tagIncest/TabooEllen Seduces Her 18-Year-Old Son Ch. 03

Ellen Seduces Her 18-Year-Old Son Ch. 03


As Ellen drove home she felt very sticky and damp after her orgasm at her daughter's house.

She decided to prepare dinner for her and Robert before showering, besides she liked to be reminded about the orgasm she had had a short while earlier.

Robert soon arrived home and they sat down to dinner together. Half way through dinner Robert said, 'Are you still going to show me how to masturbate you mummy, I really want to do it for you. I want to make you cum.'

'Actually mummy, I've been wearing your knickers all day as I've been so horny, they are now all sticky where I've been leaking pre-cum.'

Ellen replied by saying, 'That's Ok, my panties are the same you see I had an orgasm myself.'

'Did you, where was it, what happened,' Robert said.

Ellen was now embarrassed, how could she tell him she had been discussing it with his older sister.

'Oh, I'll tell you later,' she replied.

They finished dinner and Robert said, 'Mummy, I'm really hard again, will you wank me tonight please.'

'Of course I will,' Ellen replied, 'but now let's go upstairs, I need to shower and you can undress me first.'

They went up to the bathroom and Ellen said, 'Right, now undress mummy, starting with my blouse.'

Robert unbuttoned his mother's blouse and took it off, then Ellen turned round and Robert unclipped her bra and took it off. As she turned round Robert couldn't take his eyes off his mummy's tits. Her nipples were so dark and large. Ellen was physically excited.

'Play with mummy's tits, stroke them, squeeze them, that's right, oh yes that's nice,' she sighed. 'Pinch and squeeze my nipples, harder, harder,' she pleaded.

Robert loved it as his mummy's nipples hardened and grew between his fingers. He loved watching her get excited.

Ellen said, 'Suck mummy's titties for her, suck my nipples, really hard, oh that's it, no harder, bite them, oh yes, that's wonderful, harder, harder,' she pleaded.

Ellen was so excited now, she started undoing her son's trousers and finding his cock. She quickly took it and started rubbing it. She didn't want him to cum on her hand, she wanted it in her mouth, no she really she wanted it in her cunt.

Ellen's pussy was now very, very wet, she needed to cum. The shower would have to wait.

'Take mummy's skirt and panties off,' she told her son.

Robert unzipped the skirt and it fell to the floor. 'Now mummy's panties,' she said.

'No, wait, kneel in front of mummy and look at her pussy as you pull them down,' Ellen said.

Robert knelt on the floor and said, 'Oh mummy, your panties are so wet, have you peed yourself?'

'No, that's mummy's pussy juices making them so wet,' Ellen replied.

Robert pulled them down and his mother stood naked in front of him.

She pulled his face towards her and said, 'Smell mummy's pussy, does it smell good, does it smell all cummy, oh Robert mummy needs to cum, let's go into my bedroom.'

Robert said, 'Mummy can I wear your cummy panties please.'

'Of course,' she replied.

Robert slipped out of his clothes and pulled his mum's cum stained panties up tight, just about getting his erect cock in them.

Robert followed his mummy into her bedroom and she sat on the edge of the bed and told Robert to kneel in front of her. He watched as she opened her cunt lips and said, 'look how wet mummy's cunt is, slide a finger inside, oh that's it, now slowly take it out, no not all the way, now slide it back and forwards, oh God, Robert, that is so good. Mummy does like the way you are fingering mummy's cunt.'

'Robert asked, 'Will this make you cum mummy.'

'Oh yes,' she replied.

Robert fingered his mummy faster and taster, His fingers was getting wetter and Ellen was sighing and breathing heavier all the time. Then she held her pussy lips open and said, 'That little thing there is mummy's clit, play with that and mummy will cum a lot quicker.'

Robert found his mum's clit and rubbed it and stroked it. Ellen let out a yell and cried, 'Oh Robert, that's it, rub it harder, oh I'm cumming, you're going to make mummy cum, oh yes that's it,' she cried as a huge orgasm throbbed through her entire body.

