tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmancipation Ch. 08: Bet, peep show

Emancipation Ch. 08: Bet, peep show


[This story line was a chapter in the bigger story of Sue, Out of The Closet, but is totally stand alone.]

EMANCIPATION - Ch 8Bets & Peep Shows© Literocat

"It's far from over, but there isn't enough time to explore every nuance and fetish comfortably today. So Lois, enjoy exploring some of those with Joe and sharing them with us. We can recreate them or you can tape them for us! Or BOTH! I have a few things in mind and a surprise only Sue knows about. Ohhh, Lois, now you know what I was writing - a list of all your FIRSTS for you to frame. I also recently learned that I might have a panty fetish, and I don't care."

"Sue, those things you did with Pat and her boyfriend were hurtful. I can understand that maybe that wasn't your intent and you were trying to be a good partner for Pat, but if you had told me what you did, and let him do back then, I'm not sure I could have held it together. Today, I can't tell if it was the intimacy with them or the lies that would have bothered me more. Both were hugely hurtful.

"Are you sure this is a good time to share my first time ogling Lois naked - um, I mean when SHE was naked? OK, why not? If I revealed this two weeks ago, I expect Lois would have fumed bright red in a frenzy (real or not, I'm not sure now) and probably slammed me with something. Now, Lois, I hope YOU especially get a thrill from it.

"You and Joe had come up for a long, MUCH more conservative, weekend. After dinner, we were teasing and telling racy jokes (as racy as the old prudish Lois could stand!) You sighed with ennui (real or not?) and wanted to go to bed to get away from us. We had to let you go. Several minutes later, I went up to get something from our bedroom, which was next to your room. As I passed your room, I saw the door was open about THREE inches, an unusually wide opening. I knew that door didn't swing open by itself (like my bedroom door does). So I was about to check it, when I saw an incredibly beautiful sight.

"Lois, you were standing next to the window, looking outside but facing the door. You were topless and slowly scratching those big beautiful tits and rubbing your stiffening, irritated nipples, with the room light ON!" I tugged her taut nipple to emphasize my view. "I couldn't believe you could be that careless, ....and didn't believe it. That was something I expected from your sister - to 'accidently' be exposed to Joe or anyone else. You were just too damn 'shy' for that! How thrilled do you think I was that you were ignoring your germ paranoia, especially all the germs in your sexy titty sweat? I never suspected you had all THIS in you.

"My heart thumped, my breath stopped and I wondered what that meant. In a flash I considered: Did you want me to catch you? Why? To tease me? To prove to yourself or Joe that you were hot? Or were you so annoyed with your life that you wanted to arouse me to approach you? 'Yeah, wishful thinking. You should be so lucky.' I thought. My head spun and my cock told me to push open the door and take you. I almost listened to it! With huge effort, I stood still and stared silently, breathlessly, as you massaged those memorable mammaries, just FOR ME. I could taste them on my tongue, feel the turgid tips and smell your lusty scent.

"All the while, I was terrified you would catch me. Tough questions surged thru my head. Was I afraid that you'd slam the door on me in rage? Or that you'd look at me and smile that beguiling smile? If you did, would I be man (or foolish) enough to surrender to carnal lust? Would Sue care if I did? Would Joe? Breathing hard, I felt like I was about to find out. Sue and Joe were still downstairs, laughing at something while I swooned over you. I gulped and was about to drag myself away, when you unbuckled your pants. Still at the open window, you dropped and folded them. After giving me a peek at your cute little ass, you returned to the same spot at the window wearing just your yellow bikini panties with the white lace trim."

In a mocking tone, "Oh my God, this is a true story! I just threw those out last month."

"Of course it's true. Why would I make it up now? Tsk, now YOU'RE teasing ME.... again! So, I moved right up against the door jam. There you stood, draining all the blood from my body and pushing it into my already swollen cock! The room light was just right to light you up without shadows. As you kept shaking one tit at a time, I was often distracted by and stared intently at your crotch. I could see your dark, lush triangle thru your panties and strained to see your deep, sultry raphe.

"I was sure you heard me groan, but you didn't react. There was a hint of your pussy outline growing deeper, and I groaned again. Still no reaction, so I was getting more confident that you knew I was watching and were putting on a show for whatever reason. I didn't care why since I really enjoyed the show! I had to adjust my stiff dick, then nearly spilled my load when you rubbed your pussy lips first then your clit thru the panties. I knew there was NO WAY you would actually touch your bare skin in that dirty dirty 'germ box'.

