Ellen's Candy


Sometimes I get in the mood to suck a dick but I’ve never considered myself gay. I’m @ the very least bisexual but I don’t like to limit myself to that either because I think it restricts my sexuality. I get turned on watching all types of sexual situations that you could think of; just let your imagination determine what that means. On that particular Saturday morning I woke up pretty early. I did a short work out consisting of push ups, dips and sit ups. I ate a big breakfast and took a shower. I was dressed by 10 am. I really had nothing to do so I decided to take off early and find something to get into.

It was still early so I didn’t really think that I would find much to do. I called a popular talk line that I use from time to time. To my surprise there were over 20 women online. Many were looking for some Saturday morning phone sex but to me that has to be the most boring thing on earth. I was not in the mood for self love, I needed body contact and I was set on getting some before the days end.

The first woman I made a connection with was lame. After five minutes of lackluster conversation I discontinued our connection and moved on to the next one. I listened to the rest of the ads and there were only a handful of women from my area. I live in New Jersey, close to New York City, and I was more than willing to travel up to 2 hours for some adventure.

At the point when I was about to give up I received a message from Candy. She claimed it was her real name and although I didn’t care what her name was I did not believe this to be her birth name. Well anyhow, Candy described herself as a male to female transsexual; she said she stood at 5’5, weighed 135 pounds, had size 34b natural breasts, flat stomach and toned muscles from working out. She had a very feminine voice. Besides her description she said that she hoped she had not offended me, that she really liked my voice and my description so she sent me a message. She also said that she did not wish to be harassed about being a transsexual, she went on to explain what a transsexual was (so I would not be confused) and that if I did not mind she would like us to talk and see where it leads. I accepted her invitation to talk; I was actually very turned on by the prospect of hooking up with a tranny that day. Although I had hoped for a woman, I was so horny that day it really didn’t matter as long as I got a hook up.

We connected for a private conversation. She was very pleasant and had a lot to talk about. I remember asking her to fully describe herself and she continued on from her earlier description. She said she was mixed race of Spanish, African American, and American Indian, she had natural hair to her shoulders, a golden tan complexion which she likened to a glazed donut without the glaze. She said she had always had very feminine features even before she began hormone treatments, big doe eyes, very sensuous lips, and an amazing female body with an eight inch long and five inch thick penis.

She expressed that she was versatile, meaning that she fucked men that wanted to be fucked but she preferred straight men that would do all the fucking. She did, however, have a preference for straight men that enjoy sucking her off every now and there. To her there was something very sexy about watching a man take in her eight inch dick in his mouth but the submissiveness displayed when getting fucked was a turn off. I had hit the jackpot but I had not let on to it yet. I let her talk more as I felt my way into her head to see if she was a prospect willing to meet up that day.

She had a lot of questions for me as well. She asked me to describe myself again, of which I obliged. I told her I am African American, with medium brown skinned complexion, 5’10 in height, 180 pounds, short black wavy hair, almond shaped eyes and nice soft lips. I told her that I worked out quite often but I didn’t have a body builder’s look. I have a lean medium built body, nice muscle tone, in shape. I told her I was 29 which were true at the time. My eight and a half inches long four inch thick circumcised penis impressed her the most. According to Candy I was the perfect size, not too big and definitely not small.

She was into astrological signs as well and said we were a good match, I am a Sagittarius and she is a Leo. I do not know much about astrology except for the occasional times I read my horoscope in the Sunday paper. She liked my open mindedness and blunt ways of expression, I always speak my mind. We seemed to click well up to that point, I hoped it would last long enough for some hot times.

She lived on the upper west side of Manhattan; on 75th street between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues. I told her that I was pretty familiar with the area. She liked my phone personality, as I like to call it and was interested in meeting up. We decided on meeting up for brunch at a soul food restaurant a few blocks from her house. I had to admit to her that although I’ve had enjoyed plenty nights of sex with many transsexuals in the past I had never been out in public with any of them. She assured me not to worry, that she was extremely passable, that many times she had to actually show her dick to a guy before he truly believed that she was not an actual woman. I decided to go for it. What did I have to lose?

