tagIncest/TabooEm & Me Ch. 4

Em & Me Ch. 4


I am going more than just a tad stir crazy! My sister Emily! You know she was as frustrated as I was while Aunt Rose was here, but the day Rose left everything seemed go as flat as a stale bottle of Coke. I guess it didn't help that Mom was around. But then, Mom and Dad's bedroom was up at the other end of the house. There was no way she would know that Em was visiting me! But when I got Em to one side and suggested it would be a good idea to, 'Carry on getting to know each other,' she fetched me a slap on the side of my head and snarled something like, "In your dreams, Bozo!" And that after her coming to my room the Friday before and virtually painting my face with her pussy!

Then, what do you know, as soon as we had the house to ourselves Em brought one of her school buddies to stay for a couple of nights...Jolene...a vivacious blonde...all legs and tits and red pouty lips...leader of the school cheerleader team. Jolene was way out of Geek territory, except in my dreams. So the salami got a good workout while my imagination ran riot over having both gorgeous chicks in bed with me and licking me all over at the same time as I was trying to taste every inch of them!

Then after Jolene it was Chrissie, then Marie, and Vivian, and Debbie, and Carla, and Jenna...aaaaaah, she was something else...and, and... It seemed like there was an endless stream of simply stunning young women coming to stay at my house and all of them strictly Cool Guy bait. Well, not quite all of them. Debbie was the odd one out. She was kind of short and square shouldered...nice boobs though. Em said she was good at tennis and racquetball, and that she played field hockey as well. Facially Debbie wasn't likely to cause mirrors to shatter in sympathy, but she couldn't be called good-looking either, just ordinary. She was simply the 'hanger-on' type compared to all the other nubile goddesses that floated around the place.

And it didn't help me at all that Em trooped every one of these heavenly creatures into my room to trawl the Internet and, every time, to visit the horny stories on the Literotica site - I always took a look at where they had been after they left. Meanwhile the Geek sat on his bed and tried to ignore the beautiful, sexy bodies, the giggles, and 'ooooh's and aaaah's' stuff while he worked at his math and physics school assignments. But it was one hell of a distraction overhearing whispered comments like:

"Yeeeeech! That's so gross!"

And, "My God Em! Do people really do that kind of thing?"

And, most intriguingly because I could not see or even guess what was on the screen, "Ummmm, have you ever done that with anyone...it's neat!"

And, "Jeeesus! That's hot!"

And, "Never! Nobody has one that size! But I do hear Brad Simms is...well, you know...generously built!"

And, "Oh that's so disgusting! I could never do anything like that...could you?"

Get the idea? And the Geek had to behave while they were there in his room or Emily would have killed him!

Again, Debbie was the exception to the rule. She just sat silently staring at the screen with her back totally rigid - totally freaked out!

Then just as suddenly as my own private Miss Universe parade started, it stopped - just as if someone had turned off the tap. In some ways, that was even more annoying than having all those groovy chicks around and not being able to get their attention!

But then there was Em...

Dad was home; out in the garage working on the car. Normally I would have been down there with him...you know, father-son, male bonding stuff...but I had landed a small CAD/CAM contract that had to be done in a hurry. And seeing as there was a prospect of further work from the same source, I didn't want to screw up by completing the job late.

I was all concentration on the computer screen and didn't even realise that Em was in the room until I caught her scent just before she kissed me on the back of my neck. Does your hair stand on end when somebody does that to you? With me, everything tingles, including Mr Z! I tried hard to sound Cool Guy casual, but my attempt at, "Hi, Em!" came out in its usual three-octaves-too-high Geek Squeak.

She spun the chair round so that I was facing her. All thoughts of finishing that project were immediately forgotten when I saw my sister dressed in just a sweat top and panties for the first time in nearly a month. The vision of her smooth bare legs and the knowledge of what lived at their apex sent me into such an instant state of arousal that I sneezed violently, twice in succession.

Em placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned forward so that her face was just inches from mine. Her breath smelled of peppermint as though she had just cleaned her teeth. "Oh Pete, I'm sorry I've been such a bitch to you this last couple of weeks," she murmured, "I've had lots of things going on in my mind. Can I make it up to you?"

