tagSci-Fi & FantasyElyse's Demonic Encounter Ch. 01

Elyse's Demonic Encounter Ch. 01


Dahlia sighed and reclined on her throne as one of her servants continued to pleasure her. The demon girl bounced on Dahlia's lap and her belly showed an obscene bulge every time her queen's massive slab of horsecock pushed into her. Despite the sight though, she was eagerly trying to shove more and more of it into her. Like all the other demons in Dahlia's realm, pleasuring her queen was a command that was etched into her mind the moment she had come into existence. It wasn't long before the girl spasmed and moaned as yet another orgasm overtook her body. Unfortunately, this time her eyes glazed over and she went limp as the pleasure fried her brain and caused her to pass out. Slowly, she slid off of Dahlia's cock and a loud pop echoed through the chamber as that massive flared cock tip came out of her abused cunt before she landed among the numerous other demons at Dahlia's feet, all of them either unconscious or barely conscious.

Like every other moment in her realm, they had just recently been doing their best to pleasure her queen and while past attempts had been fun, Dahlia found herself bored. It wasn't like she didn't enjoy it, but it was always the same and as a being that literally could not stop craving sex, she wanted something more interesting. Not matter what she tried though, her servants in this realm never seemed to be able to deliver. The fact that her cock was still rock hard and her balls were still overfilled with thick demonic jizz after countless hours of fucking and rutting numerous demons was a testament to that disappointment. Dahlia frowned as she watched her enormous cock throb and twitch with unsatisfied need. The thick veins that ran along the shaft pulsed as well as yet another showcasing of her pent-up arousal. Her servants' attempts simply were not enough for her anymore. Dahlia was a demon after all, and there was nothing she enjoyed quite as much as corrupting an innocent soul. Of course, innocent souls were a bit of a scarcity in a realm of depraved and sex crazed demons.

She let out another sigh of disappointment and intended to get up and find some demon girl to play with. Perhaps their attempts at roleplaying someone a bit more innocent would be more convincing for once. She paused though, when she noticed a mark appear on the floor a few feet in front of her. She peered closer and though she could not recognize who it belonged to, it was obvious that it was the crest of some mage. A circle gradually formed around the crest and brightened until it formed the unmistakable shape of a summoning ring. Normally, Dahlia would have ignored it and let one of her servants go through and let that play out however it might, but a cruel smile formed on her lips as an idea came to her mind.

She used to travel to the human realm quite often before to indulge in her favored pastime. However, she had not done so in many centuries now due to one occurrence where in her arrogance, she had angered a very powerful mage and had been made a prisoner for almost an entire century. If she had not been so powerful, the lack of sex might have literally killed her. But now Dahlia was finding it hard to resist the temptation. Who might it be on the other side? Someone seeking the power of a demon for revenge on a rival? Or perhaps someone who is looking for a sinful indulgence with a demon mate? Regardless of what it was, Dahlia planned on giving them a whole lot more than they bargained for. She could already feel her cock throb with excitement at the prospect. Without further delay, she stood up from her throne and walked over to the circle, drawing a few moans from some of her servants as she walked over them. When she entered it, she could feel the familiar but long missed sensation of being pulled into another realm.

Elyse sat in her room that had been prepared for the ritual. She briefly thanked her parents for getting her an apartment to herself as she couldn't imagine the reactions of a roommate walking into what looked like a scene straight out of a cheesy television show about satanic rituals. When she began to recite the words that she had memorized and hoped that it would work. When nothing happened at first, she began to despair, thinking that all her efforts had been for nothing. For a moment, she couldn't help but to think about how she had come to this point in the first place.

Elyse had come to college expecting a wild and exciting new life. She had spent her entire high school life making sure she was always at the top of the class and giving herself skills to almost effortlessly do well in school with the intention of making it so that she could enjoy her college life more without having to worry as much about academics. But of course, it had not turned out that way. It wasn't like she was teased or bullied, but she was almost always ignored which in a lot of way felt worse to her. She had trouble making friends and that wasn't even mentioning the difficulty in her long wanted to desire to get a boyfriend for once. It didn't take her too long to figure out why.

