tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEma Applies for a New Job Ch. 04

Ema Applies for a New Job Ch. 04


I wanna thank RobbN2 for helping me with the edition; and also to all the people that take time to write a comment. I hope u enjoy this chapter too.

Ema entered the house with weak knees. Chuck and Mark followed her inside and quickly took their places. Clearly they had tricked other women before. Mark went directly to the bar in front of them and started fixing some drinks. Chuck left Ema alone on the hall of the house and entered the living room.

Ema started paying attention to what was going on around her. She first noticed she was in a big house. The hall was made out of marble, but strangely it was completely empty; no tables or paintings. Only at the end of the hall was there a small bar where Mark was finishing the drinks.

"Come here, Ema," Mark called to her. "Have a drink and relax."

Ema approached Mark and noticed that even though he wasn't very tall he was well built. Through his tight jeans she could see a nice bulge that immediately brought her back the images of Mrs. Kent and Miss Lee abusing of her ass. She couldn't believe how horny she was getting just by looking at this young man. It was incredible that until today, her sexual experience was almost nil. Now she had not only been abuse by two women and been publicly humiliated. Also she had humiliated herself, willingly, in front of this man when he ask her to show him and Chuck her camel toe.

Ema leaned on the bar and could feel her pussy quivering and dripping. Her mind was confused because of the booze and frustrated because she hadn't had a sexual relief.

"Thank you, Mark," Ema said, grabbing the glass from Mark's hand and taking a few gulps. Mark grabbed the bottle of rum and refilled what Ema had drunk.

"Ema, can I ask you a question?" Mark asked mischievously. "Have you ever tried a sweet roster?"

"No, what is that?"

Mark grinned. He knelt on the floor in front of Ema and took her glass from her hand. "Are you ready?" Mark asked. Ema just nodded.

Mark started working on his belt, and then on his zipper. Ema's jaw dropped when Mark finally took out a huge 9 inch cock. Noticing her surprise, Mark looked directly at her eyes, making her lower her sight, but she kept steering at his cock. He grabbed his member and dipped it in Ema's drink. Slowly he started stirring her drink. Ema just giggled. She was so horny now that she couldn't wait to suck and get fuck by that cock.

"Now, take your drink." He said.

Ema knelt down and reached for the glass.

"No," Mark ordered. He stood up. "Not from the glass, from my cock!"

Ema smiled nervously but didn't take long to move closer to Mark. She opened her mouth and started sucking on his half-erect cock. She started by taking in his head, but as horny as she was she quickly started taking in more of the huge dick, until she felt Mark's balls bouncing on her chin. Ema was about to reach under her skirt and stick a finger in her soaked pussy when Chuck interrupted.

"Hey. Hello! I guess she is ready."

Ema reacted to his voice. She was half ashamed, being caught like this made her feel like a whore but she couldn't help it, she needed a cock inside her right now.

"I think we have to get started," Chuck said. "Come on Ema. We need to move to the living room."

Mark took of his pants and left Ema on the floor. Ema managed to stand up after a few attempts. The two guys went into the living room and Ema followed them. Once they where there, Ema noticed that the living room was also empty of furniture. The living room was a big carpeted room. On one side was a pile of pillows and a big window behind them. The curtain was closed, and on the other side were Mark and Chuck with a camera on a tripod.

"Very well," Mark said, pushing the record button of the camera. "Tell me, what is your name? Age? And what do you do?" Chuck asked.

This questions made Ema think. She was 30, unemployed and useless. She was stupid and a pushover, but she was so horny that she could only say, "I'm Ema. I'm 30 years old and I'm unemployed."

"Ok, Ema, so would you like to win some cash by entering our contest?" Ema just nodded and Mark continued, "Well you have to show us your camel toe, if it is the best this week you'll win." Ema, without thinking it twice, started raising her black skirt.

"Open your legs a little." Mark said. Ema did as she was told and spread her legs 30cm apart. Finally the pink crotch of her panties was exposed to the camera.

"Nice panties," Chuck said as he zoom the camera to have a better look at the pink see-thru, "turn around." Ema turned around so that the camera could tape her ass; her thong was buried in her cheeks, only the little triangle at the top was visible.

"Now," Chuck ordered after making sure he had Ema's butt on tape, "face the camera and show us your camel toe." Ema turned around and grabbed the laces of her thong and pulled them up making the crouch of her thong dig up her pussy.

"Ema, why don't you take off your skirt? I think we'll have a better view," Mark suggested. Ema took it off willingly. Her pussy was dripping like an unclosed tap. Even her legs were wet. Chuck and Mark could see Ema's thighs shine with her own juice and made sure it was also recorded. Ema kept pulling he thong, making the stitches tear a little bit, and her hips were swinging up and down rubbing her clit on the fabric. It was making her loose her mind.

"Take off your blouse Ema; it's in the middle of the way." She did it so quickly that some of the bottoms flew across the room. Her white lace bra was immediately exposed to all. Mark and Chuck gasp at Ema´s huge tits. They were massive and stood out very nicely. Despite their size, you could tell that they were still firm. She was so horny that her nipples poked thru the bra's fabric.

"You remember what I said," Mark encouraged Ema. "You have to be very sexy to win." Ema knew exactly what to do. With one hand she pulled hard on her thong, digging it deep into her pussy and with the other hand, she started fondling her right breast. She started by grabbing the whole huge bra covered tit, but as her pleasure rose she focused more on rubbing her nipple until finally she wasn't just touching it any more - she was pinching and twisting it furiously.

