tagNonConsent/ReluctanceElsewhere Chronicles Ch. 02

Elsewhere Chronicles Ch. 02


Disclaimer: the following story is a work of dark erotic fantasy fiction parody. It deals with mature themes and contains scenes of violence, representations of sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for informed adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work is not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards anyone. Characters in this story are fictional and not based on any person living or dead (though they can be inspired from the original work which they may parody), and are not meant to infringe on any existing characters in other literatures.


The Tiddlers were horny. There's no other way to say it. Not all the time, mind you. I didn't know that when I arrived at their village with Namby, my beastman protector. He stayed around for a few days, finding me a place for shelter at a local watering hole with a lovely couple who were simply eager to let me into their home. If I worked for them tending the place, I would eat and sleep there for free. I agreed, having few options other than this at the time.

The Tiddlers stand about four feet tall; most men are bald and those few that have hair only spot a crown around their ears. Most women have short coarse hair. Their skin is brown, like milk chocolate. They love to sing and dance, and they keep themselves busy with trades and crafts, though I've never seen them sell any of it, and it doesn't seem to accumulate. Even after all these years, I'm still not sure how they manage to survive.

A few weeks into my life at the village was the first time I spied on some of the unusual aspects of Tiddler life. My hosts called themselves Job and Barra, and they were a pleasure to be around, always smiling, often dancing. I joined in because I could, also because it was the right way of being there. It was relaxing to find myself in a place with no complications. I sort of knew it wouldn't last but, at the same time, I didn't care.

It didn't occur to me until a specific day just how much I had integrated into their community.

Meredith was busy cleaning up after the morning meal; most of the time, a throng of Tiddlers rushed the morning and filled the banquet room. Often alone, Meredith would run from table to table and bring everyone their plates, then rush again to pick them up and toss them in the backroom to clean later. Everyone would pretty much leave around the same time, making the cleanup quite a job.

Today was no exception, but Meredith was almost done. As she dragged a mess of plates into the backroom, she barely noticed the unusual sounds echoing from the kitchen. She dumped her load of dishes against the wall and took a breather. Her eyes darted to the open door and she finally picked up the sound of moaning.

It had been weeks since Meredith had even thought of sex. Since Namby's departure, she had been either too busy or too distracted to even think of masturbation. She didn't mind; it was simply that no opportunity had presented itself and the pressing needs of her incarceration had diluted over time. Still, the moans were unmistakable: it was obvious her hosts were going at it in the kitchen.

The safest course would have been to go about her duties, but Meredith was curious. She crept forward in order to get an eyeful. What she saw was an amazing display of sexual interaction, amazing because of the beautiful love that was behind it.

Barra was leaning over the low counter, her dress completely off. She was plump, breasts like oranges, a belly like a pot, stout legs like large branches; her aged face was twisted in pleasure given by her partner. Job was hard at work; he was quite hairy all over (except for his head baldness), with powerful arms and legs comparable to his wife's. As he pulled in and out of his partner, Meredith noticed his impressive girth (at least for someone his size).

It was Barra who noticed that they were being spied upon. She didn't panic; instead, she calmly spoke to her husband even as her face betrayed the pleasure.

"...dear, we have a guest..."

"...don't care..." he mumbled through his exertion.

"I think you will," she said.

Job turned his head and saw that their employee was staring; he didn't stop on her account.

"She can watch," he said. "I don't mind."

"...I certainly don't either," Barra added, "but perhaps she is curious, no?"

Watching them talk and fuck was both amusing and arousing. Barra's eyes told Meredith that she could come forward.

"You... don't mind?" Meredith inquired, still uncertain.

"Not at all," the Tiddler woman replied.

Meredith walked into the kitchen, standing a mere meter from the fornicating couple. The sight of their love-making was stimulating parts of her that she had neglected recently. Barra could read the signs.

"Oh my dear... it's been so long for you, no?"

"Yes," Meredith mumbled.

"My poor girl..."

She looked back at her husband, still thoroughly focused on plowing her.

"Dear, would you be so kind as to help out our girl?"

"Nope," he replied.

