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Eliza's Game


Eliza's lips drifted slowly down over the hardening cock in her hands. She easily felt it slide to the back of her mouth. Any lack of solidity was banished as her tongue expertly circled the swollen head. She drew her lips back up it holding the ridge of the bulging head firmly she sucked on the tip eliciting a groan of pleasure from the recipient. Slightly releasing the tight grip with her lips she lets her suck turn into a swallow and slides her head down once again in a sharp motion squeezing the throbbing shaft between her lips. As the tip hits the top of her mouth she feet the whole cock twitch and swell accompanied by a tell-tale groan. She knew he wouldn't last long; she took pride in her skills. Two more rapid bobs on this shaft and she felt him cum. It splattered across the back of her throat and she expertly swallowed it, curling her lips along the length of his cock as she swallowed the small amount of cum he had managed.

"God yes, swallow it." he groaned as she did just that.

Her perfectly manicured painted finger nails scraped slowly across his balls as she gently squeezed them; this was too much as his final spurt dribbled onto her tongue. She dutifully swallowed it all and then squeezed the last out before leaning back letting it fall from her mouth. She fixed his eyes perfectly and stared smiling; lifting a finger to her lips she pushed a drop of escaped cum back into her mouth. She rose up slowly giving him another good look at her. Her hair was a dark brunette shade, she had deep hazel eyes, tanned skin, lips that pouted just enough. She was very pretty but that was before you even got to her curvaceous frame. Her 34Cs were pert and were presented well in her tight blouse. Her waist tapered but was abruptly interrupted by her flaring hips and pert butt. Her legs were not long but shapely and the 4" heels she stood up in gave added height to her 5'2" frame. She straightened her over the knee tight skirt and smiled again flicking her hair back into position and quickly examined herself in the mirror to see that her ruby her lipstick was still perfect. At 24 she looked like a dream. She dressed in the finest clothes, went to the finest places she had the sexual skills of a pornstar. She loved her life, looking down at her most recent 'lover' she smiled and collected the cheque from his table. It wouldn't bounce; he'd want her to come back after all. He had already drifted off and Eliza pushed his now flaccid cock back into his slacks and covered him with a blanket. His gentle snoring had just started so she opened the door quietly, looked back at her 80 year old blow job junkie snoozing and slipped into the corridor of the retirement home. James her tame care assistant was waiting for her.

"She's coming girl, you better slip out the back." he said referring to the matron of the facility.

She has caught Eliza once in a patient's room and had only just bought that she was the granddaughter of the naked resident. If it hadn't been for James coming in and saying the resident had had an accident then she would have been in caught.

"Thanks James, he's sleeping."

She kissed James on the cheek and slipped him $100 and smiled. As she darted off down the corridor toward the service entrance, she ran in her heels making barely a sound with the ease a normal person would run in bare feet. This was a girl who knew what she was doing.

After slipping out she walked away from the service entrance for a block. As she went she passed a young couple. Eliza smiled at them politely as she passed them and then could not help but smile wider as she heard the wife saying

"What are you staring at?" to her husband as he watched her pass.

Eliza had always been a hit with the guys and for the most part, a great friend to any girl; as long as the girl in question kept her boyfriend clear of Eliza who had quite the penchant for attached men. She slipped into her blood red Porsche and turned the key. It was a couple of years old now but still made her smile every time she gunned the engine.

For about 3 years now Eliza had turned her favourite pastime into a paying job. She didn't consider herself a hooker and in truth she was more an angel of mercy to the forgotten guys of the world. She had tried every kink you can name and she just enjoyed any opportunity to mix it up. She no longer slept with the conventional guys, the handsome jocks or chiselled city guys or even the rugged manual labourers; been there, done them. Eliza was into the unconventional guys and this was the key to her fortune. Retirement homes were a great source of revenue, the single guys, the widowers or ones whose wives were past satisfying their needs would pay handsomely for her charms. She would do anything for them and they gave her money. If she was a bit short or just needed a little going out money there was always some pensioner to relieve of his funds. She looked down at the cheque for 500 bucks and three more for that amount as well as one with $2000 written on it. It had been a good and profitable day. She was going to have a relaxing evening and tomorrow she was meeting a new guy back at Pine Acres who had sounded very nervous about his request to see her. Just off to the bank and then one more piece of business to take care of.

