tagIncest/TabooElka and Ernst: Continued

Elka and Ernst: Continued


After the three of us, Elka, her brother Ernst and I had nearly been run over by the angry mob for having open, naked (save for Elka) sex on the lake...we'd practically run for what may not have been our lives...but certainly our health...up a hill and across a field, leaving my clothes and cooler behind.

As we recovered, breathing hard underneath a patch of trees next to the road that ran up to the lake, I thought about what had just happened.

I still couldn't believe that Elka and Ernst were brother and sister. I'd been sitting on the edge of the water, contemplating stripping to sunbathe nude when they'd approached me...a naked man and bikini-clad woman.

They were both very good looking, and of particular note was Elka's body...a total knockout...hourglass shape and large breasts set up high, packed tightly into her bikini top.

The rest was...well...strange but crazy hot to say the least.

Elka had knelt in front of both her brother and I and had blown us...making us both cum hard while a young girl stood stunned, watching and masturbating herself to orgasm in the water.

We'd escaped the angry mob and now stood looking and laughing at each other. Ernst and I were completely naked while his sister Elka wore her bikini.

We all agreed that was one of the hottest things we'd ever experienced.

"Why do you talk as if it is over?" Elka smiled at her brother and I, reaching behind herself for the ties on her bikini strings.

Falling silent, I stared...waiting in anticipation of seeing Elka reveal her big, magnificent tits to my greedy eyes.

Just then, a group of girls, three in all, emerged from the brush at the edge of the road, apparently headed for the lake, judging by their accessories.

They were young, perhaps college-aged, dressed for the hot day. All three of them wore shorts. Two of them had on t-shirts while one wore a bikini top.

Lost in their own worlds as they talked and walked together, they nearly passed right by us.

Suddenly, one of the girls, a cute brunette turned her head and dropped her jaw to her pert little chest.

"SCHAU!" she said loudly to her companions, pointing at the two naked men and bikini-clad woman several yards away under the trees.

"Sie sind doch nakt!!" another, one, a blonde shouted...meaning that Ernst and I were stark naked.

Out of curiosity, I suppose, as anyone would, the three girls changed course and approached, stopping a few feet from us.

"Hallo," Ernst greeted them with a generous smiled as the blond's eyes fell to his thick, flaccid cock hanging between his thighs.

I noticed one of the others, a dark-haired girl staring at mine.

"Hi," Elka smiled at them, dropping her hands to her sides.

"Why are you naked?" the blond asked, incredulous, at Ernst and me both at the same time.

I wasn't sure exactly how to answer that when Elka interjected.

"This is my brother, Ernst, and our friend, Bobby," she said at the group of girls, smiling.

"Your brother?" the girl who had originally spotted us spoke out, sounding shocked.

"You're American?" the blond asked me.

"Yes," I nodded, as Ernst confirmed to the group that he was indeed Elka's brother.

As I watched Ernst speak, I noticed his cock thickening.

"We were sitting on the lake," he explained as the girls watched his arousal grow, "and we were fooling around...when suddenly we were set upon by an angry group of people and we ran..."

"You were fooling around," the blond stated, slowly, as if she was unsure exactly of what Ernst meant.

"Yes," Elka said. "I was sucking their cocks."

By now Ernst was at full-mast; his erection stood out and away from his body, pointing towards the group of girls. I noticed again that it was much thicker than mine.

But watching him grow erect in front of the girls had its effect on me...and I felt myself stiffening again as well.

The girls stood silent, apparently shocked at Elka's explanation.

"You were...what?"

The three of them looked at each other, then back at us.

"You were sucking your brother's cock?" the blonde, now apparently the leader, said, eyeing both Ernst and my nude forms.

"Yes," Elka said simply, "and Bobby's."

Then, the blond brightened...gracing me with what appeared to be a slightly wicked smile.

"Where's your clothes?" she said.

"Well, uhm, I kinda lost them," I said, pointing in the direction of the lake.

"And me too," Ernst chimed in.

The blond's grin spread wider.

We all fell silent a moment, looking at each other as the sound of a car engine whined from over a hill in the road. Turning towards it, the entire group watched as a small, red, sports-type car appeared at the top of the hill headed our way.

"My god," one of the dark-haired girls said suddenly, as if realization had just hit her like a brick.

"You fuck your brother?"