"I couldn't dare wish for any more than watching you play with your twat and tit at the same time. I SO wanted to do that for you! It was hard to tell, but I thought I saw a moist, darkening spot growing from your pussy. Then, with just a quick furtive glance at the door, you abruptly whipped off your panties. No tease, no slow peel, just whoosh- gone! Your tits jiggled provocatively when you straightened up. My knees buckled and I drooled. When you lifted your leg onto the low stool and rubbed the crease between your thigh and your pussy, I groaned so loud I thought Sue could hear it downstairs! You still didn't react. Driven mad with lust, I whipped out my dick and squeezed it, wanked it, right there in the hallway!

"By then I was sure you knew I was watching, so I was strongly tempted to push just my hard purple cock head thru the doorway for you. I wanted to see if you'd ignore it, or come and pet it. I even had a quick fantasy that you'd run over, with a huge grin, drop to your knees and suck it. The nearly closed door would somehow be our prophylactic. When I saw your rubbing cause your pussy lips to stretch and open, I did explode, with a loud, unconcerned moan. By then, I wanted you to hear me.

"You just kept staring out the window, naked, rubbing your tits and dark downy delicious pelt and swollen, moist pussy lips. Your naughty smile was very wide. I opened my mouth to say 'thank you' or maybe 'come here', but snapped it shut and went to clean up instead. I confess, I have fantasied about that night several times. It feels so liberating to be able to confess that to you without fear for my life! I'm dying to know, what would you have done if I came in or just pushed my hard cock past the door."

Sue spoke up "Wow, you never told me that much detail. That was HOT!"

Joe asked "Lois, DID you know he was there and strip for him?"

"Hmmm, If I say no, then I was totally oblivious. Ummm..., <gulp> yes I knew.... oh God, NOW I'm embarrassed? I guess I hoped you would find me. I see what you mean about confession. I would have absolutely DIED to admit this two weeks ago. The jokes did annoy me, but I felt I was expected to act the way I did, and yes I was bored with my life. I don't know why I felt so daring, but I convinced myself that no one would come up so early and if you did, all you'd see were my ugly, lumpy breasts.

"I felt very angry, oddly horny and attracted to you, but would never act on that. Damn I hate confessing! Of course, I refused to believe I felt that attraction. At first, I left the door open just 1/2 inch. [137- I could count each act here, but I'm not.] That did nothing for me, so I opened it to a foot, but felt that was too blatant - I might as well strip in the hallway! So, I set it at three inches to give you a good view without being too obvious. Just to be sure, I even went into the hall to look in and see the best place to stand.

"I told myself, 'For sure nobody wants to see these', yet my pulse raced. I liked the rush, especially when I turned on the room light and took off my blouse. I waited for a sound from the hall before taking off my bra. Since I figured I might chicken out, I hurried to strip beyond escape. After a long minute just rubbing my boobs, I was about to give up when I clearly heard someone come up the stairs.

"I knew if it were either Joe or Sue, they'd just come in and close the door. Since it got eerily quiet instead, I knew it was you. I heard the LOUD silence and rubbed harder and pulled my nipples so they'd be stiff for you. My pulse was strangling me and I didn't know if I wanted you to come in and kiss my tits, and me, or not. When you didn't, I felt disappointed and relieved at once. The rush waned so I had to give up or step it up. I didn't care what Joe thought.

"When I wondered how my underwear would look to you, the thrill was back! I couldn't hesitate too long or I'd lose my courage and the moment would be gone. I did try to peek at you, then dropped my pants. I'm surprised you didn't see me blush bright cherry. I felt the heat! Until then, I wouldn't let anyone see my spindly legs, not even in shorts, and certainly not my mammaries, yet here I was in JUST panties and hoping you were watching! OMG! What a hussy! Your groan nearly made me cum.

"I moved deliberately slowly when I folded the pants and went back to my stage at the window. I knew you'd like to see me rub my pussy, so I did - just for you. Though I didn't know, I hoped you could see thru my panties. If you weren't in by then, it was unlikely you were coming in, so I knew I had to go all the way.

"That's when I ripped the panties off so I wouldn't reconsider. You groaned so loudly I thought the window rattled and I loved it, embarrassed but loved it. We were beyond teasing - I was NAKED and spreading my pussy for you. I began to wonder if you were that faithful or just not interested.

