Email Sex


Sometimes we don't get to see each other during the day, so we have to send emails. This is a him/her email exchange:

Him: Tell me about your pussy today.

Her: It's clean, and shaved the way you like it.

Him: Ah...the "landing strip."

Her: That's right...

Him: I'd love to touch it right now...I love it when it glistens

Her: I'd like your mouth on it.

Him: Consider my mouth on it right now

Her: I'm lying on my back, propped up with pillows....watching you. I'm moaning and telling you how good it feels. You can barely stay down there much're getting so hard, it's hard to be on your stomach. I tell you to bring it up around to me...I want to lick you too.

Him: I flip my leg over you. I can feel your hard nipples with my hanging balls as I move my dick back to your mouth. I continue to lick and now I'm thrusting my tongue deep into your dripping pussy.

Her: I open my mouth and take you deeper and deeper, wiggling my hips and pussy as I cum while you are licking me. I grab your balls with my hand and gently cup them and squeeze just a little. You shift down a little and I put them in my mouth. I cum again as you continue to lick me.

You stop.....turn to my face and's time to do what we've been waiting for...

Him: I take out a silk scarf and tie your wrists to the bedpost. I lift your legs and tie them to your wrists. Your beautiful ass is still on the pillow, and your pussy is at the right angle for me to grab the headboard and drive my huge dick as deep as possible into you. Then, slowing letting it slide out, I tease your pussy hole with my head. As you whimper, I ram my whole dick hard into your pussy.

Her: I am moaning and screaming your name. I tell you how deep it big you just keep pumping and pumping me. We hear the sound of skin slapping together...I know you are fucking me as deep as you can get it in. I want to cum, but you tell me to wait....I wait. I want to release my touch you...but you remind me that I'm do what you want.

Him: I continue to pound you until I exhaust myself. I untie your hands. We continue fucking without missing a stroke. I cup your beautiful breasts in my hands as I continue to drive into you. Pinching your nipples make you scream for more.

I can see that you can't take it anymore. I roll over on my back and slide down under your body, reaching your dripping pussy. With one last suck on your clit, I let you spill your juices all over my face.

Her: When I am done, I know I have to finish my man. I flip you over and I slide down your chest, kissing you all the way down. Finally, I stick your long, hard shaft into my mouth, tasting both of us....moving you in and out of my mouth so you can see my lips around your moan just a little, and I know you are about to explode inside my mouth. As much as I want you to do that, I can't miss the opportunity to ride you..

I move all the way up to your waist, and grab your hard dick. My breasts are hanging near your face, and you cup them and nibble them again. I rub your dick between my pussy lips, and watch your face. I mount it, and at first I sit straight up, driving you into me farther. I reach behind my butt and grab your balls as I continue riding you like a cowgirl. I know you can't last much longer and I lean forward, kissing you deeply.....

Him: As I begin dump my full load into your hot wet void, I sit up and take your mouth in mine and kiss you long and hard. I love to cum this hard.

I also know that you are ready to go again. I start to flick your clit with my finger and I can feel your pussy squeezing around my dick, as it starts to get hard for you again. I continue to rub your clit as I pull on your nipples with my teeth

Her: "I'm going to cum like this baby. Again. "Ohhhhhhhhhh" I call your name again. I arch my back and push my nipples deeper into your mouth. You are sucking and biting them so hard....I want to scream, but you kiss me every time I try......

You lay me down on my back, and slowly and gently start pumping me again. I wrap my legs around you, making sure to rub your butt cheeks with my feet. I can't believe you are this hard already, and I tell you I need you in my mouth again.

Slowly you pull out, and lay back. You put pillows under your head and watch as I dive down on you. I lay between your legs and suck you in and out, taking a few minutes to lick your head. I look up at you, with your dick in my mouth, with my blonde hair around my face....your head is back, arched bach...but then your eyes meet mine...

Him: I'm holding onto my cum and I pull you back up to me. I want to see your face as I let loose the flood in my dick.

When I am done, I lay you back down and clean you of your juices and mine with my tongue. My girl tastes so incredibly good, especially when we have mixed our bodies.

Her: When you're done, I ask you to come up and kiss me.

We kiss, passionately, for what seems like forever. I can't get deep enough into your mouth, and you feel the same. Our tongues swirl and flick and our juices all blend we do.

I want to fall asleep now...

Him: We fall asleep in each others arms to wake up naked in the morning. We begin again.

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