She was a somewhat mousy girl and while she did not look too bad, she found it hard to compare to all the perfect, almost model-like figures of the other girls that surrounded her. Her figure simply couldn't match up and any time it felt like she might be connecting with a boy, he would inevitable reveal that he had his eyes on some blonde bimbo with wide hips and huge tits. Elyse simply couldn't stand it anymore and she had felt like she was doomed to a boring and uninteresting college life until one day when she had been visiting her parents for holiday. She had been exploring their library like she had done many times in the past when she found a book that she could swear had never been there before. Reading it, she found countless pages of what seemed to be spells and incantations with most of them focused on summoning. Of course, she had thought that it was nothing but fake gibberish at first. But over the course of her stay, she could not shake the feeling that it was real and found herself constantly returning to the library to leaf through the pages of that strange book. Before she knew it, she had hidden the book in her backpack and taken it back with her to college.

As she read it, she found excerpts about mages supposedly summoning demons and other creatures who, in return for their freedom, would grant the summoner power, wealth or whatever else wish they desired. She also saw indexes of various demonic creatures that she mages had called into their world. One that caught her eyes were demons that embodied lust and carnal pleasure. She could not help but to think about what kinds of wishes a creature like that could grant her and soon the idea of actually trying to summon one planted itself in her mind. Steadily, she began to gather what she could to prepare for the spell while also studying that book as much as she could. After a long while, she managed to procure everything she needed and study enough to make her confident that she had memorized everything that she needed to.

Thinking back on this made her grit her teeth and continue despite her rapidly growing doubts. Every second that nothing happened felt like an eternity but soon, she could see a faint glow in the circle she had drawn on the ground. It gradually grew brighter and her eyes widened in shock. It was actually working! Elyse did her best to remain as concentrated as possible on the summoning despite her excitement and astonishment that it was working at all. From her readings, she knew that messing up even a single word of the incantation could cause the entire process to fail, making all her efforts useless. She knew the risks beyond simply failing the spell as well. She was supposedly summoning a demon after all and it didn't take much thought to know that there could be consequences. To her though, it was all worth it. Slowly the circle began to take the shape similar to the drawing she had seen in the book and when it looked like it was completed, she said the last word of the incantation meant to finalize the process and bring the demon into her world. With eager anticipation, she watched as a figure began to materialize. Her breath caught in her throat as the realization that she was actually summoning something from another world began to dawn on her, filling her with excitement and fear. The figure began to take on a more humanoid shape as it coalesced. Elyse could see the shape's outline clearly now, though any features were still unclear as it was only a bright light. She immediately noticed how the figure looked to be in the shape of an exaggerated sex object.

The hips and waist ratio looked almost ridiculously perfect and her breasts were even visible in the outline as together, they were wider than the figure's chest. After some time, the light began to dim and the summoned demon's features began to come into view. First was the head. The demon's facial features looked like they had taken aspects from all of the most perfect models in the world and put them together in the most perfect way possible. Her eyes, despite their menacing red glow, looked like they could mesmerize anyone with a simple glance and Elyse had to fight to look away from them. Her cheeks were perfectly shaped to give her a seductive but still slightly cute appearance. Her lips were full and luscious, making it look like they were always in a slight, seductive pout. Of course, her skin was flawless and unblemished, as if it had never experienced any kind of stress or hardship. If it weren't for the slightly red tinted skin as well as the black horns jutting from her forehead, Elyse might have thought that she had just accidentally summoned the most beautiful woman in the world.

The demons also possessed luscious locks of black silky hair that flowed beautifully down her back and as Elyse followed the sight of it down, she began to see more of her body features. First were dainty shoulders that belied the demon's strength and power. Below those were those massive tits that Elyse could just barely make out before. Now, seeing them in their full glory, she wondered how this summoned creature managed to stay upright. Each one was far bigger that Elyse's head and yet they remained perky and didn't sag at all. They looked perfectly natural and were capped by dark, puffy areolae. They seemed to wobble ever so slightly with even the smallest movement which just made them all the more tantalizing. Elyse certainly never found herself interested in woman before, but she was having a strangely difficult time looking away from the hypnotic sway of those enormous tits.

