tagLoving WivesEllen Starts a New Life

Ellen Starts a New Life


She was glad he kept in touch. As her first ever lover, despite the passing of a decade and a half since they split up, there was always a place for him in her life.

They had always stayed friends, had occasionally screwed in the first few years after they broke up. He had attended her wedding, by then recognised by the friends and family of Ellen as an old friend, a reliable confidante, but nothing else. Ellen's new husband seemed altogether a better mate. Handsome and confident, a senior airline pilot and with the wealth to give her the life she wanted, the big house and the smart cars, he was a dead cert for her husband the day she met him on the ski slope.

Greg had drifted out of her life pretty much. A couple of hundred miles between homes, her life and his own career were moving on and contact had descended to the odd Christmas card, birthday greeting and finding out what the other was doing through their mothers, who had remained friends.

It had probably been five years since they last sat and talked, had lunch and genuinely knew what the other was up to. She thought about him from time to time, as he did of her, but for no particular reason other than to wonder where each other was and was doing.

Then he showed up on her doorstep one weekday afternoon. No call, no warning - just walking up to the house like it was something he did every day. She was just pulling off the drive in her Porsche Cayenne 4x4 and there he was. Slight disbelief was replaced by slight suspicion and some delight that he was there. That same old smile delivered so easily, as always, reminded her that they were above all, the oldest of friends. She quickly put off her appointment for a couple of hours.

Over coffee they traded where they were in life, enjoyed the nostalgia of remembering the good times they had spent together and the people they had known. He still crossed paths with some of them, she had left them all behind to embark on a new life path. An enjoyable afternoon was wrapped up with an invite from Greg to join her for dinner at his hotel. He was down on business for a couple of days. She was alone while her husband was away yet again.

What the hell - she could think of no reason not to - when she was prepared to admit it to herself, she was often lonely. The 'friends' she had now were the facile sort that come with wealthy dinner parties. Everyone interested and at the same time totally disinterested in what each other was doing, unless there was something in it for them. In this moment she was realising how much she missed a real friend. Greg was always a real friend.

Having dressed for her 'date' she felt her spirits lifting at the prospect. As usual she had heard nothing from her absent husband, which had all served to ease the guilt she might have felt at having to explain where she was going. When she left for the evening she had anticipated nothing more than a good meal and some friendly company.

Dinner at his hotel was marvellous. Excellent food, a couple of bottles of wine and after an hour or so of the usual verbal dodging of intimacy, soon her guard was down and she found herself revealing more and more of how she felt about where her life was. She admitted that her marriage was strangely hollow and that there was almost no intimacy between her and her husband.

She pressed him on his life. He remained single and admitted to having no special relationship at the moment. He was enjoying his business installing networks, security devices and communications for businesses, but his passion in his spare time he loosely described as 'photography'. When she took more interest in this he told her of his studio next to the house, which sounded fantastic itself, and she left it at that. She never thought that in time this might become part of her own life.

Pushed further by Greg, she offered the theory that she was sure her husband was fucking around and that despite the fact she was still cute by anyone's standards, he hadn't fucked her in over a year. Shamefully she admitted that it was his money and the comfortable lifestyle that it provided that kept them together.

At this point Greg turned the conversation particularly to sex, reminded her of the endless fucking they enjoyed when they were younger. Both of them had been highly sexed and they had tried everything they could together, first everything's, including a painful attempt at anal, which she had never repeated after such a clumsy first try.

A fantastic first lover to him, she had been happy to watch porn together and had confessed fantasies of bisexuality with her large breasted best friend and even the older woman next door for whom she house sat; trying a black cock; multiple partners at once, male or female and being used as a cum slut - she just loved it when he came inside her or spunked over her small breasts.

Greg turned up the heat by constantly steering the conversation back to these topics. Ellen had eventually left him when she went to university all those years ago and he had always enjoyed getting his own back on her new lovers by fucking her when she came home for the holidays. For her part, Ellen was always up for a sly fuck on a weekday afternoon while the rest of the world was at work. As she said to Greg once, 'It saves me having to go home for a wank'. More often than not, she had done both...

It was like he opened a door in her mind to the way she used to be. That healthy sex drive she had enjoyed and then subverted was knocking at that door. It was soon apparent to her that nobody knew she was here, nobody expected her anywhere tonight and that an opportunity for some release was starring her in the face. She knew she could trust Greg. He had never let those post relationship fucks become anything else and why would it be any different now.

In that moment she decided to make it clear that she was open to any suggestion he had for a trip down memory lane in the sack. She invited herself up to see his room. His business was obviously doing well and the room was large and well appointed and a perfect setting for what she now could not get out of her mind. She turned and faced him, reached her arms around his shoulders and pulled him down into a passionate kiss. He reciprocated and in minutes was revealing the body he had not seen in over a decade.

Her long fair hair, styled in the classic housewife bob, fell onto her shoulders, her small conical tits, still retaining the shape of the teenage girl he had first taken all those years ago, her round arse and trimmed but not shaven brown bush were all on show, propped up by the legs clad in hold up stockings. God she was a dirty piece of work when she had this look in her eye.

