Emancipation Ch. 04: Screamer


With little fanfare, the girls peeled my shirt off and the game ended. Or did it? Of course it didn't. Now we could continue freeform. Joe was still drooling over Sue's nipples. Since this was a special weekend for Lois, we agreed to alternate partners playing with each other so the others could watch, at least for a while. "Ah, dreams come true. Sue, you have very lusty nipples on those tiny titties." Somehow, we had migrated closer to the open door. Joe leaned in and licked Sue's nipple, rested his head on her naked loins then gently caressed her slightly drooping little tits. "I like feeling your bushy pussy hair in my ear and face; love its heat; love pinching these nipples and massaging these breasts. Now lean into me a bit so I can suck these hard, demanding nipples. Mmmmm mmm..."

Lois watched him gently suck my wife's nipples. She seemed at peace with it, and even smiled. I wrapped my legs around Lois's hips, slid my arms under hers and held her weighty tits. As I pinched her nipples and nibbled her neck, I pressed my swelling dick against her back. Sue moaned under Joe's tongue; he moaned savoring her hard nipples; Lois moaned under my affections and I by connecting with the ladies' bliss. Sue squeezed then wanked Joe's dick, Lois pressed back and wiggled against mine. Slightly above a whisper, I asked "I think someone's watching us. Should we give him a more intense show?"

Only because Lois was already turned on, she didn't object. "Sweets, I'm so hungry for you. Turn and face me so I can bite your nipples and suck your delicious tongue." Even that light-weight lusty wording would draw vehement anger from her [83] until last week. I didn't need to point out to her that she was much more accepting of earthy language and lust. In fact, I felt she was not just more tolerant of it, but could now let herself enjoy it and indulge in her own lust. And lust was one more [84] thing she never allowed herself.

We were both on our knees, and we could see Joe and Sue between us and the open door. Knowing they were watching us made us more aroused. Our tongues tenderly then aggressively interlocked for ages. My hand found her wonderfully warm and silky breast and teased her nipple. My turgid trooper was pinched between our hot bellies, but Lois gently pulled it out, and squeezed it tightly. I caressed her neck and beautiful face, but went back for more of her hot, eager tongue. We moaned together, distracting our spouses. I whispered, "Many of MY fantasies are coming true too, you know." She smiled slyly, enigmatically. Killer smile!

Joe and Sue matched us, with Joe biting and stretching her nipple very energetically. Their deep kisses were full of moans; they pinched each other's nipples and pulled their hips hard together. Their sloppy kisses were much noisier than ours.

Slowly combing thru her lush raven pussy hair, I circled her clit [84] gently. "Something's working, Lois. Your lips just got very moist, and I'm not inside, ....yet. My lip reading fingers tell me your pillowy, French, outer lips are clamoring 'MANGES MOI' and have already started opening for me. Spread your legs [85] a little more, sugar, to make them, and you I trust, very happy. That musky, sweet, heavenly scent is all you and you're taking my breath away. Mmmm..., I hope stroking your inner lips, like [86] this, makes you feel as good as it does me."

Joe heard his wife's breathing get deep and raspy, saw her pallor deepen and glow, her clenched eyes and increased sweat. The sex monster inside her was finally breaking free. That realization made him lust for her and pause his attending my wife. Instead of being insulted, she was thrilled for her sister. After a moment, she directed his attentions back to her by moving his hand to cup her pulsing pussy. "Let her enjoy the trip as he brings her along. She's coming alive."

// I remember she said that relief was all she ever expected from an orgasm. I felt awful for her. On the positive side, her demoralized expectation with the imminent family crisis finally drove her to accept extraordinary changes and lead me to the extreme pleasure of teaching a 'virgin' that day. She learned that she was loved and felt the added benefit of love with sex. //

"Honey, your torrid response is making it very hard for me to concentrate. NO, I'm not complaining. I don't want to JUST fuck you, not this time, but keep you moving decidedly forward. That's on me, you just keep letting yourself go and enjoy it. Don't worry about any technique this time. Or am I presuming too much? " Her whole body jerked in a short, mild orgasm as I pulled her inner lips open. Panting into her [87] ear, I said, "Your engorged pussy wants me inside you. Tell me now if you want me to stop."

"Don't you DARE [88] stop! I want to feel this all, feel what Sue felt earlier no matter what it takes." She ravaged my tongue.