We met at the restaurant at 2 pm. I had on some blue jeans a casual button up shirt, and shoes. I had wanted to make a nice impression without going overboard. Even though I didn’t think it would be needed, being that I had already made a nice one on the phone. I was very apprehensive about meeting Candy in public but I figured that I would blow her off (no pun intended) if I didn’t find her attractive and find something or someone else to do.

When I walked in I told the host I was meeting someone for brunch and she escorted me to Candy’s table. Sitting at the chair drinking a Mimosa was one of the most beautiful transsexuals I had ever seen in my life, including books, movies, and magazines. Her smile was radiant, her lips were perfect, and her skin was flawless, with very little makeup. She was wearing tight black slacks and a loose yellow blouse that still managed to show off her small cleavage, high healed shoes and elegant jewelry. I would have never in my life made her out to be a transsexual; I was overly pleased and anxious to get her back to her place. She stood up and hugged me when I approached the table; she also gave me a small peck on the lips. I wanted to run my tongue down her throat.

We sat down and the waitress poured me a Mimosa as well. Candy and I toasted to “finally meeting an attractive person from a telephone chat line”. She said she was afraid I was going to be overweight like the other 4 or 5 guys she had met before, or extremely ugly. She confessed that she had told the waitress to have me wait if I were not attractive. We laughed. I told her I too was scared that she was not what she had described on the phone, how nervous I was to meet with her in public, and how I kept thinking she was probably a cross dresser “CD” and not an actual transsexual. We laughed again.

Candy was beyond what I had expected. She got up and fixed my plate from the brunch all you can eat buffet table. We took our time eating, having great conversation and enjoying the men gawking at her as they walked by our table with their wives and girlfriends; wishing they could be in my place, if only they knew we both thought out loud. By the time we had left we were both tipsy from the countless Mimosas we had drunk.

We left the restaurant and stated to her place. Although everything was going well, Candy and I had not had much physical contact during brunch other than the peck on the lips at the beginning of our date. I really didn’t know where this was going because we had not even mentioned sex the whole 2 hours we were in the restaurant. She was talking about how much of a great time she was having and said that we should maybe stay out longer, walk around and enjoy the unseasonably warm day before going in. This confused me, I really didn’t want to waste all day with her and not succeed in having sex, my worries were dismissed when she mentioned that she had to stop somewhere and pick up some lube and condoms.

Being that I had been drinking, we decided on taking a cab down to 42nd street to visit a few of the sex shops, we left my car in a public parking lot. She said that the kind of lube she liked to use was not sold in the regular pharmacy. I had no objection. We ended up having a great time shopping. We bought a 12 pack box of condoms, lube, some handcuffs, and some interesting porn; straight, bisexual, lesbian, gay, and transsexual. We had even picked up a few of the more hard core stuff like S&M, Scat, Watersports, and, even some animal porn. In addition, many magazines and “Forum” type of literature. I was surprised to meet someone that liked porn as much as I did, especially of the same nature as the ones I liked.

She also took me to a place where we picked up some underground, banned in the United States, movies; the nature of which I will not mention. Well anyway, after our fun shopping; we finally took a cab back to her apartment. I had wanted to stop at a spirits store but Candy assured me that she had plenty to drink at her place.

Her apartment was very nicely decorated. She lived in a small but cozy one bedroom. Her furniture was sparse because of the limited space. She had placed mirrors on the walls to make the apartment look larger than it was. Her walls were decorated with black and white pictures of some of the greatest musicians of all times; Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, Bob Marley, just to name a few. She showed me to her bedroom where we got comfortable on the bed and sifted through the things we had bought. We decided on a bisexual movie that looked like a lot of action. Candy mixed us a couple of drinks and slipped into a pink silk robe after taking a 10 minute shower. She asked if I wanted to shower. I gladly accepted. She showed me where I could find a clean towel and toiletries. I took a nice hot shower; all the while I was anticipating what was next but never in my wildest dream could I have prepared myself for the night that was ahead for me.

