tagSci-Fi & FantasyEmap Ch. 10

Emap Ch. 10


This day sucks I don't want to move I really don't, Detroit has lots of problems it does. It also has the best heaven I've ever found besides in Los Angeles, jokes about cat's and fish aside I love a good hamburger. That is not the reason this day sucks, we are leaving Darryl, Anna, Steffi, and Melody I was the maid of honor in their marriage. I'm familiar with the reason for the marriage, two months pregnant was common when I was young.

Steffi was delighted, and now she is very sad, so is Melanie. Neither want us to move, Anna is not taking it well. I think the only person taking this move well is Marie, my cousin is moving with her. This is good, they are getting an apartment in the same building we are, won't need to drag Sally over or conscript a neighbor. Brandon our neighbor a patrol officer during the night is helping us get the last of our things into the car. Anna and Steffi are sitting on their porch probably freezing and crying as much as the chill will allow.

Melanie is downright balling in the back seat of the car as we get the last of the things in. I give Brandon a hug, remind him to keep Anna safe then go over to Anna and Steffi. I give them both a big hug, tears falling down my cheeks remind them again of our email address we had given Darryl and Melody a computer for their wedding presents. When I turn to get in the car Anna takes my hand and reminds me when the Angels play her Lions we are coming to Detroit. I promise her we will all sit in a great big luxury box and have a great time.

I get in the car and off we go, the movers had packed up and left perhaps half an hour ago. I curl up on Tony's lap and cry with Melanie as we head to the interstate my eyes falling on the Angels tag hanging off the rearview mirror. The name of our team was actually something of a fluke, the baseball team was rather happy with it, you can buy an Angels baseball cap and it works as an Angels football cap, we picked similar colors. It is a fluke simply because at the owners meeting nobody could agree on a name, I wanted brawlers, a few of the celebrities wanted stars or celebrities. Jack Nicholson wanted Lakers, he wasn't at the meeting had been saying it at Lakers games he is to big into basketball.

We had been tossing around names left and right, a few liked Jaguar I refused to go for that one. The coaches did as well, longshoremen was bandied about for a while, near the end of the meeting I was getting annoyed and mostly just muttering to myself said one would think in the city of angels a good idea would come. A number of the baseball players lived in Los Angeles and stood right up saying that is a great idea. I'm confused for a moment until it is passed around and everybody was chanting Angels.

With the whole room liking it I had no choice but to go with it, the rest of the world learned about the name with a commercial. It was mostly computer generated except for me, has me standing with my back to the screen tail twitching. The music comes on I turn fast claw the screen twice it falls down and you see Angels football. The sales on the stuff was almost unheard of, mugs, hats and emblems were selling off the shelves faster than they could be made.

There is going to be shirts as well, no player's yet not quite time for free agency, there will be through the summer two kinds of shirts, the inaugural season player jersey and a Jaguar jersey, with the open back so I can wear it and not be stuck scratching my back on a corner. I wouldn't have to wear it for long it was a silly petition to put me in a shirt by concerned parents. They didn't care I don't show nipples and I am more covered than someone in a bikini, they wanted me in a shirt on the football games. So just to spite them we designed a barely covering shirt called it a Jaguar jersey so it would be worn on the streets and are going to sell them in about two weeks.

To spite the concerned parents more, I will wear the jersey for a little while then take it off and toss it to the fans as part of the opening ceremonies. This of course is all announced, the concerned parents, an actual organization you would think concerned parents would simply make sure their own kids are not doing anything wrong, file a lawsuit as I plan to be indecent on national television. Even Nancy Grace can't stop laughing about this, she gets in her usual tirade about my lack of training I think she has it recorded then calls the concerned parents overbearing pricks.

I am taken out of my reverie of the emblem by Tony squeezing my breast. I sit up the first thing I notice is Melanie is not crying the second thing is we are pulling into a parking lot. I look around confused to realize we are in Chicago at our new apartment, Madison at my window looking excited trotting along next to the car. I roll the window down all the way letting in the freezing cold Madison slips in through the window then rolls it back up.

