tagLesbian SexElla and Wendy G.

Ella and Wendy G.


Turning the key in the lock on Ella's door, I walked in, only to see her on the bed, speaking with another girl. This girl had a short, cropped, black haircut, and matching black eyes. Her skin was pale white, like mine, and her smile was bright crimson. She wore... nothing, and neither did Ella. Then, I forgot. It was Skin-Saturday.

Ella made a quick glance at me and stood, her perfect breasts perky. "You gotta strip Immy. Let me introduce you to my friend, Wendy G. Wendy, this is Imogen, but I call her Immy."

Wendy stood, too, with a few inches on Ella. She smiled, and said, "Hey, Immy." Her voice was so sweet, and her eyes so penetrating. "Nude, though. We need you nude to continue."

Ella had made a special call to me for a reason. She wanted a threesome. My jeans, shirt, bra, underwear, and shoes were all off in mere minutes. "I love Skin-Saturday." I said aloud, allowing a laugh between the three of us. "So, where do we start?" I asked, and was answered by Wendy's feet padding across the hardwood floor and pushing my against the door, breaking my pursed lips with her tongue. She worked wonders with that thing. It was so long, too, that I was wet just kissing her.

Ella cleared her throat. "Wendy, c'mon, we should start with a 70." She winked.

Wendy nodded. "A 69 with a person watching," She pulled away from me, but not before adding a little gruff grab to my ass. A little drop of juice ran down my leg. These girls were amazing.

Ella laid down on the bed, and before they began, she curved her finger, motioning me to sit by her side, to watch, to be the 7. Wendy climbed onto the bed after me, and laid upside down on Ella, her pussy in Ella's face and vise versa.

Wendy, making a rule, said, "No masturbating, Immy, unless we tell you that you can." She giggled with Ella. "Start." She breathed.

The two ravaged each other, and my pussy throbbed. Ella was a hyena, tearing and moving her head quickly over Wendy's snatch. Wendy, though, was like a puppy, lapping my girlfriend up. I needed help, because I was so close to cumming, but I couldn't get there without touching myself. I moaned in unison with the girls, and Ella winked at me. I caught on and got off the bed. I raised my head over Ella's, and she preoccupied Wendy with her moving chin as we kissed. I took in Wendy's cum and then Ella had an orgasm right there. From me? I wasn't sure. We worked as a team, though, and stopped kissing. She resumed going into Wendy with her tongue. I slowly approached her vagina, and I just let go. At times, I was kissing Ella, and at times, I was playing with Wendy. Wendy had finally given up on Ella and stayed focused on having so many orgasms. She squirmed, but we held her down with our pleasure-giving mouths. She finally ripped herself away and shook her head. "Jesus Christ, you're great, the both of you. I loved how you found a loophole." She was still cumming, and stumbling, as she left the room.

I climbed next to Ella and we kissed. To add, Ella, with me joining, started to thrust. She moaned into my mouth and I gripped her hair and practically pushed her against me.

Wendy came back in with three dildos. "Our asses, they'll be sore, but I've got an idea. We can be in a circle, all with the dildos in and turned on, and fingering each other. Everyone is happy." She handed Ella the pink dildo, kept the purple for herself, and gave me the red. We each helped each other stick them in, since none of us had ever used them before, not in our asses. Our circle was patterned: me fingering Ella, Ella fingering Wendy, and Wendy fingering me. On the count of three, we all turned on the dildos, which hurt and felt amazing, and began.

It was hard for me to pay attention to touching and penetrating Ella when Wendy was awesome at this. She had eels as fingers, and put in one, two, I think even three at a time. Ella used her tongue and fingers, but I rubbed at her nub, chewing at her labia lips. We all earned and gave moans, and after (what seemed like hours) we all came together. Each girl turned off each others' dildos and Ella went to put them away.

Wendy straddled my face and whispered, "Show me that it was only you who made me cum earlier." She grunted.

My tongue flicked inside of her, licking up the old and new cum. I didn't hold her down, and she thrusted quickly onto me.

Though Ella walked in, she only sat above my head on the bed and took one of Wendy's breasts in her mouth and the other into her hand. Wendy didn't seem to want this, but she started the kissing with Ella, and moaned in Ella's mouth as she came into mine, but I didn't stop at that. On me, up north in my labia, I have a certain spot, that if you press it, I go crazy. I found hers and rotated and revolved around it.

Wendy came back many times... most when Ella wasn't home.

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