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Email to my Lover


I had spent a good portion of the previous night exchanging instant messages with my long distance lover. We had talked about everything: what I did that day, how her work went, what she had eaten for dinner, whether I had taken my heart meds, what the weather was like in both places. Then it had turned intimate and we had both gotten hot for the other, wishing desperately that we could be together. Alas is was not to be ... at least not for the foreseeable future although, long-term ... who knows?

Having exchanged many messages about what we would like to happen, including a stroke-by-lick accounting, I was sure I would dream of her that night when I went to bed. When I awoke in the morning, the first image in my mind was her beautiful, mature form. It might not have been real but the dream was the next best thing. I simply had to write her a note about it before she left for work. This is what I sent:

My Dear Sweet Lady,

As I knew would happen, when I went to bed last night, I had the greatest dreams of you. We had met in a bedroom and you were wearing a very silky/satiny gown... I couldn't see the color because of your own brilliance. You glided to me and our mouths met in a sweet sensual kiss that lasted forever.

When we broke apart, you pushed me into a sitting position on the bed and stepped back slightly. You teasingly eased the straps off your shoulders and my mouth watered in anticipation. Yet you took "forever" to finally uncover your twin treasures. Your pink nipples were already stiff and standing out. I reached for your waist and you stepped closer, letting my mouth start kissing circles around your beauties. I went around and around in slowly decreasing figure eights until I finally closed on your left nipple.

It pushed back against my tongue but I captured the base in my lips and pulled, flicking the tip of my tongue over the rough surface. My left hand captured your right tit and massaged it while my right hand rubbed your bottom, gently pulling you closer to me.

When I was able to break away, your right breast seemed to need attention too so I simply shifted everything – mouth on right nipple, right hand on left breast, left hand on right buttock – and savored the taste and feel of you for many long minutes.

Your hands were busy holding me tightly or fingers roaming through my hair or once even pinching my own nipples lightly. Ultimately you began making little murmuring sounds and I swapped positions with you, letting you sit on the edge of the bed. Putting a pillow on the floor for my arthritic knees, I knelt in front of you and lifted your legs to my shoulders as you eased yourself back on the bed.

Your pussy was already glistening with your precious nectar and I could hardly wait to create more. Starting at your left knee, I kissed and licked a wet trail up your inner thigh, across your abdomen and down the other leg to your knee, then back-trailed all the way. Then I moved my face closer to your treasure, licking the soft valleys where your legs join your body, up and down, slowly moving closer to your center.

While my fingers spread you apart, my tongue darted into your slit, finding fresh sweet liquid gold. I lapped it up greedily and went searching for more, finding some in the soft folds of flesh that form the outer parts of your love tunnel. When it was gone, my tongue kept exploring and I repeatedly wished it were longer – much, much longer. But, settling for what I have, I went back to your clitty. It was engorged with blood and anticipation and I heard your breath catch as my tongue touched you. Around and around and around it went, then flicked up and down until I captured it with my lips, sucking the whole area into my mouth and playing vacuum cleaner on your little soldier.

I felt your body twitch, not certain if it was an orgasm or just a precursor to better things but I kept licking...at that point, I don't think you could have done anything to keep me away from your center. I felt super-human, capable of pinning you down and continuing my explorations if you tried to resist....would that then be rape? It was a fleeting thought, one I didn't have to explore because your hand kept pushing the back of my head as if you wanted my whole head inside of you. I did, too, but knew it couldn't happen.

Licking, sucking, fingering ... I kept up my attentions until your had showered my face with new streams of your sweet nectar three different times. Oh, how I love that taste! Words cannot describe the feelings I get from tasting your cum.

Deciding it was time to move on, I put a hand behind each of your knees and pushed upward and outward, opening your anal valley to me. My tongue started a series of spiral trails around your ass hole with the spirals growing smaller until my tongue centered on your opening. Each time I got that far, my tongue played ping-pong on your little puckered anus, bouncing lightly up and down.

You were moaning words of encouragement. Your hands joined mine in holding your legs wide apart. I kept playing the same game until ... once I pushed a little harder and your cover retracted, letting my tongue pierce your back entrance...probably no more than an inch but enough to tease those thousands of nerves that end in that tight little circle. For a few minutes, I tongue-fucked your ass hole until you tightened up and whispered, "Baby, I'm cummingggg!!!"