"Thank God. I don't think I could have. And WOW again!" I returned her soulful kisses, and gently brought her nipples to solid, burning orbs totally different from any she'd ever had before. [89] She lovingly caressed my member as I rolled my thumb over her wet and swollen clit. Her pussy pulsed, and dripped her love juices down my wrist. "Feel my finger advance into your steaming pussy. Focus on the way it tugs your clit while opening your body to me."

My finger slid into her damp cavern until my knuckle tapped against her rigid clit. She shuddered, gasped and clenched her powerful pussy on me then abruptly sucked the air from my lungs [90] forcing us to break our kisses. She would later tell me that the small shakes she had then, were as close to orgasm as she'd EVER felt. Until she saw Sue's, she believed THAT was all there was to a climax, 'nice, but what's the big deal?' I decided to wait until much later to tell her she'd just had a mini orgasm that was not to be ignored. Hearing and seeing her shakes, Joe and Sue stopped to watch what we all hoped would be her first true screaming orgasm.

She wasn't there yet, but I kept her building toward it. My finger stroked her and, despite my earlier thoughts, I felt I should instruct less this time and hope there would be many more times to teach. So after several deep, twisting thrusts, a second finger entered her welcoming pussy. As she increased her irregular breathing, she released a surge of aromatic fragrance and a gush that soaked [91] my hand. Three climaxes so far. Since she was getting so quickly aroused, I chose to wait to suck up her juices until after she came again.

I licked my way down her trim abs, following the ultra fine hairs that lead me to her lush raven moistness. Joe watched intently, and closely, as my nose nuzzled her loins and my chin pressed and stirred her rigidly swollen clit. Her silky pubic hair felt dense and soft on my tongue. Her pubes smelled and tasted of her luscious dew. When my tongue found her clitoris, it circled and tugged her hood then pushed behind her clit. She shivered each time I contacted it.

As I pressed up firmly and dragged my tongue against her clit shaft and back out, she shuddered in ecstacy. "Ohhh yes, ohh YESsss" Pressing the warm flat of my tongue against her lips and humming as it gripped her cherry clit caused her to thrash violently, fall over, and climax again. [92] This fourth time she unknowingly let out a keening "YESSSSSsss uhhh!" moaned and spasmed for long minutes in her first vocal and intense orgasm . . .

We all heard our hearts thumping loudly; Sue moved Lois' head to her lap, allowing her to reach up and gently tug her nipples. Sue warmed and caressed her sister's nipples while Joe kissed Lois's mouth gently. Gasping, she said "That was absolutely the best climax I ever felt. Thank you."

"Lover, I hope those four modest orgasms are just the appetizers, with the main course coming soon. Though you screamed with the last orgasm, it wasn't the all out screamer I want you to experience. I'll start with simple missionary, then one or two small variations and, if we survive that, maybe move on to focusing on your G too."

"I screamed? Really? You can cum four more times?"

"Not necessary, but with a little rest between calls to arms I can. Yes, you did let out some satisfying howls. Enough talk. Brace yourself wench!" I gently licked my way back up her body, paused to wet and harden her nipples, leaving some of her sweet nectar on them for later, nibbled on her neck and made her shudder again. "That was a tiny aftershock." My dick rested against her pubes and belly and I kissed her deeply. Before I aimed my dick, I kissed Sue intensely. Lois watched that kiss and smiled happily at us. If she were still paranoid about sharing germs, she didn't show it.

// You know, I went back and found that, up to this point, Lois had FIVE orgasms within TWENTY minutes! Pretty damn good, but all three of you beat that. Of course, we couldn't keep up that pace. //

When her eyes refocused from her 'best climax ever', she heatedly sucked my finger or my tongue, then confessed, "Before we came up, I talked myself into being OK with showing all of you my tits and maybe even getting naked with you, if you all got naked too. I love what you've done for and to me and, I hate to admit this, but, .....you made me horny and I've never felt it THIS strongly. I kept telling myself that nothing much was going to happen, yet I secretly hoped we would make love. You know I never really wanted a dick in me, but now I can't wait to feel it. Joe, don't take it personally. Am I.... am I a slut?"

