tagNonConsent/ReluctanceElle - Little Lost Girl

Elle - Little Lost Girl


Telecommuting into the servers at work I finally finished at almost midnight on a Saturday night when my doorbell rang. Looking through the peephole I saw someone that I thought I recognized but she was dressed like an outright whore. Cautiously I opened the door and there she stood. About 5'6 maybe. Nice sized breasts, and wearing this sheer mini-dress with fishnet stockings. She was fully dressed but wearing nothing. I mean she was covered but I could see right through everything that she was wearing.

Elle, she worked in the same building with me and had we had gone out a few times over the past few weeks. We usually ended up back at her place, but we had never gone to far, but she seemed to appreciate a strong man. I was actually thinking of taking her to the next level, it's just that the way I treated girls I had to be sure first. This one would be quite the catch in many ways. Nice girl, with a bit of a naughty side, liked a little kinky stuff. Actually I had never found out how deep her kink went. God her skin looked nice, a rich cappuccino brown, about 5'6ish, maybe 34DD's up front, I wondered what kind of ass she had, she looked fit from the front. Hair in a pig tails maybe going for a little girl look, maybe it had been made up earlier in the night.

"Hey Elle, most people might ask why in the world are you ringing my doorbell at 1130 at night or why you didn't call first, but instead let me start off with damn you look fine, second what's up?" I whispered.

She laughed that little girl laugh that all guys love and whispered back, "Thanks, why are we whispering?"

"Because its almost midnight and why not. What's going on? Come on in."

"Oh thanks and ok, " she whispered as she followed me in and giggled, "hey um, sorry for not calling but I kinda got stranded and my cell is dead, do you think that I could use yours?" She never dressed like this for me, never dressed like this at work, but did dress somewhat provocatively.

"Sure, but what are you doing out here by yourself?"

"Um, well me and my friends went to this club. I was going to go home with the friends that we met there but I kinda got left. I have been trying to call them but then my cell died. Stranded, I tried to take a cab home but only got about half-way there before I ran out of money and the taxi dropped me off at the McDonalds down the street. Then I broke one of my heels. This night is just turning more and more... yeah, lucky I remembered that you were just down the street." McDonalds... took me a second to think of the closest one. Maybe a half mile, in heels... or barefoot... wow. Am alarm then went off in my head, I never told you where I live.

I noticed that she was in fact barefoot. Her feet encased in the fishnets made me imagine her with her legs in the air and me inside of her. "Yeah ok, my phone is in the kitchen but try to make the call from in there, better reception near the window..." she headed to where I pointed and I grabbed the phone and quickly it into airplane mode, disabling the phone connection.

We eventually ended up in the bedroom "Here you go..." as I handed her the phone.

"Ummm this is your bedroom?"

"Yeah I get crappy reception in this apartment, but it is better by that window or over there by the bathroom, don't ask."

"Is your phone dead to?"'

"Lemme see... Damn ever since that storm yesterday cell service has been spotty at best, it was working earlier, I guess that they are trying to fix it still. You can try again in a little bit. Would you like something to drink? Beer, OJ, Red stuff, water?"

That made her giggle again, "Um sure, a beer would be cool, can I use your bathroom?"

"Sure right through there." She disappeared into the bathroom and I just had to stop and watch her walk away. That very sexy booty swaying back and forth was intoxicating. At the last moment she looked back, caught me staring and just before she closed the door our eyes met and I saw a slight smile.

Damn. I said to myself as I went and got her something to drink. I considered putting something in it, but I think I want her to remember everything about tonight.

When I returned she was just leaving the bathroom and had this look of someone who just caught me doing something that I shouldn't have been doing. I blocked her from actually leaving the bathroom and say, "Actually why don't you try again from the bathroom." I closely followed her into the bathroom, looking down at the phone and let out a sigh. "Nope dead in here to. Hey, um" I pretended to be nervous, " I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable just now, I was just enjoying the view, you look really nice."

"Oh, um thanks, I noticed you looking, both times, its nice to be noticed sometimes" she said with a sparkle in her eye as she took a sip. "What's the deal here? You don't clean?" she asked gesturing around.

