tagIncest/TabooEllen Seduces Her 18-Year-Old Son Ch. 02

Ellen Seduces Her 18-Year-Old Son Ch. 02


Ellen is feeling guilty about seducing her 18 year old son and confides in Mary her 25 year old married daughter.

The next day, Ellen felt very guilty about her behaviour with her 18 year old son Robert. She wanted to talk about it to her friends who she worked with, and although they were very close and often discussed intimate things she felt that what she had to tell them was just a little too much.

On her way home from her morning shift she decided to confide in her 25 year old married daughter Mary. She and Mary had for many years been more than simply mother and daughter.

Ellen drove to Mary's house and although Mary was surprised to see her mother at that time of the day was delighted to invite her in. They went into the kitchen and sat at the table and had a coffee.

Ellen said, 'I don't want you to be angry or upset but I have something very private to tell you,'

Ellen then started to go into detail of what happened that Sunday night between her and Robert.

Ellen thought that Mary would be disgusted at her behaviour but was surprised that she actually giggled.

Mary actually found it sexually arousing. Although she is happily married and loves her husband dearly she is slightly disappointed with the size of his manhood. He never fails to make her cum but she wishes his cock was larger. She is finding it so frustrating that almost daily she is using various objects to masturbate with.

Her favourite thing is a cucumber. She loves the way it fills her up and is such a tight fit. She never fails to give herself a huge orgasm when she uses it.

Mary even asked her 'Did he have a big prick mummy.'

Ellen was uncomfortable with her daughter's attitude and reminded her, 'Your brother is only 18 Mary.'

Mary seemed to dismiss her worries. 'I know that mummy, but I only want to know if Robert had a big prick.'

Mary could see that her mother was embarrassed and spoke gently, 'How did it start mum?'

Ellen felt relieved that she could tell someone about her worries and although she knew she instigated things, she felt it would sound better if Robert started it.

She explained, 'We were sitting on the settee and I could see he seemed unhappy and asked if I could help.'

Mary nodded but said nothing as her mother continued, 'He was so embarrassed but he asked me if I would let him feel my breasts.'

Mary nodded and asked quietly, 'Did you let him mum?'

Ellen blushed but nodded. As if to justify herself she added, 'He seemed to enjoy it and said he felt so much better.'

Her daughter giggled, 'He would mum. I like your tits as well. I am sure Robert loved them. Did he ask for more?'

Ellen felt more relaxed now and continued, 'He asked if he could kiss them, so I let him.'

Mary knew her brother wouldn't have stopped there so she asked, 'Did he suck your tits mum?' Ellen nodded.

Mary persisted, 'Did he suck your nipples mum,' Ellen nodded.

Her daughter said, 'Mum, can I ask you a personal question?' Ellen was unsure but nodded.

Mary asked her, 'Did you like having your tits sucked?' Ellen was embarrassed but Mary persisted, 'Did you like Robert sucking your nipples Mum?'

Ellen gasped, 'Yes I did, Mary, I loved it. It got me sexually aroused.'

Mary knew her mother had gone further than she was admitting and asked, 'Did you undo his trousers mum?' Ellen nodded and as if to defend herself she said, 'He asked me to look at his cock.'

Mary had difficulty not giggling. She could see her mother was becoming aroused.

Ellen had her hands in her lap under the table and was squeezing her thighs together. The more she talked about it the more it was turning her on.

Mary urged her on gently as she to stroked her white knickers, 'Did he have a nice cock, mum? Did you like holding it for him?'

Ellen was panting. 'Oh it was lovely Mary. It had a lovely big eye in the top and his knob was lovely and big and red and looked so tasty.'

Mary felt herself getting wet and knew her mother would tell her everything. She asked her, 'Did you taste his knob mum? Did you suck my brother's prick?'

Ellen was also panting now as she confessed, 'Yes Mary, I did suck his prick. I am so ashamed but I made your brother cum for me. I know it was wrong but I made him cum for me. And it was so messy.'

Mary noted that her mother had said, 'She had made him cum for me,' and she seemed dreamy as she talked about it being messy.

Mary quietly urged her mother to confess all, 'Did he spunk over you mum?' Ellen nodded.

Mary could feel herself cumming as she asked again, 'Did you like him spunking on your face Mum?' Ellen was cumming now as she panted, 'It was gorgeous.'

When both women had subsided, Mary could see that her mother was deeply ashamed.

She wanted her to understand the implications of her actions and explained, 'Next time mum, he will want to take your knickers off,'

Then Mary asked the question that Ellen had dreaded, 'Will you let him fuck you, mum?'

This was not a question Ellen could answer. She wanted to say yes but her motherly instincts said no.

As soon as Ellen had left Mary knew she had to masturbate. Although she had had a small orgasm and her panties were all nice and sticky she knew she wanted a full blown throbbing orgasm.

She went back into the kitchen to find a suitable object. She soon spied a nice large banana and took it into the lounge. Mary pulled her skirt up and unbuttoned her blouse. Then she parted her legs and gently ran the banana up the full length of her white cotton panties. Her other hand played with an erect nipple. Soon she was pulling the white panties to the side and the banana was rubbing against her very wet cunt lips.

Mary closed her eyes as she slid the banana deep inside her and then slowly withdrew it and then plunged it in deep again. Faster and faster she got as she pinched her nipple. In her mind it was not a banana but her little brothers cock that was fucking her cunt and it wasn't her fingers pinching her nipple but her mums.

Her orgasm, when it came, was a mind numbing throbbing explosion of pleasure. She sat and recovered and now she wanted the real thing. Look out little brother and mummy.

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