tagSci-Fi & FantasyEmap Ch. 05

Emap Ch. 05


I groan when Steffi yells in her excitement, here I am curled up in the front seat of the giant car Tony gets to drive trying to get a little sleep in lieu of eating before I do sleep. Not that I blame her, her dad did get parole, with a little help from Frank, we are on the way to pick him up at seven in the morning, I am usually eating before I go to bed for some hot sex then sleep at this time. Instead I'm curled up on the seat trying to not yell at Steffi and get some sleep. Not to say Tony is helping much, he's got his hand on my breast and is squeezing it in a very nice manner.

"So why couldn't I just run and pick him up again?" I ask sitting up, I gave up on sleeping Steffi is too excited and we are almost there.

"Because he doesn't know you and it would look weird for you to be out during the day." Tony says with a sigh, I keep asking him that.

"Not that weird I've been known to be out during the day." I say as I pull his hand back to my breast.

"Hey cut that out there are children and old ladies aboard." Anna remarks, swatting me on my butt.

"Hey no getting fresh with me I'm a married woman." I poke her with a laugh.

"We are there, are we getting the pudgy white guy?" Tony asks as he turns the car around to pull up in front of the prison, a pudgy white guy and a dark skinned man standing in front.

Anna rolls down the window and yells for Darryl to get his butt over here. Not that he has to go far, a whole ten feet, both men walk this way I look at Tony.

"I guess we are getting the pudgy white guy, your keeping him not me."

"Hi ma, hi Steffi calm down I'll be right there. Ma I know I'm imposing a little but John here seems to not have a ride. We're wondering if maybe he can get a lift to the city bus station." Darryl's voice is odd, a little gravelly with honey mixed in, Anna looks at me.

"Anna and Darryl in the back seat so Steffi calms down?" I ask looking at Tony.

"John what were you in for?" Tony asks leaning forward to see out the window past me.

"Accidental homicide honestly, I got in a bar fight and my opponent tripped into a drunk driver." His voice sounds familiar to me.

Anna gets in the back seat with Darryl and both kids, John sits next to me.

"John what was the fight about?"

"Fool drunk was saying the Lion's were going to the super bowl that year. I swore it was the Steelers' and I ended up being right to, course I suppose we were both fools in the end, he died and I spent three years in prison."

"What did you used to do before that?" Tony asks glancing over at him, traffic is a little heavy this morning.

"I was a truck driver, had my own truck and would haul all sorts of things all over the country. Hopefully still have my truck at my mom's place why I was here she got sick."

"Wait, you're a Steelers fan from Detroit?" I ask just a little lost.

"Well no I'm from Pittsburgh, my dad was an engineer he was working for one of the steel factories then got a better offer from Ford so we moved when I was ten." John says pointing out a bus stop. "Thank you for the lift."

John gets out Anna hops up front again, the car is huge but not that huge.

"So Darryl where do you want to stop for breakfast?" I ask turning around to look at him holding a beaming Steffi.

"Anything but pancakes or oatmeal. Honestly I could really go for a hamburger."

"Oh my, Tony can I keep him?" I ask turning around to look at Tony he gives me a dirty look.

"No he's claimed by a daughter, let me think, I believe heaven opens at eight. Would you like to see your new job?"

"Yeah that sounds good, I've never eaten there before." Darryl says with a yawn.

I watch him fall asleep with all sorts of jealousy, Steffi with him she didn't sleep very well last night. Tony pulls me down onto his lap I sigh and take a nap watching the steering wheel turn this way and that. I wake up twice, once when Tony has to slow down quickly for a fast changing light and when we get there.

"Is there a cat in your trunk? I could have sworn I heard purring on the way over." Darryl asks as we pile out.

"I tend to purr when I take a nap in the car, the engine vibrates nicely." I admit turning pink.

We sit at the counter to eat, a familiar voice comes to me I lean forward on the counter and yell for Chico. He looks confused until I speak to him in Spanish fast like he does, he brightens right up and we ask about each other's family. I ask why he's on days then laugh when he relates the reason. I tell him about Darryl and trade jokes with him until Tony tugs on my sleeve.