"No, I still haven't found a steady girlfriend that knows her place..."

She didn't giggle but laughed out loud at that, "Oh really, maybe you just need to put her in her place?"

I laughed, but thought there is usually truth in jest, "So we both know I was looking at everything, what do you even call that?"

"Call what?" she shyly asked, biting her lip.

"You have NEVER worn anything even close to that for me. Spin around so I can see all of this dress again. That dress / skirt / what is that thing that is pretending to cover you?"

I think I love her giggles, makes me wonder what her screams will sound like. She spun around for me and said, "These are just fishnet thigh-highs, and this is a mini-dress," she said as she ran her hands up and down her body. "I think it was just called a lace babydoll. I love it, its soft, tight and makes me feel sexy." She threw her hands into the air, stretched out and gave me one more spin. She was almost dancing for me but my eyes were drawn instead to the way the mini dress more clearly exposed her fine ass.

Lace babydoll??? No wonder, this slut had wore lingerie to the club and called it a dress. In retrospect this may have been the moment when I decided I was going to fuck her one way or the other. "It sure as hell makes you look soft, sexy and tight in all the right places," I said as I slowly undressed her with my eyes. I knew she saw me do it, was getting uncomfortable and I was enjoying it. I noticed that she had the garters pulled extra tight to keep the dress from lifting up, not that it mattered, I could see everything anyways. "What about you? Why does a sexy little girl like you not have a man?"

"What makes you think that I don't? And that would be the third time you stared at me," she challenged.

"That was probably number seven or eight." I got a smile for that comment. "But moving on, no man, no real man who wanted to keep you as his would let his girl go out by herself dressed like that. I know I sure wouldn't, at least not by yourself."

With attitude, "What??? Dressed like what?"

"Look in the mirror, and figure it out" I said gesturing towards the bathroom mirror. "So I assume that it was a gay club that you went to?" I asked.

Clearly I hit a nerve, "All these assumptions, you never answered my original question and why did I have to have been at a gay club?"

"Well ... dressed like that, you would have definitely been raped at a straight club and possibly at a lesbian one to."

Bang. That did it, "Raped? Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck do you think you are talking to? What gives you the right to talk about me?"

"I'm the guy who you walked at least half a mile to, in heels and barefoot, to flaunt your tight and sexy little body to. I think I am talking to someone who lied to me about her situation. And that would be the constitution of the united states giving me the right to say it." As an afterthought I closed the bathroom door and added, "I am also the guy who outweighs you by more than double, has you trapped in his bathroom at midnight and has already thought about you getting raped."

"Everyone was right you are a fucking asshole," she said in a small step below a whisper but I heard her anyways. She should have been livid, but wasn't. She should have bolted for the door, but not only did she not try to leave, I don't think that she even considered it.

Ignoring her comment for the moment, I calmly responded with, "You don't have a man, you want one badly, but you don't have one yet. And yes I am well known to be a fucking asshole." As I was saying that I took a chance and reached out to her. Lightly at first stroking her cheek, but when she immediately tried to pull away I pushed her against the wall trapping her between the wall and me. "You need to watch your fucking mouth before someone teaches you some damn manners," I said, which I gave even greater meaning to by delivering a not so soft slap across the face.

She screamed something and got slapped twice for her effort. Once with my palm, once with the back of my hand. "Don't do that again slut."

"You can't just do this to me, Fuck Y..."

She didn't get the rest out because I slapped her again. Nothing close to gently this time.

She moderately struggled with me and it was then that I saw the tell tale signs that I was looking for. With clarity I said, "Did you really go to a club looking for someone to just take you into the bathroom, bend you over and use you like the slut you want to be? Really?"

It was this that caused her sharp intake of breath. The fact that I had brought her into my bathroom was not lost on either of us. Neither was it missed that a hard dick was pressing against her belly.

Suddenly I threw her against the sink and she bent over in pain from her collision with the marble top. "This lingerie of yours doesn't even cover your ass. Standing straight up I can see more than a little of it peeking out at me. Bent over like that, that gorgeous round orb is begging me to beat it. In fact I can see any part of you that I would want to see. Including the fact that you are clearly not wearing any panties or a bra...." She suddenly tried to stand up when she felt me pressing my hard member against her ass.

