tagLoving WivesEmail from a Friend Ch. 01

Email from a Friend Ch. 01


As always, Merci to Bron Zeage For editing and his advice




Fran, nice to read your last email. I am very happy that you and Marge finally got together. I ran into her last week. Sorry I missed you. I was only in town for a day. She is very happy. You know I was friends with her before I met you.

This may shock you, but Marge has been in love with you for years, you are probably the only person she would leave Jimmy for, if you gave her the least encouragement. She would shack up with you without a second thought.

But I digress and am going places that don't concern me.

Sorry about the end of you and my brother Gerry. It was predictable. You two were too different.

I told you once that I would explain to you my break-up and divorce with Mario. As you guessed, it was more than his catching me in a hotel room with a guy. He never walked in on me with another man, contrary to rumors.

I was and still am an Escort, Fran, few people know that. You, of course knew. Let me tell you how it started

Six months after my marriage to Mario, I was still looking for a full time job, him being out of town on business so much. Our neighbor owned a small antique business and asked me to help a couple days a week, The pay was not great but it got me out of the house and antiques was an interest of mine.

After a few weeks she offered to take me out to thank me. Mario was out of town and we left in mid afternoon. She took me to the dining room of one of the best hotels in Montreal. Two nice gentlemen came and asked to join us. She seemed to know them and said yes. She introduced them as, Antoine (Tony) and Marvin, antiques dealers from Toronto. One of them, Antoine, impressed me with his good manners and looks. He was also gently flirting with me.

To make a long story short, after a few drinks and dances, Tony hinted that he would like me to go to his room with him. Joan encouraged me to go saying no one would know and my husband would not be back for a few days. It would relax me. I was on edge, she had noticed .She would wait for me and entertain his friend while waiting He would let me go at around seven in time to get home for Mario's phone call. I finally gave in.


The sex, plus the thrill, combined to give me the best afternoon of sex I had in a long time. He was well equipped and knew how to use what he had. I let myself go and was a real slut for him. I let him use me any way he wanted. It was more than sex there was some emotions involved at least on my part.

He fucked me good and gave me an orgasm like I had not had before, he straddled me and brought his cock to my mouth.

"Now Lise, be a good little slut for me and suck it."

I caressed it with my tongue and sucked gently on it. I had never let even Mario come in my mouth. I would pull back and let his cum go on my breasts. He gently slowly humped my mouth as I sucked, he held my head in his hands. His cock started to twitch. He was going to come.

"Be a good girl and suck hard, milk me good."

With him holding my head, I had no choice but to have him come in my mouth and swallow his cum. It was far from being as bad as I thought, as a matter of fact, it was rather pleasant and thrilling to be such a slut.

"I think it was your first swallowing blow job." How did you like it?"

"It was rather pleasant and thrilling."

After that, we lay back he caressed my cunt, sucked my breast and nipples. His gentle massage of my cunt, was really making me hot again. I caressed and played with his cock hoping to get him hard again. After a while I felt him swell and get harder.

"Lise, I would like to take your ass."

"Tony, I never had anyone in my ass. I am scared of the pain. I don't want to do that."

"We can try gently and if it is too painful or unpleasant, I will stop, promise."

"Don't you need lubricant to do it that way?"

"I have all we need I did not only get condoms at the pharmacy."

"Okay I will let you try but gently please."

I turned around on my hands and knees. Tony gently kissed the back of my neck and my earlobes and caressed my back and ass with his hands. He robbed my back hole with lube and caressed it. After more lube, he slowly pushed a finger in my ass. It was not unpleasant.

He kissed and give little bites to my ass and inserted a second finger, not stopping his massage of my cunt with his other hand. He fucked my ass hole with two fingers gently. It was, to my surprise, pleasant. I was moaning and pushing my ass on his fingers.

"Now Lise, I will put my cock against your hole. Just relax and push yourself onto it slowly, take your time I will not push."

I slowly carefully pushed myself on his cock until I felt my hole began to give. I gave a little push back and felt the head go in. There was pain. I let out a small "ouch."