"Yes dear, you are! In just a few hours you went from virgin to slut. No, dumb ass, you aren't. We're all thrilled to see you react so well, but if I let you become a slut before you could freely choose it, I'd feel I failed to guide you well and don't deserve your trust." I kissed her deeply, and by her intensity, she told me she was still anxious for me to ball her. My dick surged at her renewed demand, and I knew she didn't need a slow buildup again . I knelt between her legs and laid her down on her back. My anxious dick was already pointing directly at her gaping cunt. It was time. My Pygmalian's functionally virgin pussy, which I'd craved for years, was mine to savor.

Sue thoughtfully grabbed a thick pillow for her. "Lift your hips sweetie and slide this under you - right there. Expect nothing, just feel the rainbow of rushes coming to you."

I asked "Are you ready for more?" as my fingers again crawled into her savory snatch.

She moaned she was, and panted "NOW, I want to feel this big, hard, swollen cock inside me NOW. Don't torture me any longer."

How could I refuse? "And just how is your 'best climax ever' torture?"

"Well... of course it isn't, but, ....ummm, 'All truth' hey? I uhhhh, seem to have the itch. Ohhhhh..." she moaned as I slowly teased my fingers out of her clinging cunt and sucked them dry under her nose.

I pressed the base of my cock against her lips, slid it down until her clit bounced off the tip, then tauntingly rubbed it, barely inside her swollen lips, to the bottom of her widening slit. As she fought to clear her mind, I advanced and rubbed my dick against her plumped and pleading inner lips, to soak it in her luscious lubricant. Holding my eyes with her intense stare, Lois's mouth gasped each time my cock advanced.

Joe laid just inches from our sides and watched my dick intently as it finally violated his wife. [93] The head pulsed purple, the heat of her seething cunt seared me and it was my turn to gasp. Joe and Sue licked their lips as I slid past Lois's swollen, glistening sex. I went a few inches in then slowly pulled back an inch or two. Despite the rush the changing pressure within caused, Lois grabbed my hips to stop me from abandoning her. Her eyes showed lust, and fear that it was over already.

She moaned "NO, don't stop." Could she be that much out of touch? Feeling unwelcome and rushed, Joe probably spent under a minute inside his wife the last times he tried... and that was THREE years ago.

"I wasn't about to, honey, I'm far from done. Stay with the feeling, both in and out." I pushed in a little harder and farther, then slowly pulled back again. My dick pushed back in to the hilt. Our pubes gently and warmly collided and grasped each other for a moment. Lois was torn between watching what I was doing to her and closing her eyes to savor the sensations. When her eyes opened, she stared intensely at me. There was something 'wrong' about her stare, but I wouldn't find out for a day what it was. With the lust in her eyes, there was also an anger directed at herself, and some at Joe, for having never felt this before. They had both given up on sex three years ago.

Lois began abusing her nipple. Her angry twisting, squeezing and pulling that nipple threatened to tear it off her tit. After a very brief pause with my crown barely in her, I began thrusting hard and deep, crushing our pubes fiercely together. Feeling reassured, Lois slammed her palms and feet flat on the floor and began pushing back. [94] Joe said she'd never done that either, but Lois wasn't even aware she was doing it. Our breaths fell in step with my deepening thrusts and stopped abruptly, but briefly, when my cock head felt the coolness of the room at it's up stroke. It got harder to restrain myself.

I could tell Joe was torn between loving the joy his wife felt and some jealousy that her 'first time' was not with him. Still, it couldn't deflect me from the euphoria I was already feeling. He and Sue gawked at Lois, and I felt both were relieved that she participated so actively, so willingly and as yet unknown to her, so joyfully. However my body was dangerously close to draining completely, and much too quickly, into my lover. Back arched and butt clenched, I held still a little longer. I tried to slowly push to the hilt, but my brain abandoned me and instinct slammed my cock into her sopping box [95] in one... deep... thrust. The exquisite heat of her silky, pulsing pussy arrested my delirious dick and soon pulled a deafening moan from my loins that startled Joe and Sue. I didn't hear anything!

Loud groans echoed around the room. My cries made Sue cover her ears. Lois's moans became louder and louder until they broke into thunderous shouts. I barely heard them, yet knew they were ours. Though hard to hold on, I tried to strum her clit as I pummeled deep into her. With every thrust her tits danced wildly for me. Lois's neck veins bulged, her teeth pulverized each other in a death clench. She was bright red and harshly thrusting her hips up to meet mine. Sue pinched Lois' nipple and stared open mouthed at her surprisingly lustful, loud and responsive sister. Joe smiled at his closeup view and said, though he didn't understand why, he loved watching my dick disappear inside his wife. I think I knew why, but that was definitely NOT the time to discuss it.