Her face was so close to me that my entire field of vision was taken up by the movements of Em's luscious kissing-full, pink lips. Thoughts that her offer to 'make it up' to me could soon entail their warm softness caressing the throbbing Mr Z and welcoming his hotness into the wet confines of her mouth almost sent me over the edge. All I could manage in reply was a strangled, high-pitched "Yes!" as she kissed me on the tip of my nose and then dropped to her knees and started to undo the zipper on my chinos.

It can't have been more than ten seconds before I exploded into Em's mouth, but my pleasure spasms seemed to go on forever. When her lips finally let go of my dick, she had a small dribble of my fluids leaking from one corner of her mouth. She looked up at my face with a sexy-wicked smile and stuck out the tip of her tongue to capture it. That simple action triggered a wild frenzy in both of us and it seemed like it was only an instant later we were heaving and writhing on my bed with our mouths glued to each other's genital parts. Em came in a rush, screaming at the top of her lungs and almost ripping my T-shirt off my back with the intensity of her feelings. I remember thinking that Dad was bound to come running to find out what was going on, but he didn't. I found out later that, thank God, he'd taken the car out for a test drive and to pick up Mom from the hospital.

It was only after we made each other cum ecstatically once more that Em and I paused for breath - and realised to our horror that my bedroom door was wide open! Jesus! Anyone walking past in the passageway would have had a clear view of what we were doing with each other! Just then, we heard Mom and Dad talking and laughing as they opened the door into the house from the garage. Our little tryst ended as rapidly as it began. Then I had to burn the midnight oil to finish that job!

But, Em came to me the next evening, the next, and the next...until it all turned to custard last night.

We had the house to ourselves; both Mom and Dad were working. I didn't think that Em would visit - recent past history of us being alone showed that this was a distinct possibility. In fact, I had the light out and was disappointedly trying to go to sleep when 'the penny dropped'...maybe Em was waiting for me to go to her? But you'd already thought of that one hadn't you? Yeah, okay, for a reasonably intelligent guy I can be super-dumb sometimes!

Em's door was ajar and her room was completely dark inside. Maybe she was already asleep? I pushed the door open wider and stepped inside. Mr Z was sticking out so hard in front of me I could have used him to do the door! Em's room smelled quite unlike mine - girl perfumes and scents instead of hot electronics and sweaty socks. The realisation of how seldom I had been in there made me confused and I started to think that I had better leave. Then Em stirred under her bedcovers and said softly, "What took you so long, Pete? I thought you'd never get here!"

Relief mixed with lust flooded through me and I made my way quickly to her bedside and slipped under the covers with her. Jesus! It was boiling in there! Em was radiating heat like a miniature furnace!

"Pete! Don't be so impatient!" Em pushed my hand away from where I had immediately placed it between her legs. But not before I detected that she had no panties on under her nightie and that she was very, very wet! "Take it easy, we've got all night! Let's just hold each other for a little while?"

Em flicked the tip of my nose with her tongue, "Besides, I thought you were going to be all stuffy and stay in your room...so I was sort of helping myself out and I want to calm down a bit before we..."

"I don't mind if you want to finish," I told her.

"Hah! You mean you want to watch!"

"Can't see much with the light off!"

"Oh, all right then..." She snapped the bedside lamp on, "go down and look if you have to. But no touching!"

"But you really, really don't want me to...?"

Without saying another word, Em lifted the covers and pushed my head underneath. A dirty trick I know, but my sister Emily is an exhibitionist!

I worked my way down to see the show. Em already had her nightie pulled up to her waist. She looked delectable. Her pale body seemed to glow in the dim diffused light under the bedcovers. When I made my way past her flat belly, I blew playfully into her navel and was rewarded with a gentle slap on the back of my head and a further warning of: "No touching!"

When I was finally in position, supporting myself on my elbow, Em opened her legs slightly to let me see her. This was the first time I had ever looked at her properly. A golden haired crown and slightly puffy, dark pink engorged lips from when she had been touching herself earlier, swooping down to the deeper cleft between her buttocks...she was so beautiful I felt tears spring to my eyes! And the smell of her! Tasteee!

