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This is a transcript of an email string between a reader on Literotica and I. I've cleaned up some grammar and spelling, but not much since I wanted to preserve the original feel of the conversation. I've often wondered how much of what she wrote (assuming she's really a she; for all I know she's a guy writing as a woman) is true and how much was fantasy. It doesn't really matter though. I'm able to suspend disbelief completely if it is a fantasy on her part.

Fantasy is what I write here. Much of it could be called misogynistic or racist; sometimes that would, in fact, be putting it mildly. I would not defend against either accusation, other than to say out in the real world these are not my views of any real people, these stereotypes I play with. One area we don't need political correctness is in our smut, and I believe most of the people who enjoy my stories here agree with me on that point. It's just fantasy, just play time in the id.

My "co-author's" name withheld for privacy. If she is still out there reading this I would love to hear from her again.



Glad you liked the story :). Thanks for your feedback I appreciate it.


You are welcome, you have NO idea how close to real life for me it came .... do you have any other stories on other sites?. Am 33 skinny blonde and as horny as hell most of the time.... hope you not offended ... Thanks (NAME CENSORED)

Should have given you a clue... 1st husband was 17 years older and he turned on watching or hearing about me being used and abused by other men .... usually older men but especially black men. Had some fantastic times and relaying the events back to him while he played with himself was exactly as your story went ... I got ganged more than once and only disappointment of most of the black guys I was with was they did not come as much as I had hoped ... God this is embarrassing but hope you pleased. (NAME CENSORED)


No, don't be embarrassed. I love to read about what turns other people on. Especially the truth.

I'm working on some new stories now, just posted some more stuff on Literotica yesterday...might not be up yet because they are kind of slow in approving stuff. It's a much different theme than the story you read. But I am working on some more stuff along those lines too. I'll let you know when it's coming out if you like.

Thanks again I love to hear your stories too...you should write them down :)


Me writing?.... that's a joke... I have tried and tried as in e-mail connection with other men I have found relating my past turns them on ... BUT ... my school grammar and skill at making it a correct story are awful.

Thought during the night about your story and got off so many times on that and my first time with black guys.

ONLY if you are interested and would get some personal turn on I will tell you more as even now I found it exciting .....I truly don't want to be some dumb blonde trying to excite a man when he is not interested. Basic was 1st husband had me dressed sexy and took me for dinner in London to a small hotel/restaurant that apparently catered to black people mainly visiting the UK from various parts of Africa. Was small and mostly men, think there were only one other white women there and she disappeared quickly.... after dinner we sat in a bar area ( none of it was large and in this area maybe 10 small tables ). After a while a very well dressed black man stood and spoke to my husband congratulating him for having a very attractive woman and was it his wife.... husband said YES and invited the man to sit with us .... for the next half hour he complimented husband and asked him nice questions , where met , how old, then slipped in "you must get jealous with so many men admiring her "... husband said no it's a compliment .... then, the man said it's a pity others could not share her beauty and personality .... husband said he agreed.

The man quickly picked up on this and all the time totally ignoring me asked if it would excite him watching another man start to make love to her, and husband told him very ..... had he ever watched, he replied we are just married a few months and I do watch regularly..............................that's when the man started stroking my thighs and looking sexily at me...............sound stupid....( its all true )................................(Name censored)


I'd love to hear more. Did he ever get in the middle of it? or was he always just watching? What about the first time you were with more than one man at a time?