Ellen collapsed backwards on the bed. Robert continued to kneel in front of his mother's soaking wet cum. He watched with fascination as her pussy continued to throb and leak her fluids.

After a short while Ellen had recovered and sat up and said, 'Oh Robert that was wonderful, now mummy needs to make you cum. Do you want to cum in mummy's mouth.'

'Well, mummy, I'd really like to put my cock inside your pussy and cum like that,' he replied.

'Oh Robert, I'd love that too but that is so naughty and wrong that I couldn't possibly let you do that,' Ellen reluctantly said.

Robert now lay on the bed still wearing his mother's panties. His erect cock as poking out the top and Ellen pulled them aside and took his cock deep inside her mouth and sucked and sucked. She stroked and squeezed his balls and in no time she felt the throb of his orgasm starting. She sucked harder and clamped her lips tightly round the head making sure that every drop of her son's cum was kept inside her mouth.

As she sat up she opened her mouth and let his cum drip out over her lips and onto her tits.

'Rub it into mummy's tits and nipples,' she told her son.

Robert did as he was told and loved the hot sticky feel of his cum on his mummy's nipples. Soon they were very hard and Ellen said, 'Suck mummy's nipples again for me.'

Robert bent down and loved the stickiness of her nipples. This was the first time he had tasted his own cum. Robert feasted himself on his mum's tits. They grew larger and harder in between his lips.

Then Ellen said, 'Mummy needs to cum again. Will you lick my cunt and make me cum again. You can finger fuck me and suck and lick my clit. I'll soon cum all over your face.'

Ellen sat on the edge of the bed again and Robert knelt in between her legs. He loved the look of her wet pussy with the dampness matting her hairs. He slid a finger in so easily and then out and back in. Soon Ellen was sighing and groaning with pleasure. Then he moved closer to his mum's cunt and started licking her clit. She gave out a yell and then Robert put his lips round it and started sucking it. Now he was sucking his mum's clit and with his fingers sliding easily in and out of her wet pussy it was only a few minutes before she was cumming.

Ellen put her hands behind her son's head and pulled it tight against her throbbing pussy. She ground her clit against his face and soon was drenching his face with her cunt juices and the most enormous orgasm throbbed through her body.

Ellen collapsed on the bed. Her body took a few minutes to recover from the enormous orgasm her son had just given her.

After a while she said, 'I just want to show you one other thing I really enjoy. Ellen reached to her bedside cabinet and took out a dildo and a vibrator.'

Robert saw them and said, 'Gosh they're bigger than my cock, do you fuck yourself with them?'

Ellen said, 'I'll show you.'

She sat with her head against the headboard and took the dildo and slowly slid it inside her. Robert was amazed how far it went in as it was at least 8 inches long. Then she turned on the vibrator and held it against her clit. Then she slid the dildo in and out and said to Robert, 'Watch as mummy fucks herself and makes herself cum.'

Robert was fascinated as he watched his mum pleasure herself and soon he was rock hard again.. Ellen saw this and said, 'Mummy wants to watch you wank yourself off. Mummy wants you to kneel beside her face and wank yourself and make yourself cum over her face, will you do that for me?'

Robert didn't hesitate as he continued to watch his mum slide the dildo in and out of her wet cunt and the vibrator held tightly against her clit.

He was kneeling now and rubbing his sock. It was only inches from his mother's face. She turned her face, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

Through her panting breath she said, 'Cum on mummy's tongue, shoot your spunk in mummy's mouth as she cums.'

Robert rubbed faster until he saw his mother's body shake with pleasure as she started her orgasm. Two more quick rubs and Robert was shooting his hot spunk onto his mummy's tongue and into her mouth. Some of his cum spattered onto her face but most hit its correct target.

Now they were both satisfied and completely drained. They collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

The next chapter features Robert's older sister Mary deciding to get in on the act and if her mother wont fuck him, she certainly will.

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