tagIncest/TabooEm & Me Ch. 1

Em & Me Ch. 1


Oh Man! Where is all this going to lead to? What a mess! I've got this sister, right? Emily...Em I call her. Year and a bit younger than I am. Kinda cute looking, long blonde hair, nice tits - interesting without being Pamela Anderson silicon monsters, if you get what I mean - a great little ass and nice shapely legs. Overall, a choice bit of tail that has half the senior guys at school breaking out in a sweat to carry her books when they see her get off the bus. Thing is, I've now got a situation with Em that has me drooling and, figuratively speaking, crapping my pants at the same time.

Our family isn't all that well off any more. Dad used to have a real good job as a software engineer once. But he got laid off when his employers got swallowed up in a take-over, and being in his early fifties he found it impossible to compete with the young guys, and girls, fresh out of University with all the hot new technology and lower demands salary-wise. After an unsuccessful spell of trying to freelance - I figure the humiliation of being laid off knocked a lot of the energy and drive out of him - he wound up with a job as a duty manager at a supermarket on rotating shifts. To help out with the finances, Mom had to find work as well. Having been out of the workforce for over twenty years, the only thing she could get was as a nurse's aid at the local hospital; also on shifts.

All of this means that from time-to-time Em and I spend a lot of hours at home by ourselves after school, sometimes all night. No major problem seeing as we're both legally classified as young adults and both of us are capable at cooking our meals and doing all the cleaning assignments Mom leaves for us.

Then, tonight... Oh shit, I guess a little bit more background might help...!

I'm Pete, average height, average build, average looks, and average ability at school. At 61/2 inches, I even have an average size dick! In fact, I am your typical, boring Mr Average, which goes a long way towards explaining why I don't do too well when it comes to attracting the chicks. That and the fact that I don't have a car, I'm not all that good at sports and I intend to major in mechanical engineering when I go to University, instead of sexy stuff like law or marketing or medicine or the performing arts. So let's amend that description to typical, boring Mr Average Geek.

To be honest I'm not at all bothered about the size of My Man, because, being a geek, I've researched the fact that the 'normal' size range for the male penis is between 51/2 and 71/4 inches. Which is quite adequate seeing as the average female's vagina is only 4 inches deep. So, if you've got an 8 inch dong you'll never get to soak more than half of it, which seems a bit of a waste to me. Mind you, if you had a 12 inch one you could give yourself head and "cut out the middle man" so to speak. But I digress.

Just because I am the aforesaid 'typical, boring Mr Average Geek', it doesn't mean that I don't lust over females - quite the opposite. My hormones run just as hot as any well-muscled, handsome sports jock's do. Like every other hetero male of my age, I exist in a state of almost constant hard-on whenever I sit close by a chick in class who's blasting out the pheromones at that "hot" stage in her cycle. And, seeing as fifty percent of my classmates are of the feminine gender, hard-ons in class are a daily issue. But the cool guys get the opportunity to address the problem the way the cool guys always do, whereas The Geek beats the meat so often he's worried about growing hairs in the palm of his hand.

This brings me to Em...

Em goes out with heaps of guys, so I cannot for a second imagine that she's suffering from sexual frustration. But I have absolutely no idea what my sister's sex life is like! Is she easy to score with? Or is she a tease? Or is she one of the few who doesn't put out at all? One positive in Em's favour: I have not heard any whispers going around at school that my sister has Round Heels. One thing I do know, however, is that she always asks Mom and Dad 's permission to go when a guy asks her out and she always stays at home on the evenings when they are both working.

Last year, Em really had The Hots for my best buddy Joey - come to think of it Joey is my only real friend - but I don't know if anything ever came of it. Joey certainly hasn't mentioned it at all. Joey is a Cool Guy. He was elevated to that status when he got a soccer scholarship to one of the big universities back east. If all goes well, he'll probably get a pro contract and end up filthy rich. But, before that, we were more or less on the same footing as we soldiered through our school years together. The thought has occasionally crept into the grey matter that, since he became a Cool Guy, Joey only keeps The Geek around as a kind of pet; sort of like all the really good-looking chicks always have a fat, ugly one hanging around with them.

I may not have a car, but, because I aim to be an engineer, Dad has made damned sure that I have an extra-good, fast computer with heaps of memory. I worked weekends mowing lawns and stuff, and scraped up the money to upgrade the screen to a 19-inch and invested in an AutoCAD package. When I get fully up to speed with the software, I'm going to look for contract CAD work with local companies so that I can build up my University fund. The kind of donkeywork that's too basic to waste the time of highly qualified highly paid engineers to do.

Part of the computer deal, though, is that Em also gets to use it for school assignments, et cetera. No big deal! The whole shebang, including printer and stuff, is set up in a small room that leads off of my bedroom. It is nothing more than a very large cupboard really and, because Dad took the door off to make more space, I can see right into the room from my bed. And, of course, there is a connection to the Internet.