She'd barely got the words out when the approaching car slowed to a stop on the edge of the road, several yards in front of us.

"Entschuldigen Sie mich!" a blonde woman called from the passenger's side, rolling the window down, using the formal phrase for "excuse me."

Six heads turned in her direction.

"Can you tell us how to..." the lady said, before her voiced died at the sight of two totally naked men with full erections standing in an open field surrounded by four fully-clothed young women.

It must have been quite a shock.

I saw the driver, a dark haired man lean forward in his seat to gape at us.

"eh...uh...get to the lake?" the blond woman in the car finished finally.

Leaving his spot, Ernst walked over to the car, his hard cock bouncing in front of him as the rest of us watched.

He stood a moment in front of the woman sitting in the passenger's seat. With his hard-on basically at eye-level to her, he explained how to get to the lake. I noticed the woman's eyes return to his cock over and again.

At that point, the sexual tension was beginning to take its toll on me as I realized that I was standing completely naked and hard in front of three girls, Elka, and the rest of them in what was basically a public place.

My cock throbbed and pulled in front of me, pulsing slightly with my increasing heartbeat. A fact that did not go unnoticed by the girls.

Elka smiled at me.

"Bobby!" Ernst called, waiving me over.

Suddenly, as if in a dream, I found myself walking towards the car. My cock ached.

"This is Petra and Gert," Ernst smiled.

Leaning forward slightly to peer through the passenger's window, I smiled politely. Petra's eyes went straight to my erection.

"Hi," I said. They both smiled and returned the greeting.

"We were looking for the lake," Gert said. "We were going to have a picnic, but Ernst offered that we could relax here with your group if that's not too much trouble."

"We have some blankets and wine," Petra finished, smiling at us.

Glancing at Ernst, I saw him smile somewhat wickedly as he nodded.

"Okay, sounds fun," I said, unsure what to make of the situation.

But as Gert shut off the engine, Petra pushed the door open and got out.

I saw that she was blond and blue. Like Elka, her breasts were large, packed tightly under a colorful yellow t-shirt. She also wore jean shorts that revealed a set of long, tanned legs and shapely thighs.

My cock pounded at the sight of her, and the entire situation, and I struggled hard not to reach for it.

I saw that Ernst was having trouble as well; his breathing was coming faster.

Petra and Gert opened the trunk and retrieved the supplies, then we all made our way back to the group.

Agreeing to stay, the girls helped us spread the blankets and set out the coolers.

Finally, we all sat under the trees: Elka, Ernst and I three abreast with Elka between us across from Gert and Petra. The three girls sat together on the edge of the blanket as we all formed a sort of semi-circle with the cooler and lunch basket in the center.

Pulling a bottle of wine from the cooler, Gert apologized for not having enough glasses for everyone. We dismissed it, and agreed to pass the bottle around.

After introductions, we passed the wine around several times while Elka explained the story to the group again.

By now, my erection had subsided and as the wine warmed over me, I relaxed...it felt not so strange now, in fact, almost normal to be completely naked in front of the entire group. I saw that Ernst had lost his erection as well.

But, when Elka got to the part of the story where she told about having sex with her brother and I on the open lake, I felt my cock stir again.

"What?" Petra exclaimed, leaning forward and nearly spitting her wine out.

"You have sex with your brother?"

"Yes," Elka grinned.

"Want to see?" she stated simply, as there was nothing at all unusual about it.

With that, without waiting for a response, Elka took her brother's stiffening cock in her palm, squeezing and tugging on it in front of the group.

Everyone watched, fascinated, as Ernst's erection reached full proportions in his sister's hand.

My own cock rose as I felt myself becoming aroused.

The three girls watched, darting back and forth between Elka, Ernst and me. I saw the blond smile at me again, and my cock throbbed in front of her.

Ernst shifted position. Straightening his legs, he stretched them out in front of himself and exhaled as his sister openly masturbated him for the group.

Suddenly, I felt her hand on my thigh as she reached for my cock as well.

"Wow," Petra said, fascinated by the sight as Gert whistled through his teeth.

"I can't believe it," he said.

There we were again; Ernst and I totally naked in front of the group as Elka sat between us, stroking both her brother and me while everyone looked on.

The feeling was incredible, indescribable. It was hot and dirty...I was so excited that I could hardly breathe.