"Now dear," Barra scolded him even as he kept fucking her, "is that any way to treat a guest of this house?"

"Fine," he grumbled, "but only after I'm done with you!"

The weird dialogue made Meredith laugh; Barra stared tenderly at the young woman.

"Why don't you take off that dress, dear?"

"...um... okay."

Meredith tossed the item in the corner, revealing her naked body to the Tiddler couple. Barra stared with fascination.

"Oh dear! Look at her. She is so beautiful!"

"Later," he mumbled.

"Now dear! That's not nice. She just stripped for our benefit. The least you can do is stare!"

Grumbling, Job turned his head and looked at Meredith for a moment, watching her as she sat on the floor and spread her legs.

"Yeah, she's fine," he mumbled. "Too tall."


"Alright! She's perfect for a tall girl."

The gruff Tiddler's attitude could not help but make Meredith smile; her hands went to her sex and she began to tease herself. She had forgotten how good this made her feel.

"Well," Barra said, "we're certainly not going to let you do that on your own."

And Barra surprised Meredith once more by pulling herself off the counter and walking towards her, with her husband dragging behind even as he kept plowing inside his wife.

"Where are you going?" he grunted after her.

"Why, to help this beautiful young creature, what else?"

Meredith watched Barra get to her knees and up between her legs, all the while her partner kept ravaging her. The Tiddler's head hovered over Meredith's crotch and her mouth buried itself on the woman's pussy. Instant gratification shot up into Meredith. Job looked up and witnessed the scene.

"Oh!" he blurted. "That's what you wanted. Well, you could have said so!"

Her mouth occupied, Barra didn't answer. Meredith contemplated the delicious sights before her in silence as Barra delivered on more pleasure. She then saw Job's lips tighten.

"Omina-omina-omina-ooooo!" the Tiddler yelped.

It was surreal, but Meredith could practically hear the splashing of fluids inside Barra. Job kept howling weird incantations.


And he kept fucking, and it kept spraying.


And then, he was done. His smile betrayed an intense satisfaction; Barra's face probably would betray it as well had it been visible. Job stopped moving altogether for a moment even as Barra continued her oral service. Then, the male Tiddler pulled out, his impressive erection still ready to serve.

"Well," he said, "I suppose you'd like to enjoy it too?"

The way the words were spoken were so matter-of-fact that Meredith giggled; then, Barra's ministrations hit their mark.

"Oh... ooh..." Meredith began to moan from the nearing ecstasy.

Job walked around his wife and brought his diminutive self to Meredith's face. He watched her mouth form an 'o' as he witnessed his wife bringing their employee to climax.

"Now," Job stated. "That's more like it."

Without waiting for the orgasm to subside, he came in and pressed his phallus inside Meredith's mouth, moaning at the same time as her warmth enveloped his shaft.

"Oooh... so warm and nice in here," he said.

Meredith had missed having access to a cock; Job's reminded her of Namby's. And between her legs, Barra's mouth was echoing to Emily's. Even as she blew her male partner and was eaten out by the female Tiddler, tears rolled down the blonde girl's face. Job, not interrupting what she was doing but concerned, washed away the tear rolling down her cheek.

"Are you sad? We don't want you sad. We can stop."

She smiled through the blowjob and signaled him not to pull away. Barra had looked up from what she was doing and also noticed the emotional reaction in their employee.


"She said she don't want to stop," he told his wife.

"She's ready down here."


Barra and Job traded places, though Barra went to kiss Meredith.

"Are you alone?"

"Yes..." Meredith said, realizing how isolated she still felt despite the kindness of these people.

"You don't have to be," Barra smiled, then kissed her again.

Job was gentle; despite his horniness, he took his time sliding his large phallus inside the waiting girl's pussy, giving it time to adapt to its girth. All the while, Barra kept their employee distracted with kisses and soothing words.

"You had lovers before?"

"...um... yes..."

"And you miss them?"


The pleasure was mixed with tears as memories of Emily and Namby resurfaced.

"Well," Barra stated, "we're not them, but we love you all the same. You're part of the family now."

"Ohhh! She feels good, Barra. Good as you."