When I firmly clamped onto a stiff, raw nipple, her groans abruptly became a long-lasting scream of relief from a lifetime of deprivation. After painfully holding back as long as I could, I surrendered to the tide of her clenching climax. Gouts of hot semen burst into my sweet lover's starved body. She gasped, squealed and cried out all at once, shuddering then thrashing for minutes. Her eyes exploded open, her intense gaze locked onto me and told our audience how extremely and shockingly wonderful this felt to her.

// And here was her first screamer, just FIFTEEN minutes later. Didn't she turn out to be a huge surprise?//

With my hard cock still twitching within her, she collapsed into silence and stopped breathing for long seconds. [96] My dick kept jerking me wildly with each of her irregular twitches; my eyes opened first and they saw her head still locked to her left shoulder, her teeth bared, clenched tightly, and her transition to a wonderful glow of satisfaction and euphoria. I grinned widely and watched a tear of great joy fall on her. Relief that I didn't let her down cascaded head to toes.

Joe and Sue were very quietly staring, agape, at Lois's still spastic body. I collapsed on Lois, crushing her vibrating tits between us. Now she knew what it felt like to have a loving, welcome cock deep inside her. I slid off and gently cradled her. She moaned again as she felt my softening dick slip away, then burst into tears, overwhelmed [97] at her first time in her life feeling such intensity. I cried with her until we recovered, then we kissed slowly, thoroughly and lovingly.

"Ohhhhh... myyyyy... Godddd! Is that what it's supposed to feel like every time? I don't think my heart can take that much exhilaration again."

Sue soothed her sister, "yes, it is when you cum so intensely."

"Did the ground or house shake hard, or was that all me? To think, I've deliberately deprived myself of this for so long!"

Joe and Sue also shed some tears in shared joy. He clasped Lois's hand and said, "That was all you sweetheart. That's what I've wanted for you and us all along, but I couldn't get past your defenses. I am so thrilled you let them drop! I hope I can live up to that, or I'll die trying." He tenderly kissed her ear.

No one moved for nearly ten minutes until I rolled Lois to her side and sucked her tongue into my mouth. "That's what making love looks like." said Sue. "It's not like porn and nothing like I ever had with those forty-odd men. It's beautiful." I had to kiss her for her revelation and to remind her I was still hers.

With a lusty twinkle, Lois squeezed my tenderized dick and exuberantly said "I WANT MORE!"

"Soon... Take a few minutes to savor the sensations. I need a few minutes too if you want a second round with my sore dick. Notice your still sizzling nerves, and that you nearly ripped your nipple off your tender tit. It will probably burn in a bit. Leave those naughty nipples where they are. Joe and I AND Sue love them there." Joe said he felt her high and was euphoric too. "Your wild reactions while bucking and thrusting your hips at me still left me unsure if I stroked your G."

Sue whispered, "I feel so honored to watch your breakthrough and WATCH you lose your virginity. I guess this isn't something we would ever normally share. It occurred to me that this was no ordinary foursome. A genuine love and concern for each other shored up the wonderful physics of sex."

"Lois, I too feel honored to share this with you and I'm so gratified with your new attitudes and responses. Getting a greater response may not be possible, but remember your crashing orgasm today was from 'plain old missionary' and you have so much more to experience. I hope you can let the blissful memory of what just happened become your memory of your FIRST loving sex, as though just tonight you surrendered your virginity. Don't EXPECT every session to be this intense or to end by cumming together as we just did. Just enjoy it, just enjoy it all. Joe too has a lot to show you. I think I can safely say we all love you. We have just begun." This is as close as I ever got to 'inspiring' a virgin, and I loved it.

"You'd think I'd be pissed watching you respond to someone else and letting him get inside you. Strangely, I'm not. We're sharing something special here and I'm fine with it. You technically weren't a virgin when we met, so I'm OK if you want to consider that you gave your virginity to your brother-in-law tonight."

For the next many minutes, Sue spooned behind me while I kept my body entwined and pressed against Lois'. Joe spooned her from behind, nestling his dick against her velvet ass. A soothing energy, an afterglow, surrounded the four of us, bonded as we were. Time passed quietly. About twenty minutes after Lois's first screaming orgasm, my dick's twitches told me it was anxious for another intense visit. "Lois, are you awake and ready for more?"

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