Elka's huge breasts swayed and bounced with her movement under her bikini top as she worked us, stroking both of our cock in unison, moving her hands from the tips, down to the bases, and squeezing her way back up again, repeating the pattern.

Ernst moaned.

"Oh god, sister," he said aloud as Elka leaned in and tongued his ear.

Glancing around the group, I was having trouble breathing as I saw all eyes glued to the scene in front of them.

Petra's mouth was slightly open and she appeared to be breathing heavier as her large breasts rose and fell under her shirt.

The group of girls all leaned forwards, watching Elka stroke us.

Suddenly, Elka clamped her soft, warm, wet mouth over mine and pushed her tongue between my teeth. She sucked on mine and explored my mouth, kissing me long and hard.

My cock swelled hard, throbbing in her hand in front of the group.

Then she did the same with Ernst, kissing her brother long and deep, and lovingly.

Elka increased the speed of her stroking, eliciting audible moans from both her brother and me.

Glancing around the group, I saw that Petra had a hand on her breast as she pulled and pinched at a stiff nipple through her shirt.

The blonde in the group of girls snaked a hand into the front of her shorts.

The air was silent around us, filled only with sounds of heavy breathing, and our moans as Elka beat our cocks for the group.

"Ja, stehe auf," she said to us, indicating that we should stand, apparently intent on repeating the scene at the lake.

With that, Ernst and I stood side by side...our bare thighs nearly touching as Elka knelt in front of us.

Staring down at Elka, I saw her bare cleavage bouncing as she took hold of our stiff cocks and worked them, jerking on them and pulling at them.

My head swam.

Although introductions had been made, I could no longer remember everyone's name. I only knew that I was standing totally naked next to Ernst, who was also totally naked, in front of a group of people out in the open as his sister jerked us off.

The blond was openly masturbating in her shorts, next to her companions while one of the brunettes, the one with the bikini top, pulled it up and over her chest, exposing her smallish, bare breasts. Her nipples were hard nubs, and the circles of her pink aureole were swollen with excitement.

Petra had snaked a hand under her shirt and was tugging on her own heavy breast. Gert pulled and pinched at his crotch, adjusting it and shifting positions.

Elka then took her brother's cock full into her mouth, sucking it hard as slurping sounds filled the air. Stroking me with one hand, she swirled her tongue around the head of Ernst's erection...then she took mine into her mouth and stroked him, alternating back and forth between us.

Her lips on my cock felt incredible as it swelled between them. Coating me with her saliva, she sucked it all the way to the back of her throat, then pulled her way back up, sucking hard.

I thought I was going to cum on the spot.

Both Ernst and I were moaning loudly with each thrust of her mouth and hands on our cocks.

"Fuck me," she said hurriedly to her brother.

Standing, she slid her bikini bottom down over her hips to her knees, revealing a neatly trimmed blond bush between her thighs. I saw that her inner thighs were slick with excitement. Her nipples were stiff rocks in her bikini top.

Grabbing at my waist, Elka held me for support as she bent over. Moving behind her, her brother entered her, thrusting his erection into her.

Elka moaned and took me in her mouth again, sucking me as her brother fucked her from behind, moving in time over my cock with his fucking.

The blond in the group of girls now had her shorts completely off.

Naked from the waist down, she spread her legs, and began slapping openly at her cunt...pulling the swollen lips of it back, she spread them with her fingers. With her other hand, she lightly spanked at her clitoris, moaning...gorging on the horny scene in front of her.

Her companion, the brunette who had exposed her breasts, was fingering herself inside of her shorts.

The third girl simply looked on, staring wide eyed and open-mouthed.

Petra ran her fingers over her crotch on the outside of her own shorts.

Her hand rested on Gert's.

"Oh...ja..gott..fick mich bruder," Elka moaned in German. Ernst obeyed, thrusting faster, pounding his cock into his sister's pussy from behind, fucking her harder.

The blond moaned at that, jamming her fingers inside of herself. "Ya, oh god..fuck your sister....fuck her..." she said, rubbing her clitoris hard and fast.

Reaching under Elka, I pulled her bikini top away from her. Taking her large, heavy breasts in the palms of my hands, I kneaded them gently, feeling their weight in my hands as she sucked me hard and fast.

Suddenly, the sound of an engine filled the air as another car made its way down the hill towards us.

I felt my orgasm building in my belly as I watched it.

The driver slowed, nearly skidding off the road at the scene before him.