She headed home and stepped into the lobby of the hotel she lived in. Mikey the bellboy was manning the desk, he had just turned last week 18 and was quite a head turner. He was quite confident but Eliza knew how to get anything out of him and was well aware of the effect she had on a man his age.

"Heya Mikey, is your dad in?"

"He's in the back Miss Dawson." he replied "Could I do anything for you?" he said with a grin

"Aww, I'm sure you could baby, but I have business with your dad." she said not breaking her stride, brushing around the front desk and opening the backroom door. As she entered the back room she turned back to face a flustered Mikey. Slowly she bent over as she closed the door, 'accidently' offering him a glimpse of her pert breasts before it shut. The backroom was what you'd expect; lost luggage, a safe, spare keys, general office stuff. Sat behind a desk working on a stack of bills was a man in his early 50s and hardly a picture of beauty. Eliza often wondered if the son had got any of the father's characteristics and made yet another mental note to improve her friendship with the hotelier's wife.

"I've come to pay for the room John." Eliza said in a business-like tone.

"Thursday already is it?" John responded with a lustful sneer, pretending to have forgotten the highlight of his week. "Come on then, and pay it real good."

"Have I ever disappointed you?" said Eliza smiling.

"I'll let you know." he said as he unzipped his pants pulling his tiny cock out which was already hard as a rock.

Eliza reached under her own skirt and pulled offer her panties throwing them on his desk as part of the rent deal and climbed onto his lap. His hands were all over her body, groping touching her firm skin, squeezing her pert breasts and ass. She grabbed the base of his throbbing organ and squeezed hard sliding down on it. She just about felt him inside as she held the base of his cock like a cockring and started riding. She flicked her hips rapidly along his shaft as he buried his head into her tits.

Physically she was repulsed by this man but that made her so hot for him. He was fucking a girl so hot that even in his prime he would never have stood a chance with. She just loved how it made her feel, paying the rent this way when she could easily afford it. Three weeks a month she fucked his tiny prick for a $1500 a week suite. He grunted clawing at her blouse, his nails digging in as she held off his orgasm squeezing hard on the base of his shaft. The groans were loud but muffled by her ample breasts as her hips bucked along the rod.

"Now bitch, now!" he screamed out as she quickly jumped off his shaft and dropped to her knees.

John looked down at her, she covered his mouth with her free hand then released the grip she held on his shaft. This unleashed his pent up orgasm which arced from his twitching cock and sprayed across her pretty face. His cries now subdued by her hand were only barely supressed as several spurts of watery cum hit her face. As his orgasm slowed he relaxed back from her hand and muttered

"Wow, your some hooker." She milked the last of his cum from his softening rod and let him relax. Again she stood up, reached into her bag and retrieved a tissue and wiping herself clean.

"You can call me bitch, slut, tart, escort even whore if you want to; but if you ever call me a hooker again I will be looking for a new hotel. Is that clear?"

"What's the difference?" he said complacently

"I don't expect you to understand that." she said smiling "But that's the way I want it and if you ever want to have my body again, you will respect my wishes. Are we clear?"

"Yeah, sure, ok." He said. He watched a smile return to Eliza's face and he knew, she knew, that he didn't want to lose their Thursdays. "But you ARE damn good!" he said by way of appeasement.

"I know." she said "Rent paid?"

"I may have to put the rent up." he said lecherously already feeling life returning to his cock at the sight of her.

"And I may have to re-evaluate my living arrangements." she replied in a matter-of-fact way.

He thought about this but he knew what he was going to do, same thing he did every week. Write off her rent again and hide it from his wife and son.

"See you next week, slut." he said defiantly.

She rolled her eyes, smiled and opened the door. The sudden opening surprised Mikey who had been trying to listen in to see what this business was. He could have sworn he'd heard his father scream at one point.

"Good afternoon Mikey." Eliza said by way of a goodbye as she walked past him and strutted across to the stairs; her heels clicked on the marble floor. As she climbed away John came up beside his son.

"Good looking girl, I know son. It's a bad idea to get involved with the guests though. So stick to looking, a girl like that is no good."

"Why dad?"

"Trust me son, when you have seen what I've seen, you know how to spot a bitch." John ran his finger over the underwear in his pocket memories of the last few minutes still playing through his mind. He already wished it was next Thursday.

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