"Good Lise, the worst is over Just don't move for a little while. The pain will go away as your ass gets used to it."

He was right. In a few seconds the pain was replaced by a nice strange feeling. I started to push more and take more of him in me. Little by little, I took him all. I felt slutty, but also really hot. It gave me sensations I never experienced before.

"Are you ready for me to start moving?"

"Yes fuck my ass, but go slow at first."

He fucked me slowly with long in and out pumping. He caressed my cunt and clit. It was not long before I started to really enjoy it and began pushing back to meet his strokes.

"Please Tony, go faster make me come. It is good."

With my encouragements, he fucked my ass hard. I had an orgasm, different from having my cunt fucked, but quite earth shaking nevertheless. I had three of them before he came hard and collapsed on top of me.

"So Lise, did you like it?"

"Yes I loved it. I am sorry I did not do this before."

After a shower, he fucked me again and I sucked him dry before another shower and leaving the room. I was well satisfied.

We were late coming back to the bar it was close to nine o'clock. Joan and Marvin, the other guy, were still there. They made some jokes about the love birds enjoying themselves before Joan and I left.

The strange thing was that I knew this did not change my love for Mario and my conscience was not bothering me. It was something completely outside my marriage. I could detach myself from it. Maybe that is a flaw in my character that made it so easy for what was to follow.

On the way back.

"Joan, you knew they were there and you set me up did you not?"

"Yes, I did. With Mario out of town for the last two weeks you needed a good fucking, Lise. Are you mad at me?"

"I should be but I am not. It was some of the best fucking I can remember. My ass is a little sore though."

"You gave him your ass?"

"Yes something I never done before. It felt dirty and slutty, but I loved the sensations it gave me and I will do it again."

" It is nice to know that you ass is available."

That remark surprised me, only later did I realised the reason that she was glad to know my ass was available. She knew wich services I would be willing to provide.


When I came in to work the next day Joan called me in the back store.

"I have a surprise for you, Lise. Tony was really impressed and pleased with you. Here, for you."

She handed me a cheque for seven hundred dollars, made from a company I did not know. (Joan's Services, ltd.)

"What the hell is this?"

"Your pay for yesterday."

I did not understand. She explained it to me, the antique business was a front for her high priced high end escort services and I was welcome to join her stable.

I was at first insulted that she had pimped me out like I was a common whore. But, I began thinking of the cheque. It was more money than most jobs paid for a week and I had earned it in a few hours, on top of that, the sex had been more than good. I needed to know more before either walking out or joining her stable as she had put it.

"How does that work Joan?"

"First if you agree to become an escort for me, there is no free lance. You only work for me. I get the client and set-up the rendezvous. Also, you take all precautions, I mean safe sex. I will give you the name of my doctor and you will be checked once a month, the results sent to me"

"How do I get paid?"

"I set the price according to what services they want and for how long. I collect ahead of time. My clients are carefully chosen for their thick wallets and discretion. Most of them are married, business men and from out of town. I take 15% off the top and the rest is deposited in a bank account that you will have to open for yourself and keep secret from your husband, I would imagine. You don't collect money, ever. If the Client gives you a tip. That you keep."

"Ok, but I am not free all the time, especially when Mario is in town. It will be hard to see clients even in the daytime when he is at work. I can't leave and come back home dressed to kill as it were."

"That will all be taken care of. I own this building in town. I will rent you a studio. Just a kitchenette and a combination living/bedroom, with a sofa table and chair. You don't see clients there. You keep your sexy clothes and all you need there for when you have a client. You stop there and change and do the same coming back before going home.

"And if he sees my bank account?"

"We give the address of the studio and also get a credit card in your maiden and middle name with all the correspondence going to the studio address. I still pay your salary here for your two or three days a week. If you want more I take it off the top of your money and pass it back as salary. I will go with you tomorrow to set-up everything. Also shopping for appropriate clothes and sexy underwear."

"I will do it. I loved the strange sex."