She dropped to her knees and took his cock, a lovely 8", into her mouth. Suddenly she remembered that she was still a woman, that she was not just there for her husband to take out, but that in her mid thirties still had a lot to offer with this body. That cock in her mouth sure tasted good and she really went to town on it.

Greg could control himself well and enjoyed being stimulated and brought to his maximum hardness with such skill. Tripping across his mind was the thought that the last time he had seen her so alive was her wedding day. He had never liked the smugness of her husband and the thought that Greg was now being royally sucked off by the man's wife was beautiful. It was time to take control.

He pulled her onto the bed, lay her on her back, fell on top of her in a passionate clinch. All the while he was rubbing his cock over her slit and clitoris, lightly flicking his fingers across her arse and the opening to her pussy. He never entered her, but just kept her gasping with every stroke and near touch. Her wetness was phenomenal and betrayed how much she needed this.

Propping himself up over her, Greg pushed a cushion under the small of her back. He wanted to see, and wanted her to see, the full moment of her submission to her infidelity. Her pussy was soaking, the soft hairs already matted with her juices, her lips red and full - he positioned his cock right at the entrance, looked at her straight in the eyes, giving her one final moment to change her mind. There was not as much as a flicker of remorse on her face, just unadulterated lust. She wanted fucking and she wanted it now.

There was no resistance to his cock as he pushed forward. She gasped and curled her body up and around to meet his entry. Months of abstinence were but a memory to her now. Her cunt tightened around his gorgeous cock and she held him stationary for a few seconds, savouring what it was like to be taken again, by Greg, by anyone. She had always been mildly submissive and Greg was playing the authoritative role to perfection.

Soon the thrusting began. He rolled up and across her, her clitoris pushed out to feel every move with the pillow beneath her back pushing them hard together. It took only a couple of minutes before she let go to her first orgasm of the many she was destined to enjoy that night.

After enjoying being fucked like this for a few minutes, Greg rolled her over to take her turn on top. Now she was being forced to fuck him. She couldn't pretend she was a passive partner in this liaison even if she wanted to. At this moment she was totally wrapped in the moment, the lust and the pure act of being fucked and was more than happy to drive herself to another body shaking orgasm mounted on top of him. She could feel his cock right in her to the hilt, her weight forcing them together, could imagine the sight of her entrance being stretched around his wonderful cock, see the unadulterated lust on her partners face, his hands reaching up to her breasts, pinching her puffy nipples between his thumb and finger, then reaching round and roughly grabbing her arse, spreading her cheeks lewdly apart. She was loving it.

As she got wetter and wetter, her flooded pussy betrayed just how much she was loving giving herself to a new old lover, Greg was reaching his own climax. His favourite position had always been to fuck from behind, the feeling of taking the woman remorselessly guaranteed to take him to his own finish. Starring at Ellen's round full ass, the puckered hole soaked with juices, he imagined himself taking her there and how sweet that moment would feel. He knew he would, but for now straight doggie would do just fine.

At his point of no return he whipped his cock out of her, gripped the base tight in one hand and flipped her over with the other. She brought her head forward almost reading his mind. His cock, soaked in her thick white creamy cum, disappeared into her mouth and she cleaned it with relish. Ellen had always loved to taste her own juices and Greg had often used it to enhance their fantasy play, getting her to imagine it was another woman's taste on his fingers or cock. It took little for her to make that leap of imagination again tonight.

All of this nostalgia had not dimmed in excitement over the years. Greg could wait no longer and with one last fleeting wry smile as he pictured her smug husband unaware of his wife's abandonment of her vows, he erupted his biggest load in months in her mouth and over her face. Her head fell back to the bed, strings of cum across her face and into her hair, her eyes closed and mouth half open, her breathing heavy and panting at the same time, her skin flushed red all over.

At this moment she was either going to have a moment of clarity and realise the scale of her infidelity or be lost in her lustfulness. She could have no doubts that she was anything other than the slut she had used to be, lying there covered in his and her cum, breathless from the efforts. Sure enough she questioned herself and found the answer surprisingly easy to find.

'Greg, that was awesome. I have been denying that I needed this in my life to preserve my way of life. What I know is that I won't leave my husband - for now at least. What I also know is that I will give myself to you sexually anytime you can find a way to be here. In a way I will be faithful to you sexually as he never takes me anyway. Don't worry, I want nothing more from you than the friendship we have always had and the sex I know we can enjoy together. Is that okay with you?'

Greg knew she was right where he only hoped he would have her in his wildest fantasies. 'Ellen, I am a different guy in many ways from the one you knew so long ago. Over time I hope you will understand the way I live my life and become part of it, but for now I can certainly offer you what you want to fulfil your desires. I am through here regularly and if we are smart we should be able to enjoy our time with no complications that either of us would need. Now I'm feeling ready for another go on that gorgeous little body of yours...'

Hearing a man lust after her again, Ellen gave herself instantly to him. She wiped the cum from her face with her fingers and made a show of sucking the first lot down, then taking the second and ramming her fingers coated in his spunk up her pussy. He knew this old Ellen for sure...