I sat back, feeling really, really good while you rolled onto your side to give your legs a rest. My cock was already rock hard but that view of your luscious round bottom made it jump in anticipation. Without give you much time to recover, I climbed on the bed, helped you move up and settle into the center. With you on your back, I climbed between your legs and leaned over to kiss your delicious mouth. My cock, questing for a warm wet hiding place, soon found the opening to your pussy without any outside guidance. I eased myself into you with one slow stroke and could have died happy right then. The feeling of being in your pussy and in your arms with my tongue in your mouth was compelling and intense.

Slowly I began to fuck you and you responded by pressing your pussy against my cock with every thrust. As a partner you were more active, more appreciative, more loving and lovable than anyone I've ever been with....OMG, that sounds like I've been with so many women, which is not really true ... I think maybe being the most MEMORABLE is the best description. If I could have sucked you completely into my mouth, I would have devoured you whole. The way your pussy muscles treated my cock, I think you would have done the same for me if I could have entered that lush opening. Twice more your pussy gushed fresh lubricating juices before my balls achieved that special point-of-no-return feeling and began filling your cunt with my cum.

In reality, my cock had just shot my cum out over the side of my bed, coating the sheet that I had tossed aside. I didn't care. It felt magnificent and I could always wash the sheets on Monday. I snuggled down in bed and tried to turn my mind off so I could sleep. ... But it didn't happen. My mind was still filled with your images and after a few minutes, I felt my cock slowly filling with blood again. I sighed and gave myself back to the dream.

We didn't so much separate as we rolled until we were both on the bed, still cuddled tightly together, both breathing hard but loving every second. But I don't think you were convinced that I was finished. Your hands both wandered to my crotch, one clutching my wet, flaccid member while the other began kneading my empty nuts. With your thumb and forefinger tracing the lines of my dick and our tongues playing slip-n-slide with each other, I started growing hard again in a few minutes.

When I was stiff enough, you turned onto your side and spooned back against me, guiding my cock back into your wet wonderful pussy. We spent many minutes just gently rocking together. I used my top hand to alternately finger your clitty or to squeeze your precious tits. Eventually you put your own hand between your legs and teased your little nubbin while I kneaded your tit and fucked your pussy until you came again. Oh, baby, I loved banging into your ass.

When you rolled away from me, I was disappointed. However you turned onto your stomach, pulled your knees up to raise your bottom and smiled. You invitation was too good to pass up, "Baby, why don't you stick that thing in my ass?"

It was so tight and I was sooo afraid of hurting you but you kept encouraging me to keep coming, just keep it slow. Before I knew it, I had watched my whole shaft disappear inside your ass. Baby, you were so tight, so wonderfully tight. And I could feel your ring of muscle squeeze me over and over and over until I thought I would explode without ever moving.

But I did eventually move, very carefully, very slowly at first but the more relaxed you became, the harder you urged me to fuck your ass. Holding your hips, rubbing your smooth back, I plowed into your ass over and over and over until my balls compressed once again and began spitting my cum into your ass. Just as I was finishing, you started ... I could feel your fingers brushing my balls as you rubbed your clit. We crashed together and fell to sleep in each other's arms.

During the last of this magnificent dream, my hand was stroking my cock furiously and once again I shot a load of the white sticky stuff, this time mostly onto my stomach. I found a dry corner of the already soiled sheet, cleaned myself and almost instantly fell asleep. During the night, images of your ruby red lips, pursed in a sweet kiss, floated past my mind's eye, interspersed with images of your wet pussy and others of your luscious ass with my cock cycling in and out. When I awoke this morning, I couldn't believe how great I felt.

Please know that I love you and I want you every day, even if it is only in word and pictures for now. I'm sure you know by now that my mind is almost constantly thinking of sex ... if you ever feel that I need to get off that subject, please say so ... I don't want you to think that sex is the only thing that is important to me but I do tend to get stuck on it sometimes. Until whenever, soft tonsil-tickling kisses and protracted pussy-loving licks,

I remain,

Your devoted lover.

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