Em let me look for a long half minute, and then her hands crept into view. She separated her legs a little wider. With the fingers of her left hand she spread her pussy lips and pulled her hood up and back to expose the tiny, fiery red button that was her clitoris. Then she dipped the tip of her right index finger into her vagina to collect her moisture and brought it up to caress her seat of pleasure.

She started slowly at first, languidly circling her clit with her fingertip, teasing herself, dipping down for more lubricant, sliding gently over the little bump, coaxing it to grow; to give her ecstasy. She parted her legs wider. Her hand was moving faster now, her fingertip barely touching that angry red dot.

Em pulled her legs apart as far as they could go. She was fully open to my gaze...the variegated pink of her inner lips, her vaginal opening, the purple-pink wrinkled star of her anus...everything. Her hand was moving so fast that her fingers were just a blur. Her thighs were trembling. She flexed the muscles in her buttocks rhythmically, squeezing and releasing, lifting her pelvis in that primordial sexual motion we are all born knowing of. Her moisture slid from her in a tiny river, down the crevasse of her bottom cheeks to soak the sheet beneath. And she panted and groaned in time with her pelvic thrusts, louder and louder in total abandonment. This was effing extraordinary!

Suddenly, Em's back arched and she let out a choking gasp. Her stomach and buttock muscles clenched so hard that I could detect their rigid lines beneath her pale flesh. Then with a piercing scream she closed herself away, jerking spasmodically under the crushing force of her pleasure waves.

Hey, I don't care that the above verges on the poetic...watching Em bring herself off is the most drop-dead awesome thing this geek has ever seen in his life!

I made my way out from under the covers, cuddled Em spoon fashion, with Mr Z, stiff as a flagpole, and still locked up in his boxers, pressed against the crack of her fanny. I was so on edge, Em would only have to push herself back against me down there a couple of times to precipitate blast off. Thankfully, she was too preoccupied with her orgasm to consider doing such a thing.

Eventually, Em turned over to face me, "Was that good? Did you like it?" she breathed anxiously. "Nah! I was bored stupid...almost went to sleep...Oh shit, Em, you are so... unbelievable!"

My sister looked incredibly pleased at my reaction, "Hmmmmm, that's good! 'Cos I enjoyed myself too. Knowing you were down there watching made everything that much more intense. I had the biggest cum I've ever given myself!"

She traced the outline of my lips with her fingertips; I could smell her sex odour on them. I opened my mouth and captured their salty-honey taste with my tongue. Em giggled luxuriously, "You really like the taste of my pussy juices don't you?"

I nodded my assent with a low growling; "Grrrrrr..." At which she delved her fingers down between her legs and returned, wet with her juices to paint my lips, again and again.

"And do you like the taste of my cum?" I asked her.

Her reply of: "Yes, but it really doesn't taste any different to anyone else's..." sent a flash of jealousy through me, but she won me over again by saying, "But knowing it is yours makes it very special." She thought for a few seconds, then she asked, "Pete, would you do it in front of me?"

"You want to watch me jack off?"

"Please...if it won't embarrass you too much."

I lifted up the covers to usher Em down like she had with me.

"No, not like that...can you kneel over me? I want to see it like that...you know, everything happening as it comes out of you."

I shucked off my boxers as quickly as I could and Em positioned me kneeling astride her chest like she wanted me. My dick, with my fist working away at it, loomed right over her face. Jeeesus! I wished right them that I had one of those big eight-inch dicks you read about, so that she'd be extra impressed!

I guess it was the unusual situation, but I found it very difficult to 'get there'. Oh, I was as hard as a rock all right and all the good sensations happened, but I just could not cum! That is, not until two things occurred in quick succession. First of all the accumulation of precum droplets that were emerging from my dick finally gave way to gravity and fell in a long glistening string onto Em's cheek. She didn't flinch. That was awesome! And then I realised, from the violent shaking of the bed under my knees and the sudden look of concentration in her eyes that Em was doing herself again, and she was very close to cumming!

My climax hit me like a series of fierce electric shocks. I went to catch my jism in the palm of my free hand, but Em's hand appeared from nowhere and knocked mine out of the way. "No...!" she shouted, then made a coughing, moaning wail as my gushing flood splattered her face, the instant before her own orgasm roared through her. She fought to keep her eyes open and catch my later spurts in her mouth, but her spasms were far too intense. And, besides, my pearly streams were shooting everywhere.