"Do you want Job to take you?"


The Tiddler was only too happy to comply, and he began thrusting in and out of the taller woman, reveling in her unusual tightness. As he intensified the speed, Meredith was able to blurt out one last idea before the energy became too intense.

"...no babies..."

Barra acknowledged the request with a head nod, casting a stern glance at her partner. He acknowledged it as well and kept ramming hard. Before long, Meredith was piling up orgasms as the powerful Tiddler controlled the pace.

"Gn-gn-gn..." Job began to mumble after several long minutes of thrusting.

"Careful," his partner reminded him.

He understood what he needed to do. By that point, Meredith was a mess of pleasure and could no longer reason. Building himself up, Job readied for the physical pleasure of the release. He started babbling as before.


Fluids poured fourth from his shaft and into the girl, much more plentiful than anything Namby had ever delivered to her womb.


Meredith was grunting now, aware of being filled up, unable to fight it, trapped in the overwhelming climax of liquids.


And the Tiddler was done; he pulled out and liquid followed, pooling onto the floor below Meredith. She was barely recovering from the pleasure, looking down, feeling so full - and afraid.

"But... I said..."

Barra kissed her.

"Relax, Merry. My husband would never put a baby in your belly without your approval."

"But, I... he..."

"He can decide when he does it - whether or not the offering is fertile."

It took a long moment for Meredith to understand this and accept it.

That night, I moved into their bed, and we made love all the time after that. It was amazing to feel myself get creamed up so much yet not fear getting pregnant.

It would often happen that I would be with only one of them at a time, and it didn't seem to matter which one.

Barra was so kind and thoughtful, mouth and fingers and even devices to use on me. She would stick a spoon in me and use it for 'stirring me up', as she joked. I would always return the kindness. I was impressed by how wide she was. At some point, I was able to insert my fist up to the middle of my forearm as I arm-fucked her. She tried the same on me but never went past her small hand. There was a lot of learning that happened during that time.

And then, Job would be all business. He could ejaculate multiple times too. In the morning, before the sun rose, he would take turns on us as we buried our heads in the pillows. One night, just to prove he could, he fucked and filled me five times in a row. On another opportunity, I tried to swallow his full load multiple times. In both cases, we ended up considerably staining the sheets.

One day, after morning, one of the tenants stayed behind. I asked him if I could help. He said that he was waiting for Barra. I asked if I could help in her stead. Quite plainly, he exposed himself. I got to my knees and I blew him in the hall; it was quite a messy clean-up but his face told me all I needed to know about my skill.

The next day, he was there again, and we took it to a backroom where he plowed me hard and filled me with his seed. I told him plainly: no babies. He seemed only too happy to comply.

The next day, he came back with a friend.

A few days after that, I wasn't tending the meal room anymore. During meals, I was on my back or on all fours, and Tiddlers were waiting in line.

It didn't take long for my first female customer to come in.

The day after that, I had three more.

Barra took charge of planning my daily routine. They moved me to a small house built just beside the inn which they renovated for my use. Every single day, I would see about twenty different Tiddlers - only four or five were women. I stopped dressing up in fancy robes and favored tunics that could slide on and off easily.

Within four weeks of this, I had fucked every single Tiddler in the village at least once, man or woman.

I had long noticed there weren't any children around. Barra merely explained that they didn't have children because there was no need. The Tiddlers didn't age. They would only create offspring if one of them died from violence, and it didn't happen often. And even those offspring would reach maturity within a few weeks so the community wouldn't suffer from it.

Eventually, I tried anal sex. I remember I didn't really like it. Four different Tiddlers had booked at the same time so I let them in. They got busy with me, one in my mouth, one in my pussy, the other two in my hands. Eventually, a fifth Tiddler came in as that current appointment was running late. Not willing to wait his turn, he undressed and moved behind me, aiming his manhood at my asshole.

It didn't fit - not that surprising given I was a virgin in that hole. My other partners eventually finished and I was left with him. I was so horny that I allowed him to try again. He fucked my pussy first, then split me open as he pushed inside my ass. I almost fainted from the pain and pressure, and he didn't stay in there long, finishing off in my pussy.