"Fuck me. Pound me. Fuck my pussy!" Elka shrieked at her brother. Releasing my cock, she turned her head to watch him over her shoulder. Jamming her hips back, she thrust herself onto his cock as he pounded her for all he was worth, grunting and moaning.

Grabbing at my cock, I pulled it...jerking hard, as the blond, now completely naked, gobbled it with her eyes, slapping quickly at her pussy. I watched her pert breasts jiggle and bounce as she masturbated herself loudly, nearly making me cum.

The brunette next to her jammed at herself, fucking herself with her fingers, watching me jerk my cock.

Petra now had Gert's hard cock in her hand and was stroking him hard and fast while she fingered herself inside of her shorts.

Gert moaned loudly, closing his eyes.

"Fuck her...fuck her...fuck your sister...oh god that's so hot," Petra moaned, pulling on Gert.

Suddenly, Elka came. Pushing back onto her brother, she shrieked loudly. "ICH KOMME...JA...GOTT...JA..."

Her body shook as she rocked with orgasm, cumming all over his cock.

Ernst moaned loudly and came as well, rocking up onto the balls of his feet. His entire body stiffened...every muscle locking in place as her thrust into her, shooting his load deep into his sister's cunt.

Stepping close to the three girls, I jerked my cock hard and fast, nearing the edge of orgasm.

Gorging on the naked blond with my eyes, I alternated between the horny scenes: Ernst cumming hard into his sister and the blond, totally naked between her two companions, beating furiously at her sopping cunt.

Her eyes roamed me, gorging on me.

"Stroke it," she breathed hard. "Stroke your cock...cum for me...."

Squatting in front of the girls, I spread my knees wide and pointed my cock at the blond. "Yah, fuck me...make me cum..." she moaned as we locked eyes.

With the sounds of Ernst and Elka cumming behind us, I watched the blond spread her legs as wide as she could get them. Laying a leg over the legs of each of her friends', she opened herself wide and pinched at her throbbing clitoris. Her bare breasts bounced wildly as she made herself cum.

With her fingers inside of her shorts, Petra came...hard, moaning and pulling on Gert's exposed cock, just as he unloaded into her palm.

The brunette next to the blond pulled hard at her naked tits, fingering herself in her shorts. The other brunette placed her hand on her naked blond friend's thigh and stroked it as the blond orgasmed...moaning loudly. "OH FUCK!" she shrieked, lolling her head back onto her shoulders.

It was all too much.

My cock jumped in my hand and exploded, sending thick ropes of hot cum straight out in front of me, spattering the blond's bare legs and thighs.

Over and over again, I shot my load, coating her with it...she was so hot...so fucking pretty...with her eyes half-closed in ecstasy, finger and slapping her pussy into a body rocking orgasm.

The air in the open field resonated with the sounds of groaning and moaning as one after the other, the group orgasmed, cumming and spilling their fluids all over the ground and on each other.

The driver of the car sat stunned, peering through the open passenger window with a look of total shock on his face, as if his jaw would separate from his head.

Suddenly, the sounds of sirens broke the air from the lake.

Petra and Gert jumped up.

Gathering their stuff hurriedly, they hustled to their car as Elka and Ernst separated. Pulling her bottoms up and top down Elka straightened herself.

The sirens were at the lake. Too far away to see us, but they shocked us into action nonetheless.

The blond hurried back into her clothes as her companions scrambled to their feet.

Only Ernst and I were left standing completely naked.

"C'mon!" Gert called to us from their car, as they stuffed the blankets and basket into the trunk.

With a final glance at the girls, I trotted off, naked, following Elka and Ernst.

Hurriedly, Petra opened the door, waving us in as we piled into the back seat...Ernst and I squishing next to each other with Petra on the end. I sat in the middle.

The driver of the other car watched in utter disbelief as two naked men and a group of clothed people piled into Gert's car.

Glancing at the group of girls, I saw that they were running in the opposite direction, already disappearing into the brush on the side of the road.

As soon as we were in, Gert pressed on the gas. Gunning the engine he pulled away, gaining speed down the two-lane road.

When we were safely away from the lake, Petra suddenly broke into laughter. Her laughter slowly infected all of us and soon we were speeding down the road, laughing like a pack of loonies. I've been going back and forth over it. I kept thinking I shouldn't have mentioned it to him, should've just kept being friendly-like. But he was so obviously

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