Elven Fire


A World of Warcraft Erotica

Disclaimer: World of Warcraft and all related material are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment. The story is a work of fiction and is intended for entertainment purposes only.


The full moon rose high and fat in the beautiful night sky as Marithaniel walked quickly from the smaller chambers from the Temple of Elune deep in the heart of Darnassus. Unlike other Night Elves, Marithaniel was one of the High Born, a caste of Night Elves that long ago were deceived by the Burning Legion and unwittingly caused a great invasion and war that led to their own expulsion from Night Elf society proper. Since the Cataclysm, The High Born had returned to their homeland long ago denied them and, if not grudgingly, been accepted back into the fold (although it was still under distrust and a watchful eye).

Like most of the High Born, Marithaniel studied the formerly forbidden and largely forgotten arts of the Arcane. Arcane magic was seen as almost something unnatural by the Night Elves who, as a whole, studied more Druidic magic to be as one with Nature. By debate, the High Elves argued that Arcane as well as Shamanic and Druidic magic were all facets of Nature; however, the majority of Night Elven society was still waiting for that argument to be shown true.

Marithaniel was still young by Elven standards barely reaching her first century and a half. She only knew what she felt when she cast magic spells: wonderful and exhilarating power. The other races of the Alliance studied the arcane arts and few had even mastered the more advanced capabilities the High Born had perfected. Humans and the Worgen were ambitious and eager to learn, but they did not have the long lives of Elves to explore deeper than they could, Gnomes were mere dabblers only seeking thrilling new prospects than seriously studying, and Dwarves had just put aside their prejudices of magic to start small schools for those with the open mindedness and patience to learn the basic incantations.

Even though she was High Born, Marithaniel was still a Night Elf and was at one with nature even if she studied and practiced a different form of magic. Her dark blue and green robes swirled around her as she padded barefoot down the cobblestone trails that snaked throughout the city. The wind blew a calming breeze this particular evening and it felt good on her pale moon-white skin. Her long hair was the color of violets in the spring time and cascaded over her shoulders like a purple cloak down her back reaching to the upper most point of her bottom. Like other Night Elves, she was tall and toned in a feral but feminine way that marked the unique grace and beauty of the females of her race. Two pointed curving lines like thin fangs decorated her eyes and ran down her cheeks. She had been chosen to wear the tribal markings of the Serpent that, in the Night Elf tradition, symbolized that she was wise. Marithaniel did not know if she measured up to the teachings of the Great Serpent Spirit, but she was determined to try.

Once she quietly reached outside the inner walls, Marithaniel looked around to see if the Sentinels were patrolling nearby. No footsteps were heard and no shadows seen close by. The coast was clear. Marithaniel pulled the hood of her cloak over her head and quickly sprinted to the small moonwell that lay just outside the inner walls of Darnassus. Once she knelt beside the cool still waters, she produced a small green crystal from the folds of her robes. She smiled as she placed it in the waters and it glowed. The green glow pulsed for a few heartbeats before enveloping her in its pale illumination and, with a momentary feeling of vertigo, Marithaniel felt herself travel in a swirl of green light over time and space.

As she regained her bearings, The Night Elf opened her eyes to a small thicket deep beyond a stream. Large white oaks with slightly twisted branches reached towards the night sky under the same full moon that shone over Darnassus. The colorful leaves of yellows and reds clung stubbornly to the long white tree tops and a blanket of them covered the hills and grassy forest floor. Marithaniel took a deep breath and smelled the wonderful autumn air of the forest. She stood tall and lifted her face to the sky feeling the grass under her feet and the wind blowing her robes and hair.

The sounds of movement alerted her loud and clear to her sensitive Elven ears and Marithaniel turned to the shadow of a large tree. The beginnings of a powerful fire spell sprang to her mind, but faded as she saw a figure in a red cloak step into the moonlight. The figure stopped and regarded Marithaniel before reaching up and drawing back her hood.

Delicate hands pulled back the hood to reveal two long pointed ears piercing the sides of a mane of fire-red hair. Long pointed eyebrows extended out the sides of a heart shaped face the color of fresh cream and crowned twin almond shaped luminous eyes that glowed with a bright green. The Blood Elves were once High Elves who lost the source of their power with the invasion of the Scourge. Since then, they had been aided by the Forsaken and joined the Horde. The two elves stood motionless staring for a few heartbeats not more than a few footsteps apart.

