tagExhibitionist & VoyeurElla Cucks Her Patient Ch. 04

Ella Cucks Her Patient Ch. 04


The second I arrived home I took my clothes off and took an ice cold shower mainly to calm my caged dick down. I managed to contain myself and stayed away from porn or erotic thoughts so an erection did not distract me from my daily life.

I was hoping to get unlocked as soon as possible and waited until Ella contacted me again.

A week passed with no calls or messages, my patience was at it's end as my cock needed desperate release.

I texted Ella asking her why she has not contacted me. I expressed my passion for her but my needs take over once she does not step in.

She texted back with the demand that I send a pic of my cock. I sent her a snap of my caged penis to prove that I'm still following her wish.

She responded with a picture of Nathan's erect cock in her hand with a smiley face. She told me to keep calm and play along, in the end it would be all worth it.


It was now the second week and I could feel the cage taking it's mental tole as I was losing sleep due to constant pent-up sexual stress. I texted her that I'm on the verge of breaking the cage because I was losing my damn mind.

I received a video call from her shortly after that had the camera in Nathan's POV as he was fucking Ella from behind slowly, making me watch it helplessly. Ella held her ass cheeks open with her hands so more light came in for the camera. Nathan deliberately was doing slow deep strokes as my cock strained against the cage from his teasing.

After a few minutes he pulled out and came on Ella's asshole and cunt closing the call.

Ella texted me right after saying that she has a 1 on 1 session in store for me and i just need to hold on a little longer.


I gathered my courage and took a firm decision that if not unlocked on my now third week I would take matters in my own hands.

Ella called me and said that we are going to talk things trough before I take further action. I sent her a current photo of my caged cock for evidence of my conviction to her.

"You're therapy is going so well, I'm so proud of you. I know how hard it is...no pun intended." Ella giggled. "I can imagine the pain you are experiencing but it's for your own good, trust me."

"I need to get out of this cage Ella, you have the key and need to unlock me. I can't live like this any longer. I'm sorry this is as far as I can go for you." I said speaking to Ella for the first time with a tone.

"I will unlock you I promise, but first we need to talk things out. Let's have a phone therapy session since we are both talking." Ella suggested.

"Okay fine, what do you want to talk about?" I asked.

"Since me and Nathan have tested and pushed most of your boundaries now the way to proceed is to know what you crave and imagine as new challenges in our relationship. Do you have any creative ideas you would like to share hmm?" Ella asked with a low voice.

"Well I never thought much about it that way. I was always in awe every time you guys dominated me leaving me no time to accept the situation before overwhelming me with the next hot action." I responded.

"Well how about a fantasy you have? Is there anything you would like to do? Imagine the three of us were naked in a room. Tell me how you would proceed." She said.

I thought about her question and shared one of my hot fetishes with her. "I have this fantasy...you know how you stroked Nathan's cock in my face for the first time? Well i would love it if you kept his cock there, got on your knees and blew him while i watched next to you. But that's not all. I want you to kiss me periodically, switching from his cock to my mouth the entire time, teasing me with a kiss and pulling back to suck his balls and then sticking your tongue down my mouth making me taste it. That would be so hot!"

"So let me get this straight, you want us both on our knees next to each other with a sexy large cock in front of us. A thick long shaved hard cock that is twice the size in length and girth of your small dick. A cock that can fuck me unconscious and give me multiple orgasms while you watch and beg to jerk off. You want me to wrap my lips around it, lick it up and down with my wet tongue, suck the head and worship the balls as you watch right next to me. Then you want me to look at your pathetic sight and give you a kiss just after I had my mouth on another man's dick. You want to have the taste of a superior alpha passed from my mouth to yours as I go back to take that fat monster deeper in my mouth every time I tackle it. Then the next time I lean in for a kiss I pull back before our lips touch to tease you as I embrace his large scrotum in my mouth pulling one testicle back and letting it go with a pop. After that I stick my tongue out for you to suck as I jerk the largest cock in the room while we are kissing. You want me to keep doing that until he cums in my mouth, as I kiss you with his cum flowing down your mouth. Is that what you desire you dirty perv?" Ella asked sensually with a calm demeanour.

"Yes..." I said grinding my teeth.