"One more thing, if you ever want to see clients in the evening .I will tell Mario that I am sending you to an exhibition or an auction of antiques as my representative. These things always finish late with the wine and cheese reception after and the dealings for things that did not sell. If Mario is curious take him to a real auction he will find that boring, considering he has no interests in antiques and will not want to go again with you."

She was right I took him to an exhibition and he never wanted to come with me again.


Joan took me to the Bank to set-up the account, credit card and bank card I deposited the cheque, She probably had some connections there, everything went smoothly with hardly any questions, then shopping in fancy Boutiques I would pay her back from my revenues.

The Studio was in one of three buildings built in a horse shoe form one at the back and two on each side. Access to the parking and Main door was with coded cards and there was a security guard 24/7 she told me.

I told Mario the coded cards were for a new security system at the Antique shop.

The studio itself was nice and clean It was also accessed with a coded card, in the linen closet, there was a small safe bolted to the floor.

"This is to keep your secret credit card, bank card, second cell phone and any other things you want to be private, I will show you how to set your own code on it."

I made sure I had the same shampoo perfume and soap, ect. I used at home for my showers after seing a client. It would not be wise to come back home smelling different than when I left if Mario was there.

" Lise you will have a note on the table when you are called, it will tell you the client's name and what is expected of you were to meet him and at what time. You never drive there, you phone the number I gave you and a driver picks you up here and you call him back to return."

"One very important thing, you never refer to them as (Johns) but as Clients"

She then took me in the yard to some seats under the trees and introduced me to three girls, Mandy, Rejeanne and Yvette. Yvette like me was married and her husband travelled a lot. She was to take me under her wing and help me a lot with advice in my first months as an Escort. So did Joan, by the way.


Mario was again out of town on business. I had called him and said I was going to a movie with a girlfriend. This would explain my cell being off for the evening. It was the first time I lied to him. It would not be the last. Strange, that. I lied with no conscience problem. Like I said before there is a flaw in my character that permitted me to completely separate my two lives.

I had my first real client that evening. I was to meet him at seven in the dining room of his hotel. I drove to my studio to prepare in plenty of time. I was nervous and a little scared. As I was choosing a fancy black thong and bra that showed my (B) cups to advantage.

There was a knock on the door.

"Its Yvette, Lise." I let her in.

"I will help with your dress and your make-up. These men want a woman that looks sexy but distinguished, not like someone they picked up on some street corner."

"Thanks, Yvette. I have lots to learn I see."

"Not that much, Lise. You are well educated, you have interest in Antiques, literature, Astronomy, classical music, art, you are well cultured. You can accompany a client to lunch with his friends and not look like an idiot,"

"You seem to know a lot about me."

"Don't think that Joan did not check you out before asking you to be one of her girls. Not just anybody can mix in the crowd were her clients gravitate, sometimes you will have to accompany one to a function or other under the guise of being his assistant or secretary or even business partner."

"Okay, I see the point of not being slutty."

"Another thing, it is customary to slip a twenty dollar to your driver when he brings you back here."

"Don't worry about your money. Joan is as straight as an arrow, at the end of every month, she will show you how much she collected from your clients and how much is left after her 15% cut.

She looked at the name of my client.

"Joan picked a good one for your first one. He is easy and gentle. He will first dine and wine you and then he will be gentle with you. Don't worry and if you give him a good blow job or two during the evening you are sure to get a real big tip."

"Thanks, that calms my nerves a bit."

"Got to go, I have a Client a little later in the same hotel and if we happen to meet we don't talk to each other unless our Clients know each other and introduce us. Another thing, if you ever meet a client somewhere, you don't know him unless he talks to you first. For all you know he might be with his wife."

"I understand."

When the driver dropped me at the main entrance of the hotel, I was nervous. I was to meet Daniel in the dining room. I made my way there and a Maitre d was at the entrance,

"I am to meet Mr. Daniel M. My name is Lise.S."

"You are expected Madame. Please fallow this gentleman."

