tagSci-Fi & FantasyElvenblood Pt. 01

Elvenblood Pt. 01


Hi, this is a conversion of a story i have written in german. If you find any spelling mistakes it is because english it not my native language.

Have Fun!


Alana moved smoothly through the great festal hall. She felt the eyes of the men on her body and smiled. She knew what effect she had on the male sex. The throne was very festively decorated, quite appropriate to the occasion. After all it was no less than the prince, who today celebrated his marriage to one of the most beautiful women in the country.

In the middle of the hall she stopped short and looked around inconspicuously as she slowly sipped her wine glass. All the people present were extremely festive dressed. The women wore noble clothes and all wore a pretty dress, but that also applied to herself. Her wandering gaze caught the attention of a number of male elves, who were stealthy but also openly gazing at her body.

She smiled and thought about what these men would like to do with her now. She felt her nipples lightly stiffen and sighed briefly. Pull yourself together Alana, this is not the right time to think of such a thing.

She wore a tight-fitting dress of thin material that showed her body well. She was quite tall for an elf. Her body seemed slender and trained for a woman. Under the thin fabric quite large full breasts in the deep frontline of her dress were visible. Her long legs were wide free and the dress went only to just above her tight well-shaped butt. Her long black hair was bound by her to a ponytail, which gently slipped over her shoulder.

She noticed how some of the men's eyes were on her full bosom and noticed that her excited nipples began to emerge more clearly from the fabric.

She should have worn some underwear.

She tried to ignore the men's looks and focus on something else when she felt a slight touch on her arm and turned around quickly.

A nice dress, really very nice. I think you are the most beautiful woman in this hall.

The elf who had addressed her smiled at her kindly, while he looked briefly at her full breasts when she turned to him.

Thank you, but I am afraid you exaggerate. Alana smiled back and looked at her opposite. He was of an average build and apparently not particularly strong, so not a warrior, perhaps a scholar or a boring nobleman she thought and turned her back on him.

Next she felt his hands rest on her shoulders and he leaned against her right ear.

I would like to show you what real love is, my pretty one he whispered, and slowly began to push his hands under the shoulder straps of her dress and pressed himself at her from behind. She could feel his excited erection on her buttocks.

And now you will slowly rub your ass on me or I'll let the shoulder straps of your dress slide down by accident you horny bitch, understood! He whispered softly in her ear and began to push her shoulder straps slowly with his hands to the side.

Alana groaned briefly as she felt his erection at her butt and suppressed her rage over his bottomless impudence. Annoyed she thought about her options, but she had no choice if she did not want to stand naked before the highest nobles of the country. Slowly she began to rub her firm butt against his excited cock, while she looked around stealthily. Some of the men who had been watching them continued to look curiously at them, and a little jealousy appeared in their faces as they recognized what was going on there.

Kaves enjoyed the touch with the pretty elf in front of him and began to groan her softly in the ear. He had already observed her when she had entered the festival hall and had hardly been able to turn his eyes from her. This perfect slim body well trained for a woman with these perfect full breasts and the angelic pretty face and the long black hair. He had just had to talk to her, but this little bitch wanted to ignore him. Now she will do as he says.

She has a great tight ass. He would like to bend her over one of the tables now and penetrate her from behind. This slut would definitely moan with pleasure and enjoy a deep penetration. He would take her hard. This bitch moved her butt so nice. Slowly he took his hands off her shoulders and let them slide down. Her full breasts were just too tempting.

Suddenly he felt a hard blow in his abdomen and went to the ground gasping.

Groaning he fell to his knees.

Are you not alright? Alana feigned sympathy as she looked at him from above with a look that might kill him.

Kaves did not utter a word and panted with pain on his knees.

Slowly he saw the pretty elven woman move away through the crowd, while two men raised him. One of them turned to him.

Do you not know who the pretty bitch is? You can be glad that you're still alive man. Laughing he continued: Does the name Alana Tarjos tell you anything? She is the best archer and melee in the ranks of the city guards. You are so stupid. Still laughing the two men let him alone while he tried again to come to breath.