When I walked back into her room candy was laying in bed with her eyes glued to the television but she was also on the phone chatting with one of her girlfriends. I could hear her telling her friend that everything had gone well and that she was very pleased with me and we were about to relax and have some fun. “Call me in about 2 hours, I maybe taking a break then”. She smiled and hung up the phone. She explained to me that she had told her girlfriend she was meeting me and to expect her call to let her know everything was fine. She had starting telling me something else as well but I was not listening, I lay next to her and grabbed her face to mine and did what I had been waiting to do within 5 minutes of meeting Candy.

I kissed her softly. Our tongues teased each other as we kissed deeper and deeper. I could hear the moaning of a guy in the back round getting fucked in the ass as he was pounding away at a very young looking blond. I opened up Candy’s robe and licked down her neck to her breast. Her skin tasted like honey. I took a short break to admire her body. She had lied to me. Her description to me on the phone did her body no justice whatsoever. She was truly a work of art. I licked her whole body from head to toe. When I got to her small feet I took her toes in my mouth and sucked gently. I licked up the back of her legs and listened for the moans of pleasure which were increasing as I worked my way up to her ass. I kissed her plump ass cheeks and licked my way to her hole. Her body vibrated as I cupped her balls and stuck my tongue in her ass hole. I licked down to her balls and gently sucked on each for a few minutes. Her whole body was smooth, hairless, not even stubble on her balls. Her dick was at attention in front of my eyes and as I looked up I could see her looking down at me smiling. When I took her in my mouth her eyes closed but I could see that they rolled to the back of her head as she shut her lids. Her mouth opened as she let out a rather deep moan.

I had developed what I thought to be a pretty good dick sucking technique, but I think I perfected it with Candy. I had never been able to make a guy or tranny cum from oral sex. With Candy I took my time. I tried to swallow all eight inches but I think I only got to about the seven inch mark. When I got as far as I could I stuck my tongue out and tickled her balls before sliding back up her shaft. After thirty minutes of slow sucking I could feel her balls tightening up, her shaft was getting hot, the veins were getting bigger as they filled up with more blood and the finger I had in her ass was being squeezed to the limit. She was about to cum. It was going to be my first time swallowing cum but not my first time tasting it. I couldn’t wait until she burst. I picked up the speed and she started moving in rhythm with my mouth. As my head bobbed up and down she grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth with an upward motion. I could feel her cum traveling up the shaft. I was not as prepared as I had thought because I was not able to swallow the whole heap of cum she shot in my mouth. It was so hot and creamy. I managed to swallow the first round but not the second and third, they came too fast.

Most of it dripped out of my mouth and down her shaft to her balls and asshole. I quickly lapped up the mess. When I was done she was as clean as if she had just come out of the shower. I looked up at her smiling face. I licked up her stomach until I reached her mouth and we kissed deeply again for the next 15 or 20 minutes. As she pulled away she said that I had given her the best blow job ever. Even though it could have been a lie it was a great ego booster, especially given the fact that I thought I had done my best ever at sucking a dick.

She asked me to lie on my stomach and gave me the most relaxing massage I had in a long time. She took her time and released any stress I may have been feeling throughout my whole body. After the massage I felt her tongue licking at the back of my neck. Candy had an expert tongue. Her warm mouth gave me shivers all over. She licked down my back and my ass cheeks. She spread my ass and licked away as if it were an ice cream Sunday. She took in both my balls in her mouth and made humming sounds as she gently sucked away. As I turned around she grabbed my dick with her right hand and stuffed it down her throat. It was the first time I had seen my dick disappear in its entirety down someone’s throat. The top of her lips reached my balls every time she went down. It was incredible. She would bring me to the brink and then switch her technique so that I wouldn’t cum. She was building me up to have a thunderous orgasm. My whole body shook. For the first time I was having orgasms without actually ejaculating. She fingered my ass with her middle finger as she deep throated my dick; there aren’t any words to describe the feeling as she massaged my prostate with her finger. She would alternate her tongue from my asshole to my balls and dick without skipping a beat. She was making love to my dick with her mouth and I was smitten with her method. Finally she let me climax. I had never had such a strong explosion.