I was lead to a table. Daniel was a man in his early fifties, I guessed judging by the grey hair. He got up and took my hand while the waiter pulled my chair and sat me down,

"I am Daniel you must be Lise, I will be disappointed if you are not."

"Yes, I am Lise."

"I took the liberty of ordering. I hope it is fine with you."

"Yes it is fine I am sure that I will enjoy the meal and your company Sir."

"Call me Dan and I will call you Lise, okay?"

"Okay ,Dan," giving him a nice smile.

"I am told that you are interested in astronomy. So am I." Someone had informed him, I realised. This calmed my nerves, we had a nice meal, he was quite knowledgeable on the subject.

After the meal, in his room.

"This is your first time I know, but don't be nervous. We will take things easy."

"No I am quite at ease with you Dan."

"Don't get naked yet. Just remove your dress. I find a woman in bra and panties sexy. Walk around the bed to let me look at you from all angles."

I did as asked and tried to walk around the bed and room in a sexy manner, even holding my hair up with my hand to get my breasts out more for him. In the meantime he undressed and was on his back on the bed. He was average in length but fairly thick. After some time, he sat on the side of the bed.

"Come next to the bed and face me. Remove your bra and thong slowly."

I tried to do it as sexy and slow as possible. He pulled me to him and sucked my nipples. I was already horny and this got me more so. I could not help moaning and pushing myself to him.

He gently laid me on my back on the bed, kissed and sucked my tits and nipples. With his hand he caressed my cunt and clit. That got me moaning more and humping his hand. I was enjoying this a lot.

"I love this, Dan. Don't stop."

To my surprise he went down on me, he sucked and liked my clit and finger fucked me. I was crazy with pleasure I humped his hand to give him encouragement. I got a big orgasm.

He mounted me fucked me slowly at first. He was not long but big around.

"Yes Dan this is good. Fuck me good." I wrapped my legs around his hips to pull him more in me.

"You are tight, Lise. It is good for me too. I will now fuck you harder."

He did. I was really getting into it. I was crazy, not only did I moan loudly, but screamed with pleasure. I was not doing it for the money, but for my pleasure. I had a couple great orgasms before he finally came hard.

He stayed in me for a while, before rolling off. I removed his condom and licked his cock clean and sucked him hard again. I did not stop sucking, taking as much of him in my mouth as I could until he came. I swallowed him, to his moaning encouragements. We lay side by side, caressing each other for a while. I wanted to get fucked again, but it took some time to get him hard again with my hands and mouth.

"Would it be okay if I rode you this time?"

"I would love that, Lise."

I rode him with all my energy and lust. I came again before he did. After I felt him come, I lay on him gently rotating my hips. I loved doing that. He loved it too because he moaned and kept telling me I was good. I did this until he got soft. I then got off him removed his condom and cleaned him and sucked him. He only got semi hard and did not come much.

"Lise that was the best evening I had in a long, long time, but I have to go. It's an hour drive to get home and I don't want my wife to kill me. She is a nice lady I love her very much, but she is not into sex enough for me."

At least he did not badmouth her like some other clients I was to get, later. I did not like them doing that. As for me, only Tony got to know later that I was married. I never said anything demeaning about Mario. We had a shower together and I left first.

"Lise I hope to see you again. Maybe ask for your ass next time. When you get home, not before, look in your purse."

" My ass was available I apologize for not offering."

I kissed him respectfully and left

On the ride back to the Studio, I realised I was hooked. I had really enjoyed the sex with another man for the second time. I would do it for free if it came to that.

Back in my studio. As I was coming out of the shower, Yvette knocked at my door

"You back already Yvette."

"Yes, the client I had just fucks you like you were a hole in a board and then asks for a blow job."

"Mine did more than that."

"Did you like your evening?"

"Loved it and I will surely continue if Joan is satisfied with me."

"I am sure she will be. Wait for me I will go and shower and change then we can go for coffee someplace."

My secret cell rang. It was Joan.

"How are you Lise?"

"In great shape. It was a nice experience, loved it."

"Dan just called me on his way home." I was worried will she fire me?

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