Most of the conversation was between the two men with me sat like a doll on the side .... they discussed what I should wear best, how I should act.... did husband feel I needed discipline sometimes and what did he do ... Spank, deprive slap etc. How did husband feel watching a man's cock go in me .....did he ever join in ( in all 5 + years we were together he never joined in, he would encourage the men, play with himself and call me names .... when all alone he would do me anally, hard, and spank me at same time ). The black guy then suggested to me to use a ladies restroom just in one corner of the room we were in and comb my hair all to one side , put on a lot LOT more makeup , undo half the buttons of my button thru dress I was wearing and when I came back to imagine all the men in the room wanting to fuck me all night. The husband nodded OK and I did. I checked in the mirror and looked like a real tart/street walker. Ignoring me again he asked husband if he might "borrow the lovely creature" for the night".... husband nodded and we stood, walked to another table where the black guy picked up another 40's guy and we all went upstairs to two adjoining rooms. Once in, the first man held me kissed me in front of husband and started undoing all the buttons of my dress, took it off, sighed at my 1/4 cup bra ( lifts but does not cover ) and slapped my tits gently getting harder and harder, he looked at husband for approval and he grinning indicated go even harder . The slaps were getting serious and my tits were red raw and swelling, then from behind me, I felt the other guy pulling my panties down.... I cooperated and I was stood in thigh highs and heels being mauled and slapped ... was in heaven. A hand and fingers covered my puss and fingers went up my bum and into my cunt. Before I knew what was happening the men were nude, both had super big cocks ( don't ask size I never remember to carry a tape measure )... onto bed and I took one in pussy on my side and the other started pushing his cock head at my bum , I relaxed and strained and it slid all way in, they laughed and said something like "she's had bum fuck before ". Around this time husband said it was time to move his car and go home, what time should he pick me up... They said to leave it until 11 am she has to have sleep and she has more cocks to go.... This little beautiful cunt is going to turn into a filthy come dump for black men tonight!

More about night/next day?


Yes more, please :)

You sound like you were excited...were you ever afraid?


Not "scared" just apprehensive as I usually was then going with more than one man at a time .... you have very little control when cocks and hands start to come from all angles and you tend to learn to relax and enjoy it. By the way is this e-mail "safe" .... you married? I would hate for it to become public or start wife problems. I am married for the 2nd time now after my 1st left me after 5+ years... This one knows about my past but is into different things, he wants me sexy to impress the man who owns the company he works for, the main bosses and good customers, he feels that I can influence how quickly he will be promoted or get bonuses. He never recognises I get used and abused by these men at all he is concerned with is questions like " Were the guys happy with you?.... did you look nice enough for them or do we need to buy sexier clothes?" and especially for the owner " Are you sure you did not turn him down for ANYTHING you could do to please him?". One of the worst but still very exciting is husband's first boss , he is divorced , overweight , in his 50's and the epitome of the dirty, filthy, old man .... he has me sucking his balls, licking his asshole, drinking cum in red wine ( he saves the stuff he wanked from the day/night before in baby food jars ). He ridicules me, pulls my skirt all way up when in a car passing a truck, stops at rough restaurants and makes sure I am exposed to men.

I am not short for sex in this marriage as he knows of my Bi life with older women and is desperate to be allowed to watch me with some of my local ladies I spend time with ... I have asked but they flat out refused; so to get "extras" from the husband I give him dirty details when I come home.

Do you want me to continue with the Black guys at the small the hotel or do you get the picture?


You can write anything you want here. It's all just between you and I. Safe and secure. Yes, I would like to hear more about the hotel, or anything else you would like to share. I'm enjoying hearing all this, very much :).


I could drive you insane with the stories ( all true ) of what I got up to with the first husband, he was very rich and did not work and all we did is travel to find places, men or???? That would the tie the in with his watching me in kinky situations. I hate to say it but "think of it and I was probably involved .... including a lot of really wild probably illegal things ". One of my favorites was walking 99% naked on a nude beach in Sth France with the husband off to one side and all around me guys walking nude with erections trying to guide me into sand dunes /bushes the ... eventually, husband nodded and in we went, was ganged there every day we stayed there, absolute degradation, walked back to the hotel cottage covered in cum.