"You missed the building its impressive looking, white I think, hard to tell with all the snow. I'm surprised you have a floor in this car still with all the salt on the roads."

"They coated the bottom of the car before we moved to Washington and do it again every year. All of the brigade cars get coated because they are old cars, there is talk of running out new cars for us hybrids was the last I heard." I look at Tony wondering why he never said this to me, and why I care.

"I thought they were gearing up for only electric cars it's only a year to go before the law comes in."

"Madison did you only come in to say the building is white and impressive?" I can't help but ask that one as Tony finally pulls into a parking spot.

"No, I came in to say welcome home and Frank wants to talk to you, your phone you aren't answering and Tony's is off."

"My phone is in the mover's truck." I look at Tony.

"With you two balling I never would have heard the conversation. Come on let's see the apartment."

We get out of the car Marie comes over looking excited as we get Melanie out of the safety seat. We look around the outside of the building from the parking lot, the emergency stairs are facing an alley that looks and rather smells terrible. I give Tony a dirty look as we move to the entrance in the front there is a front desk with a very excited man. He jumps up and comes around the desk to shake our hands handing over four sets of keys. Marie looks at her key set, Madison's set then my set.

"Hey these are all for the same apartment." Tony and I look at our keys then theirs.

"Yes it seems there was confusion on that the top floor apartment is a three bedroom. When the company got the request for apartments for four adults and one child they said no problem, the problem is there was only the top floor available, there was assumed to be a vacancy coming, there was not. The mayor called the company then me I am to tell you that if you wish the city will put either couple into a hotel until suitable accommodations are available, might be a while, Chicago is doing better than Detroit. I think you should look at the apartment they are very spacious especially this one there should be no problems cohabitating. There will be documents in the kitchen on the counter when you get there I'll run over the important parts, leave the windows for the emergency stairs locked unless you are sitting there. I am Irvin your evening security officer and mail holder, your home phones will be hooked into the system pick it up and press star to get me for any emergency or problem. There is an alarm system built into the apartment, mostly for someone trying to break in through the emergency stairs it has happened very loud system. They run away when the alarm goes off and not for a while so it is perfectly safe."

"Are the elevators large? We have a big TV and bed on the way surprised the movers are not here yet." Tony says looking at Marie.

"Movers are here, they pulled in about fifteen minutes before you did there is a freight elevator on the other side to move in and out. A second one pulled in a minute or two after, I told the one for Samson to move in, I wasn't sure if you two will stay or take the hotel."

"We may as well put our stuff in, even if we take the hotel it's better to be here than rotting in a truck or a storage building." Marie says to me Madison nodding.

"Get the other truck unloaded their stuff at least will stay for the time being."

"Right away, the elevator for you is over here, you want the fourteenth floor." Irvin says in answer to Tony then heads out a side door.

We find the elevator and go up, Melanie laughing at a lack of button for thirteenth floor. Reaching the top we get out into a rather small anteroom with one door, Tony opens it. We go in with gasps it is a very large apartment, I head straight for the kitchen to find electric stove, a big side door refrigerator and enough shelves to store things for an army. Madison followed me, she bumps into me staring at everything, I look at her, she looks back then we are jumping up and down in excitement.

We get interrupted by Marie and Tony yelling at us to come look, we do to find the bedrooms are equally huge. Each one has a bathroom of sorts I have to groan at the lack of walls for the bathroom. Marie walks over to the wall grabs a handle and pulls out a sectional to cover it up.

"How is it in sounds? Tony pee's on his feet and the sound is horrible."

This gets a lot of yucks out of everyone except Tony he just grins. Marie pulls the section back starts the sink and shuts it again there is virtually no sound for me I smile at this.

"If anyone is going to a hotel it is my cousin I am not leaving this kitchen." Madison stands strong until I stomp on her foot.

"This is our apartment, the top floor is the one set aside for Tony, Melanie and I. If anyone is leaving that kitchen it's you two."

"Nobody is leaving the kitchen, these bedrooms are huge we can all fit in so long as Marie doesn't try and sleep with my wife." Marie looks at Tony then kicks him in the shin.