"When you STILL didn't come in I figured I could do anything, and felt the thrill going. That's when I raised my leg in the most brazen way I'd EVER done. I'd never stripped or teased like that for ANYONE, not even for Joe! As you know now, I couldn't masturbate without sanitary preparation or I would have fingered myself for you.

"By the way, and NOT to be defensive BUT, did you know we have 250 species of germs on our bodies? While we have 100 TRILLION cells in us, we have 10 times that - 1000 TRILLION - bacteria on us. Compare that to the measly 5.8 trillion miles in a light year! How clean do you feel now? Eewww, STILL give me the shakes.

"I intensely wondered what I'd do if you did come in while I was naked and obviously stripping for you. Could I push you too hard? Would I try to laugh it off, or admit I was horny and desperate for warm sex? Would I welcome you into me?

"I had my own fantasy that night. This was still when I could NOT share a glass or any food with anyone! Yet, I could see you literally sweeping me off my feet, decisively sucking my tongue into your mouth, and pushing a finger then your outrageously, hugely, cartoonishly swollen prick into my soaked vagina. My pussy would swell to meet it, then shrink with it to a normal and snug size. I'd cum six times before you very tidily came once. Joe and Sue would find us and .... I didn't know where it would go from there, but I thought it was very hot!"

"So YOU wanted ME? I never got that vibe, just the opposite. I'm flattered. You always seemed so distant and saccharin."

"Yes, I know. I'm not sure why. There are many things I find attractive about you. So <gulp>.... now we all know."

"I never knew that."

Sue and Joe simultaneously shouted, "Me neither!"

"Lois, here's some homework you may enjoy and get into. Find out how many of those 1000 trillion bacteria are actually harmful to us and how hard it is to treat problems they cause. You should find that not only do we NEED many of them to survive, but the 'bad' ones have helped strengthen our immune systems and made us more resilient. Try to focus on the benefits of the harmless bacteria and accept that we're in a symbiotic existence with them.

"If I had any structured syllabus, we are WAY off it. S0, OK, let's push our limits to a ridiculous level today. After coffee, for our morning thrill, Sue and I are going to the mailbox naked, right hon? It's only twenty feet away, but it's in front of the house and it's noon and sunny. We're risking giving the neighbors a full, clear view of us. Lois, I think you should join us if you can.

"We've never done that together, but I have gone out there naked alone. Usually it's after sunset, though I have gone out in daylight too. The hardest part was running barefoot on the gravel! Almost every day, I step all the way onto the porch to 'check for packages', naked! Sue didn't know that either."

The naked mailbox trip was a surprise to Sue too. She nearly did a spit take with her coffee, thought about it and said "OK, if you're really going out naked, I'll join you." Joe took another minute then agreed, so only Lois had to chime in. She had to think about it.

I said "OK, we have about 15 minutes before we go. It is Sunday so the traffic, car and people, will be minimal, but someone will likely see us. The other good news is we will only be out about thirty seconds. What do we think about that Lois? You just admitted you liked being watched! Imagine doing this, risking being seen, then see what you feel."

"I'm trying, but I can't quite see myself out there. Is it OK to pass if I don't feel up to it? And I see you guys have stiff dicks again, will you still go out if they stay up?"

Sue says of course she can pass, and she hopes our dicks stay hard outside. Joe and I agree - with both statements. A stiff cock adds to the taboo. Sue says "I'll just have to hold both cocks if Lois doesn't go." Lois asked for help to decide.

That too is a nice change. [138] I asked what the downside would be since she doesn't live here and won't see the viewers again. She reminded us about her neighbor seeing Sue unstrip naked for him. "Yes, and I would be the LAST one to argue in favor of her actions back then, but what's been the downside to that? Sue got her thrills, he got a pleasant show of her tits, pussy and ass but nothing really changed. Back then it bothered me more that anyone merely saw my wife's private parts." She couldn't think of anything either, just more of the same feeling she had when she was topless then naked in her yard.

"OK, I'll do it! IF I can hold your dick outside [139] since I'd feel freer to play with it than with Joe's. I wonder why?"