Now, our Mom and Dad got it together right at the end of the Flower Power, drugs, anti-Vietnam War era, and they didn't start Em and I until quite late - Mom was over thirty when I was born. They kept up some of the casual lifestyle over the years, so as kids Em and I got used to seeing them wandering around the house with very little in the way of clothes on. Sometimes they were completely naked. They same kind of rules applied to Em and I until Em reached puberty and Mom decided that everyone should cover up a bit more. Even so, it wasn't unusual for Dad and I to wander around in just our boxers and you'd see Mom or Em wearing not much more than an outsized sweat-top, or a cotton nightdress, and a pair of panties.

The inevitable happened. The Geek would be in his room reclining on his bed studying and Cute Sister would come in to use the computer. Sometimes she would be doing an assignment, but other times she would just surf teen sites on The Net. More often than not, she would be dressed 'normally' in a T-shirt and shorts, frequently and obviously without a bra, but sometimes she was wearing a lot less. Feeling somewhat guilty, The Geek would stop the schoolwork and start studying his sister and stroking his hard-on. He liked it best when Cute Sister was only wearing a sweatshirt and panties. Then he could admire her lovely legs. And when she leaned forward on the chair, or moved around otherwise, he would catch exciting glimpses of her beautiful little white cotton covered ass. It was extra good when she was wearing a nightie as well, because the glare from the screen would outline the pink-tipped shape of her breasts through the thin material, but The Geek wasn't really a tit man.

Occasionally Cute Sister would screw something up and she would ask for The Geek's help. He would hurriedly try to make his erection less obvious and go, kneel on the floor beside her, and talk her through the solution. He would feel the glow of her body heat and catch her scent and his mind would spin so badly that it was hard to concentrate on the task at hand. It was those times she was dressed in the sweatshirt combination that really blew his mind, because he would inevitably sight the white triangle at the fork of her thighs and imagine that he could see the pouting outline of her pussy behind it. Occasionally, a stray blond pubic hair protruding from behind a leg opening would almost give him a heart attack. The Geek was truly in a bad way. And there was that least one time, when she was wearing a nightie, that he clearly detected that Cute Sister wasn't wearing any panties at all!

Of course, as soon as she left him, The Geek would jack himself off frantically with lurid fantasies about Cute Sister streaming through his mind.

Then, one day whilst I was looking for something else on The Net during a free study period; I found Literotica. That blew the rest of the afternoon away until Em came home. Of course, given my fantasies about my sister, the incest stories grabbed my attention more than any of the others did. Quite by chance, I came across one about a brother and sister sharing a bedroom by a guy called Jack Dayton. It was a bit farfetched I thought - hey, how many 18 or 19 year old girls do you know who would share a room full-time with her similar-aged brother? And the "Ooooh - Ahhhh" dialogue when they got it on was kind of over the top. But the initial build up reminded me so much of my feelings about Em that the story really struck a chord.

I had just finished reading when I heard Em come in the front door. Then I suddenly remembered hadn't got the shopping that Mom left a note for me to go and get. So, because Mom would be home real soon, I dropped everything and left my room in a rush. I was in such a panic that I quite unintentionally left that story sitting on the screen. When I got home, beating Mom by about five minutes, Em was on the computer. The story was gone and she didn't say anything. But she did give me this kind of disgusted look.

Em didn't use the computer while I was in my room for almost a couple of weeks afterwards. In fact, she was pretty-damned cool towards me for the whole of that time. In spite of that, Yours Truly still carried on his wild imagining of doing all kinds of exotic things with her and he was in dire peril of building up calluses on his dick. Then one evening, Mom and Dad were both at off duty at the same time on a Friday evening and he decided it was a good idea to take her out to dinner.

The house was sort of quiet after Mom and Dad went out. There was damn all on TV worth watching so I eventually went to my room. My sister was in her room the whole time. I just lay down on my bed with just my bedside lamp on and my eyes closed, and started to mentally picture Em working on the computer dressed only in her sweat-top and panties. Before you could say "Cum!" my shorts were down around my knees and my hard-on was in my fist getting a long, slow, easy stroking. Next thing I know, I hear the sound of my door being opened and I have to quickly throw my bedcovers over my lower half so that my sister wouldn't see what I had been up to.

The object of my desires came into the room dressed exactly as I had been picturing her in my mind. Without saying anything, or even looking in my direction, she sat in front of the computer and started the boot-up sequence. I lay rigid on my bed like a petrified rabbit; my rock hard cock still clenched in my fist. Em just sat staring at the screen, with her shoulders kind of hunched as though she was expecting a blow until the computer finished its start up routine. Then she opened up one of her files and started to type rapidly.

After about three minutes the machine-gun clatter of the keyboard stopped and I heard Em say in a very small voice, "Pete, did you deliberately leave that story for me to find?"

