling so good.

"Use your hand," the preacher commanded.

Pulling the hard cock from between her tits, Elizabeth took the preacher into her sweaty hand. She began by stroking up and down his shaft. She touched the tip, rubbing the swollen head to increase his pleasure. He had started to moan and Elizabeth knew that she was doing it properly.

"To give a man pleasure is important in any relationship, but some things should be left for marriage. A woman's virtue may be given only once and it is important to find the right person to give it to," continued David.

"Yours feels different than Sam's," she said without thinking. She felt like such an idiot for even uttering the words.

David paused for a moment and Elizabeth thought she might be in trouble.

"What do you mean my dear?"

"Well...its," she took a minute to choose the right words, hoping it came out right. It was hard to explain how the feel of his dick in her hand felt different to that of his sons. "I don't know. Yours is thicker and just feels like a more natural fit in my hands" said Elizabeth innocently. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that. I'm supposed to be here for forgiveness" said Elizabeth a little ashamed.

"Don't worry about it dear. It's always nice to receive a compliment, even if it is in service to god."

Gripping the preacher's cock tightly in her grasp, she guided his swollen dick to her waiting mouth. Wrapping her lips around the bulbous head, she used her tongue to lick at the sensitive tip.

His dick felt a lot better in her mouth than in her hand. She ran her tongue as far along his shaft as she could reach. She could feel the tension building and knew that he would finish soon.

"When a woman takes a man's flesh into her, she agrees to accept his seed and the consequences of receiving that seed"

She tried to explain what happened next, but her voice was muffled by the preacher's cock blocking her throat.

"This is one of the reasons that you should be married before you accept a man inside you."

The preacher's cock began to pulse and a hot stream of cum shot down her gullet. Elizabeth swallowed what she could, but she gagged and was forced to let some of it seep from the corners of her lip. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and asked, "Were you going to say something?"

Elizabeth gasped for air and replied, "It's okay. I was just going to tell you that they sprayed their seed on the inside and the outside."

"I'm sorry. Let us forgive you of all your sins." The preacher rubbed his softening dick across her mouth and face, and then moved down onto her breasts. He pulled his shaft tight to make sure his balls were completely emptied on the young girl.

David put his dick away and herded Elizabeth towards the baptismal pool. Elizabeth prayed that no one was still in the church.

"Now we shall wash you of your sins."

The pool had steps leading into it and a glass partition on one side. They both stepped in. David didn't seem to be worried about getting his trousers wet.

"My seed has coated your body and we shall wash it away with your sins. This will begin a new phase in your life and you shall be pure once more."

David positioned her in front of him. He put one hand under the water on her ass and the other on the top of her back. He told her to hold her nose and then dipped her under the water. The water was freezing and Elizabeth could feel the chill hardening her nipples.

David must have said something, but Elizabeth couldn't hear him under the water. He brought her up and then dipped her again.

When she came back up the second time, David gripped her shoulders and shoved her against the glass partition. Her breasts were pressed firmly against the glass, as the preacher hovered behind the now frightened girl. She could feel his cock hardening under his trousers and it was touching the flesh of her round ass.

"Today you are forgiven, but the lord does not partake of those who repeat their transgressions. If this happens again, you will not be so easily forgiven."

The preacher explored her ass with his hand, rubbing mercifully along the crack. She jumped forward, almost knocking her head against the glass, when she felt his finger circle her asshole. No one had ever come close to touching her there and it was a strange sensation. He pulled away quickly, however, the few seconds his finger was there was plenty enough.

Looking out over the church, Elizabeth could make out the appearance of several figures in the back row. Was she just seeing things, or were there people watching? They looked to be older men, but she couldn't get a good view of them.

She pulled back quickly, hoping that they had not seen her, and bumped into David's chest. He reached forward, acting as though he was helping her balance. What he was really doing was copping a quick feel before speaking once more.

"You are forgiven. Now go and never speak of this."

Elizabeth got out of the pool and headed back towards the office to get changed. David followed behind her, admiring the view. When they had reached the office safely David gave her a towel to dry off.

She dried herself as best she could, noting how his eyes followed her movements. Her hair was still slightly damp, but she figured she better get home. She dressed quickly and got ready to go. He stood her in front of him and traced the sign of the cross across her breasts with his fingers saying, "Go in peace, my child."

