tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmail from Cindy's Box #02

Email from Cindy's Box #02


I have a hole in my schedule. That is, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are the only days the instructors at my school seem to like to teach, I have a break in my schedule from 10:15 to 11:30. It looks like a little thing, but it means I have plenty of time to walk from the science and engineering building back to my dorm room and have a good hour to myself. No room mate. Just me. And a computer.

So, I was in my room, typing up part of a sexy story I'm writing and just generally enjoying the "creative process." The locked door and my precious moments of shared-dorm privacy had me biting my lip as I slid my skirt up my thighs and pulled my panties down. I spread my knees slightly, baring my clean-shaved crotch for a little more "creativity."

I ran my fingers up and down the smooth, tender slit, and spread my legs a little further, kicking my panties off and into the corner. It felt so good to be sitting here in the middle of the day, sliding my fingers along my very wet pussy.

As the laws of narrative causality predict, once I had gotten my fingers deep enough inside myself to really start enjoying it, I happened to glance at the clock and realized that not only did I not have time to get anywhere, I suddenly had somewhere else to get to. I smacked my computer shut and grabbed my bag, tugging my skirt back into place as I ran out my door and down the hall. The dorms are only a little way from the science and engineering building, but it was still going to be close.

I was running down the stairs when I stopped suddenly. Panties. They were still in the corner of my room, and decidedly not under my skirt. It was a split-second decision, I could turn back and be noticeably late or I could press on, with nothing on. And they were really cracking down on tardiness and absences lately, something to do with terrorism. "Fuck," I whispered quietly to myself. My white cotton skirt was only a few inches above my knees, so I was probably safe. I kept moving.

My professor, Dr. Rowe, said my name just as I stepped in the door.

"Here," I replied, out of breath. I looked up at the stadium-style seating in the small room. It's an upper-level engineering course, so there's only 20-30 people in it, but they always pick a room just a little too small. I guess they always anticipate attrition, even at this level.

Coming late as I did, there was only one spot free, right up front. I've discovered during my time here that no one ever wants to sit near the teacher. I sat down and pulled my stuff out of my bag, setting it on the tabletop as Rowe finished up the attendance.

Dr Rowe is a new professor here. This is his first semester, but they say he's already gotten some from the only female instructor in the engineering department. She's not bad, a little pudgy, but I'm not judging. He could probably do better, though.

He's not tall, but he's not short. He's not built, but he's certainly not a fatty. He has this slicked-back hair, though, and that looks really stupid. But, hey, it's his thing, I guess.

As my mind wandered off thinking about him and Ms. Wilkes, I guess my inattention caught his eye. "Ms. Belle?" The front of the class is a foot or two below the first row, and he had to look slightly upward to look me in the eye.

"Um..." I looked at the board. It was... Gauss's law? He was... integrating a sphere to solve for charge? "Rho squared sine theta?" I hazarded.

"Very good. Nice to see some of us are paying attention..." That went surprisingly well. I started paying more attention to the board now. Dr. Rowe kept pacing back and forth across the room as he talked. I watched him, and it seemed like he was starting to spend more and more time on my side of the room.

I just watched as he talked, listening to what he was explaining. He was looking at us, the way teachers do, but it looked like he was looking at me quite a lot. Then, just for an instant, I saw his eyes dart down as he looked at me. Puzzled, I watched his eyes more closely, and it happened again when he came by me. Then I remembered what was under my skirt. Or, rather, what wasn't.

He walked up again, his eyes darting down, and I popped my legs back together. He almost barely stuttered for a second as our eyes met. Unnoticeable if you weren't watching for it. For some instinctive reason, I pretended I hadn't noticed anything. I could have glared sharply and communicated that I knew, but for some reason I just looked blankly back at him. I shifted in my seat, trying to make suddenly closing my legs like that look natural.

What could he really see? I mean, my skirt should block the light, right? Well, maybe not. I mean, it is white cotton, and if I wear black panties, they're pretty visible. And it's pretty bright in here. He might be able to see all the way up my thighs. I wondered if he could see well enough to tell I was shaved.

Suddenly, I wished I could slide my skirt up.

I've never noticed him looking up girls' skirts before. But then, there were only two or three girls in this class, and I'm the only one who ever really wears skirts. This is engineering, after all. And I never sit in front.

My mind continued to wander off as I sat there, my eyes dutifully following Dr. Rowe back and forth across the room, looking like I was paying close attention. He paused, almost eye-level with my knees, and the "creative" me decided to take over.

"So the gradient function applied to the flux yields..." I casually pulled my knees apart as he looked around the room for someone to make answer his question. His eyes rolled over me without pausing, then darted back between my legs. "Um..."

I smiled as he pulled his eyes away. I spread my legs a little further, the hem of my skirt sliding up my thighs a few inches. If there was any shadow under there before, there certainly wasn't anymore. He easily had a clear view of my clean shaved pussy lips.

"Um, Ms. Belle." He looked right at me, his eyes straining to stay above the table.

"Yes?" I asked, smiling at him, sliding forward in my seat, forcing my legs ever further apart, my skirt ever higher and my bare, shaved crotch ever closer to him.

"The gradient of the flux yields?" His gaze darted down. I lifted my knees to the table, twisting my thighs just right, and felt my wet pussy lips pull apart before his eyes, baring my very eager little clit to Dr Rowe.

"That should be the charge density, right?." I smiled at him as he pulled his eyes away and started to retreat behind the podium. He was a little late. The tent in the front of his pants was fairly visible.

Dr Rowe stayed behind his podium for the remainder of the period. I sat back upright in my chair, fixing my skirt. Even to the guy sitting next to me, it prolly looked like I had just been slouching to avoid getting called on. He didn't call on me again, and soon class was over. Like normal, a few students went up to talk to him at the front of the classroom as we all worked our way out of our seats. I just headed into the hall, smiling at an unusually enjoyable period in electromagnetic field theory.

I checked the time. I had just enough to hurry back to my room and grab my panties before the next class started. I headed down the hall toward the stairs and stopped. My next class was engineering statistical analysis with the not terribly unattractive Dr Lin. from the math department. I smiled to myself. Maybe the panties could wait.

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