"Sorry dear this is Chico, I like talking to him because it helps me to remember my Spanish. He switched to days because his wife complained about him working all night when their kids are asleep. Darryl if you're up to it after breakfast he can show you around, his English is pretty good."

"Yes I learned eighth word today." Chico says with a grin, I call him a couple dirty words. "Ouch that hurts, so what do you want for breakfast?"

I groan then order the fish, after a moments thought I call for two fish sandwiches. Chico swells up pointing at me I tell him he wishes and call him a couple more dirty words. Tony is just staring at me so I lean over and translate in his ear he laughs, everyone gets a hamburger besides Anna she gets a salad.

"Where did you learn Spanish Emap?" Darryl asks while we wait for our food, Chico is doing busywork cleaning the counter.

"Chica here learned it the same place I learned, in Mexico, some archeology expedition wasn't it?" Chico says when I point at him.

"Yep, we went and helped explore and categorize Chichen Itza, my first expedition. During the trek we entertained ourselves learning languages, I learned Russian going to Arizona, spent the trek to the site making Mikael laugh trying to get it right."

"What did you go to Arizona for?" Darryl asks looking a little confused.

"Well when I went as an archeologist I searched for Anasazi ruins and artifacts, I ended up finding some of the best artifacts to date. At least I think still the best to date, I haven't really looked into it lately I've been busy with other things."

"Speaking of other things Europe has been asking for you to visit and help them with the slave trade. It seems any pretty young woman visiting or not there can be kidnapped and turned into a sex slave." Tony says looking a little worried.

"You know I swear I'm always the last to learn of things like that. You would think someone would think to mention it to me when it happens instead of how many weeks later are you bringing it up?" I say with a sigh then smile at Chico when our food arrives.

"I only heard about it last night from Frank."

Tony and I look over when Darryl starts to shout then gets muffled. Anna has her hand over his mouth and is smiling at us.

"Anna I thought you were going to tell him last week."

"I was except he yells when he's surprised, the guards get a little nervous when visitors touch inmates and him yelling out that little item probably would be bad. I didn't want to tell him in the car, Steffi and you were asleep."

"Napping I haven't actually slept in quite a long while." I say with a sigh then pick up the first fish sandwich.

"Frank wants to talk to you about helping Europe with this on Sunday."

"Tony I don't feel like waiting two days to hear about the plan, tell him to come by this afternoon say dinner time." I poke him then pick up the second sandwich.

After breakfast Darryl goes through the shop a rather quick trip, while Anna and I watch over Melanie and Steffi. Tony wandered off on his cell phone to speak with Frank he comes back with an odd look on his face. He won't say anything until we are all back in the car and halfway home.

"Seems there was an Interpol agent in his office when I called both will stop by this afternoon, seems they want to see how the chemicals used will affect you."

"I thought we already covered everything by those doctors." I mutter not relishing that experience.

"Not everything, one of the more popular is a date rape drug, it's a horse tranquilizer. They want to give you some so you know what it's like and honestly I think they want to see if it works on you."

I groan then put my head back in Tony's lap, I even manage to nap a little. Everyone follows Melanie and I inside our house, I go to ask why except Tony just ushers me to bed. He tells me to sleep I sigh then nod curling up on the bed he is shutting the door when my eyes crack open a little. It had been a very long night eighteen firefights in this area alone, not to mention two more houses, one a meth lab and one a dealer house, that was a little on the hard side.

I only wake up a little when Tony joins me finally he just crawls into bed and holds me falling asleep quickly. I almost get up smelling the lovely pork Anna has cooking. I move to get up when she adds barbeque sauce it smells divine, Tony just holds me tighter. When the alarm goes off Tony grabs my hand then reaches to turn it off, now with the alarm off he looks at me hungrily. I pull him atop me with a smile spreading my legs wide to accommodate him.

His eager cock finds me equally eager and slides right on in. I moan as he starts to move, his cock doing wonderful things to my insides. I pull him to me and kiss him with passion our lips locking and tongues wrestling as his cock moves in me. Tony's hands move to my breasts and delight me with his attention there. I reach an orgasm under him, holding him tight my insides clenching along him he tries to move with me and does to some extent extending my orgasm.