When I burst in her mouth I believe she had worked 2 fingers in my asshole, something that I had never allowed before. I came like never before, I never thought I could cum so much. Unlike me, Candy swallowed it all without making a mess. My body jerked as she gulped every last drop, and slowly pulled her fingers from my ass. I was spent. It felt as if I had been fucking for hours. She had worked both of us into a sweat. She crawled up to me and tongued kissed me deeply. Again this may have been a lie but she claimed that was the greatest fun she’d ever had giving a blow job. I don’t know if she really meant what she said but I believed her because it was damn sure the best blow job I had ever had.

After refreshing our drinks, Candy join me back in bed and called her friend whose name I learned was Ellen. I looked at the clock next to the bed and to my surprise two and a half hours had passed since we had gotten back to Candy’s apartment. Wow! That was the longest oral session I’d ever had. As we watched another one of the movies we had purchased, Candy simultaneously played with my now limp dick and described to her friend Ellen how we had spent the last 2 hours.

She brought “Daddy”, as she called my penis, back to attention. I heard her tell Ellen that we would be waiting, and that she had better not be kidding about coming over, and “Oh, don’t forget the camera.”

Candy had slipped a condom on “Daddy” and lubed him up as she climbed on top of my face. I lubed her ass with my tongue. She then slid her ass down my chest until she reached “Daddy” and slowly buried my dick up her ass until the head hit her prostate. She repeated this slow movement over and over until she picked up a nice rhythm. Her ass hole was extremely tight. I felt the squeezed all the way up and down my shaft as she rode me to ecstasy. She turned to face me without ever taking my dick out of her ass. As she continued her ride she reached back and cupped my balls and was massaging them with a gifted caress. I saw her penis enlarging in front of me as she rode away. Again her finger found its way to my ass hole and as she penetrated, I grabbed her growing dick and began to stroke away. She moaned louder and louder as I stroked faster. Then she did something else I had never seen done.

Candy lifted her right leg and rested it on the back of her neck as she rode without slowing down or stopping. She was the most flexible person I had ever been with. Using both her hands for support, she rode me up and down as I kept stroking away at her large dick. I could feel myself about to cum again and continued to pump at her dick even faster. I reached on the night stand and lubed my hands to get a smooth glide on her cock. She moaned louder as she could feel that we were both about to orgasm. I felt her hot cum hitting my chest about 10 seconds before shooting mine into the condom. I was thinking at the very second how good it would have been to cum directly in her ass without the condom in between. She fell on top of me panting hard. Her semen splashing between her chest and mine, she rubbed it in with her soft tits, as we kissed. I was worked over. I had never been so tired after sex. I needed a nap to revitalize. I don’t think I could have gone on without one, and I had not done any of the work, she rode me to exhaustion.

Again that was a first for me. She whispered in my ear that the left curve my dick has gives the best feeling in the world. “Oh my God, where the hell have you been my whole life,” she asked?

I was relieved when Candy suggested that we get a little bit of sleep before Ellen came over. She told me about Ellen before we took our nap and I knew from her description that I was in for the time of my life. I didn’t think when I woke up that my day was going to be this good, nor did I think it could get any better after the sex that I had just had with Candy, but after she described Ellen I could hardly sleep in anticipation of what was to come.

Ellen is a 22 year old Filipino female that stands about 5’2 and 115 pounds at the most. She has streaked blond hair down to the middle of her back, light brown eyes, big soft poutty lips and the biggest smile. Her tits were huge for a person so petite, 36C and natural. Her legs were smooth and slim, with toned calves. She was very proud of her six pack stomach. She had a number of tattoos, including a panther that lie below her navel, close enough to her pussy. When she let the hair grow back the panther looked as if it was laying in bushes waiting for its next victim. I had to imagine it because she was shaved bald on that day. She also sported piercings including her navel, clit, and left nipple. She looked like a playboy bunny.

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