tagLesbian SexEllie and Kiki

Ellie and Kiki


The last rays of sunshine cast down on the beach, where Kiki and I were relaxing after our last day of university. Tomorrow we would be headed back to our home towns, ready to live the rest of our lives. We had had an amazing four years on our teaching training course, and had become fast friends. We first met in our first year as nervous little seventeen year olds taken from our families and stuck in the dorms. We lived next door to each other in the halls of residence, then in our second year we moved into a student house together with a Chinese girl, Cho, who was studying medicine. Ever since the moment we met we had become pretty much inseparable. We studied together, partied hard together, went shopping, to the cinema, on double dates, everything.

I remember that day still as if it was yesterday. I was wearing a short pale yellow summer dress, which was halter-neck and made my boobs look fantastic. Not that they weren't anyways since I had perky 32Cs which seemed to be impervious to gravity. Underneath the dress I was wearing some tiny pink lacy French knickers, and finished the look with some yellow pumps the same colour as my dress and a yellow ribbon in my long curly brown hair. Kiki looked fantastic in the smallest white strap top I have ever seen, which barely covered her stunning 32E breasts, and white hot pants. The white greatly showed off her deep tan that she was so proud of, and made her long legs look like they went on forever. I could tell that, like me, she wasn't wearing a bra, as I could see her dark nipples through her shirt. I was also convinced she wasn't wearing any knickers since she had no VPL (Visible panty line).She wore a black choker around her slender neck, and had her long blonde hair with loose curls in, which always reminded me of an angel.

With the setting sun came a sudden downpour of heavy rain. "Shit!" exclaimed Kiki, as she started to run towards our house. I followed closely behind her, running as quickly as I could, but we were too far away and by the time we got home we were soaked through to the bone. As we slammed the door behind us I couldn't help but laugh at how quickly the weather had changed.

"Well that was exciting" I said, shivering. The rain had made me freezing, and I could tell Kiki was just as cold by the fact that her nipples were rock hard. I smiled to myself, realising that that was the second time that I had thought about Kiki's nipples in the last five minutes. An image flashed through my head of me caressing them with my tongue, and I instantly felt myself getting damp. I had never thought about any girl that way before, but for some reason I had quite a crush on Kiki. For the last few months every time I relieved myself with my lucky rabbit I found myself thinking about her doing it to me instead. As this thought also ran through my head I realised I was getting even wetter.

"Hey Kiki, do you want the first shower?" I asked her, barely able to get past the words through my excitement.

"No you go first Ellie. I'll get us some nice warm tea made up" she replied. I walked upstairs, feeling how my sodden dress clung to me. I was sure I saw Kiki checking me out, but I guess it was all in my head. I turned the hot water on, peeled my clothes from my skin, and stepped under the shower. I couldn't stop seeing Kiki behind my eyes, the way her nipples protruded through her top, and she definitely wasn't wearing any pants under her shorts, as I could see everything! With this image in my head I reached down and started to gently rub my clitoris. I couldn't believe how wet I was just thinking about her. I slipped my middle finger inside myself, leaning against the wall for support, then started to fuck myself harder and faster. I felt myself growing close to my climax, when I heard the bathroom door shut. My heart thudded in my ears as I looked up and saw Kiki there, mouth open and wearing nothing but a towel. Before I could begin to work out what was happening, she had walked the few steps to the shower/bath, and stepped in with me.

"Kiki what are you doing?" I asked, amazed I could even think about speaking.

"Shhhh. I heard you calling my name and I came" she said to me, and dropped her towel. I took in her perfect breasts, her clean shaven pussy, and those amazing legs. She stepped into the shower and put some soap onto her hands. She began to massage it into her body, paying careful attention to her breasts, and without realising it I began to play with my clit again. I barely touched it when I felt the usual shudders, and the warm release of an orgasm. I looked up and saw Kiki still looking at me and massaging soap into herself. Nervously I reached over and started to caress her, rubbing soap into her stomach and back. I was too scared to place them anywhere else, but she gently took my hands and placed them on her breasts. As I played with them she started to make little purring noises in the back of her throat, so I pulled her under the shower to wash the soap off, then started to lick her nipples, flicking them with my tongue and nibbling them with my teeth. Her purrs turned to low groans and I knew I had to make her happier so I trailed my tongue down her throat, following the trail the water was taking down it, until I reached her clit. I started to flick it with my tongue, like I had to her nipples, but then she laid down in the bath and exposed herself to me completely so I did like any normal hot-blooded human would and thrust my tongue inside her warm vagina. She gasped as I did this so I did it again and again, then started to rub her clit again with my finger until she came into my mouth. I swallowed all her juices then moved up her to kiss her, letting her taste herself on me.

Feeling quite in-control, I turned off the shower, took Kiki by the hand and took her to my bed. I laid her down on it, and leant over her to reach into my drawer. From it I took my trusty lucky rabbit, and started to rub it against myself, my pelvis just above her head. I knew she could smell my longing for her as I started to make myself hot. I thrust it inside myself, so it was covered in my juices, then ran it around her lips, letting her savour the taste of me. I was about to work my way down again when she grabbed me and pulled me so I was grinding my clit into her face. I succumbed to it for a short while, then turned myself around on her so she was still frantically licking me out but I had better access to her. I ran my rabbit down her stomach and down her legs, then back up, making sure that I didn't touch her womanhood. Then I lightly ran it over her clit, and slightly parted her lips with it, teasing her. I could feel myself getting close to orgasm so I turned my rabbit on full and let it enter her. I almost orgasmed there and then from the feeling of her moaning inside me but I managed to hold on. I could feel her getting ready to come, so I let myself go and we came together. We were completely exhausted by this point, so I turned round and lay in her arms, neither of us saying a thing, just kissing until we fell fast asleep.

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