tagLetters & TranscriptsEmails to Lovers Ch. 02

Emails to Lovers Ch. 02

byTexas Tease©

Hey Bill,

Y'know what I want right now? I want to tease you. I want to be dressed in something sexy, and go out somewhere, accompanied by you, and drive you crazy. I want to go to a bar, or a club, and flirt shamelessly with other men, all while you watch. I want to look over in your direction and see you consumed by jealousy and lust. I want you to claim me.

And when we get away from wherever we've been, I want you to literally, claim me. Lock us in a room, and go straight to the bed, and throw me down. Tell me how naughty I was, and how watching me flirt and play with boys made you horny as all hell. I want you to tell me you are going to give me my most memorable fucking, one I'll never forget. I want you to fuck me on your terms, but to give me the utmost pleasure possible. Ignore my pleadings until you think I've had enough.

I want for you to undress me, and to take your time doing it. I want to feel your hands run all over my body, over my clothes, then under them, then against my bare skin as you're taking each piece off of me. I want you to have me undress you. Let me tease you and play with you as I remove your shoes, then your socks...followed by your shirt. Allow me to run my hands up and down your chest, your back, rub your head. I want to rub my body against you as I reach up for a kiss, and gyrate against the bulge in your pants. I want to feel my nipples harden as I press myself into you. I need to feel your fingers dig into me as you pull me into a deeper embrace. And as we release, I want to take your pants off, and get on my knees as I help you step out of them. I want to fondle you, and rub my face against the fabric stretched across your big cock. I want to catch the elastic of the waistband with my teeth, and slowly pull down, just slightly exposing the head of your dick, then release it, so I can see you jump.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I love to tease! (Duh, I mean, seriously). I want to work you up to a frenzy, then let you cool off, only to start you back up again. But, I want the same in return. I want you to bring me to the edge, then right before I cum, I want you to move on to something else, something mundane, something that lets my engines cool...I'm sure you can figure it out.

Now, I want you to tease me...I've had some fun, now you get to too. I want you to tickle me softly...make me giggle and wiggle, and get me into some wrestling positions...I like to get physical too. Make me scream and beg for mercy. I love to be tickled...but, there's such a thing as too much. So take it easy on me. (Tickling gets me worked up quickly, by the way). So, once you get me all hot and bothered, cool me down by casually running your tongue down my leg. Then, as if you are completely non-chalant about the whole thing, pick up a leg, and start massaging my calf. Trust me, it'll get my attention, and I'll be completely attentive to anything you do, say, command, breathe, or moan. Again, with the tongue, randomly lick a body part, avoiding my pussy. Anywhere but my pussy is fair game...so, I don't know, lick my neck, suck on my nipples, tug on my earlobes, y'know. Caress my inner thighs and play with my belly button. Pay attention to my hips. But ignore the way I start to hump the air.

Keep touching me in such a way that you are teasing me. Then, "accidentally" brush a finger or your tongue against my pussy. Keep doing that, where you are paying attention to some other part of my body, then, while moving, merely touch me by accident, and enjoy the results. With every breath, every touch, a spark will begin to ignite the flames of passion, and the heat will build inside me like never before. Remember, your goal is to make this an encounter I'll never forget. Brush against me with more frequency until you decide to dive in. God only knows how wet I am, and how badly I want you to eat my pussy. Oh, and believe me, I want you to not only eat it, but enjoy the sights, sounds, smell and taste of it too. I want you to use your hands on me and tug on my lips, lick, then suck my clit, and play with me till I cum and cum some more. I want you to make me beg you to fuck me. And, I want you to ignore my pleads.

I want you to tell me to get on my knees as you lay face up on the bed. Then, tell me to straddle your face and suck your cock. I love it when a man tells me what to do. There is something oh so erotic about having someone else make the decisions, and telling you just what they want. What they desire. Oh fuck, that's hot. Anyway, as I assume the position over your face, I make sure to smear you with my juices. It's not like your face was going to stay dry anyway. Ooohhh, and your chin is perfect for rubbing my clit against, and the stubble is driving me crazy. Ahhhhh. And then there is your cock, beautifully resting on you. Just looking at your prick is a turn on for me.

How am I going to devour you tonight? Not very well if you keep up what you're doing to my pussy. Your cock is enthralling, captivating, even enchanting. I run my tongue over my lips, and catch my lower lip between my teeth. I am literally salivating at the sight of your hard on. Slowly I reach out and caress your skin. It is so smooth along the bottom side of your shaft that I want to lick it. So I do just that.

Gently, I lean forward and my tongue runs the length of your shaft, pausing at the underside of the head. I take hold of your member, and place kisses and suckles around the tip and back down your rod. Suddenly, overcome with lust, I move my tongue all over your penis, slathering it, making it wet. My grip tightens and slides up and down your length.

Your tongue is working miracles on me. I'm fighting hard to pay attention to my task, but you are making it so damned hard. I'm moaning and licking at the same time, each hum sending a vibration through you. Finally I engulf your cock; sucking, pumping, rubbing my pussy against your face, and moaning with you deep in my throat. I rapidly increase the speed in which I'm fellating you as I get closer and closer to cumming. I'm grinding myself into you and suddenly I feel your cock stiffen, then I taste your cum. Ahhhhhh, yes, fuck yes....then I cum. Who knew it was possible to pant and cum while at the same time managing to swallow an entire load of jism? God, I knew I was good, but I don't think I realized I was so incredibly talented.

True to form, I slip off you, curled in the fetal position, enjoying the fading pulses from my orgasm. You get off the bed, trot to the bathroom, take the requisite post sex piss, then come back to bed. You climb on, snuggle up next to me, only to find I've already passed out. You aren't far behind me. While holding me to you, you fall into a deep slumber.

Bill, I want to fuck you so badly. I think it's time we have another phone 'conversation'. I'm due for getting off to the sound of your voice. Call me soon...If you do call, leave me a message I can get off to, ok?

Waiting to be fucked by you,


You, by the way, are in my 'wicked and deviant thoughts' category. Oh Bill, the things I want to do to you, and the things I want you to do to me keep my dreams very busy, my clit very sore, and my pussy drenching wet. Talk to you soon. C

(c) Texas Tease 2005

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