My first try at a response came out as a high pitched squeak, but then I gained a bit more control and managed to tell her that it was all a mistake, "I never intended you to see it."

"I didn't know that you looked up that kind of thing."

"Well, I don't normally. The search engine I was using threw up the site name and I opened it out of curiosity. And then I got so wrapped up with reading I forgot the time, and the shopping I had to do, and it was only when you came home that I snapped out of it."

Em spun the seat around and I got a quick glimpse of her panties up her slightly spread thighs before she closed them again. Dark blue cotton; I'd never seen those ones before! "But incest stories, Pete, brothers and sisters and fathers and daughters and mothers and sons making out and having sex!"

Wow! Em had done a bit more looking around Literotica while I was out! She'd never have known about the 'fathers and daughters and mothers and sons' stories otherwise!

"Well..." I was lost for words.

"You think about me like that, don't you?"

"Of course not! What ever gave you that idea?"

She came across the room knelt down on the bed beside me. Her slim, smooth, tanned thighs were set slightly apart and the hem of her sweat-top stopped tantalisingly, just below her panty-line. I simply couldn't help staring at her down there she was so tempting, and my dick, which had been slowly going soft, suddenly sprang to full hardness again. "Don't lie to me, Pete, just about every time I'm in here on the computer I can hear you touching yourself... just like you are now!"

Em grabbed hold of the bedcovers and threw them off me, exposing my nakedness and my hand clasping my throbbing shaft! Very slowly I let go of My Man and moved my hand to one side. Oh, shit! This was happening just like in one of those stories!

"So, Miss Emily, you don't go back to your room afterwards and bring yourself off and think about me... or some other guy and his dick?"

Em's eyes were fixed on my crotch. "Don't be so gross! Why would I do such a thing? Especially about you!" But, her face reddened.

I knew I'd scored a goal! "Are you absolutely sure, Em?"

Her face flushed an even deeper crimson, "Well, knowing you were doing that and thinking sexy things about me did make me get kind of wet a couple of times..."

"Only a couple?"

"Damn you, Pete!" She slapped me hard on the chest. And left her hand resting there. "Alright then, lot's of times! But I didn't always..."

"Didn't always what, Em?"

"Oh stop it! You know what I mean!" Em's hand moved a little way down my chest. "Pete," her voice softened, "that story you left, it was so hot. Especially the part where the girl and her brother were lying in their own beds and...you know. And each of them was watching the shadows moving in the dark and listening to the sounds, knowing what the other one was doing."

My eyes bored into hers; "Shall we turn the light out?"

My sister bit her lower lip for a few moments. Then she nodded.

The computer screen had gone onto power save mode so the room was just about pitch black when I snapped my bedside lamp off. What can I say about the sensation of Em lying down beside me and the rustling sounds and movements of her lifting up her sweat-top above her waist and pulling down her panties? Her bare leg briefly touched mine, but she pulled it away quickly. And what about the tiny liquid sounds of her fingers probing and stroking within her secret folds, the exotic wafts of her sex odours, and her trembling motions and soft gasps as Em brought herself closer and closer to her climax?

My sperm burst from me, wildly spraying up over my chest long before Em was ready. I lay there, listening to her, smelling her, sensing her arousal, my eyes, now more accustomed to the darkness, just able to pick out the movements of her hand as she delved ecstatically between her wide-spread thighs.

Em came with a loud, deep-throated groan and rolled over onto her side so that she was cuddled up against me. She panted and trembled softly in the darkness for a full three or four minutes before relaxing and placing her hand on my chest; in among all my sticky mess. I could smell the sharp ozone odour of her sex on her fingers and My Man stirred in response.

"Wow!" She whispered softly, "that was so erotic!"

I put my arm around Em's shoulders and hugged her to me. I was still struck dumb by the events.

"Oh my, brother Pete, you've got a whole load of fish glue here!" She twirled her fingers in among my slippery fluids. "Stay there a second..."

I felt her wriggling around and then she started mopping my chest and belly with a bit of cloth. She was using her panties! When she reached my crotch area, Em encountered my newly resurgent erection.

"Oh, ho, ho! What do we have here?" She murmured, gently clasping my hot shaft in her warm hand and starting to stroke up and down its length. I reached for her, but she hissed sharply, "No!" then more softly, "this is just for you."

So, I lay back and let my fantastic sister give me a most skilfully wonderful hand job - my very awesome and very first sexual encounter with a girl. And when, sobbing unashamedly with the sheer intensity of my pleasure, I shot my load for a second time, Emily caught the gushing spurts with her panties, whispering gently, "There, there! There, there!"

We lay cuddling each other in the darkness until our parents were due home; then Em gave me a swift peck on the cheek and made her way to her room.

So now you know why I'm wondering and worrying about where this is going to end. Maybe that was it? Fin! Finito! Finis! But, somehow I have a feeling that the story may get played out some more.

If you were in my shoes, how would you feel? What would you do?

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