Some of the other male elves looked at him sympathetically, while most of them had already turned away and turned to the royal couple, who now entered the throne under loud trumpets.

The wedding couple were really an impressive sight. The prince had grown tall and strong with perfectly combed hair and a striking tunic dressed in the black and red colors of the royal family. His wife was a remarkably beautiful and graceful elf with a slender body and an angel-like face framed by plait-woven gold-blond hair. She wore a tight-fitting dress that showed her stunning slender figure well.

The hall broke into applause and the bridal couple went into the crowd. All the nobles could hardly wait to demonstrate the prince their subservience.

Alana sighed from the edge of the crowd and turned to the large terrace.

Slowly she went out and thought about the naughty elf who had so easily groped her.

But you liked it Alana. You've become moist and your nipples have stiffened even more. His hard cock was exactly what you needed now.

Damn get together. It can not be that such a pervert makes you so horny.

Sighing softly she leaned against the railing and leaned forward, so that her dress slipped up and just covered her butt. She did not notice this at all, as she pondered her thoughts and looked into the distance. She thought that she was alone on the terrace as she suddenly felt large hands on her firm ass and a dark well-sounding voice chuckled softly.

She tried to turn around but the elf grabbed her neck with a strong arm and pressed her forward over the railing.

Alana, what a beautiful view. The Prince slowly released her neck and began again to grab her hips and her butt with his big, strong hands, slowly pushing her dress up.

Your Highness, but...no...hmm...uhh...what do you... that no... Alana gasped and tried to turn around, whereupon the powerful Prince again grabbed her neck and pushed her rudely back forward.

Well, you will not want to anger your prince or do you?.

With these words he gave her a powerful slap with his flat hand on her butt, which made her gasp.

What are you doing. No don't do this. The others will see us. What will your wife think. Alana groaned lustfully as his hand began to slip between her thighs and he penetrated her already moist pussy with two fingers.

You little bitch don't worry my guards have locked the terrace from spying eyes. Do you believe I would risk my reputation by fucking such a sexy slut like you in public. Do you really think that.

At these words he opened his pants and pressed his excited cock to her butt, which made the pretty busty elven woman groan out loudly.

With his strong hands the prince began to embrace her full breasts and kneaded them with pleasure. He was paying particular attention to her now very stiff nipples and twisted them hard so that Alana shouted with pain and wanted to turn around.

The powerful elf did not give her a chance and pushed her forward again. Then he spread her feet apart with two not very tender footsteps and pushed himself against her from behind. He grabbed her arms and twisted them on her back, where he quickly tied her hands together with a leather strap, so that she was now standing in front of him with her legs spread apart. Her full bosom lying on the rough rock of the parapet.

He rubbed his excited cock at her pussy lips and laughed softly.

Alana don't fight it. I wanted to have you since the first time i saw you in the gardens of my father!

Uh, please my prince don't do it. Aaahhh!

He penetrated her pussy deeply with a strong push and enjoyed the tightness of her cunt. His two large hands embraced her hips and he slowly began to pull out and then thrust deeply into her again.

What do we have here, a horny bitch. As wet as you are, you seem to enjoy to be fucked like this, hm?

With these words he began to increase his rhythm and penetrate deeply into her while pulling her back and forth across the rough stone of the parapet.

Her moans echoed over the terrace along with the excited grunt of the prince and the smacking sound of his penetration of her wet pussy.

This damn bastard but she had no choice. Alana knew she could have prevented it at the beginning. She could easily have overcome him and if he would not be the Prince himself, she might have been able to beat him unconsciously within a few moments. But she had sworn to protect the royal family. She could not beat the prince.

You're lying to yourself Alana. Damn you wanted it or you'd have defended yourself. It's too late now. He has bound you now. You can not prevent it anymore and you like what he does with you. Fuck you like a cheap whore. Yes you enjoy it!

Alana groaned at every stroke. His big cock fucked her pretty hard but she enjoyed it. He would soon make her cum and she would not resist. She would let the orgasm come.