I read once that a guy only shoots about a teaspoonful of cum when he ejaculates. If that is the case, how come it takes such a lot of swallowing? And why does it look so much more in situations like this?

My thighs were shaking so much I thought I was about to collapse and my heart was crashing in my chest like a mad thing. But Em made me stay astride her face and caught the final drops of sperm on her tongue while I milked my rapidly softening dick. I wiped my stuff from her face with my discarded boxers then laid down with her face to face.

"Oooh Pete!" She smiled, "That was simply amazing, especially when you were close to cumming! The look of ecstasy on your face was a picture...and when your balls suddenly scrunched up in their sac I knew it really was about to happen!"

"I'm sorry it went all over your face..."

"Oh, that's okay, it was mostly my fault. I wanted so much to see the way your stuff came out and I didn't make proper plans of how to catch it. Then my own orgasm got in the way...you didn't mind...me asking you to do that I mean?"

"It felt kind of strange at first, but after a while it was alright."

She pulled my face close and kissed me deeply. We once had an English exchange student at college who used to say 'it's just like kissing your sister' when he was talking about flat, unemotional, unfeeling relationships. Stupid prick didn't know what he was talking about!

So, what's all this about 'everything turning to custard'? I hear you thinking. Oh well, it happened like this...

We lay there just looking at each other without talking for a few minutes, and then Em pinching and playing with my nipples. For some reason it made me feel quite 'odd', sending tingling feelings down my spine and into that area between my balls and my asshole, I didn't like it. I tried to make Em stop, but she kept on doing it and we got into a sort of play-fight that ended up with her sat astride my waist trying to hold my hands up above my head while she licked at my chest. I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy on my belly as she pushed her pelvis down to keep me from moving.

All of a sudden, we stopped struggling and just stared at each other. We were both breathing heavily, not just from our fight but much more. Em got this peculiar, inward looking expression on her face, then started rubbing herself backwards and forwards over my belly. Just try and imagine the slippery, sliding wetness and the heat and the faint moist sounds, and Em's deep shaky panting as she got more and more excited. Jesus, it was erotic! And all the time we just stared into each other's eyes without saying a word.

I grabbed her buttocks, squeezed them, and pushed her down harder on me. At the same time, I started pushing my belly up against her and matching her rhythm. Mr Z was hard again now, lying up on my lower abdomen, and every time Em slid back, his head pressed against her buttocks, sometimes into the crack of her ass cheeks. And all the time we just stared into each other's eyes.

Em stopped her movements abruptly and straightened upright. In one swift movement she stripped off her nightdress and threw it to the floor. This was the first time she had ever let me see her totally naked. God, she was so beautiful! Even to a non-tit man her breasts were absolutely perfect! But, I didn't get a real chance to admire them, because, with a hoarse moan she lowered them to my face with a desperate cry of, "Oh Pete! Please kiss my nipples!"

When I took her breasts in my hands and started kissing and licking at her teats, Em went totally berserk, thrashing her pussy on me and groaning and sobbing my name over and over again. To get her tits to my mouth Em had had to move down further on me and she and Mr Z were now in constant contact...but there was no way I could tell exactly where he was!

Em started to cum. Her nipples were like fleshy pebbles in my mouth. Her arms were shaking with the effort of holding herself up. Her hair, damp with her sweat, was flying as she rolled her frantically head from side to side. And she was grunting and panting and muttering. And...

I felt a sudden, liquid heat all over my shaft and an incredible sensation of 'oneness'. I thought at first that Em had released a burst of her fluids over me in the midst of her orgasm, but then I realised that I was inside her. My dick was inside my sister's pussy! And, still cumming like crazy, she was taking me deeper and deeper and deeper...

I shot my load in an uncontrollable rush. It was as though I was emptying my soul into my Emily's womb! And then Em started screaming and pummelling my face and chest with her fists. Not screams of pleasure, but screams of mental pain, anguish, loathing and self-disgust: "Oh God, Pete! What have we done? What have we done? Oh God, Pete! What have we done?"

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