Elizabeth left the church and found her boyfriend outside in the car. She got in, without saying a word. He drove a Chevrolet el Camino which left plenty of room in the back to lie down and have fun. She hadn't given it to him yet and now she didn't know if she ever would.

He didn't help her when the three guys came on her. He had just stared stupidly, and then ran away. She looked over at him and would have wondered if he had a cock at all, but she had sucked it enough times to know he had.

They had been driving in silence for a few minutes when flashing lights spun behind them. Elizabeth looked back and saw a police cruiser. When the cruiser didn't overtake them they decided they better pull over.

Sam had started to look a little nervous as the cop came up to the window. The cop didn't even give a greeting, but immediately ordered Sam out of the car. He put him straight into the back of the squad car and Elizabeth looked on wondering what it was all about.

The cop, or rather the state trooper, came back to the car and sat in the driver's seat.

"What's going on officer?" asked Elizabeth politely. She was put off by a predatory smile on the officer's face.

"No honey. We're just getting started. First off, I have to place you under arrest."

"What? Why? I did nothing wrong. I just want to go home." said Elizabeth getting more worried by the minute as the trooper took his time answering her.

"You're going to be arrested as an accomplice for drug possession with an intent to traffic," he told her at last.

Where had he received this information and why did he think she was involved?

"But I don't know anything about drugs," said a crying Elizabeth.

"That doesn't matter. You were travelling with him and so you're going to jail. Unless of course. "

"Unless what? I don't want to go to jail especially for him, I don't even know if he's still my boyfriend," said Elizabeth quickly.

"How about ten minutes," said the trooper.

"Ten minutes of what?" she asked.

"Ten minutes...anything goes," said the trooper gruffly. He placed his hand on Elizabeth's thigh, groping her on the outside of her dress.

"I don't think so," she said, brushing away his hand.

"Fine. That long black hair and those puppy dog brown eyes, well, let's just say that you will be a favorite with the other women."

With that he got out of the car and came around to her side. He opened the door, grabbed her by the arm, and hauled her out of the car. He started dragging her back to the cruiser. Elizabeth was crying now and couldn't understand how her life had become so turned around.

"I'll do it!" she screamed. "Please don't take me to jail! I'll do it!"

The thought of being hauled off to prison for something she didn't do was too much. She would rather have ten minutes with this perverted cop than ten to twenty years with a bunch of sex craved murderers.

"Excellent," he replied. He stopped pulling her towards the cruiser and just looked her over for a minute. He opened the tailgate of Sam's truck and stood up on it. Elizabeth's face was now standing a little lower than the officer's crotch.

He dropped his utility belt and Elizabeth stared at it, wondering if she could get the gun and shoot him. She thought better of it, knowing that would get her in even worse trouble. She wondered where that idea had even come from, since she wasn't usually a violent person. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

His pants came down next, exposing his cock for all the world to see. It was still daylight outside, but Sam had turned down several side roads to try and avoid the officer. They were now in the parking lot of an industrial area, that didn't appear populated. A car had yet to pass, but Elizabeth still thought it odd that the officer would put everything on display in public.

"Start sucking," said the officer in a demeaning voice.

Elizabeth still had some tears in her eyes and wiped them away angrily. His dick was only half up and Elizabeth knew that she had extra work to do. She leaned forward standing slightly on her toes to take his dick into her mouth.

It kept hitting the top of her mouth and she had to tip toe higher to keep her grip. He grabbed her hand and forced her to use it on his balls. She tried moving her head back and forward but he had to do most of the work. She wasn't steady enough to keep up the motion.

All the while, Elizabeth wondered if Sam could see her from the back of the cruiser. She didn't look to see if he was watching, but she was hoping he didn't think she was a slut.

Regardless of Sam's impression, Elizabeth didn't think what she was doing was all that bad. It felt good not to be on her knees when she was giving head and she could concentrate more on the cock and the movement of her tongue against it.

She started to move her head back to take his dick out of her mouth so she could lick the outside, when he grabbed the back of her head. He had his hands wrapped in her hair pulling it up past her shoulders. He kept her head on his cock and she figured that he didn't want her to move.

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