The guards had closed the doors of the terrace and watched their prince and the very beautiful elven woman, who moaned lustly and loudly, while she was mercilessly fucked by him. He took her almost brutally from behind and her full breasts were pulled over the rough railing with every push and pull. She was really beautiful, and the two large powerful royal guards could barely look away from her body.

The prince enjoyed every stroke. Her pussy was so tight and wet. When he penetrated her deeply, he could feel him thrust against the entrance of her uterus and then how she tightened her muscles. As all the muscles of Alana's body suddenly tightened and his cock was tightly compressed in her cunt, he knew that he felt her first orgasm. She straightened up and he felt the strength and suppleness of her well-trained body.

What a great feeling. Slowly he pulled his cock out of her and rubbed it at her ass. She seemed to be trapped for a little eternity in her orgasm before she noticed what he was doing. The prince spit a little saliva out of his mouth onto her asshole. His cock was wet from her vaginal fluids. Slowly he stepped up a bit higher and set his fully excited cock at the entrance of her asshole.

Oh no my prince, please no. Alana wriggled and tried to turn around but with her hands tied behind her back, it was easy for him to push her forward while pushing forcefully into her asshole as she cried out loudly and desperately under him.

The guards grinned when they saw what their prince did with this horny bitch.

It must be divine to fuck this beautiful elven woman in the ass.

They heard his moans and saw his face, which was distorted with pleasure. She really had to be very tight. The full-bodied beautiful elven woman on the other hand moaned and whimpered desperately and begged him to stop.

But the prince just laughed and pushed deeper inside her with a grunt. The woman cried again loudly before he began to fuck her with slow strokes in her pretty ass.

After a few strokes however, her whimpering began to turn into a lusty moan as if she was enjoying it.

The prince had his eyes closed and enjoyed fucking this breathtaking beauty in her tight ass. She was really tight and as loud as she screamed as he penetrated her, she has probably never been fucked there yet.

After a few minutes, he could hear her moans becoming louder until she suddenly stiffened under him again and gave a loud throaty moan, while her abdominal muscles twitched uncontrollably in her orgasm. This was too much for him and he pushed into her again as deep as he could and then with a loud groan came to his orgasm. Alana felt his sperm shooting in her ass, which strengthened her own orgasm.

The prince stayed in her for a short time while recovering from his orgasm before retreating from her with a loud smack and stepping back a step as he looked at her. She really offered a very hot sight as she stood there bent over the parapet in front of him. Her legs were still spread wide and her hands were tied on her back with the leather strap, while the seminal fluid dripped down from her moist cunt. Slowly she rose and turned around, her dress falling down again as she leaned against the parapet and glanced at his half-excited big cock.

He let his gaze rest on her full bosom and took a step toward her. He turned her around and pressed himself at her from behind, while his hands sought her breasts and gently kneaded them.

Alana groaned and rubbed her ass on his cock.

You want to get fucked again, hm? But I have other things to do now he said. Then he gave her a strong slap on the buttocks and opened the leather strap which bound her hands together. Have fun Alana. We see each other. With a laugh, he turned around and gave his guards the sign to open the doors to the ballroom.

The guards threw a few more greedy glances at the pretty busty elven woman, who quickly slipped her dress back on and took care that her breasts were covered again, before they followed their master into the hall.

Alana on the other hand was still slightly exhausted and looked at her dress, which now showed clear traces of fluid on one side, where the Prince had wiped his cock. She also felt his semen slowly dripping down her thighs. She could no longer go back in the ballroom dressed like this.

Sighing she went to the front edge of the parapet and climbed skillfully as a cat down the rough wall to the yard, before she went back to her room.

There she closed the door and pulled her dress with a quick movement from her body and threw it carelessly into the corner before she dropped onto the bed and slowly stroked her full breasts and thighs. Men are all the same. They all want to fuck you and you enjoy it every time.

Sighing softly, she pulled up her bedspread and rolled under it before she fell asleep exhausted.

The next morning, Alana awoke as bright sunrays burst into her chamber.

Slowly she turned on her back and stretched with pleasure while the blanket slipped off her full breasts. She heard through the open window the noises and shouts of the working servants. Damn it had to be noon. She jumped out of bed and ran to the window to look around the yard.