When she finally managed to look away, she looked down further. The demon's waist was thin though not comically so and her stomach was nicely toned with just a small hint of muscle. Lower were those hips that flared out wide which, together with her waist and breasts, gave her a perfect hourglass shape. Though she was not walking, Elyse expected that the sway of those hips could drive anybody crazy. And that wasn't even mentioning the no doubt perfectly shaped ass that the demoness had. From her angle, Elyse couldn't see it, but with hips like hers as well as how the rest of her body looked, it didn't take much for her to know that it was probably just as enticing.

Her gaze eventually went even lower to her legs. They were strong and toned, and yet they also had a perfect amount of soft fat on them to make give them a deliciously supple appearance that only further accentuated her hourglass figure. Despite how immaculate her legs were though, Elyse had a hard time paying much attention to them seeing as how she could not take her eyes off the massive tube of flesh that was hanging between those legs. And while she obviously knew what it was, she could also tell that it was definitely not human, and not just because it looked like any human possessing a cock like that would pass out any time they got a hard on. The base of the cock was wrapped in a thick, black sheathe while the veiny shaft was a mottled black. The tip ended in a wide flare and Elyse could already see droplets of thick, clear fluid coming from the slit. And of course, there was how big it was. Its shape was easily recognizable as equine, but she could swear that it would look big even on a horse. Those balls easily matched the size of the shaft as well. They were dark to match the black sheathe and each one had to be as big as cantaloupes and seemed to almost pulse and throb. Both the enormous cock and balls seemed so out of place on the demoness. Where the rest of her body, while admittedly very sexual, seemed pristine and refined, the cock simply looked absolutely obscene.

"So, you are the one who summoned me. I must admit, I thought mortals had dismissed my kind as superstition by now," the demoness said with a husky and seductive voice.

Elyse, who had only been staring in silence since the summoning, shook her head and stammered out a reply. "Y-yes, I am Elyse and as long as you are here, I am your mistress. You're going to do what I say and if you do, then maybe I will let you go back to your plane." She did her best to sound confident. She had read that showing weakness to demons could be dangerous, especially one that could so easily affect the mind. Of course, it was difficult to do so when she was constantly being distracted the demoness' body.

A smile crept onto the demoness' lips as she looked at the mousy girl trying so desperately to seem in control. "Is that so? Well I am called Dahlia. It is my utmost...pleasure." To Elyse, that last word had an inexplicable weight to it and if she had been more experienced, she would have recognized it as having a bit of magical strength. It made her shiver and tremble slightly, but not out of fear. Rather, it was a slight arousal. Dahlia knew how to be subtle though, and it was nothing too overt just yet.

"So little girl, what is it that you desire from me?" Elyse felt somewhat assured by those words. Though the demoness obviously did not seem too impressed by her presence, she at least seemed willing to comply.

"I want to be desirable. I have been ignored and passed over for too long. I want others to look at me like how they look at other girls," Elyse said, speaking as clearly and confidently as she could. As she did though, she could not keep her confidence from faltering as she remembered all the times she had been ignored as a woman. As those thoughts crept into her mind, the small smile on Dahlia's face turned into a wicked sneer.

"Oh my poor dear, are you stupid or just inexperienced?" Dahlia said with a slight giggle. Elyse's eyes widened at the blatant insult.

"What are you talking about? I-I am the one in control here," Elyse responded, her voice shaking a bit as she spoke. She was scared that the demoness had found some kind of weakness in the summoning circle that was meant to shackle her. She had to hope that it was just a bluff though. Despite her hopes though, Dahlia did not seem at all impressed by Elyse's bravado.

"I am asking a simple question, dear. You summon a sex demon and then you put all your desires and wants on display in your mind? You are giving me more access than I could ever need." As she spoke, she took a step forward, putting her right at the edge of the summoning circle. "Even if I was a lesser demon, I could easily have you in the palm of my hand by the end of the day."