Back to the Black guys hotel. The men shared me around all night, I walked from one room to another on arm of a guy in nothing but heels and thigh highs and makeup all over my face , it was straight to sucking cock, balls, and assholes, letting them do whatever they wanted to me, including a lot of using a belt or something similar to make me squeal (they really turned on making a white girl squeal. Did get some sleep at about 2 a.m before husband turned up at 11. I really looked a mess but he was not bothered all he wanted to know was "how many"... I had not counted but told him 8-9 .... just guessed that would be near. After coffee, the main black guy ( can't pronounce his name; it's weird African name and I just called him Joe ) and husband took me shopping in, a rough area of London where all the sex shops etc were. In one that sold DVD's, next room women's toys, then another room with lots of next to nothing lingerie and dresses ... a silly dressing room where the door was a set of hanging beads that you could see straight into the booth .... then I started trying on stuff, in no time I had 5-6 guys just stood watching me .... came out with silly dress on and the owner ( an older pig of a man ) and he always figured there was some adjustment needed that required him to put his hand up, grope my ass and cunt, stick fingers in me and in general just use me . I then tried on some 6-inch heels where there was no platform sole and I was the perfect hooker .... walked back to car and back to hotel for more fucking and sucking, this time with husband watching more. Both of us left at 11 p.m. I must have smelt of a whorehouse as I was covered in sweat and come ... plus some piss.

Am so fucking turned on I could scream *BG*... you are good for me .... (NAME CENSORED)

HER (later that day):

Literally NO idea how thrilled I am that you replied to my comment on your story and the e-mails since ... now I am living in fear I may have gone too far and said something that may put you off. PLEASE if I do tell me and just in case tell me if you have any "No'Go" areas I should know about.

About half an hour ago had a call from husband who is off playing golf with Gary ( the company owner ). He is playing with has been hinting he may want to the ask the husband a favor again and have you to help him tonight prepare his condo for a get together he is having for some people for tomorrow. He is divorced so it's always a mess and he only gets a cleaner twice a week ...my husband told me I would be there at what time he suggested!!!!. should I drive or get picked up or?.... he said he would pick me up around 7 p.m. and would bring me home even though it might be late as there is a lot to do. I got sarcastic with husband and asked what I should wear for this cleaning job tonight .... he in all seriousness told me "you HAVE to look sexy, he will expect it "..... I asked "What else do you think he will 'expect'"... he said not to let him down and hung up. By looks of other things, Gary will be here for me before husband even gets home. Well, thats going to make my Sat night a bit more of relief from boredom.


This has been very inspiring for me, I want to write tonight!!!!! Hopefully, I'll be able to find time, I have too much to do (like always).

As far as no-go.....nothing is off limits for me to hear. You can tell me anything, I won't judge you for it. I'm not into everything, there are definitely lines for me that I won't go past in real life (or even in the fantasy of my writing), but as far as hearing what you have to say you won't ever say something that puts me off. That reminds me, I do wander away from the terminal sometimes and neglect my email for a day or two. But it's never that I'm mad, only that real life is getting the better of me.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you some more new friend :). I hope you have a good time with Gary tonight. take care,


You truly are a breath of fresh air ... THANK YOU.... tonight have already decided is a very full short skirt , nothing on legs , a black lace halter top and high heels , I know he loves lots of makeup and cheap perfume so he will get what he wants .... and I will get what I want *BG*, Hair pulled all way to one side, ( very cheap and slutty looking ) and NO underwear at all. OK?. Wonder what you would do if I was your wife?. *BG*

it's OK saying I can say anything but I honestly do not want to upset you, just a clue and you can indicate the ones that are OK ... have experienced ...a lot of S/M with me being sub to both men and women, have participated in Bukakke ( a few times, 2 in Japan ), have knowingly walked into gang rape situations , have taken part in sex shows on stage in South American countries ... they also had Rottweillers around for security and other things . Have drunk come out of glasses or small bowls that involved a few mouthful gulps in front of guys.

Enough?.... I think so .... just crossing my fingers and hope you start writing tonight .... if you want any "fill " for your story I won't be able to help until tomorrow.

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