"Tylene," Marithaniel sighed. The Elves embraced one another tightly stroking the other's hair and laughing with giggles of recognition and relief. They stood back from their embrace and looked into each other's eyes. Marithaniel ran her fingers through Tylene's flame tresses, teasing one of her long ears as the Blood Elf sighed and traced the line of her pouting pale lips. The Blood Elf then wrapped her arms around the taller Night Elf and rose up on tip toe, brushing her breasts against Marithaniel's and taking her fully in a passionate kiss that had them both moaning.

"You worried me," Tylene whispered breathing in the Night Elf's scent. "I thought you weren't coming."

Marithaniel kissed Tylene passionately leaving both of them breathless and sinking to their knees in the grass. "I will never keep you waiting if I can help it, my dear love," Marithaniel replied. "That long winded old fart, Sylianaas kept going on and on about astral physics this and time continuums that."

Tylene giggled and caressed Marithaniel's face. "I wish all we had to worry about was Sylianaas," Tylene whispered sadly. "If my people ever found out about us, I would be seen as a traitor and no telling how my death would be."

"The Horde sounds much like the Alliance," Marithaniel replied equally sad. "My people already distrust the High Born. If it were known that I consorted with a Blood Elf, the consequences would be dire indeed."

Tylene kissed Marithaniel deeply holding her closer still. Her breath was hot and full of desire on the Night Elf's lips. "We do much more than just 'consort' my Night Elf Beauty," Tylene said huskily.

Marithaniel parted Tylene's lips with her tongue, gliding it to taste the Blood Elf's sweet kisses and taking her breath away in a sigh of passion. "Well then," The Night Elf said teasingly, "let us do more than consort."

Marithaniel moved her hands over Tylene's shoulders loosening the folds of her red and blue robes all while kissing her lips hungrily. Tylene arched her back to the touch of her Night Elf lover and leaned back into the grass. Fabric parted over smooth, creamy shoulders as Marithaniel kissed Tylene's cheek. The Night Elf's lips trailed to Tylene's ear and the Blood Elf gasped as Marithanel nuzzled and licked a long loving trail along the delicate folds of her long pointed ears. Gentle hands and adept fingers moved over the sensitive flesh of her collar and shoulders sending shivers of desire up Tylene's spine.

"Oh, Mari," Tylene gasped referring to the Night Elf by her favorite term of endearment. The Blood Elf tilted her head back and gave her lover full access to her graceful throat. Marithaniel nibbled and kissed down the smooth flesh of Tylene's neck to dive slowly into the ample cleavage of her perfectly curved breasts that slowly peeked from the fabric parted at the Night Elf's exploring hands.

Tylene moaned aloud as Marithaniel cupped her breasts and flicked her tongue over the pebbled buds. The Blood Elf rocked her hips against Marithaniel begging with quiet sobs for release. The Night Elf enveloped Tylene's nipple in her mouth sending her to new heights of pleasure.

Heat rose inside Tylene causing sweat to bead on her brow and body. The Blood Elf gasped for breath feeling the heat build inside and fumbled with trembling hands to remove her bothersome robes. Marithaniel lifted her lips from Tylene's breasts to look her in the eyes as she took hold of her own robes and opened them.

Tylene looked upon her now undressed Night Elf lover with unveiled longing. Silken fabric lay discarded from silken flesh caressed by the hungry eyes of the two Elves. Slowly, hands reached and touched curves and smooth muscles where their eyes had started. Their lips met softly sending currents of lust coursing through their very cores making them sweat and gasp as their hands stroked and explored.

Tylene reached a tentative hand between Marithaniel's soft trembling thighs until she touched the wet hot folds of the Night Elf's nether region. Marithaniel simply melted into Tylene's palm. Her glowing white eyes flew open as well as her mouth wide with delightful shock as two slim fingers penetrated. The Night Elf whimpered in surrender to the Blood Elf's firm touch and Marithaniel's eyes closed tight and her body quivered as if teetering on the tantalizing balance of her lover's fingers.

"The only magic I ever truly cared to learn," Marithaniel gasped, "is the magic you conjure with those fingers!"

Tylene raised a teasing eyebrow as she tenderly kissed Marithaniel. "Only my fingers?" she asked in a taunting whisper.

With that, Tylene took hold of Marithaniel's shoulders and gently pushed the Night Elf to her back on the soft grass. Parting her legs, the Blood Elf traced a path with her hot tongue along the valley between Marithaniel's breasts and down the lines of her taut tummy sending shivers of unbridled desire racing through her from head to toe. Marthaniel ran her long fingers through tresses of Tylene's long red mane holding her breath in anticipation. Tylene loosed a throaty, naughty laugh as she halted face to face with Marithaniel's weeping sex before blowing softly over the button that peeked from under its hood. Marithaniel gasped loudly and arched her back. Her nether lips parted pleading for more.