"Is this what you wanted tonight?" I said with my member sliding in her ass crack. "Is this what were you thinking when you got dressed tonight?"


I step back, still holding her down. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. 5 times I struck her ass with my hand. She grunted and whimpered but interestingly enough didn't yell out. "When I ask you questions you answer me slut. "Is this what you wanted tonight?" SLAP. SLAP. SLAP.

"Yes!!! emmmm yes, pleeeeeease," she panted. Obviously hot and bothered now. Did that spanking really just turn her on?

"Say it slut! Say it! " SLAP.

"Yes I came here for ... you, please I need it."

"Elle you came in here dressed like a whore, acting like a slut, and lied to me. So I am going to treat you like a liar, slut and whore."

"Oh, God, please," she murmured into the sink

It wasn't lost on me that this was actually a request. "slut, what are you doing here at damn near midnight with an almost unbelievable story about getting left."


SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. "I asked you a question whore. How did you get here?"

"I parked at the mall and walked over," she whimpered.

"Who knows that you came here tonight, how did you get my address and why?"

"No one knows that I came here..."

I let go of her for a second and pulled a belt off of a hook that was hanging on the door. I wrapped it around my wrist until there was just 18 in of it showing and delivered 5 hard and fast strikes to her ass. That finally got a scream out of her and I loved it. "I asked you three questions slut, from who and why did you seek out my address?" I intended only three more strikes just because I wanted to, but the way that she swayed and screamed, I sent many more her way. Before I was done, I had turned her entire ass red and a large portion of her upper thighs. I had worked up a nice sweat and wanted only one thing, and nothing was going to stop me from having it.

Plus no one knew where she was and her car was at the mall... She probably didn't know it yet but she would be lucky to be allowed to leave by Monday morning. Hell I may just keep her all week...clearly I needed a maid, cook and fuckdoll.

She was alternating screaming and whimpering. She had gone well past the point of crying and was sobbing off and on. "This is why you don't just show up on someones door and dressed like a whore," I said as I opened the door and pulled her out of the bathroom. I gestured / pushed her down onto her hands and knees, "Get down on all fours like the bitch you are. You look even better down there on all fours than you did bent over." I walk ahead of her to the bed and order her to me, "crawl forward and let me see how much of a bitch you are."

I take a pillow off the bed and drop it down to my feet, "Crawl to me slut, crawl to till your head is directly over this pillow. Don't you dare look up unless you want another beating, this time on those DD's" When she got there she stopped as ordered eyes fixed on the pillow not daring to look up. I took this time to grab the video camera and get it into position on a tripod. While she was kneeling stationary above the pillow I stepped behind her, drop my shorts and strip off my shirt, thinking how good that pussy is going to feel wrapped around my hard black dick. I got on me knees behind her and she sensed more than saw my movement, and her senses are confirmed when I reached for her thighs and pull them back. "put your face into that pillow slut." As soon as she complied I put one hand on her head to hold her down.

"mmmmm ahhhhhh mmmmmm no wait please," she moaned into the pillow even as she felt me moving behind her getting ready.

"nooooooooooooooo please please no no please please," she chanted even as the tip of my dick touched her wet slit.

"Shut up slut, this is what you came here for," is all I said as I force fed her pussy my dick. Her body tries to buck against me but all that does is help me slide deeper in. I groan at the added pressure and yell out "Damn your pussy stays tight." I grunt and groan some more as I force my full length into her. In between her crying starting up again I can hear her begging me not to do this, it only stops when I am fully embedded in her and my thighs are up against her ass.

She thrashed around for a minute before she sensed that I am completely in. Now that I am no longer groaning and grunting, and she are no longer screaming, I can feel a change in her. Though she was wet before now there is a river between her legs. Slowly it dawns on me that she came and came hard as I was penetrating her. I allow myself to pull back and then slam back into her and start off with a nice little slow interval. I could feel her manipulating her pussy to hold on to me as I withdrew, than opening up as I slammed back in. As soon as I noticed her doing it I let her raise her head, howled and laughed out loud.