Several market cars were driven up there and many men carried wooden benches and tables. Slowly she leaned against the window. Today was market day. She had already forgotten that. One of the servants downstairs in the yard looked up at her window. His eyes widened and he gave a surprised gasp. There on the top of the window stood the most beautiful elven woman he had ever seen and she was naked. Her full breasts leaned over the window-sill as she watched the hustle and bustle of the yard. His mouth remained open and with a loud cry he began to gesticulate wildly towards his colleagues.

Alana was startled by loud shouting and noticed that one of the young men was looking up at her and making wild gestures. Quickly she pulled away from the window and panted terrified. Men are all the same, they all want to fuck you.

Slowly she went back to the bed and laid down on her front.

Her thoughts wandered to the last evening and when she thought of the prince and how he fucked her. She began to moan softly. She spread her thighs and her right hand found her way down her flat belly to her already moist pussy.

She penetrated herself with two fingers and began to rub her abdomen with slow, circular movements on the bedspread. Her eyes closed, she began to groan with pleasure and to increase the rhythm of her hips, while her fingers slid with a smacking sound into her cunt.

Suddenly there was a light hesitant knock on the door. Alana was so caught up in her lust that she did not hear it as she began moan louder,

Uhh, yes she panted.

Thomas had only recently become a servant at the king's castle and this morning he had been given the task of handing Alana a message. Joyfully he had ascended the path to her chamber. After all he had already heard of the pretty warrior elf and had even seen her once.

At first he was uncertain when there was no answer to his knock, then he heard a low groaning 'yes' and carefully opened the door.

He would not forget this breathtaking sight.

In front of him on the bed a beautiful elven woman was lying on her belly with her legs spread wide and her long black hair flapping over her shoulders. She just laid her head back as she groaned lustfully as her fingers once again with a smacking sound penetrated deeply into her wet cunt.

Thomas stared at her with an open mouth as the door suddenly gave a loud squeal. Alana whirled around and suddenly stood with a dagger in her hand.

A second later he collapsed from a powerful kick into his abdomen and panted with pain.

Alana stared at him angrily, pulled back his head and placing the artistically decorated dagger at his throat. Who are you? What are you doing here? Answer quickly!

Thomas was still panting as he forced himself to look up into her eyes and groaned I am supposed to bring you a message from the King. I've been knocking and hearing a faint yes from you. I'm sorry. With distorted eyes he noticed that his face was only a few inches from her right breast while she pulled his head back by his hair and pressed the dagger to his throat.

The pretty elven woman stared at him briefly before she let him go and take a step back, lowering the dagger.

Thomas stared at her naked body with the full bosom, the slender waist and the crisp muscular pelvis and ass and began to recover slowly.

Well, what is the king's News? Or will you stare at me all day?

Alana had to smile slowly. This boy could not even look away from her slim body and full breasts. Slowly she opened her thighs slightly while showing her still moist cunt from which a little moisture had spilled on the inner sides of her thighs.

I...well...ahem...I shall tell you that the King would like to see you in an hour...uh... well...in the throne hall. It is of great importance I shall tell you.

Alana smiled at him. Well, then you have done your duty now and can go now! With these words she turned her back to him while leaning forward with her legs slightly apart and giving him an excellent look at her wet pussy as she lifted a fallen pillow.

Thomas swallowed hard and stared at her butt and her moist labia as Alana turned back to him and smiled kindly.

Oh and let me have a bath, do you do it for me?

Thomas nodded eagerly and slowly went back to the door. His gaze always turned to Alana, who directed her attention to the disordered bed.

When the door had closed, she sighed deeply and fell back on the bed and thought: Well, now you also make the servants horny. It looks like you are and remain a horny bitch Alana.

Slowly she rubbed her right hand over her full bosom and groaned briefly.

A loud knock made her stop, and next she heard the voice of the young man from the hallway: The bath is ready, mylady!

She went to the door and opened it wide while provocatively standing with her legs slightly apart and smiled at him with a seductive smile.

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