"Oh, Ty," Marithaniel whined her lover's nickname, "You wicked Elf! Please ... don't make me beg ... you can't torture me like..."

The Night Elf's words were interrupted into a moan of surrender as Tylene's warm wet tongue slid between her wet folds sending jolts of lust from quim to her mind that exploded with white shockwaves of ecstasy. Determined not to let her down from the waves of pleasure, Tylene mercilessly kissed, licked, and suckled Marithaniel's soaked pussy. The more her tongue lashed, the stronger the jolts to Marithaniel's body became until, finally, the Night Elf cried out and stiffened arching her back and thrashing her hips to the Blood Elf's practiced tongue. Tylene held Marithaniel's hips tight, burying her face into her pulsing sex as wave after wave crashed through the shuddering Night Elf's body.

"Oh, Ty!" Marithaniel cried out, riding her lover's tongue and lips with abandon," OH ... OH ... ELUNE'S LIGHT! TYYYYYYYYYY!!"

When her orgasm relaxed, Marithaniel gasped for breath and rose up quickly taking control. Tylene squealed in delight as her lover practically tackled her to the ground, devouring her with kisses and nips as hands traveled every inch of her lithe body under the soft, velvety touch of Marithaniel's body on hers.

"MMmmm," Tylene purred, "I love making you cum."

"I love when you make me cum," Marithaniel replied between kisses. "It's only fair that I return the favor, my red headed vixen!"

Tylene purred as Marithaniel kissed and nibbled the sensitive skin of her throat down further and further leaving liquid fire in the wake of her lips as they slowly made their way to breasts being kneaded by the Night Elf's strong but soft hands. Her fingers rubbed and teased Tylene's nipples to hardened points that made the Blood Elf groan in sweet agony. Tylene knew this was her penance for teasing Marithaniel earlier and accepted her exquisite punishment with growing lust. She giggled delightfully as Marithaniel tickled her tummy licking long trails down to her thighs. Her body quivered and twitched as the Night Elf mixed tickling with tantalizing to a glorious and sensual effect.

"Now who is the wicked one?" Tylene asked saucily giggling.

The laughter transformed into a low growl of pleasure as Marithaniel opened the Blood Elf's wet nether lips gathering the moisture present with the pointed tip of her tongue. Tylene arched her hips up to Marithaniel's enveloping lips and squirmed like a worm caught on the end of a deliciously wicked hook. Her fingers dug into the Night Elf's thick purple hair as her body moved with her wonderful tongue. Marithaniel cupped Tylene's firm bottom to pull the Elf closer to her warm waiting mouth. She coaxed Tylene's clit from hiding in its pretty pink hood until the little button was fully exposed. Giggling, Marithaniel took Tylene's love button between her soft lips and hummed. Tylene cried out as the orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightning. Marithaniel had a hard time keeping the Blood Elf held tight in her lips as she thrashed and wailed overcome with the sensation.

Marithaniel didn't wait for her orgasm to subside as she quickly climbed up to Tylene's side and held her close, kissing her deeply as the Blood Elf gasped and trembled. The Elves moaned each other's names as lips met and tongues entwined. Hands and fingers dove between legs as the females rubbed and entered each other's soaked quims. They arched their bodies in rhythm with their penetrating fingers. G spots were found and explored, pussies wept and quivered, and the two Elves became a writhing mass of desire, sweat, and sex until they exploded with each other riding on the heels of one orgasm after another leaving them wet, sweating, and gasping for air in each other's arms.

As they lay on the grass, the distant sounds of voices were heard. Tylene gasped in alarm.

"What is it?' Marithaniel asked gathering her robes.

"Orcs," Tylene said with wide eyed fear. "A Horde patrol is coming near! You'd better go!"

Before Marithaniel could protest, Tylene kissed her deeply. Their eyes locked as the voices sounded closer. Tylene's green eyes shone with unshed tears as her hand touched Marithaniel's face. The Night Elf could feel the vertigo and Tylene's sad but beautiful face started to fade from her view.

"Until next time, my Love," Tylene whispered.

Marithaniel started to reply but found herself on the edge of the moonwell outside of Darnassus alone. She sighed and bowed her head looking at her reflection in the water. Something fell loose from her disheveled purple hair and landed on the surface of the water, making ripples. Marithaniel cupped her hand and fished it from the moonwell. It was a large orange leaf that had been stuck to her hair: the only evidence that she had been to Eversong Woods. Tears fell freely from her eyes as she kissed the leaf and held it over her heart.

"Until next time, my beautiful Blood Elf," she sighed.

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