Chuck recognized the opportunity and said, "Show us your huge tits Ema." With both hands, Ema grabbed the top part of the bra's cup and pulled it down. Her 36C breast fell heavily out on top of her bra. It had been a great shot!!! Ema grabbed her breasts and pushed them up, close to her mouth and she started licking them, taking special attention to her nipples. Her tongue circled the aureoles making visible goose bumps until she arrived at her nipple where she started by licking, sucking and then gently nibbling on it with her lips.

"Well done Ema," Mark cheered her, "you are going straight to the winning zone. But we have a surprise for you, look under the pillows and use your imagination; be creative."

Ema, kneeling on 4 legs, started looking under the pile of cushions. Chuck kept taping Ema's ass. For the first time, they were able to see into her butt crack. Her asshole was barely covered by the thin string of the thong.

Finally, Ema felt something familiar on her hand. She pulled it out, only to discover a huge black double dildo. Ema turned back to the camera and Chuck was able to tape her face full of lust. Ema felt humiliated at the thought of where she was - in front of a camera with two strangers and a huge black dildo on her hand. She was as horny as hell.

"Come on Ema, surely you want it. We can see you are all wet," Mark said.

Ema looked at her thighs and could see the glittery juice that dripped on her. This made her feel cheap, like a horny whore that couldn't control herself.

"Come on, do something to win the price" Chuck added.

As if they were magic words, Ema overcame her humiliation and focused on her horniness. She needed the prize badly. She took the dildo with both hands and brought it to her mouth, sucking on it as if there was no tomorrow. The dildo rested on her big tits and when she felt it she quickly placed it between them. While she was sucking on the rubber dick, she pressed her tits together trapping the black dildo in between them. She was going at it so hard that her saliva started dripping down, covering the dildo and her hand and landing on her breasts making the dildo slip easier.

Suddenly, Ema realized that something was caressing her pussy, through her panties. She could feel the other end of the dildo rubbing on her pussy every time she sucked on the dildo. Letting go of her tits, they once again fell heavy on her chest. She took the tip near her pussy and started rubbing it against her panty crotch. She could feel how damp they were. With a quick move Ema grabbed one string of her thong and pulled on it. Breaking it, she was so horny that the only thing she could think of was on having something in her wet anxious pussy. She started rubbing the dildo in her clit; finally she had something to relieve the frustration after so many hours of stimulation.

"That is great Ema," Mark said. "Good stuff, but if you want to win you'll have to do a bigger effort."

"Yes Ema," Chuck backup Mark. "You'll have to do something better."

"But I don't know what else to do." Ema was frustrated and humiliated. She was kneeling on the floor sucking and rubbing on a black dildo, and she wasn't doing enough. "Tell me. What can I do? I feel completely humiliated by asking this, but I'm too horny to stop. I beg you! Please, tell me!!!"

"If you really want to win you have to fuck your ass and pussy with the dildo," Mark said. Immediately Ema grabbed the side that was already lubed with her own juices and started working it up her ass. Since Mrs. Kent had recently played with her asshole, the rubber cock slide easily up her ass.

"Well done Ema, that was very kinky," Mark said, "but now, stand up and let us see how it hangs from your ass."

Ema did as told and stood up with the dildo inside her.

"You look like a dog," Chuck mocked. "Well in your case like a bitch."

"That's true," Mark said, "get on four legs and bark like one."

Ema kneeled and started barking. She got down on all four and barked some more.

"Very good, crawl a little bit and then turn your but to the camera, I want to have all this in tape."

Ema started moving from one side of the room to the other with the dildo hanging from her ass then, when she was again in the original spot, she turned around and start swinging from side to side her but, just like a happy puppy.

"Turn your face," Chuck said.

"Very well," Mark said. "Now your pussy. You have to stand up and bend over."

Ema stood up and bend over for the camera.

"Now stick the other end in your pussy," Chuck said.

Ema slide the toy in her pussy easily, and started moving both ends of the cock in and out her holes.

"Sit on the floor again, so that we can see your face."

Ema fell to her knees and rolled over, coming to rest on the pile of cushions. She then continued to fuck herself in her ass and pussy. She was about to explode, feeling the dildo opening her holes so much was more than enough to make her cum. Mark notice this and he knew he couldn't allow that. Ema humiliation wasn't over yet.

"Wait! Stop!" Ema heard Mark's voice far away, but still she heard him and stopped.

"What is wrong," she said surprised. "Please I need to cum now!!"

"I have an idea," Mark continued, "if you really want to win and you really want to cum. I think you are a natural candidate, don't you think Chuck?"

"Yeah, she is." Chuck replied.

"What is it?" Ema asked.

"Well, I think you should try The Cummingnator."

Ema's face lighted with lust. Anything would have sounded like a great idea, but this sounded even better.

Chuck walked towards a door, that until now it had been closed, and opened it. Ema stood up, and with the dildo still deep up her pussy and ass, walked over to see inside the room. Her jaw dropped at the sight, "Please put me in there," she begged. It didn't matter that she was completely humiliated by asking that. She needed to cum and that machine could do it for her. She needed to finish with the horniness inside her and leave that place. The effects of the drink she had before were disappearing and once again she was feeling humiliated and ashamed of what she had done.

First Miss Lee, then Mrs. Kent. After that, the public humiliation she had endured and now she had exposed herself to two strangers and fuck herself in the ass and pussy with a double dildo. She had to end this now, but she couldn't do it. Now she could only feel the shame and humiliation and on top of that her horniness. She looked at the machine again knowing that to finish this nightmare she needed to cum and The Cummingnator was the answer.

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