"OOOooohhh" she screech. "Daddy, Daddy, fuck me daddy. Oh gawwwwd!!! Please please please more, hard please more," she chanted back at me.

"Take this dick bitch!" I yell at her as she looks back at me with lust filled eyes. She dropped her head and commenced to fuck me back with wild abandon. She dropped herr forearms to the ground and lift herr ass up to me. I grab one ass cheek in each hand and hold on for the ride of my life. "Oh God, damn. Damn slut, you know exactly, EXACTLY what you were given a pussy for. I manage to last a good little bit inside of her tunnel, but finally am overcome by her incredible skills. But not before I feel smaller trembles coming from her as she cums over and over again. Finally I can't stand it and more. I increase my pace to get as much out of this ride as possible and finally am gifted with the sight of her head popping up as I dig down and send streams and streams of my seed deep into her.

Wow, I just relaxed inside of her, my dick softening after its surprise midnight gift. I use her still upturned ass to stand up, in the process pushing her down. I walked around to in front of her and sit on the bed. "Get up here and clean me off slut."

Wordlessly she rose to all fours, then to just her knees. I am intoxicated with power as I feel her lips and tongue sucking and licking my thighs, groin, and dick. "Bitch you have one hell of a pussy on you. Damn this was possibly the best sex I ever had. I need you to come over here and get raped more often."

"Suck it bitch, get me hard again," I say as she was sucking on dick, damn near getting me hard again. Impressive job she was doing I think to myself.

"Get back on all fours over the pillow," I order as I walk past. Talking as I go back into the bathroom to retrieve a surprise I tell her that she is not to move, not to look up again. "Any time I tell you to get in the whore fucking position in the future this is where you go you understand me bitch? You get down on all fours by my bed. If there is not a pillow waiting for you, you just wait for me to decide if you deserve one. Do you understand bitch?"

"Yes.... yes sir."

"This is a bit premature but you may call me Master. You are much to fine of a slut to just let wander around on your own. You need a Master and a Daddy to take care of you and keep you in line. I can not believe I never noticed how much of an outright whore you can be."

"yes Master. thank you Master," I heard her say into the pillow.

Damn, I thought to myself, how did I never notice this bitch was such a submissive. I got down on my hands and knees and rummaged around below the sink until I found it. I took it to her and knelt down to her side and partially above and behind her. I took the dildo that was in my hand and slid the tip into her. Clearly catching her totally by surprise she yelled out "what the hell?" and bent her neck back to look at me and try to see what was in my hand.

Without giving her time to respond I said "Take it bitch, take all of it." I taunted as I pushed most of it in. It was all I could do to hold her down as I slammed this 9 inch long, almost 2 in thick dildo into her pussy. I had one hand on her neck the other on the dildo I was raping her with. "You didn't think you were done yet did you," I whispered into her ear.

She yelled in what I assumed to be pain as she was instantly filled. There was still almost two inches not in her. I waited a 15 count then I pulled it out slowly then slammed it back in forcefully. I started with 15 and 10 counts then slowly lowered the interval until I was banging her with a nice 1 2 interval between plowing this huge dildo into her. I never paused while it wasn't fully embedded in her, only when she was full did I pause and count. It didn't take long for her to start making the lovely sounds of a slut in heat ready to cum. When I heard them I not only stopped instantly but a second later I pulled it out completely and was serenaded by her whimpering and begging.

"Not yet slut," this particular toy had a suction base which I mounted to the frame of the bed at a perfect level for both her ass and face. Since she were already facing it and eager to please I said, "Slut, deep throat that thing and I will let you put it back in your pussy." No sooner had the words left my mouth than she pounced on it sucking it down like a pro but still not taking the whole thing. Clearly her pussy had the skill, she were barely taking half of it in her mouth. I had a fix for that. I got behind her ready now after raping her again. I just waited until she relaxed for a moment. Clearly she had lost track of me moving around her, but she found me quickly enough as I slid my knees between her legs forcing them apart. At the same time I held her head and forced her to keep her mouth on the dildo and stabbed her crotch with my dick until I slid back into her pussy.

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