"Hmmm... What did I get myself into? I still have to live here knowing someone saw me and Sue naked outside." Worse, what if they tape us and call the cops? I'm having second thoughts. The thrill isn't worth risking jail or a big fine... I slugged down my juice and checked outside. It looked quiet. My dick bobbed as I swung the front door wide open. The others came to the door with their drinks and looked out from inside. I stepped out for a better look and saw three people walking away. "OK, What the fuck! Hurry, down your drinks and let's go right now before I over think it. There's a chance one of the walkers will turn around and catch us. Can you feel the rush now?"

Sue stepped up first, quickly pulling Joe past us by his stiff little dick. Before I could move, she ran out, grinning broadly and defiantly, widely high stepping to make her bitty boobs bounce and her pussy spread open for all viewers. She pulled Joe with two fingers so his balls and most of his dick bounced too. Sue tagged the mailbox at the curb, Joe didn't so she yanked him back and, hands on hips, waited on the sidewalk until he tagged it. They both ran back giggling, hands on each others asses. Four hearts beat wildly even after they were back. They stayed in the doorway, took a bow to the mailbox, then hugged and kissed with just a little tongue. Extra points for enthusiasm!

Lois took the challenge. "How can we outdo them? What if we stay outside longer? But that isn't enough." We stood in the doorway [140] a minute. She continued playfully, "We should go around the mailbox, twice, walk outside high stepping but not running and finally, I'll hold your dick or ass all the way..."

"... while I keep at least one finger in your pussy!" We all agreed that if we did that, we'd win our choice of prizes! "But if I stick a finger or two in your tight pussy, my hand will block the view. I don't want to grab a tit and keep it hidden, so I guess I'll have to insert fingers in your asshole or pussy from behind, blocking part of your tiny ass from view. OK, OK, no asshole... yet" Well, her full hand grip hid most of my cock, but left my balls and cock head exposed AND featured. I reached around her ass, sliding my hand lightly over her cheeks creating delicious goose bumps, then crooked two fingers into the moist bottom of her pussy and clamped on.

I whispered, "Let's make the final hug and kiss grander than theirs too." We stepped outside [141] slowly, paused on the top step then slowly took high steps all the way to the mailbox. Lois was trembling, but kept going. Suddenly Joe and Sue whooped out loudly trying to get the walkers to turn and others to look out their windows. Cheaters! It's a good thing my fingers were locked in her pussy or Lois would have bolted. I held her back and slowly guided her around the mailbox, ignoring any possible peepers. When we faced them in the open door, we both smirked and gave them the finger! (Not a first for Lois.) I also tried giving them the finger that was in Lois's pussy, but it didn't unfold enough.

During our second trip around the box, I thought I saw someone watching. Lois's dark, lush bush on her pale mound was unmistakable. Obviously enjoying herself, she shook my dick at Sue and we walked slowly back up the steps. We stopped in the doorway. Using my finger still imbedded in her to signal her, we bowed V E R R R Y S L O O O O W L Y to [142] Joe and Sue, ensuring that our asses were still outside. On the downswing, keeping my two pussy soaked fingers safely buried, we spread our legs and cheeks so anyone watching would see two assholes, a tempting [143] pussy and maybe a cock and balls from the rear. How much more vulnerable can we be?

As we turned, I caught a kid watching us and jerking off. We would soon learn he was a young looking 20 year old. If I told Lois then, she might have covered up. Joe and Sue watched in silent awe as we did a tight full body hug. Her tits and hardened nipples dug into my chest. Lois then stretched high on tip toes so my hard cock slid tightly against her belly and down to her swollen pussy. Her squirming helped it find its way.

Though my balls and shaft remained chilled in the gentle breeze, my cock head was suddenly encapsulated in a fierce heat when it snuck into her smoldering valley. [144] The abrupt, shocking heat steamed only the helm of my dick and stole my breath away. Like a hot iron, my cock added its heat to her pussy foyer. Our heads involuntarily jerked backward, our eyes locked closed, our mouths gasped at the exquisite sensations. The growl of our singular, synchronized, lusty moan alerted all others that something spectacular just happened.

It could not tell them how our world dissolved slowly into quiet bliss; how the daylight dimmed just for us; how time slowed. For an infinite instance, all that existed in the silent darkness was the toasty connection smothering my crown. That silent, tranquil bliss then expanded to the bodies attached to it. All my resolve barely restrained my hot pulsing cock as it fought desperately to dive deeper into her spasming pussy. We squeezed each other and held on to stay on our feet.

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