Afterwards they worked out how they would manage to meet. She would adopt him as a girlfriend in her phone, one her husband knew of but didn't know. Never would the messages betray the upcoming nature of their meetings. Suggestions would be made for coffee, lunch or emotional support.

And so the affair began. Greg was passing every couple of weeks on average. If her husband was away she would stay out overnight, if he was about she would find herself being taken wherever they could find some privacy. Sometimes she was used for nothing more than a blowjob or a quickie in the car, satisfying little more than his lust but somehow leaving satisfied herself at her role fulfilled as a the married slut she had most certainly become.

Her husband almost never came near her, so her promise to Greg was easy to fulfil. At a couple of evenings away her husband attempted a clumsy fumbling, but she either brushed them off or feigned a reason not to. A couple of times she let him slip inside her but took no pleasure in it. She would let him pump away for a few minutes before he shot his load and rolled off. She would just lie there when he did. It was easy as she felt nothing for him in this way any longer.

If only he knew his wife's new ultra horny actual sexual appetite. Where she used to play with herself a couple of times a week for relief, now it was rarely less than a couple of times a day. Shampoo bottles were chosen not for their product, but for the shape, improvising as dildos in the shower while her husband slept next to the en-suite on his return from trips away. If only he had bothered to look in on her he would have seen some dirty sights as she brought herself off with these new found friends.

When her husband was away, her life became one long quest for sexual gratification until she could see Greg next. He had put her on to literotica on the web, and she loved trawling stories on lots of different subjects. She would follow this up by seeking out porn films and photos to enhance to stories. Many an evening was spent with a vibrator and a big screen porn DVD just making a mess of herself.

For sure the lovers were as careful to cover their tracks as possible, but sometimes the thrill of the situation just had to be teased much further than would be wise. Greg was the one who kept setting these new dares for them. He fucked her an hour before her husband was due home. Greg splashed a load over her tits, just hours before she had to drop him off at the airport for another trip. They fucked in his car in the middle of the village where she lived, but nobody saw them, thank God.

Many a time they just met at his hotel and she let him use her any way he fancied. She knew it would all be good and trusted him implicitly to look after her needs. The marital bed was not off limits either. Numerous times she had been fucked madly and yet left the bed unchanged before her husband came home. As they lay together she would imagine how perverted it was that her husband was lying on another mans seed, completely unaware that his wife had coaxed it from her lover just hours earlier in that very spot. Usually she would still be sore from the fucking, her pussy aching from the same lovemaking.

Then came the night that Greg called and got her to come and meet him just a couple of miles away, with the simple instruction to wear a skirt. Her husband was around but seemed glad Ellen was dashing out for a couple of hours. He cared little where she went.

She and Greg met in a lay-by a few miles from her house. After a few passionate kisses outside the car, Greg took her round the other side away from the road. Turning her round he pushed her top half into the car so she lay face and elbows on the back seat, forcing her ass into the air. She felt the skirt, short as it was, flipped up. Her knickers were pulled down and discarded into the car. This felt wicked, then she felt the oil running down her ass crack and his fingers finding their way firstly into her pussy then gently probing her arse.

She was ready for another go at the anal thing - they had been teasing the possibility for weeks now - and could tell for sure his technique had advanced. Knowing that this was back on the agenda after all those years, she had practiced alone with everything from fingers to a special butt plug 'left' behind one time by Greg. The porno's often included anal, and little by little she had decided to include it in her new sexual life.

She had been warned to keep up the practice by Greg. Now she knew why. With little ceremony, Greg's mushroom headed cock was placed at her entrance. After a minute or two to adjust to the incomer easing in to her, she swallowed him back in, and all 8" soon was buried to the hilt. Unlike the first popping of her anal cherry, this was fantastic, slow and measured, she felt exposed, dirty and powerless to resist.

'I wanted to fuck you like this since we got back together' he gasped in her ear. 'That ass has been begging to be taken so much, I just have to shoot my load in there'. Soon they were both entwined and her ass was being properly fucked by Greg's devious cock. Her ass burned a little but this felt so good. In her mind she knew that she had wanted it just as much as Greg, that she wanted to abandon all vestige of faithfulness to her husband, and giving up her ass to Greg surely did this. It seemed to last so long, but eventually he pushed harder still into her and then unloaded into her ass. She begged for a cloth but instead she was forced to wait, feeling the cum swilling round in her bowels.

That evening Ellen was to return home with the cum still filling her ass and go to bed in that condition. They parted, her sent away like the cumslut she was. Arriving home she could feel the sperm slowly sliding down her tunnel. As she clambered into bed it was a wicked thought that her husband could reach down and feel another mans cum leaking from her abused ass and covering her pussy lips. Of course he didn't, but she revelled in playing with the cum, little gentle swirls of her fingers under the covers teasing the evidence of her infidelity out into their marital bed.

Her descent from married wife to suburban slut bitch was surely complete now. She couldn't wait for the adventure to continue and where it would lead her next.

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