It's surprising that Ella was so young. I am only a few years older, but she knew everything, and I had never even touched myself. The girl had hair that you couldn't remember, but her lips were a tattoo upon yours. Her eye color didn't matter. The thing that mattered was if she was looking with them into yours. And her voice was so different, during the act. She was amazing.

I am not a lesbian. I think that it may be a path one day for me to follow, but I think it just won't happen now. Ella changed how I think about them, though.

My name is Imogen, and I am no longer a virgin (to a woman, I mean.)

It all happened with me losing my way. I had been walking from the store back home, but I just lost every sense of direction I had. Then, I saw Ella. She was walking down the dark sidewalk, closing in on me. I remember her clothes exactly, but then again, they were ripped off her only a few minutes after. We bumped shoulders and then she grabbed mine.

"Oh, I apologize," The olive skinned girl smiled wickedly, tracing every part of my face with her eyes. "You're not by chance looking for a good night?"

I swallowed back fright, but I knew that this girl couldn't hurt me. She probably just wanted drinks or something. "Yeah, that sounds fun."

She adjusted her faux-fur vest and cocked her head. "I'll show you the way...?"

"Imogen." I rushed my name, listening as she whispered hers. Ella slipped her hand in mine and drug me behind her. After only a block of walking, she took me into a small house, very neat because it lacked everything unessential. It had a bed, though, in every room. "Immy," She bit her lip with perfect pearls. "May I call you-"

"Yes." I nodded, sitting down on the edge of one bed.

Ella giggled. "I don't think I want you to pay. You're a virgin, huh? Little Mary," She remarked, watching my second, sadder, nod. "I'll show you what you've been missing." She pulled off the vest and it left a small, transparent, pink dress, down to her upper thighs. She crawled on her hands and knees next to me, and then she pulled her knee over my head. For some reason, I made no objection, and just stared up at her shaved skin. She had no underwear on. "Don't worry, I'm totally clean. I just want you to go crazy. Do whatever you want, but when I say the safety word, you stop. Nothing but the safety word, okay?"

My eyes widened. "No, I'm not a sadist or a masochist. I'm sorry-"

Ella raised an eyebrow. "This isn't s&m, babe. This is just to make me feel... better. You'll be next." She heaved a sigh and whispered, leaning down and breathing in my ear, "The safety word is Immy." She nodded and sat back up.

My heart was racing, but I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her warm self onto me. I could breathe, but hardly. She smelled so good, which I didn't expect, since it's, well... her snatch.

I slowly, trembling, ran my tongue over her labia, earning a small moan. She gripped my head, ramming my mouth onto her lips. She muttered, "Oh, virgins," and with that, I began going crazy. My tongue ran over her wet pussy, and she screamed in her palm. Then, I guess unexpectedly, I flung my tongue into her hole. She yelped and I stopped. She shook her head. "I didn't say Immy. Keep going!"

It seemed like hours, just going in and out of her. She began to bounce up and down, giggling and occasionally letting cream fall onto me. Suddenly, she let everything go. Her body shook and she fell forward. All of her juices ran down my tongue and into my mouth. I decided to swallow, and it wasn't that bad. "Ooh," She sighed. "I didn't say the word, Imogen. Keep on-on-oooooon." She moaned loudly as I started to chew on one of her pussy lips. She ground herself onto my face and I licked at her throbbing mound. "Oh-oh-oh!" She screeched in ecstasy, growling, "Immy."

My tongue resided back into my mouth, which I had wiped clean with the back of my hand.

Ella climbed off of me and nodded, juice still running down her legs, onto her black, rhinestone-studded heels. "Your turn, baby," Her eyes lit up as she laid on top of me. "Have you ever had a kiss?"

I shook my head once. "I want you." I told her. I prevailed, getting her to then press her lips to mine. We made out for only seconds before she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues tangled and fought for control, all while I stared into her endless eyes. She stopped the kiss by sliding down me, making sure to kiss my navel and laugh at my shock of pleasure. Ella rolled her eyes, snapping the button to my pants and dragging them to my ankles. "Immy, if you do not-"

"Please." I pleaded, hunger in my eyes. I wanted her to do what I did to her, and I knew she could do better. "Please," I repeated.

Ella slowly, knowing that it was torture, sunk forward and kissed me through my panties. I squirmed lightly, but she put a firm grip on my thighs with her hands. Her fingers were so long. She tapped them on my thighs for a moment before deciding some personal war. Ella took her right hand and hooked a finger in my panties and pulled them with a swift movement next to my jeans. She did something I totally didn't expect. She began fingering me!

Ella started with running a single finger down on of my lips, which wasn't a shocking feeling. It was so warm, and sweet. She ran her finger north, over a sensitive spot and I jumped. Ella stopped and raised that pretty eyebrow again. "Was that what you're looking for?"

I nodded, no way that I could lie to her. My eyes rolled back in my head as she ran her finger over the spot again and again, and then, she pushed it like a button. I took a sharp breath, ready for anything, when she pushed it again. Ella kept pushing my spot again and again until it felt like cum just shot out of me, but she didn't stop at that. In a fraction of a second, while I was preoccupied shuddering, she took her finger's place with her tongue. My thighs crashed embarrassingly against her head, and she grabbed them and spread them. Though they felt like breaking, I was too busy dying of pleasure to care.

And all of a sudden, she stopped. "No penetration? It's okay, I don't mind."

I shook my head violently, and managed a whimpering, "Oh, Ella, don't tease me!"

Ella laughed, and I could feel her breathing on my pussy when she began to pet my mound softly with her tongue. She smacked my thighs harder against the bed and finally entered me.

Her tongue was faster than a race car. She just wouldn't stop, either. I yelped and squirmed, but she just went faster, and I must have came for minutes straight when she started lapping up my cum. I sat up and thrust myself into her face. "C'mon, you can do better!" I grabbed her head and rubbed it over pussy. I could hear her groan and moan, stopping her work, letting me pleasure us both. She stood, licking the juice off her face and bit her lip. "No pay, Immy. Just promise you'll call again." She handed me a number on a piece of paper from the side table of the bed. As I was about to pull up my pants and underwear, she did the job for me, and added a lick to my 'spot' before zipping and buttoning my pants. "I'll see you later, doll."

And she did.

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