"Tell me what your dick looks like right now." Ella requested.

As I looked down at my imprisoned penis I spoke into the phone and said "It's so swollen, my dick is poking out of the free spaces between the bars. It hurts a lot."

"I like the idea you have, I'll ask my boyfriend if he will agree to you kissing me extensively. If he agrees I'm on board, but I assume he will make you do something extremely degrading before he grants you your wish of second hand cock worship." Ella jested.

"Now that you shared your thoughts with me I will give you a reward for your honesty." I heard Ella walking as her heels made noises trough the phone.

"I want you to shut your mouth and listen." Ella ordered me.

All of the sudden soft licking and sucking sounds came from her side. I immediately realised she was giving Nathan a blowjob for me to listen to on the phone. I was listening closely as the noise picked up but was halted after 2 minutes of sucking.

"Can you guess what I'm doing? Ella asked.

" You are sucking Nathan off." I responded.

"That's right...I'm worshipping his large manhood. Tell me...are you jerking off right now as I slurp on his cock?" Ella teased me.

"No I can't, I'm locked up." I said with anger in my voice.

"Oh that's right...I forgot hahaha. Well I hope your tiny dick is not in too much pain, I'm just getting started with this thick cock. Enjoy the sound in the mean time." Ella said laughing at me.

Louder sucking and slurping sounds resumed as I listened to her blowjob parade. She was really putting work into this blowjob. I could hear faint grunts of pleasure coming from her boyfriend.

As the sound again stopped Ella continued her conversation with me. "IF your dicklet was free, would you jerk off to the sound of my felatio?"

"Yes..." I said.

"Imagine if you had a big cock like this all the pleasure I would give you with my mouth. Imagine the feeling of my throat around your massive size." Ella taunted me.

" Argh, Ella it hurts so much please don't torture me like this." I begged as my pain and torment from the cage were taking action.

"Oh fuck, it turns me on when you beg like that. Beg me to swallow his cock. I want you to listen to me choke on my lovers meat. I will give you a time and date next week for the next therapy session if you can stay silent as you listen to me gag on this horse cock." Ella lustfully said.

I gathered my composure and came to my senses saying "Please goddess take his glorious cock all the way in. I want to hear how a real man fuck's your mouth. I need you to slobber on his cock and drench it in your sweet spit." I said passionately.

As I said that my ear was filled with loud gagging and gurgling sounds as I assumed Ella had swallowed Nathan's entire meat spear. She just kept the music going not letting up as it took my entire willpower to stay silent and endure the pain of the cage.

"Babe I want to fuck you." I heard Nathan say as the call closed.

I was slightly nauseous from the blood pump in my trapped penis as I rushed to the fridge and got an ice pack to put on my nut sack. Just as I sat in my couch to calm down a video call came in. I decided to cheat a little and keep my dick cold so I would not get a mental breakdown from Ella's mind games.

I opened the video call and saw Nathan's saliva covered cock being jerked slowly by both of Ella's hands. She then dangled the small chain with my chastity key in front of the camera and wrapped it around the base of Nathan's dick leaving the key rest on his shaved pubic area.

Ella stood up and bent over to show me the most important thing in my life, her amazing pussy and ass. She backed that fat ass up on Nathan's monster cock and grinded on it as I was watching on my phone. She took it in her hand and positioned it at the entrance of her vagina as she slowly sat on it and worked it inside her. When she reached the base she kept it there and started grinding her hips and twerking, making me lose my shit as that was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I pressed the ice pack as hard as I could on my dick but it didn't help much against something as arousing as this.

Thankfully the feed was cut off, saving me from further genital and mental damage. I could not wait to get this damn cage off. My balls were a deep red and my dick had blue lines on it from pressing against the cage.

A few moments later Ella sent me a snap of the chastity key covered in cum, with a heart emoji attached to it. She also told me to come by on Monday afternoon at their apartment. He last message to me was. "We have so much in store for you XOXO."

To be continued.

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by 12356416514a04/25/19


Man I really love the chastity and teasing over the phone part, can't wait for the next part. You gonna do some cum cleanup soon?

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by Anonymous04/17/19

When's the next chapter coming out?? This is some of the best stuff I've read

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