"I'm doing your wife's cousin I wouldn't do your wife, well besides at those parties. Brings up a point, where are the stocks going?"

"We would like to know that one as well, they were near first on the truck." We all look to see the movers standing there with the stocks.

"Well first Melanie do you want this room?" Melanie looks at me then shakes her head. "Right here for now, we can move them about later before we set them, need to ask if we can I think."

The movers bring the stocks in and leave them at the wall close to the bathroom. Melanie goes out followed by Marie and Madison to find their own rooms. Leaving the bedroom we find the sofa is in, along with the TV, they are bringing in the computer and desk now. When I yawn Tony takes my coat off, puts me on the sofa then covers my head with my coat. I nod off rather quickly the thick wool coat covering up the sound well enough to leave me there for a while.

When I get up there is an argument over the tables, Madison wants to use her table that has been in our family for almost one hundred years. Tony wants to use our table that is a little larger. I walk over getting both arguments at once I hit Tony on the head, then hit Madison on the head. Melanie scolds me for hitting daddy Marie is just sitting on Madison's table laughing.

"Can we sit them end to end?"

"Wouldn't leave much room, would have to put one against the wall to get to both sides." Tony says with a sigh.

"Well let's do that, Madison's table out here, its real wood like our table in Los Angeles."

"You have a table in Los Angeles? Why didn't you take it with you?" Madison asks looking confused.

"It wouldn't come out we had to get a man to build it in the apartment."

We get the tables squared away I move into the kitchen and unpack it. Madison and Marie watch in amazement as I zip about the entire area putting in everything of mine, and most of Madison's kitchen utensils. I get Melanie to go unpack her room as I move into our bedroom and get the bed in order along with find my cell phone and radio. When there is a knock on the door I look at Tony and Marie, both shrug. I go and open it to find Frank and Wilma standing there with bags of hamburgers.

"Oh good I was afraid they ordered pizza." Frank laughs as he comes in and gives me a hug.

"Thought we would bring you something good to make up for the little apartment mix up." Wilma gives me a kiss on the cheek.

Wilma and Frank look around the apartment they laugh at the tables then look at the kitchen.

"Heavens, I see where your priorities are."

"You missed it she unpacked the kitchen and set it up in about five minutes." Marie says leaning against the table making Wilma look at her then me.

"I'm tempted to ask you to come over and unpack us we got the important already, bed and TV. The rest will come out over the next couple of days."

"Where's Melanie?" I point to the middle door that is closed Frank goes and knocks. "Hey small fry come on out we got food."

Melanie opens the door in about half a second and is jumping up and down to be picked up. Frank picks her up then heads for the tables Tony gets her booster seat into one of Madison's chairs. Wilma gets the bags to the table while I get plates getting a raised eyebrow from Wilma.

"We got a dishwasher and it is all Madison's job." Madison looks over at me and shakes her head.

"Oh no you don't, I'm the one that makes dinner you're the dishwasher." I have to giggle then point to the dishwasher in the kitchen.

"We have a machine you just get to load it, I don't trust Tony to do it and Marie bursts into flames going near a kitchen." Wilma and Madison laugh at this, Tony chuckles Marie looks a little offended.

"Hey I don't burn water I'll have you know."

I put the plates out then sit down only to realize there are no cokes. I get up and go into the kitchen for no particular reason, we did not pack any. I groan and go sit down then look over at Tony with my needy eyes.

"We don't have any cokes." Frank starts to laugh then gets up.

"We do, hang on I put the box by the door."

I smile at Frank and his box of cokes, Melanie claps and cheers for grandpa. Franks bows and passes out cokes, Wilma has Frank put the box in the kitchen then hands his can over to me I shake it fast and hand it back. Wilma is grinning when Frank comes back he grabs up the can then points it at me and opens it. Melanie is howling in laughter at this, I groan then head for the bedroom and my robe.

"You shake the can to much just a little is enough to get a face full." Frank tells me with a grin when I sit again.

"These had better be good burgers." I get two burgers and a big thing of fries from Tony making me groan. "I didn't really want to do a run the cell phone is quite good for it."