Once my orgasm finishes Tony rolls us over, now atop him I start moving eager to get another orgasm out of him. He lies there watching my breasts bounce until he starts getting bigger in me. I speed up eager for his finish with mine I'm close, I moan when his hands again find my breasts. The feel of him inside of me with the feels of his hands masterfully playing with my breasts has me reaching an orgasm. The feel of me gripping at him sends him over the edge and he groans under me, I moan as his fluids shoot up into me.

I keep moving atop him until he gets smaller, then get off and lie half on him. Tony looks over at me then moves in to kiss me I kiss him back pressing myself into him. I reach down to stroke at him limp now but I know I can get it back up, Tony chuckles into my mouth as he starts to rise again. I'm ready for a second time and getting him there as well when there is a knock at our front door. I groan when Frank comes in asking if we are up yet.

There is a knock on our door I am getting a robe on, Tony is putting pants on. I look at Tony he's covered getting a shirt so I open the door Steffi is standing there looking a little nervous. I rub her head getting a squeak as she tries to fix her hair that never went anywhere. In the living room I find Frank and a woman, I look her over quick before he starts talking as I motion to the basement.

She is perhaps five foot four, with curly dirty blonde hair her suit is impeccably fit to her. It is a dark grey in color with a pink shirt the pants are form fitting then flare a little. In the basement we find Darryl on the computer looking at porn. When I sigh he looks over and turns darker.

"Not what you think, a friend of Steffi's mom works for that site as a performer as she put it. Wanted me to look except the prison filtered, in there the closest to porn most of us get are the romance novels. Mom put on Gone with the Wind and well I found it boring so came down."

"Wasn't what I sighed about, Frank has bad timing we were going to again when he showed up. Anyway so out with it what's this plan for me to do something about the slave trade?" I say then look at Frank and the woman, she pulls out a badge.

"I am Officer Maria Santalgo from Interpol I am to understand you are Jaguar. If you would pardon me I would like some proof." She says her voice is rather low with a lisp to it.

"Well dang, you know I hate doing that. Do you want to shoot me, or should I get a knife?" I ask with a groan.

Tony wraps his arms around me and leans in close, I admit it I love the feel of him holding me. I just start purring, I get louder when he puts a hand inside my robe to feel my breast. Maria stands there watching her eyes big until Frank shoos Tony away from me.

"I hope that was good enough, I don't feel like disrobing and getting furry. I could always punch you and then hit you another forty times before you land if you want." I say missing Tony and his touch.

"No I think that will suffice. If you would drink this, Frank swears you like coke it may not be cold we bought it from the vendor at his office." Maria says holding an opened can of coke out to me.

I wrinkle my nose at the smell coming from it Frank motions me to drink it. I down the whole thing then make a face it tasted terrible, Maria is looking at me wide eyed.

"I assume you smelled the drug and tasted it. It is actually almost tasteless and odorless to a normal person. I put enough to drop a man of Frank's size in that, you should feel funny in a second or two."

"Honestly I need a drink to wash that taste out, Darryl may I hijack your coke." I say going over and grabbing up the half drunk coke on the desk. "Please tell me they don't just use that on women and drag them off. Tony could you get the mouthwash, the really strong one I need to clear that stuff." Tony chuckles as he goes upstairs.

"Well there are a couple methods besides that, get a woman alone and drag her off, sometimes awake sometimes not depends greatly on if they have a van. The other method is find out where she is staying, wait for her to be alone and then go in and drag her or them off."

Tony comes down with the big bottle of Listerine I grab it from him quick my mouth still tasting like something nasty. I get a big mouthful swishing it around then swallowing, I take another this time the taste of the drug dissipates fully and I am left smiling.

"I think if someone tries that stuff on me I'll just beat them right there. At least I know of something that tastes worse than pool water now."

"It is basically tasteless in alcohol, and if say you drank a larger drink, like a Long Island Iced Tea it might work better for you. Do you have any alcohol in the house?" Maria asks looking a little worried.

"We got beer for the barbeque. Emap doesn't care for the taste of most drinks and can't get her drunk, the scientists tried. Forty gallons of whiskey, if I remember right." Tony says heading back upstairs.