Elyse felt a shiver of fear run though her. If this wasn't a bluff, then she had accidentally just summoned what seemed to be a very powerful demon. Even as Dahlia spoke, Elyse could already feel and odd sensation in her mind, as if an outside presence was intruding. The demoness' words now seemed to echo in her head, as if her words weren't being heard by her ears but were instead being implanted straight into her mind.

"It also certainly doesn't help that you did such a shoddy job with this circle either." Before Elyse could even form a response, Dahlia took another step forward. The frightful girl watched in horror as the demoness walked through the edge of the circle. Sparks of light flew around her form as she moved forward but she still walked through as if there was no impediment at all. She continued to saunter forward, her wide hips moving back and forth, sending that massive tube between her legs swaying. Elyse backed up until she hit the wall while the demoness only continued to advance until she was right up against the mousy girl. Her enormous breast pressed slightly against Elyse's chest and Dahlia's hand shot up and gripped Elyse's chin. Despite how dainty and feminine the hand looked, Elyse found the grip to be as steady as iron. The demoness seemed to inspect her for a small while before her mouth twisted into a smile that revealed her pointed teeth.

Elyse closed her eyes and could only whimper as she expected that her life was about to come to a very abrupt end. She never felt any pain or attack though. Instead, she suddenly felt warm, soft lips press against her own. Her eyes opened in shock to see that Dahlia was kissing her! Those puffy, pillow-like lips were being pushed against her own and soon she could also feel the demoness' oddly long tongue find it's way into her mouth. Elyse felt her entire body go weak from the kiss. It was as if her energy was being drained straight from her mouth. At the same time though, it felt like her body was burning up. More arousal than she had ever felt before was welling up within her and it was only increasing with every long second that their lips were locked together. And that was just from a kiss. After what felt like an eternity, Dahlia withdrew her lips and pulled away, though she still kept her iron grip on Elyse's chin.

"Luckily for you, my poor girl, I have not had fun with a mortal in many centuries and an inexperienced summoner who can do nothing to stop me is the perfect plaything," Dahlia said, her voice mocking and yet somehow sweet at the same time. Elyse could not deny it though. The situation had turned around seemingly with a whim on Dahlia's part. Or rather, it was that the situation had never been in control in the first place.

"Though perhaps if you are extra lucky, you won't want to stop me. After all, your desires happen to coincide with my own, though perhaps not in quite the same way." The poor lust drunk girl still held in Dahlia's grip could make no attempt to question what the demoness meant. All her words only came out as small squeaks and moans. Dahlia giggled as she looked at the helpless girl. "Don't worry, I will make sure you come to enjoy it. I am the best at what I do after all."

Dahlia let go of her grip on Elyse and stepped back. The poor, weakened girl could immediately tell that her legs would not be able to keep herself up and she slowly slid down the wall until she was in a sitting position. Her position also put her head right at level with the base of Dahlia's enormous horsecock. Elyse knew that their kiss had done something to her when she found herself tantalized by that swaying slab of cock. Where before her attention to it had been born out of astonishment, there was now a very foreign desire that was welling up within her. Her inner self was telling her to resist, but her will was no match for Dahlia's temptations. The demoness smirked as she watched to girl look at her cock like she was in a trance.

"Oh dear, are you really such an eager slut that the mere sight of my cock is enough to turn you into a lust crazed fuck puppet?" Dahlia walked forward again until her cock was barely an inch away from the hypnotized girl's face. Despite never having felt this way in her life before, Elyse could not find the strength to deny the demoness' words. That massive piece of meat in her face simply made it impossible to think properly. What was more, she could now notice something now that she was so close to that cock. A strong musk was being given off by it and while she expected the smell of something that looked so bestial to make her gag, it was strangely sweet and intoxicating. Every breath she took inhaled more and more of that addictive scent and it clouded her mind even more. Dahlia watched with a satisfied smile and stepped back when she figured that the girl had enough of her scent. Despite her apprehension over the situation that she was in, Elyse could not help but to feel a twinge of disappointment when that cock was moved away from her. That disappointment did not go unnoticed the demoness.

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