Later, I tried my own hand at it with the tip of a spoon and was able to get some basic satisfaction from it, but not much. I didn't try anal again for a long time. That's another story.

This sex craze went on for a while; it came to a point where I just walked naked in town and got fucked in the public place by whomever was there, pushed the ground, mounted, and jizzed.

Truth be told, it might have lasted forever, had it not been for one unusual visit to the city - someone had been looking for me.

The old woman arrived at the Tiddler village in the mid-season. Despite her advanced age, she walked with a swift gait that drew the stares of many onlookers. Many gasps echoed as she walked past the Tiddlers tending the various shops. By her deameanor, they could tell she meant business.

She walked past the inn and arrived in front of the bawdy house. Two Tiddlers were waiting their turn outside, standing restlessly as they hoped for the door to open so they could be let in. The old woman coughed hard, drawing their gaze. The moment they spotted her, they froze. She shooed them off and they vanished quickly back into their homes. The old woman neared the door and leaned her in against the wooden plank, listening in.

She heard the sound of a bed creaking accompanied by loud moans.

"Oh! For the love of all that is good!" she cursed out.

She stomped at the door, wondering if she dared interrupt the ongoing tribulations. Casting a furious glance about her, she chose to wait. It would serve no purpose to erupt into the room and disturb the scene, other than to make the people inside (and herself) even more ill-at-ease. Still, as she waited, she called out to the Tiddlers who were hiding pretty much everywhere around.

"I'm very cross with you, Tiddlers!"

The sounds from inside the house diminishes and stopped; roughly a minute later, the door opened and a Tiddler walked out, a satisfied smile on its lips. All of that vanished when he looked up and saw the old woman staring down.

"Yipe!" he yelped and ran away.

The old woman was tempted to curse him but she knew better than to blame the Tiddlers for what had transpired here. It wasn't like it was the first time they had taken in a stray and included her in their daily routines. Resolutely, very aware of what awaited her on the other side, the old woman chased away her sour face and put on a brave, calm smile. It would serve no good to aggravate the house's occupant, after all. She wasn't really in control.

"You can undress yourself and I'll be with you in a moment," Meredith beamed from the other room.

The old woman shut the door and locked it; she didn't want anyone to disturb them. The place reeked of sex and this was just the kitchen and eating area; the bedroom must have smelled even stronger. The old woman needed to gather her wits: it was entirely possible the young woman beyond the door was possessed of some foul magic that had turned her into this creature of lust. Or it could simply be that she was a horny girl.

"I'm ready for you," Meredith called out.

"But I'm not."

The unfamiliar voice, mature and different, rose a naked Meredith from her bed and she walked towards the door frame. As she stopped and stared, her eyes gazed upon the new person that had entered her abode. The old woman wore a light blue colored robe, walking barefoot, beautiful silvery short hair; her face, though aged, kept the elasticity of its youth despite the ridges and crow's feet.

"Who are you?"

"I am Nora," the old woman said, "and before we continue talking, would you bother getting dressed, please?"

"Oh! Of course. I thought..."

"I know what you thought," Nora replied with a smirk on her lips, "but I have no desire or need for flesh at my age. Go on."

Meredith disappeared in her room, stepping out wearing a long tunic that ended above her knees. During those few moments, Nora had moved to the stove. She waved her hand above it and the flames burst inside.

"I'm sorry for the confusion," Meredith said. "Generally, when people come to see me, it's for sex."

"Yes, I know the Tiddlers. Please sit."

Meredith sat on the edge of a wooden chair. She contemplated the woman as she put some water to brew.

"I'm preparing some tea. It will cleanse your mind," Nora explained.

"Cleanse my mind?"

"Yes... more on that later. Now tell me, what is your name, young woman?"

"Meredith... Gale."

Nora noticed how difficult it seemed for the young woman to recall her full identity. She wasn't surprised.

"And where do you come from, Meredith?"

"Kansas. And my friends call me Merry."

"I'm not your friend, Meredith."

"Ok. Sorry."

The awkward silence crept in while Nora watched the water boil. She then remembered the old saying and turned back to her host.

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