"I went for about ten minutes after that, perverts had to collect what I put in the toilet."

"They decided she is a bottomless pit for chemicals of all kinds. Liquids are another matter of course." Frank says putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Yes well while we wait for a beer, I must ask do you know how people act when they are high on drugs? This is important because they use drugs to keep the girls they get doing what they want. If you can't be gotten high and addicted you need to act like it, the higher ups if they are seen will look at the new captures after they are given drugs. We need to get a higher up otherwise we just put a large dent." Maria says then looks at the stairs when Tony comes back down.

"I see lots of drugged up people, not much call for me in the high income areas. You also forget one thing, I do not like people who take advantage of others, slave trade is something I do not like, never have. I only need one person and I'll hand you the rest of them, some to most will be in need of medical attention but I will give you as many as they will name." I say with a grin growling a little, Maria looks at Frank.

"She marks rapists with a claw mark they are scarred for life and generally avoided in prison." Frank leans against the desk as he is speaking. "Still better than some of the ones I've cleaned up after her, after she gave birth of course. Brutal and savage are a little under descriptive of Emap when she is upset."

"Hey that guy was a pedophile, I have a daughter."

"Drink this let's see if it is a little better, only one drop to see if you can keep a straight face." Maria says handing me a beer bottle.

I take a sniff of it I can still smell that drug much weaker than it was. I down the bottle not sure if she mixed the drug in or not, there is a very nasty aftertaste but I do manage to not make a face.

"There we go it was just concentrated in your coke, the normal dose for someone of your size would be two drops Frank would be four. It will take some time to get you accepted into Europe your brutal nature would go against most of the laws there. When you do come, make sure you drink large drinks, a draft beer perhaps. There are many kinds perhaps you can find one you like. I must be going now, my superiors must hear of this and try and get the courts to grant you authority there like here." Maria says heading up the stairs.

"That will take a while I think, the feds took what was it six months to figure out it's best to just let you do what you want and hope." Frank says still leaning against the desk.

"I still think their hope was that I don't start following them around and seeing what they are doing." I say with a sigh.

"Hey come on up dinner is done." Anna calls down the stairs.

We go up to a wonderful meal of shredded pork with barbeque sauce and sourdough buns to put it in with corn on the cob.

"I know not my place but I was wondering why you picked him." Darryl says over his first bun of pork.

"Honestly, at first it was because he is cute, catholic, and the first cop I met on my return to Los Angeles. Later, because he put Melanie in me and well I love him dearly. Not to say we never had arguments, especially when it came to breast feeding, I insisted on every time she got hungry when, he insisted I wait until he got someplace more private. Not to say me darting in the car at high speed on the highways was a terrific idea."

"Is that why there are no plates on your brigade cars?" Anna asks giggling.

"More or less, though the feds decided since the cars are so identifiable there doesn't need to be plates and since we move around it would make sense to not need plates. Part of the whole Jaguar takes precedence deal they came up with, even the FBI bow to her decisions." Tony says making me remember that kidnapping case in Arizona.

"Yeah but that case was a little on the weird side, the bereaved mom wasn't and the dad was a basket case." I say with a sigh.

"Well now we gotta hear about this that was a set up for a long story if ever I heard one." Anna says leaning forward.

I explain the whole case to them it's a semi long story I only came in at the end of. Flashback time and you thought I wouldn't, come on admit it you thought I wasn't going to.


Panting heavily, it's the middle of June in Arizona, not really Phoenix at this point a divorced dad apparently kidnapped his own daughter. The FBI is on the case, mom and the daughter had been living in Tennessee the FBI tracked the dad to Arizona and a small house about forty miles north of Phoenix, the official outskirts at least, the closest building from this little unincorporated town is sixty some miles.

The FBI came to me when they couldn't find the dad in the house, really little more than a shack with some rooms. I check the shack first, nothing inside besides some furniture and two faint scents, one of a little girl and one of an adult. There is one other, a stack of old militia pamphlets and a newsletter from one talking about the end of the world this year on the latest version, dated two months ago. I pick it up and leaf through it mostly a lot of nonsense about the Mayans predicting the death of mankind, at the end there is one interesting bit.

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