"Makes the people happy, just run around all over town and go to your new heaven try some pizza. I heard they are working on adding fish sandwiches and salads to the menu for you."

"Frank you should know by now I'm not that cattish. Why salads that is a little odd I'm not big on those?"

"That was my idea, it's not your standard salad it's got refried beans with lots of meats, some fish and cheese in a fried shell like you can get from Taco Bell. They are not very big for regular people to eat." Marie says around her burger.

"There is lettuce in there as well, no point in not having some." Madison adds I am left smiling it sounds good.

"Tony you should get your TV hooked up to the cable it just comes with the apartment."

"I don't recall seeing any lines for the cable. Emap check the papers they left for us there might be some stashed." I get up and go for the papers thanking Frank as I pass him for the information.

As it turns out there are not any cables so I have to call Irvin. He swears he will run some up in a couple minutes. I go open the door so Irvin can just come in then go sit down again.

"I suppose I should ask this one before Irvin arrives with the cable. Am I going to need the lights here?" Everybody looks at Frank he grins and shakes his head.

"No, Chicago has done much better than Detroit. We are only here because of the gangs. They asked for us to come to get people to believe in the police again so the gang violence will slow down."

"Do they have any idea on how bad the drug labs are here?"

"No, like most any city the cops only know about them when the neighbors complain or they get a plausible reason to suspect there is one. The gangs don't help they make it almost impossible to run surveillance." I sigh and look down I only have half a burger left.

"Are the dispatchers hooked up to our channel? I may as well respond to something while I'm out there."

"They are we were listening on the way over. Been a few complaints on the neighborhood our guys are in. Two of the dispatchers took exception they have family or actually live in the same area."

Irvin comes in then, he has a few cables for our uses. Tony collects them and heads for the TV.

"Irvin while you are here, we have two stocks we would like to bolt to the floor, would that be alright?" Irvin looks at me his jaw dropping for a moment before he recovers.

"Yes that is perfectly fine. So long as said bolts are less than four feet. There is actually a thirteenth floor it is a crawlway floor that nobody uses. You can be as loud as you want up here so long as the windows stay shut."

"Irvin is there anyone living in the alley? We caught a bit of a smell like it's a toilet." Marie asks getting a groan from Irvin.

"There shouldn't be, some of the homeless do come around to raid the garbage back there. Luckily it is to open and windy for actual occupation, I will go and take a look for you. If there is anyone I'll call the cops and get them taken to a shelter." Irvin smiles, then turns and retreats quickly.

"Well I guess he's not going to come up to watch football with us." Tony says with a sigh, so I hit him on the arm.

"What I don't provide enough excitement for you?" I get a groan and then his face in his hands for the question.

"I'm surprised Irvin didn't comment on the kitchen being unpacked." Frank says with a grin then Wilma hits him on the head.

"Frank, there are four women here, guys tend to assume women can cook and find it a priority."

"I am going for my run, Frank help Tony bolt in the stocks and get the cable running to everything I do want to start my research on Egyptian." I say as I get up and head for the bedroom for my radio and cell phone.

Turning the radio on to report in as I exit the bedroom I find a report is already being filed. I groan remembering how the last time the moving in day report had gone.

"I'm telling you there is something fishy about this house. There is no car, no light evident, but I swear to you someone is there. I can hear a radio from the house."

"As I said the house is listed as foreclosed on and recently purchased. There should be no one there." Is the dispatcher's reply, I don't recognize the other voice.

"This is Jaguar reporting in for a run, where is this house I'll drop by and give a sniff."

I get the address and sign off giving a sigh I give Tony and Melanie a kiss before heading to the window. Marie opens it for me holding up her cell phone so I know to call on my way back. I give her a hug and then drop to the building next to ours where I input the address.

There is cheering when I drop to the street and take off. Chastising myself for being a little careless I follow the cell phone. Frank wasn't kidding Chicago looks a lot better than Detroit, though there is trash everywhere. Trash cans on the sidewalk bits of it all over the place. Though the worst part is the cars it seems people drive everywhere here, there are also lots of people walking, but mostly cars.

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